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Jun 30 12 tweets 3 min read
#Libya- #GNU reportedly claim to have carried out an airstrike specifically against #Russia|n Wagner PMC assets in al-Khadim Airbase, using Bayraktar Akıncı UAVs (thus far not officially seen or announced used in country) from #Turkey

1/ al-Khadim is one of 3 prominent Wagner bases in #Libya, and arguably their main one (Jufra being a more forward operating base), but also a prominent #LNA airbase where the majority of its advanced air assets (many of which deployed by #Russia) are regularly deployed

Dec 31, 2022 13 tweets 8 min read
#Egypt- 2 militants conducted drive-by shooting targeting police checkpoint inside the city of #Ismailia, al-Salam District, late last night, killing 3 policemen & wounding 13 others. 1 of the militants was killed in subsequent clashes

1/ ImageImageImageImage This is a very significant incident. The last successful militant attack by an organization in Mainland #Egypt was November 2019 and that was Hasam. #ISIS's (likely culprit of recent attack) latest attack in the mainland was February 2019 (!)

Dec 5, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Out of my usual purview, but can we talk for a second about how this being placed on a car of a 2nd/3rd circle policeman security Erdogan's rally isn't an assassination attempt/is the ACME of assassination attempts?

1/ These are the only 2 images that exist about 12 hours into the incident (a tell in itself) so have to by them

Nov 24, 2020 18 tweets 15 min read
#Libya- thread about the #LNA's 106 bde. "Lieutenant General Wanis Bukhamada" live-fire exercise south of #Benghazi (area of Qaminis) in the presence of Major General Abdul Salam al-Hassi (who seems unwell...) with a couple of other very important guests...

1/ #Libya- bottom line up front: a casual flyby by a pair of SU-24 that were recently delivered by #Russia, and are seemingly currently sporting Libyan flags on their tails

May 4, 2019 6 tweets 7 min read
#Libya- #ISIS claim attack on LNA HQ in #Sabha, causing 16 casualties, forcing other fighters to flee and releasing prisoners that were held as captives in the camp #Libya- #ISIS release photo report of the attack on #LNA HQ in #Sabha