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Honored to represent CA's 44th Congressional District. #CA44 Member of @EnergyCommerce @HomelandDems @HispanicCaucus @USProgressives. @Dodgers fan.
23 Jun
This pandemic is still raging. 119,000+ Americans have died & cases are still rising in 29 states, with 20,000+ new infections per day. 12 states set records for their most daily cases in the past week. ...

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration seems to have moved on.
President Trump last month declared, “We have met the moment and we have prevailed.”

I asked Dr. Fauci if he agrees.

He does not. He said, "We are still in the middle of the pandemic."
Instead of devoting time & effort to taking this pandemic seriously, Pres Trump is hosting campaign rallies: packing thousands of people together without masks, in direct opposition to the guidance of all the public health experts. Just so that he can hear crowds chant his name.
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18 Jun
THREAD: As we approach #Juneteenth, let’s highlight and celebrate the Black community in our district. Today, here is some local #BlackHistory from #CA44. 1/
After #WWII, the #Black community in L.A. grew quickly as people moved from all over the country in search of greater #opportunity. #SecondGreatMigration 2/
#Watts was one of the few places where #Black families were not #redlined or otherwise prevented from buying property. 3/
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