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🧵 11 tips from experts to enhance your willpower 💪 Image
1️⃣ Believe in yourself, take small steps daily to improve, and keep believing in your potential. 💭💪 #selfbelief #personaldevelopment
2️⃣ Our heart is the critical focus to generate willpower that will self-sustain. Find your true essence free from external influences and let your will free flow. ❤️🧘‍♂️ #heartfocus #patience
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1/ 🌌🧬 Delving deeper into the realms of AI, consciousness, and the cosmos, we'll explore emerging technologies, theories, and insights shaping the future of our understanding. Get ready for the next chapter in this exhilarating adventure! #AI #Consciousness #Cosmology
2/ 🔮📡 As technology advances, we're witnessing the rise of quantum computing, neuroprosthetics, and brain-computer interfaces, expanding the horizons of AI and consciousness research. #QuantumComputing #Neuroprosthetics #BrainComputerInterfaces
3/ 🧠💡 Cognitive science and neuroscience have made strides in understanding the mind's inner workings, contributing to our grasp on consciousness and its connection to AI. #CognitiveScience #Neuroscience #Mind
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Intriguing thoughts on consciousness.

Do we truly control our own thoughts, or are they predetermined by our experiences and environment? 👇

Is our consciousness just an illusion, or is there a deeper truth to it?
What happens to our consciousness when we sleep? Does it disappear or just change form?
Could we ever fully understand the complexity of our own consciousness?
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🧵Le preguntado a #chatgpt cómo alcanzar la #felicidad y esto es lo que me ha contestado (spoiler, el dinero no aparece por ningún lado💰🤔)
1/10 ✅ Practicar la gratitud: Agradece lo que tienes y celebra tus logros. La gratitud nos ayuda a centrarnos en lo positivo y a cultivar una mentalidad optimista. #Gratitud
2/10 ✅ Establecer metas personales: Define objetivos claros y alcanzables en distintas áreas de tu vida, lo cual proporcionará dirección y propósito. #Metas
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🚨 False beliefs

Those tricky little lies we tell ourselves that keep us from living our best lives. It's time to expose them, kick them out, and unlock our true potential. Let's dive in! 🌊 #FalseBeliefs #Thread 1/15
2/ 🎭 So, what are false beliefs? They're distorted thoughts that make us believe things about ourselves, others, or the world that simply aren't true. They hold us back, but fear not! We've got some killer strategies to banish them for good. #MindsetShift
3/ 🎯 Strategy #1: Identify them. First up, you need to know your enemy. Keep a journal, reflect on your thoughts, and pinpoint those pesky false beliefs. Bring them into the light, and they'll start to lose their grip. #SelfAwareness
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Managing anxiety is crucial for our mental and physical well-being. Here are some expert tips on identifying and reducing anxiety levels. 🧘‍♀️💪

#anxietymanagement #mentalhealthawareness #selfcaretips #mindfulness #CBT #therapy Image
1/12 Anxiety can harm mental and physical health. The severity of anxiety determines the necessary measures to reduce it. 😟💔

#mentalhealth #anxiety
2/12 Managing anxiety must be tailored to each person's anxiety level to prevent physical and mental harm. Seek professional help if needed. 💆‍♀️🙏

#selfcare #mentalwellness
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📣 Did you know that willpower can be depleted or enhanced depending on certain practices? In this thread, we'll share expert tips on enhancing your willpower! #mentalhealth #willpower
🧘‍♀️ To improve your willpower, maintaining consistency and discipline is crucial for cultivating a positive mindset. Positivity is a choice, and it leads to increased determination and willpower. #positivevibes #mentalhealth
🧘‍♂️ Patience is essential in training your willpower, just like how we train our muscles. Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help manage stress levels that may hinder your progress. #mindfulness #stressmanagement
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Feeling overwhelmed by mental clutter? "Declutter Your Mind" by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport offers practical tips and strategies for reducing mental clutter and living a more #mindful, intentional life. $QUACK #RichQUACK

Here are some key takeaways: Image
The Problem with Mental Clutter. Mental clutter can cause stress, anxiety, and distract us from our goals. Being mindful of our thoughts and taking breaks to declutter can help us feel more focused and relaxed. #mindfulness #mentalclutter $QUACK
Declutter Your Physical Environment. Decluttering our physical space can reduce distractions and make it easier to focus. A clean and organized environment can also help reduce stress and increase productivity. #declutter #productivity $QUACK
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Floetry By JulietKego (Praise-poetry)

Today, I found a bouquet of Earth’s 7 poems
resting on my doorsteps
- one for each layer of creation….

The air in Judea came alive
with perfumes of your poems; a hint of humble hibiscus,
giving, gazing gardenias,

wise, impish izoras, thorny, red roses, fun and flirty lilies,
a wisp of zany zinnias,
a smiling sunflower,
all laced up in a vase,
filled with the aromas
of your presence, Yeshua
I am Elizabeth,
John danced
in joy in my womb
when you came visiting...

#Yeshua #Mindfulness ✨️
I inhale a fragrance of your words
and exhale secrets from my heart
I hear the soundless secrets,
the angel whispered to me
in fifteen+ sacred mysteries
and I, betrothed to a Carpenter,
will become one who cometh
as the sun rises, after her son rises

#Yeshua #Mindfulness✨️💫
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Here's what the root causes of anxiety are -and how to solve them

One of my 2023 goals was to reduce day-to-day anxiety.

I’ve tested dozens of methods until I came around with a simple, 6-minute a day, sustainable one.
Here’s what the root causes of anxiety are -and how to solve them

+ free Notion template
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Here's a thread with key lessons from each chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.
Chapter 1:

Every duty comes with challenges. Learn to embrace the hardships - thats half the battle won.
Chapter 2:

You will never know peace, long as you are attached.

Peace comes from detachment.
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1/9 "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius is a timeless classic that offers valuable insights into Stoic philosophy and how to live a fulfilling life. Its' a collection of personal reflections and philosophical musings on topics such as wisdom, morality, & Stoic philosophy. $QUACK
2/9 Accept what you cannot change: Marcus emphasizes the importance of accepting the things that are beyond our control and focusing instead on what we can control, which is our own thoughts and actions. #Stoicism $QUACK
3/9 Embrace impermanence: Life is transient, and everything is subject to change. Marcus encourages us to embrace this impermanence and to focus on living in the moment. #Mindfulness $QUACK
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First time properly using twitter, wanted to write about something to the vast void of the internet.

1/? (Is this how you do threads?)
When I was 8, I was in and out of hospitals for weeks / months. I had some mass in my stomach that doctors couldn't figure out what it was.
I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time, doctor couldn't figure out what it was from all the scans / tests they ran on me. During these weeks of substantial pain (enough that I still vividly remember to this day). They decided to do a biopsy.
One thing I remember was how the doctors acted, they weren't enthusiastic when helping / talking to me or my parents. (This is important for the final point of this thread)

I went into the biopsy with hopes that it would help figure things out.
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➕ ➖ CALCulated Thinking ✖️➗

Episode #6: Action Bias

Did you know that humans often favor action over inaction for the sole reason of doing SOMETHING?

A🧵on the behavioral phenomenon that could be costing your portfolio dearly 📉 Image
Let's begin by familiarizing ourselves with some typical -Action Bias- daily scenarios:

👉 The driver who is late to a meeting and is constantly changing car lanes in traffic when there is no clear indication that one is faster than the other.
👉 The desperate football coach making unplanned tactical changes during a football match to avoid the perception by fans and management that "nothing is being done".

👉 When we desperately smack our PC with the hope that the windows update goes any faster.
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Psikolog merekomendasikan LEGO sebagai sarana mencapai kesadaran penuh (Mindfulness)

Tapi bagaimana praktik Mindfulness dan #LEGO bisa saling terkait?

Ini pembahasan mengenai Lego dan Mindfulness yang tidak banyak diketahui orang Indonesia.

#mindfulness #Mentalhealth Senin Image
Mindfulness adalah praktik terapi untuk membantu orang-orang yang berjuang mengelola:

• Rasa cemas
• Stress
• Depresi
Mindfulness pada dasarnya adalah bentuk meditasi yang menekankan perhatian pada apa yang terjadi pada diri sendiri.

Praktik ini meminta Anda memperhatikan dan mengakui semua perasaan dan sensasi dalam diri, tanpa menilai atau mengkritisi diri sendiri.
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Every minute you overthink, you are spending energy better used somewhere else.

A breakdown on how to control your mind/thoughts:
1/x: Journaling.

Journaling helps you move intrusive thoughts to paper and ease your mind. It also gives you a concrete perspective on your problems.

#journaling #overthinking #personalgrowth #selfimprovement
Just before bed or when you wake up is the best time. Former helps you reflect on your day and empty your brain, latter gives you a purpose and motivation for the day.
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🧘🔬 #Mindfulness #PleineConscience #Ecole #MetaAnalyse

Les dernières méta-analyses sur les bienfaits de la pleine conscience en milieu scolaire (octobre 2022) 👇 Image
J’ai tapé “mindfulness school meta analysis” sur Google pour jeter un œil sur les 3 dernières études en date… Image
La première d’entre elles, publiée le 28 juin dernier, est une méta-analyse concernant les MBI (Mindfulness-Based Intervention) dans le traitement des symptômes liés au stress, à la dépression et à l’anxiété chez les adolescents en contexte scolaire.
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Aujourd'hui, nous sommes le 2/10/22.
Cela fait un mois que le docu "Bouddhisme, la loi du silence" est sorti, et qu'aucune instance bouddhiste n'a réagi autrement que pour dire que ces "dérives" n'étaient que des "incidents" isolés.
Continuons donc à déterrer les dossiers.
Voici Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché (1939-1987).
Il est celui qui a introduit le bouddhisme en Occident.
Son enseignement est caractéristique de la façon dont bien des lamas se sont comportés sous nos contrées.
On appelle ça la "folle sagesse".
Pour mieux le connaître, regardons ce que les instances officielles du bouddhisme en France, l'@UBF_Actu, dit de lui.
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La méditation est "une pratique qui peut présenter un intérêt personnel dans un objectif de détente et de bien-être [...] mais ne peut en aucun cas être proposée comme une thérapeutique [...]. Celle-ci ne doit pas à l’heure actuelle être proposée dans les écoles". Image
Ce n’est pas moi qui le dit, c’est le collectif de professionnels de santé #NoFakeMed.
@fakemedecine 👇 Image
"De nombreuses études cliniques ont été mises en place pour évaluer l’efficacité de la méditation pleine conscience sur divers troubles et pathologies. Nous avons cherché à faire le point sur les méta-analyses à disposition."
#Mindfulness #PleineConscience Image
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Este reciente y completo estudio señala que el #mindfulness no sirve para reducir problemas de #depresión ni para aumentar el #bienestar en adolescentes. Al contrario, puede empeorarlos. También sugiere no aplicarlo en masa en escuelas e institutos.…
Estos resultados son congruentes con los arrojados por otras revisiones sistemáticas sobre el #mindfulness en diferentes poblaciones.
Sobre el estudio, recomiendo leer también el hilo que comparte una de las autoras.
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Resumen del libro "El poder del ahora" de Eckhart Tolle en un hilo de 10 tuits
#librosen10tuits #desarrollopersonal #Mindfulness
1. Tu mente no eres tú. Obsérvala y cuestiona su juego sucio. Tu cuerpo en cambio entiende lo que es mejor para ti.
La mente tiene toda clase de estrategias para evitar el AHORA.
La emoción es la reacción del cuerpo a los pensamientos de tu mente. Observa esa emoción.
2. Vigila y observa sin juzgar tu relación con tu mente. Acepta los pensamientos, no te resistas, es otra fuente de dolor.
Cuando eres capaz de observar tu mente ya no eres rehén suyo. En el ahora y en ausencia del tiempo ningún problema puede sobrevivir.
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Tools for your PhD Journey...

I have found a list of “22” things which I have found quite helpful over the years as a researcher, writer and designer.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @PhDspeaks @CouragePhD @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #phdchat #scicomm @PhDForum
1. Digital notebooks like @Labstep and a physical notebook: To write your experiments, short and long-term goals, updates etc.

2. Portable reading tools like @AmazonKindle or iPad. It's easy to carry (anywhere), read, highlight, and jot down notes.
3. Bibliography manager: Not a secret anymore! You can use @zotero and @mendeley_com. Also, @ConnectedPapers to build a graph of similar papers.

4. @unpaywall to access the full text of scholarly articles.
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A favorite paper of my career! ➡️ Mothers who participated in a prenatal #mindfulness intervention had babies with healthier #stress responses, suggesting psychosocial #pregnancy #intervention can positively shape infant #health! 🧵 1/ Image
Check out the @UCSF web story on the paper here, written by the wonderful @BertholdJess: 2/…
This study followed prior work by @Dr_Epel, me & team, which showed the #prenatal #intervention: reduced women’s stress & depression, increased physical activity, lowered diabetes risk. Here, we tested whether these health benefits extended to the developing child. 3/ Image
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Me estoy asustando con los anuncios que me salen últimamente en @Facebook. A simple vista, cosas curiosas. Si nos fijamos: #magia, #esoterismo, #pseudoterapias, #sectas... Recomiendo pedir ayuda a @InfoRIES, @Infosectas, @redunecontacto u otros. [ABRO HILO]
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, Deusto Salud (empresa que juega engañosamente con el buen nombre de @deusto sin tener nada que ver) ofrece "formación" (#StopBulos) sobre "Programación Neurolingüística"... con el aval de @UCAM! Aquí @Psyciencia explica lo que es:…
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, otro centro con nombre rimbombante... ofrece la misma pseudoterapia: PNL. Aquí, con un supuesto aval de la @UEMC. Y si se sigue el enlace aparecen @Nebrija y hasta el Gobierno: @justiciagob! He alertado, y silencio por respuesta:
#StopPseudociencias ImageImage
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