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#DeepikaPadukone: #No_Hasty_Actions_Please

Warning: #Hash_tags in this article are purely coincidental and aren't meant to be taken seriously. Do not Google their meanings. You will end up on same page.
While the whole Hindu Right Wing is baying for Deepika Padukone's blood, I have a different take. I cannot shun this responsibility to post my thoughts about Deepika. I advocate no #Hash_Tea actions against her. Let me elaborate.
We should never forget Deepika is a woman of #substance. She is made of sterner #stuff. She's managed to create her own identity away from her father's shadow and done her best to #weed out nepotism in cinema field.
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TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
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A friend writes:

"Evidence #BreonnaTaylor case cop shot by loose cannon partner, not Breonna's boyfriend #KennethWalker." /1
Remember this #BreonnaTaylor news is 9/1 dated so there may be more recent updates.

"This isn't the newest article, but the best I've seen with forensic facts to figure out what actually happened to #BreonnaTaylor, and her boyfriend #KennethWalker. /2
"#BreonnaTaylor is repeatedly mentioned in intl news coverage abt #protest, not facts. For example, I've heard it on @BBCWorld. This article shows that #protestors are onto somethng. #Louisville justice for #Black people / #AfricanAmericans is dirty all the way to the top. /3
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Songhai Empire (c. 1464–1591)

The Songhai Empire during the 15th and 16th centuries was a kingdom that controlled the Western Sahel. It was one of the most important states in African history at its height.
The state is known for its historiographic name, derived from the Songhai, its leading ethnic group and ruling elite.

The Songhai Empire was located in south of the Sahara Desert in Western Africa and along the River Niger. It reached to the Atlantic Ocean at its peak well
over 1,000 miles from the country in present-day Niger. The Songhai capital city was the city of Gao which was situated on the banks of the Niger River in modern-day Mali.

The Kingdom of Songhai existed from 1464 till 1591.
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#BreonnaTaylor news & facts via a friend. Remember this is 9/1 dated news so there may be more recent updates.

"This isn't the newest article, but the best I've seen with forensic facts to figure out what actually happened to Breonna Taylor, and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker. /1
"#BreonnaTaylor is repeatedly mentioned in intl news coverage abt #protest, not facts. For example, I've heard it on @BBCWorld. This article shows that #protestors are onto somethng. #Louisville justice for #AfricanAmericans is dirty all the way to the top. /2
"Currently @kyoag Cameron is in waiting to announce charges for #cops. He's in a tough spot w/the global #blackwomen focus on #BreonnaTaylor's cop-scandalous demise. /3
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1. News: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ -Thread 8.31.20… #WhistleBlower #Voting #MailInBallots #Fraud
2. News: Indiana Rep Jim Banks Introduces “Support Peaceful Protest Act” To Prevent Rioters Arrested For Looting, Vandalism, or Acts of Violence From Receiving Federal $ Benefits… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtest
3. News: 'I am 100% Antifa': Alleged Portland shooter of Trump supporter (also an ardent BLM supporter) was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot |… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtesters #Murderer
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1. News: MSNBC: Harvard Law Prof Tribe said there's a chance, neither Biden nor #Trump will be president for the next 4 years:

PELOSI BECOMES PRESIDENT if election's not decided by Jan. 20

-Thread 8.21.20… #Trump #Trump2020 #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
2. News: The Grim Creeper: Joe Biden Proclaims ‘Season of Darkness in America’

-- Summer Bummer: DNC Ends On Gloomy Note

-- But — Party in Parking Lot!… #Trump #Biden #DoomAndGloom #DNC
3. News: President Trump Supporters Outnumber Biden Supporters 100:1

Outside Delaware Arena Where Joe Biden Will Give His Speech… #Trump #Winning #Biden
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🧵A Mega-thread of #ADHD mega-threads

Includes resources from the best content creators on Twitter for:

📌Learning about ADHD
📌Practical Tips & Strategies by ADHD people for ADHD people
📌Finding the right ADHD specialist for you
📌Much, much more
#ADHD support mega-🧵

💪Finding the right professional support
👯What is Body Doubling?
⚡️Practical tips by ADHD people for ADHD people
✅Some of the best ADHD books, blogs, podcasts, & other resources to learn more about your ADHD & how to manage it
🧵Who are the best accounts to follow on #adhdtwitter for learning more about your ADHD, and just all around great ADHD content & community experience?

Check out this thread of #ADHD accounts to follow!
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1/ A very compelling story about how #Women's #Pain & especially #Black women's pain is dismissed and disregarded by the healthcare system.…
2/ The story begins with a woman with sickle cell & her horrifying experience in the hospital. It also discusses pain from syndrome's unique to women, like endometriosis or fibroids.
3/ Pain is a feminist issue. #PainToo must be believed. First, there is the dismissal of women's accounts of their own bodies, tracing to a history of dismissal of symptoms due to absurd misconceived views of #Hysteria in women. Trans folks get the same treatment, or worse.
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• 1 in 1,250 Black
• 1 in 1,500 Indigenous
• 1 in 1,700 Pac. Islander
• 1 in 2,200 Latino
• 1 in 2,800 White &
• 1 in 3,000 Asian
…Americans has DIED (through 8/4).…
We've updated our COLOR OF CORONAVIRUS project with data through 8/4. #Black & #Indigenous Americans continue to see the highest #COVID19 death rates. #PacificIslanders & #Latinos have seen the sharpest rise in actual mortality rates during past 2 weeks.… Image
The toll of health inequity, as measured in lives lost...

We have posted new data through 8/4 for all states and the nation, by race, revealing #COVID19's continued toll.
Explore the data:…

#healthequity #epitwitter #medtwitter #CoronavirusUSA #ASA2020 Image
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1. News: TODAY Sen Ted Cruz Chairs Hearing to Investigate Groups like #ANTIFA


Speakers: Ken Cuccinelli, Andy Ngo & Jonathan Turley-Thread 8.4.20… #Riots #Hearing #BLM
2. News: Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman Stabs Her:

.… #Riots #violent #Antifa #BLM
3. News: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Implores Council to do What is Right After "Aggressive" Protesters visit her Home

The crowd wasn't able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their ATTEMPTS to do so… #Riots #Antifa #BLM
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1. News: President Trump Must Investigate How Inflated Our COVID-19 Death Count Is - Thread 8.3.20… #TRUMP #INVESTIGATE #COVID #NUMBERS
2. News: The Lessons from History on Masks: It’s Kabuki Theater All the Way Down… #Masks #HISTORY #LESSONS #COVID Image
3. News: CDC Director Says 'It Is in the Public Health Interest' to Reopen Schools for K-12 Students… #CDC #SCHOOLS #OPEN
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Dear #poverty scholars, it is time for a reckoning. It is long overdue. #Discrimination, #structuralinequality & the lived experiences of the poor is not a tangent, it is core to "mainstream" poverty scholarship.
@nyuwagner L. Mead’s @springerpub Society paper "Poverty & Culture" perpetuates inaccuracies, ideologies & power imbalances that distract productive discourse & policy innovation. This treatise insults poverty scholarship; no matter political leaning. (see more from @lennan77)
It needs to stop. Stop blaming the poor. Stop assuming that history & context do not matter. Stop unfounded explanations such as “culture.” Stop ignoring the developmental needs of children & the nurturing of families.

As poverty & social policy scholars, what can we do?
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After researching #VC investments, I saw a lack of diversity in VCs. SO, I researched a few opportunities for funding, accelerators & other resources for Black/Women-owned businesses. #Thread of ACTIVE opportunities.

#marketing #business #success #startups #black #covid19 #data
If you prefer to view the full list in a browser with more details on each opportunity I'm updating the list on a Google Sheet now and posting on my website.

All opportunities below are open today and applications close within the next 2-3 months.
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1/ *TIME SENSITIVE* - The ON gov't plans to pass a law THIS week that will have a devastating impacts on #Indigenous #Black #Racialized #Marginalized Ss & will introduce a 2-tiered education system to #OntEd - #bill197
2/ @Sflecce and @fordnation are moving to pass Bill 137 THIS WEDNESDAY - a COVID-19 recovery bill that "somehow" includes removing the requirement for Directors of Ed to be qualified teachers - the continuation of efforts to privatize ed & create a 2-tiered system in #OntEd .
3/ Despite hopes, there is no guarantee this will allow anti-racist, human-rights advocates to apply the positions AND there is no guarantee that CEOs of banks/corporations will not be hired. This is a not a risk we can take!
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Large charismatic birds with disproportionately large beaks and distinctive calls, #hornbills are the #farmers of our #forests. Today’s #WildAboutFacts series focuses on these feathered foresters.

Join us & share your hornbill images!

Rufous-necked Hornbills
📷Sarbajit Ghosh

There are 62 #hornbill species in the world, with 32 in #Asia and 30 in #Africa.

#India is home to 9 of them including the #GreatHornbill, the #MalabarPiedHornbill and the #RufousNeckedHornbill.

Malabar Pied Hornbill
📷 @samyak15

Several #hornbill species have a distinct #casque on their upper mandible. #GreatHornbills have a prominent #yellow and #black casque.

📷 Keya Das
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1/ This is a crucial time for #OntEd ted: 3 school boards will be hiring Directors of Education - @PeelSchools @tdsb & @DurhamDSB. With any shift in power, opportunities exist for a rise in justice-oriented practices and/or a rise in corrupt, back-door deals.
2/ School boards need to hire anti-racist leaders, *especially* as Directors of Ed.

Trustees - what criteria are you giving to search firms to choose your next Director? Are hiring committees racially diverse including trustees with critical, anti-racist mindsets & experiences?
3/Leadership of school boards MUST BE INTENTIONALLY #AntiOppressive #AntiRacist. It is the only way to close gaps.

So, what might this look like?

Here are some suggestions based on the research and preliminary findings from our current study on anti-racist leadership.
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It always breaks my hear when I see things like these 😩😩😩....
Our ancestors were just like fat cows....
Loosing everything because they thought everything foreign was better....
Everything was lost... And the seed of corruption and distrust was planted...
They merged everyone together to make countries so they could have more control over us....
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#Epstein #Wexner #Maxwell #Rothschild #CIA #Mossad #MI6 #IranContra #RobertFuller

Jeffrey Epstein DID NOT "inherit" Robert Maxwell's "spy business".

There r multiple "spies" working 4 same Psyop. Anyone claiming Epstein inherited Maxwell is either disinfo agent or misinformed.
This path ultimately REMOVES Leslie Wexner's role in an operation that began decades b4 Robert Maxwell was in the military.

Leslie Wexner was Max Fisher's "Protegy".

Max Fisher is an outgrowth of CHIQUITA Bananas (Eli Black, Leon Black) drug smuggling that began 100+ yrs ago
Chiquita’s history in Colombia is more than a century old. Its roots grow out of the United Fruit Company, notorious in Latin America as a U.S. Army backed opponent to agrarian reform and agricultural workers’ unions. Later known as United Brands in 1970, & then Chiquita in 1989.
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Thread of Footage from #DCRIOTS Today: 👇👇

Liberal White Girls being #Karens and shouting at the #Police... 🤦

No surprise there.

#whitehouseprotest #whitehouseriots
Protestors now actively fighting Cops (most of them White, shocking).

#whitehouseprotest #whitehouseriots #WashingtonDCProtest #washingtondcriots
More Protestors and #Antifa Fighting with Police.

#AntifaDomesticTerrorists #AllLivesMatterNotJustBlack #Blmprotest #WashingtonDCProtest #washingtondcriots
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THREAD: As we approach #Juneteenth, let’s highlight and celebrate the Black community in our district. Today, here is some local #BlackHistory from #CA44. 1/
After #WWII, the #Black community in L.A. grew quickly as people moved from all over the country in search of greater #opportunity. #SecondGreatMigration 2/
#Watts was one of the few places where #Black families were not #redlined or otherwise prevented from buying property. 3/
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