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7 Nov
Ok. No more Trump. NOW, time to deal with this little asshole we have fucking up Alberta. #abpoli
How do we do that? Step one, don't let them fucking lie to you and get away with it. Feel free to refer to the list curated by @bailrs.… #abpoli #ableg
Step 2, a united vote. There's only one party that can kick the UCP out of office, and that's the Alberta NDP. Donate, volunteer, and vote for them. The issues they consistently support, are:
Workers Rights
Economic diversification
Fair taxation, to support services
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7 Nov
Fucking delusional. He's behind in EC votes by 50, and 4.3 million citizen votes. While Bidens lead in the states they haven't called yet, of which Biden only needs one to be declared the winner, just gets larger.
These US news outlets need to call this election already. Stop allowing Trump to set this pathetic voter fraud narrative he's running with. He's been pulling this shit for 4 years, shut him the fuck down already.
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6 Nov
I'm sorry, what? Why do they even have the ability to turn that off?! #abpoli #ableg #yeg
Let me put this into perspective. When you're drunk and cold you're at a greatly increased risk of hypothermia. Your skin flushes when drinking which cools down your core temp.
Cop decides to disable the method to track his whereabouts, then drives to an area he had no reason to be at, with less traffic, at night, and then dumps a person that's intoxicated, that's attempted murder.
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5 Nov
Watching Trump rapidly lose a half a million vote lead over Biden in PA, has been pretty cathartic. Image
Dropped below 100k, just a waiting game now. Image
Well dropped down to 90k now in PA, with less than 10k in Georgia. Image
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18 Nov 19
This wasn't an isolated occurrence. Everywhere workers tried to unionize and bargain, there were violent reprisals. Unions fought a bitter war to get many of the rights we have today and still are under fire. #cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli
BC coal mining, including in the Comox Valley in Cumberland and Union Bay fought the same things.…
In fact, they called out the militia to beat down workers on the island.…
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18 Oct 19
I think it's about time we compiled a list of Andrew Scheer lies. Let's start with this one. He's just claimed that the Liberal government is going to raise the GST. Literally no one has said, this. It's a flat out lie. #cdnpoli What's your favorite #ScheerLies ?
He's also in the last week lied about how our parliamentary system works.… #ScheerLies
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5 Feb 19
It's time to talk about the right wing NDP shaming I see in Alberta. The NDP government took power after 44 years of PC's, and had their work cut out for them. They took power in the middle of a major recession, and were stuck with decades of infrastructure and health shell games
The PC's played hide the debt extremely well. Defer costs here, avoid upgrades there, freeze spending in another place. Shift costs to contracts instead of employees to make it look like labour spending was lower than it was. It takes money to fix that sort of mismanagement.
After 4 years, the NDP government has spent the money they had to to fix what needed to be fixed. They've done so with fiscal restraint in mind.
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