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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/07/2020…
Capitalist Systems and Income Inequality | naked capitalism…

#inequality #income #capitalism #systems
The Social Life of Forests - The New York Times…

#biology #forest
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With so many #IPO ‘s lined up in the coming’s my take ..

On whether..
You should apply for a IPO and 🤞🏼
Wait for it to list and then decide..

1) Trader mindset - Allotment in retail is like lottery. With ever growing no. of demats the over subscription rate just seems to be going up everytime! Why block 15K for a week and pray for allotment and then #listinggains(if any) when u can use TA make decent profits trading?
2) Investor mindset - #IPO ‘s give very good #opportunity for really good returns in medium to long term. So why miss it?

So I am going to wait for them to list. Do my research, combine TA with #FUNdamentals and choose a good entry point after the listing.
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Let's take this world-wide time-out, for forward-thinking opportunities as opposed to the literal impossibility of going back-to-before or 'backward.' Familiar is 'easy' but it's in the past.

Consider our present social, economic, and environmental situation...
Not just 'what is this doing to or for 'ME.'

When we cut through the 'coercion' of what others want us to believe, think, or follow, we will find that our options are truly unlimited!
We will NEVER, yes never, live without these kinds of challenge(s) as our future unfolds...
Coronaviruses, climate changes, untold natural occurrences we are ill-prepared for, etc will always exist, as will many yet unknown and ever-evolving demands on our existence.
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🚨@vonderleyen's 1st #SOTEU
Stay tuned:
"For me it is crystal clear–we need to build a stronger European Health Union
& to start making this a reality we must now draw the 1st lessons from the health crisis
We need to make our new #EU4Health programme future proof"@SKyriakidesEU
"...this was a global crisis we need to learn the global lessons. This is why, along with Prime Minister @GiuseppeConteIT and the Italian #G20 Presidency, I will convene a Global Health Summit next year in #Italy.
This will show Europeans that our Union is there to protect all."
"...the Commission created the #SURE programme(...)This is real European solidarity in action. And it reflects the fact that in our Union the dignity of work must be sacred."💪🇪🇺🤲"will put forward a legal proposal to support Member States to set up a framework for #MinimumWages"
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Stock note : HG Infra

Cmp – 198
Market Cap – 1,300 cr
Sector- #RoadConstruction & #EPC

(Blog note is slightly old)

Company Overview - #HGInfra Image
Impressive #Orderbook growth with Discipline in #Execution Image
Segmental #Diversification Image
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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/21/2020…
Emergent Ventures prizes for best new and recent blogs - Liberalism 2.0 fellows - Marginal REVOLUTION…

#ventures #blogs #liberalism #emergent #prizes
The 27 Principles — Renegade Inc.

#politics #economics #change #systems
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If you are a IT professional looking to start his own business, there is a HUGE business opportunity that is being missed by everyone.

It is that of Practice Management Software for Dentists. There was a major player in the market a few years ago. The issue was that they sold
all the data to corporate dental chains.

Suddenly patients who had appointments with their regular dentists started getting calls from chains offering the EXACT same treatment for a reduced cost.

That killed the business. Some folks still use it but overall the trust was

Dentistry as far as I am concerned is at the doorstep of the golden age in terms of technology, patient awareness and motivation and overall parity with Western dentists.

A well made easy to use PMS is worth it's weight in gold!
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THREAD: As we approach #Juneteenth, let’s highlight and celebrate the Black community in our district. Today, here is some local #BlackHistory from #CA44. 1/
After #WWII, the #Black community in L.A. grew quickly as people moved from all over the country in search of greater #opportunity. #SecondGreatMigration 2/
#Watts was one of the few places where #Black families were not #redlined or otherwise prevented from buying property. 3/
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Could not be happier that @BorisJohnson's equality commission will look at the plight of #workingclass white boys; the educational attainment gap, #opportunity gap that limits social mobility in places like #Mansfield

#THANKYOU Boris. That is massive!…
Since I was elected this has been one of my passions, and I've raised the #education challenge on particular countless times (inc ) and highlighted how disadvantaged white males are most likely to fall behind at #school, but how little this is recognised.
Chuffed @BorisJohnson will properly investigate this, cut through the negative atmosphere that has often prevented it from being discussed, and try to help some of the most disadvantaged communities to #LevelUp and boost #LifeChances. Hope to be able to contribute 👍 #ThankYou
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While every one is fighting #Covid19 and focussing on the immediate situation - this #crisis surely presents an #opportunity.
My favourite quote is - In the Chinese Language - the word for Crisis is - 危机 (WeiJi or Wéijī) which means Danger + Opportunity

This is my wishlist🧵
India has tried to start on the right foot by offering large land parcels to companies wishing to move their supply chain outside China.
But is Land only enough?…
Factors of Production are Land, Labor, Capital, Technology, (and environment - physical infrastructure + regulatory environment)

India is lacking a bit on everything ...
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#IndiaEcon Pandemic is creating a huge, natural, short-medium term(1-2 yr) opportunity for Self Sufficiency. #India could use this opportunity to make push for #Indigenization by #Accelerating #EconomicReforms to reduce #Bureaucratization (#BS). But who will bell the cat? 😢😢😢
2/econ We have to focus in an integrated way on the #Threat from crisis (👇🏼) and the #Opportunity (👆🏼), so as to minimize the negative effect of crises and maximize the positive benefits possible from the fallout.
3/econ Union+State govts should urgently create #Register of self-employed people (& contact workers), in Service industries connected to Tourism, Travel, Trade, Retail, Resteraunts, Hotels. Real Estate, Entertainment, containing their #Aadhar, #VoterIdNo & #MobileNo & workplace
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1) 🧠 How to strengthen #crypto #BTC #ETH #BEP #BNB

One weakness of the market is driven by its LOW LIQUIDITY, and it's imperative that we aim for growth of a decentralized liquidity network, allowing for ALL #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP hodlers to participate as automated market makers.
2) Allowing them to earn on their hodlings -- which currently centralized exchanges do not support.

If we can people to aggregate the dormant #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP tokens sitting on cold storage devices into decentralized liquidity networks, perhaps we can develop more strength.
3) It would strengthen #cryptos against whale manipulation / over-leveraged traders (which causes price swings, which leads to panic and irrational trades).
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Thread/ #FosterCare #MentalIllness #Homelessness #Opportunity #Jesus I had the chance to meet the sweetest, most polite, grateful young man a few days ago. He was discharging from a psychiatric hospital, was homeless, jobless and without a single healthy person in his whole life
2- he spent his whole childhood in foster care & was then dumped at a homeless shelter when he turned 19. He had nothing. No job, no permanent family, no money. Nothing. Life on the streets brought drugs, crime, sadness, wandering, despair, suicidality.
3- this sweet kid told me he was a believer in Jesus. He had Jesus tattooed on his arm. He’d been sent by foster parents to Salvation Army Summer Church camps. We picked him up at a local shelter, which literally couldn’t be a sadder place; so in need of the light & love of Jesus
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1/ Heads up!

I'm preparing a guide to fixing organisational problems in scaling software development teams.

I'd love to talk to you if you're a founder or leader dealing with this! Things I'll cover (feedback welcomed):
2/ A decade plus programming/team building and leadership experience across start ups, global mega banks and sizes inbetween.
3/ A shit ton of research on complexity, psycology, climatic changes in our industry and how the best teams in the world operate. Many of the best resources here have come from people not so much in the public eye, or misunderstood now. Boyd, Musashi, Goldratt and more.
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#ITM Vs #OTM #Options Which to #BUY?

When selecting the right #option to #buy, a #trader has several choices to make. One is whether to purchase an in-the-money (ITM) or out-of-the-money (OTM) option.
While the goal for "#vanilla" #buyers is to have the option be in the money at expiration, the selected option depends on the amount the trader wants to spend and their risk tolerance, as well as their specific expectations for the underlying stock.

Before delving into the pros and cons of each, let's look at what it means to be itm or otm.
A #call is ITM when the underlying stock is trading above the strike price.
Conversely it is OTM when the underlying stock is trading below the strike price
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A lot of people are wondering why @honey ($100M+ revenue) was worth $4b to PayPal ($15b+ revenue). Here's my hypothesis:
1/5. HONEY has ~15m 'users' and is making 100M+ in revenue, aka $6.67 per user per year. PayPal has 286M users. This could be a 1.9B line of business with the current PayPal user base which is a great #opportunity.
2/5. PAYMENT PROCESSORS (aka PayPal) need to offer value add services to consumers so they can retain their primary line of business, processing. Capital one purchased @Wikibuy, Rakuten purchased @ebates, etc. This trend up the conversion funnel will continue as #defense.
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1/ I read today’s @NYTimes piece on #Opportunity Zones. A few thoughts:…
2/First reaction: it's impossible to say that Opportunity Zones have been a “Bonanza” for anyone. We are in *such* early days. Opportunity Zone funds will not have any returns for ten years, minimum (this was intentional, it’s patient capital!)
3/ The narrative that a “wave of developments” is happening is not yet true. Opportunity Zone funds across the country have raised less than 10% of their goals. It is a new market and most people are very cautious.
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Thread + Thoughts on the @Conservatives election from the inside: for a moment put to 1 side my / yr preferred #Leader ..I am energised by #MP colleagues engagement in policies to drive forward this great country: emphatically this leadership is not just about a single issue 1/
Standing takes courage - for #parish, #county, #MP or #leader.
I respect all colleagues who put their names forward including @SamGyimah @kitmalthouse @JamesCleverly who did not make the final list. They do so for the very best of reasons. They / I want to serve Britain 2/
I defy anyone to watch this video of @sajidjavid + not feel proud of our #UK + @Conservatives party - a place where #Aspiration + #SocialMobility are our watchwords + #opportunity is everything. Saj is a friend, although not my preferred choice 3/
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#OneNationConservatives are
🇬🇧 Pro-#Union
♻️#Global in our outlook
🤝 Championing #community
🏫 Defending #humanrights
🌳 Protecting our #environment
💪🏽 Unlocking #opportunity
💷 Unashamedly pro #freeenterprise🆓
+ Resolutely backing #SocialMobility 🆙⏫ Thread 1/
Could not make it to the #OneNation launch yday evening, but 100% with brilliant group of dozens of @Conservatives #MP colleagues who have the vision + determination that can win us a majority again.👍
2/ #OneNationConservatives
Declaration of #OneNation #Values in detail 3/ Image
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Good to be with @Will_Tanner + attend the @ukonward launch of their groundbreaking #GenerationWhy report. Find out more at #BraveNewWorld Image
Up and running with a stellar panel of @Will_Tanner @TomTugendhat @PennyMordaunt @MattHancock + Lord Willetts discussing #GenerationWhy + #Onwards report Image
V positive debate on #aspiration, #empowerment, #housing, #employment, #tech #opportunity, #FE, #Greenbelt + the shape of the future #state - marred by journos Q being mainly on #Brexit! V disappointed in media - when @ukonward looking at domestic policy 👍✅
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I was grateful for the opportunity to testify this evening before the @MassCSW, our state’s chief body tasked with expanding #equality and #opportunity for women.

I’ve been proud to work alongside the Commission on several legislative efforts, most recently in the successful push end gender discrimination in #DisabilityInsurance.

#MApoli Image
Tonight, I testified on the work I’m involved with in the Legislature to protect #ReproductiveHealthcare, make #childcare more affordable, and create new opportunities for women to lead in both the public and private sectors.

#MApoli Image
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1/ Years ago a friend of mine, Matthew Trueman, roughed out a story about Spirit and Opportunity trying to find each other before their batteries run out. He gave me his permission to post it. It's extraordinary #Opportunity #ThanksOppy
2/ Birth. Takeoff. Journey. #Opportunity #ThanksOppy
3/ Arrival. Landing. Separation. #Opportunity #ThanksOppy
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I can’t believe I’m crying over a small, exhausted robot that metaphorically breathed its last about eight months ago being declared dead. No, scratch that, I absolutely can. #Opportunity
Spirit and Opportunity, the @MarsRovers of our hearts, were with me since they launched in 2003. They kickstarted my fascination with space, and by proxy with science and engineering.
When I was 11 or 12 I would spend hours poring over sheets of graph paper or Google SketchUp drawings where I carefully designed and rendered my own Mars rover. I even built a mock-up robotic arm out of scrap wood, tin flashing, and wingnuts.
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