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We stand in #Solidarity with our Workers in the #Unions & this is the only way to have a say in our Working Environment by #WorkingTogether & doing a #Strike!
People like us, who've been arguing against the broken Gears & For-profit exploitation of #Capitalism, comes in to help.
We're in a #SocietalCollapse as the Full Stop & Endgame of #Capitalism's Growth has begun! We need Calls & Movements for a "Great Transition" from this broken #Dystopia where we have a #ClimateCrisis, #HousingCrisis, #Pandemic, #EvictionCrisis, #HealthcareCrisis,...
#BiodiversityCrisis, etc.
As the system focuses on #Economic Growth, #Corporate Interest & Businesses First while exploiting the #Labor who are treated like hell & not paid a #LivingWage nor anything while everything to basically live is practically an Expense under #Capitalism.
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Thousands of Tunisians demonstrated in the capital #Tunis on Sun against power seizure by the country's president, #KaisSaied. Demonstrators gathered in the Hayreddin Pasha Street & marched towards the Habib Bourguiba Avenue amid a heavy security presence.
#Tunisia #BreakingNews
Despite checkpoints & security screenings of protesters, it was the biggest rally yet against the actions of Presi. #KaisSaied, who on July 25 sacked the prime minister, suspended parliament and granted himself judicial powers, after months of political stalemate
#Tunis #Tunisia
Saied followed up the move last month with measures that effectively allow him to rule by decree.

"The people against the coup d'etat," "Raise your voice, the revolution is not dead," the anti-Saied demonstrators called, waving red-&-white Tunisian flags.🇹🇳
#Tunis #Tunisia
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Protest at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine happening now in opposition of vaccine mandates.

#covid19 #protest
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On the ground at Beverly Hills checking out this rally in support of firefighters at risk of losing their job with the vaccine mandate.

Lots of families of the firefighters here with them.

#Covid_19 #protest
This dude was doing laps around the whole civic center with the flag and Rocky music, was pretty fun to watch no cap lol. I caught him for a few seconds on his 4th or 5th lap.
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How Different is your police culture Australia!!! Pics From #GoldCoastFreedomRally Today. Reports of cops chatting to everyone and helping them. Under 10 police spotted spread out keeping distance and allowing protest. @QldPolice #AussieCops #GoldCoast #protest ImageImageImage
Culture Of @QldPolice is LEGENDARY! Peaceful Protest At The Park Next to The Beach! Nothing to Do but chill on the bench and watch. Praise This States Cops Australian’s! Encourage! #GoldCoastFreedomRally #QLPolice #AussieCops #PeacefulProtest #AmazingCops #Australia Image
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1/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Disappointed in #CDNmedia. Downplaying #violence & mischaracterizing blame must stop. Threat is more serious than anyone wants it to be

This #thread is about NEW #HateClub escalation

cc @Nat_Div_RCMP @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

Someone alerted me to a new post in Zelda's Facebook #HateClub (thank you)

On the surface it indicates a #Conservative partisan/electoral purpose & that's interesting enough, but upon digging deeper it's a legitimate cause for #NatSec concern
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

Inspection of first revealed a plan to unite Conservatives

Closer to election it became a Trudeau attack machine

That claimed to be factual
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In case you missed it, last week was the #OurLandOurNature alternative congress, which finished on Friday with a #protest in Marseille, France, where we were joined by a number of other orgs including @xrFrance, @amisdelaterre & @yfcmarseille.

Despite the torrential rain ⛈️ the turn out was big, showing how strong the resistance is towards the false solutions to tackle #ClimateChange being proposed at the #IUCNcongress.

The plan to turn 30% of the world into Protected Areas by 2030 (30x30) is a distraction from the real causes of #environmental destruction - instead it puts a price on #nature & allows big business to profit.

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The Disregard of #InformedConsent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2 - “The Great Pivot” - Jab hesitancy is informed, literate, and sophisticated, but government agencies, officials, and politicos pushed false narratives - by @TraderStef 4 #CrushTheStreet #ADE… Image
I am moving "The Great Pivot & Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2" #InformedConsent2 (the thread from @RWMaloneMD's gracious RT ) to my acct original here. Replies were breaking apart/not keeping continuity under his RT. Chronology is now intact. Apology for move. Image
Here is a link to PART 1 of “The Disregard of Informed Consent & Echoes of Nuremberg” (is hash tagged as #InformedConsent). That thread's continuity is intact and extensive, from March 31 to Aug 3.
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1| #Ceasefire rages on as the #OnlyDemocracyInTheMiddleEast™ continues street #executions, and corpse abduction of #indigenous people under its military regime 👇 #NotTheOnion🍍… #Israel #ceaseapartheid
2| Israel's army shot and killed Shadi Salim (41), at #Beita junction, making him the 311th indigenous #Palestinian, to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, and the 51st Palestinian to be killed from the #WestBank.
3| Israel's last #execution was carried out just 6 days ago, when soldiers invaded the town of #NabiSaleh, and shot 16 year-old Mohammad Tamimi in the back.
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Italianen schreeuwen Terroristen naar @RaiUno het equivalent van de @PubliekeOmroep
Wanneer gaan we koffie drinken in #Hilversum & #Amsterdam

#Bolsonaro heeft ook genoeg van de criminele “journalisten” terroristen
@PubliekeOmroep @NOS @EenVandaag @Nieuwsuur @RTLnieuws


#Bergamo staat op tegen ‘t #Corona Terrorisme en heeft ‘n gebouw van een Kranten Uitgever omsingeld met waarschuwing aan #Journalisten ;Stop de #Media leugens!
Italië pakt het goed aan&heeft zich in enkele dagen in meer dan 52 steden georganiseerd!
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These video scenes of #brutal #LawEnforcement are from around the world and Australia figures prominently.
It is #dehumanising and mentally debilitating to see this and to comprehend the #inhumanity
Is it right to assault citizens like this?
The #G7summit was a cosy affair. Social distancing for the cameras and free-for-all off-it. #Scomo was in the midst of this #Cornwall retreat to plan the next phase of #Lockstep.
Do any of them appear concerned about the “pannddemmic” ?
#Scomo returns from his #G7Summit2021 all buoyed in #Lockstep and then NSW goes into #Lockdown followed by restrictions in other states.
Do you see fingerprints on this?
Is #GladysCluster trying too hard to convince?
See where we are on cases curve??
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Authorities have succeeded in scaring other young boys and girls to not protest, Delhi High Court judgment is path-breaking: Justice Deepak Gupta

Report by @DebayonRoy

#DelhiHighCourt #CAA #DelhiRiots @DelhiPolice #UAPA #Protest

Read full interview:
Justice Deepak Gupta on Delhi High Court order bail to Asif Iqbal Tanha, Devangana Kalita and Natasha Narwal in a Delhi Riots case under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) [UAPA] Act. 
#Supremecourt #Delhihighcourt #UAPA #bail
Justice Deepak Gupta: " This trend of denying bail by just adding something which is very serious and courts are reluctant to grant bail and in sensitive issues, and national security is brought in and call it anti-national and courts are reluctant. This is more of a #trend."
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#China:- Is it a protest by students or something else at Xinglin College, Nantong University, Jiangsu????

Some reports said that some students were injured in the clash between the students and Jiangsu police.

Confirmed, Protests are being held by students of several colleges and universities.

Clashes between police and students at Xinglin College of Nantong University.
Another video, Police beating up students of North China College of Nanjing Normal University.

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The Road to Kill the Bill

Newly-published book by environmental campaigner Joseph Boyd shares compelling insights, research and evidence of state agents working through campaign groups to eradicate protest rights in the UK.
The Road to Kill the Bill
Standing up for our rights to protest: Boyd, Joseph:
With only weeks to go before the House of Commons hears its third reading on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021, the importance and timing of this book
couldn’t be more vital. Through the remarkable true-life story of Joe Boyd, environmental campaigner from #Liverpool who joined the anti-fracking frontlines across Northern England from 2013, we gain a fresh perspective and clear, substantial evidence of a war on #protest rights.
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Dear People of Inishowen and beyond, please take time to read this and pass it on to everyone you know.

The Mica problem in Inishowen is greatly affecting our families and especially our children!
Anxiety and stress levels are very high among young and old. Everyone’s mental health and well-being are affected and this cannot go on. It is the main conversation among children in our primary schools. It is all that parents talk about at the school gates, at home and at work.
Children are asking their parents if their house is safe to live in. Our children should not have these worries. It is getting out of control and our government isn’t listening.
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You have the power to change everything, but only when you are united with your neighbours. The @Conservatives control you by dividing you. Left/Right, Leave/Remain but you can refuse to be divided. This happened yesterday, to the surprise of the Home Secretary, Priti Patel.

🧵1 Home Office Immigration Enforcement in Glasgow came to arres
When Home Office Immigration Enforcement (UKIE) came to take away two immigrants, they thought it would be simple. Follow orders, put them in the van. And they did, but some people stood around the van on Kenmure St, Pollockshields Glasgow in solidarity with their neighbours

🧵2 Neighbours protecting their neighbours
They did what felt right in their hearts & stood up for what they believe in. The Home Office came to take 2 neighbours, 2 friends, 2 of us. One man laid under the van and blocked it from leaving. People sat behind the van chanting "#TheseAreOurNeighbours, #LetThemGo"

🧵3 Man under the Home Office Van
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TMC had said 'We won't let Bengal turn into Gujarat '
They turned it to Syria, instead 😡😡.
#Article356 #BangalBurning #PresidentRuleInBengal #SaveHinduFamiliesinBengal Image
Meanwhile I noticed one post in #Facebook which is really interesting.
Plz look at the screenshots & think:
#tmcgoons = #Pakistan supporters??
#justasking this from everyone.
#BangalBurning #Article356 #SaveHinduFamiliesinBengal #bangalviolence #PresidentsRuleinBengal ImageImageImage
ট্রেন বন্ধ করার ভুল সিদ্ধান্তের জন্যেই এবার করোনা ছড়াবে।
কারণ সম্পূর্ন লকডাউন তো হয়নি.. রুজি রুটির টানে মানুষকে তো বেরোতেই হবে।
@JasBJP @Bunibroto @desibhakthoon @jay_majumdar @joydip18 @Torture78 @JaneZakya @rantidevsengupt @debtanu1971 @IndranilKhan @anirbanganguly ImageImage
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WE ASK: What is the relationship between media consumption & believing disinformation abt protests? Employing #panelsurvey in #Ukraine we examine media consumption among protest participants & non-participants + supporters & non-supporters… @AKaratnycky
TESTING THEORIES: on #AffectivePolarization #SocialMediaEffects & the role of #OldMedia (namely TV) & #StateMedia (namely #Russian owned TV) + #Ukraine context-specific expectations on #ethnolinguistic #identity divides… @EricaChenoweth @civilresistance
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THREAD: "Michigan Witches Against Patriarchy" rally in Lansing to call for an END to "abusive language" & "attacks on fem elected officials" (Gov Whitmer, AG Nessel & SOS Benson and others) by #MIGOP misogynists Shirkey & Weiser.

Statement @Eclectablog👉…
The #MiWAP #Lansing #Protest is about Republican MEN (recently @RonaldWeiser @MIGOP Chair & @SenMikeShirkey) & ON-GOING use of "Patriarchal Violence" & verbal assaults on women in leadership & #MILeg.

READ @BarbByrum's "Misogyny in Michigan" @Eclectablog👇
What's "Patriarchal Violence" (PV) and why is it dangerous to ALL Michiganders, not just women in politics? It's hate, oppression, and growing.

|@SPLCenter: Misogyny from the Far Right to the Mainstream… #MIGOP #WaronWomen #MiWAT #Witches #Protest #Lansing
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#Thread about #China and his #relationship with #Burma ! #WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar
#protest #HumanRightsViolations #geopolitics :

Beijing favors the democratically elected government in Burma.

by @NZZAusland…
In contrast to the military junta, it is considered predictable and reliable
After the military coup in Burma, there were rumors that Beijing was behind the coup and would benefit from it. However, the reality is different. Xi Jinping would probably choose Aung San Suu Kyi.
Beijing has so far not made up its mind to show empathy for the protesters who have been killed.
To make matters worse, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in Burma in mid-January, which is why rumors arose that the Chinese rulers had prepared the coup with this visit.
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15 menschen mit #behinderung und ihre Unterstützer:innen stehen in #toulouse #Frankreich heute vor Gericht, weil sie einstündige blockadeaktionen am Flughafen und am bhf Toulouse 2018 durchführten um gegen #Diskriminierung, nicht umsetzung d #UNBRK, nicht Beförderung von Personen
... nicht Beförderung von Personen mit Behinderung zu protestieren. Gesellschtlicher #Ableismus pur! #AbleismTellsMe #capacitisme #Validisme #Validisme #Barrierefreiheit
Prozess fängt gut an! Angeklagte Odile kommt nicht in den Gerichtssaal. Was das Gericht dort Aufzug nennt, kann sie #barrierefrei ohne Fremde Hilfe bedienen. Gericht hat kein Personal dafür eingeplant obwohl es ja über ihre #Behinderunfg bescheid weiß
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A small number persist in #LONDON

#PROTEST continues

#LIVE via @Ruptly

wow - I remember being out like this !!

#londonprotest #londonprotests ImageImage
Just imagine - being out in the cool spring air - #FREE and walking around

I remember that !!

a hundred years ago


So is this how it is to be in Britain from now on?


#live coverage ➡️

via @Ruptly

#PoliceState ImageImageImageImage
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Today’s protests across the UK...#protest #WeWillALLBeThere
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Tories go on about freedom, liberty, & 'the will of the people', then introduce the #PoliceBill.

In 1990, 200,000 joined a #PROTEST against the poll tax, leaving 113 people injured & 340 under arrest.

17 million REFUSED to pay, which DEFEATED IT, & got rid of Thatcher.

The poll tax riots were a series of riots in British towns & cities during protests against the draconian "poll tax", introduced by the @Conservatives under Thatcher. The largest protest was in central London on 31 March 1990, shortly before the tax was due to come into force.
In 1989 the All Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation was set up by the Militant tendency.

Other groups such as the 3D (Don't Register, Don't Pay, Don't Collect) network provided national coordination for anti-poll tax unions who were not aligned to particular political factions.
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