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Yes. A culture that is supremacist, narcissist, predatory, genocidal. A 'divine' ethos that "abounds" with double standards, and that, for 2500 years, has encouraged its cult members to lie, cheat, rob, and murder "outsiders". Then kvetches and cries "victim" for being "othered".
That verse in St. John's Revelations *17* talking about a religious whore called "Mystery, Babylon the Great", with a "golden cup" filled with "abominations"?

Say hello to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism.
Let the Wall Street millionaire rabbi explain history to you... #thread
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What can I say? I notice things.

(fwiw, all the "666" stuff is just myth-making based on code for materialism and Self worship, i.e., satanism, imho)
'Magic' 6.

The number three came to be recognised as a mark of magic, so that "anything that is repeated three times is magical" was a frequently quoted rule.

Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg, Jewish Magic and Superstition

MENSCH (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh, cognate w/ German "Mensch" meaning a "human being")

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of [a] man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. #666

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Even *if* leading personalities in the revolutions of 1848 and 1917 were rational, it should be realized that the king-priest class of #backers was addicted to raw mysticism of the worst kind, black or 'red' kabbala.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman
Mystic death cult☝️. Think about it.

What do menstrual emissions ('impure') represent, viz. the unfertilised female ovum (gamete)?

Colour symbolism, viz. red as soul-substance (the "life is in the blood"), traces to the Stone Age. #alchemy #ochre #burial #cinnabar #ElixirofLife
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Interesting how neither evangelical crazies, nor rabbinic Jewish crazies, nor Sabbatian Jewish crazies, ever want non-members to know what the coming of "the Messiah" really means, to them: nuclear Armageddon, Jewish enslavement of non-Jews, and nuclear Armageddon, respectively.
Spoiler Alert: the Sabbatian Jewish aspiration to annihilate the Jewish people, in order for them to be unified with "God" – Ain Soph, the Primordial Nothingness – is cryptically portrayed in the obviously Cabalist film, The Believer (2001).
Do not watch this clip if you wish to see the film.

18 = Chai ("life", "living", "alive"):…

Get it now? #Cabala #inversion '#female' '#chaos' #death #double #nature #DescentForThePurposeOfRisingUp #nihilism
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I hope we all understand the esoteric symbolism here.

To #orangetheworld actually means to sodomise women.
It need hardly be said that the subtlest practitioners of #doublethink are those who invented #doublethink and know that it is a vast system of mental cheating.

Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four
The Kabbalistic god.. is an androgyne.

The ideal Kabbalistic form is a..oxymoronic 'male androgyne,' with the male as ontically prior and the female being, at most, a temporary manifestation of the human/cosmic form *to be erased* at the time of redemption.

Prof. J. Michaelson
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"Do not touch the Philosopher's Stone with your hands. You are not of our race; you are not of the seed of Abraham."

– Maria the Jewess (cit. in The Jewish Alchemists, Princeton Univ. Press, Raphael Patai)

#red #white #Cabala #inversion '#transformation' '#magic'
In case anyone is wondering, those are *almond* flowers.

Study up on them. And study your Bible.
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Join me on PBCJamaica Live for my 2019/20 Budget Presentation #Budget20192020

Jamaica’s Debt-to-GDP will fall to approximately 96% at the start of this Fiscal Year. This is the first it will fall below 100% in years. #Budget20192020
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