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Political scientist / PI REXKLIMA @TUDresden_DE / Affiliated @CrexUiO @WZB_Berlin / PhD @EUI_EU / Social movements, political parties & democracy / AUT & GER
Sep 27, 2022 11 tweets 12 min read
A new special issue! 📚

@swenhutter & I are happy to announce the publication of "New Contentious Politics. Civil Society, Social Movements, and the Polarisation of German Politics". Check out the great contributions! #protest

➡️… @GermanPolJnl (1/11) Our SI studies "new contentious politics": A #double #transformation of contemporary protest arenas, marked by (1) new issues & claims from the left to the far-right as well as (2) hybrid organisational forms & a close interaction between protest and electoral politics. 🪧 (2/11)
Sep 26, 2021 10 tweets 3 min read
⬇️ Thread zum Wahlerfolg der #KPÖ Graz.

Seit heute ist die KPÖ mit knapp 30 Prozent stärkste Partei in der steirischen Landeshauptstadt. 1983 erzielte sie nur 1,8 (!) Prozent Stimmenanteil. Was erklärt ihren langfristigen Aufstieg? #grazwahl (1/10) In meiner Forschung betone ich zwei zentrale Faktoren: 1. Die Partei konzentrierte sich langfristig auf das Bearbeiten & Besetzen kommunalpolitisch relevanter Themen (v.a. Wohnen). 2. Sie profitierte auch von institutionellen Gegebenheiten des lokalen politischen Systems. (2/10)
Feb 22, 2020 7 tweets 2 min read
A thread on #Thuringia's historic compromise: Yesterday, CDU agreed to a “stability mechanism” = de-facto support of a Red-Red-Green minority government & the election of Die Linke’s Bodo #Ramelow as regional governor. What's the deal about and is #AfD now sidelined? (1/7) Red-Red-Green only has 42 out of 90 votes. So CDU needs to provide at least the remaining four on March 4 (in a secret ballot). The four parties will cooperate until the end of 2020 (including the budget vote). CDU won't rely on right-wing majorities with AfD and FDP. (2/7)
Feb 18, 2020 7 tweets 3 min read
A short thread on the far right in Germany: Yesterday, #PEGIDA staged its 200th event in Dresden – with AfD politician Björn #Höcke as special guest. How many people were there? What about counterprotests? And what does the event tell us about the state of PEGIDA and AfD? (1/7) According to media estimates, ca. 4,000 PEGIDA followers and slightly less (but vocal!) counterprotestors were present (ca. 2,500 to 3,000). This makes Dresden again unique: unlike elsewhere in Germany, far-right sympathizers outnumbered their opponents. (2/7)
Oct 21, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
THREAD: Today the far-right PEGIDA group celebrated its fourth anniversary in the city centre of Dresden. According to latest @szonline estimates, about 7,000 PEGIDA sympathizers gathered, while almost double as many - about 13,000 - participated in counterprotests. Interestingly, CDU regional governor Michael Kretschmer @MPKretschmer participated in the counterprotests (so did other key politicians, including Dresden's liberal mayor). Kretschmer's presense represents a significant symbolic shift from previous CDU responses to local...