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"The parent... (said) she 'is not for eliminating or censoring any books' while saying that Gorman’s book and several others*... shouldn’t be available to students at all. We’d bring up George Orwell... but then people might want to ban his work as well."…
*The other books challenged along with The Hill We Climb by @TheAmandaGorman were:

“Countries in the News: Cuba” by Kieran Walsh
“Cuban Kids” by George Ancona
“Love to Langston” by @PoetTonyMedina
“The ABCs of Black History” by @OhReallyRio
"Love to Langston (by @PoetTonyMedina) is a tribute to the life of one of America’s greatest literary figures... His books and his poems are central to the American literary canon," writes @bumpyjonasdc… #BannedBooks #Censorship
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DeSantis called reports of book bans in #Florida “a hoax in service of trying to pollute and sexualize our children.”

Teachers in fear of felony charges carrying up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine would beg to differ. #FreeTheBooks #Education…
“Jean Faulk, a 65-year-old world history teacher… had carefully curated her classroom library over the years, and the task of combing through several hundred volumes seemed insurmountable. So later that day she stripped her shelves… only dictionaries and encyclopedias remained”
“In Jacksonville, a third-grade teacher penned an op-ed describing how one of her students, an avid reader, had cried after learning he couldn’t access the classroom library.” #FreedomToRead #Florida
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Rachel Pringle Polgreen, a free mulatto woman, became infamous during the 1770s to 1780s, as the first woman of color to own a Hotel-Tavern in Bridgetown, Barbados, based on the (sexual) entertainment of transient British Naval Officers.

A historical thread.
Visitors to this hotel included numerous prominent officers and on one occasion, Prince William of England.
Polgreen was born in Barbados in 1753 as Rachel Lauder, the daughter of an enslaved African mother and her owner, William Lauder.
Lauder was a Scottish schoolmaster who fled England in disgrace after he had written and published attacks on the English poet John Milton. When Rachel’s father began to make sexual advances on her and she refused him, he became abusive and whipped her.
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#ChristineAnderson prt 3. Ok, strap in. The meat of what’s in Anderson’s 🇨🇦 tour. Whoa boy, it touches on global Christo-fascism & its intersection with anti-vax mass disinformation & the use of that disinfo as a tool of radicalization. Thanks @ConvoyTwitty for finding the video.
The Anderson Whitby Ontario event began with a video (produced by whom? Paid for by?) where far right Canadian “convoy” figures, including #TamaraLich, said words of welcome to Anderson. Then, in true fascist propaganda fashion inverting truth, they played the national anthem.
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Enslaved Teenager Diana Bastian of Nova Scotia
Warning: Disturbing Content
📜 a thread...
Bastian lived most of her life as a slave in obscurity but entered historical consciousness as a result of her rape, pregnancy, and subsequent death.
We can learn of Bastian’s tragic story because of a brief burial-record document inserted in the St. George’s Anglican Church’s burial registry in Sydney. Her story tragically evidences the vulnerability of enslaved African Canadian Black women.
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The Atlantic Advocate

The Atlantic Advocate was Nova Scotia's first African Canadian newspaper, incorporated on 8 June 1916.

📜 A thread...
The newspaper covered a range of topics — historical, religious, economic, political, military, literary, social and local.
Community notes appeared from across Nova Scotia, including Amherst, Digby, Halifax, Hammonds Plains, Liverpool, Shelburne, Westville, Weymouth and Wolfville, as well as from New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.
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Athlete Harry Jerome (1940-1982)
Olympic Pioneer
Harry Jerome was a legendary athlete who paved the way for future generations of Black athletes.

📜 a thread
Harry was a Canadian sprinter who set multiple world records in the 1960s, including the 100-meter dash. He broke the Canadian record for the 220 yard dash, and was one of the few runners to hold records in both the 100m and 100 yard dash simultaneously.
He was also an Olympic bronze medalist and a Commonwealth Games gold medalist. He was named BC’s male athlete of the 20th century and was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.
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The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC)
Black communities across Canada are diverse, resilient, creative, and multifaceted. For the first time in Canada’s history, there are over 1,000,000 Black Canadians who call Canada home.

📜 a thread... Image
The FBC is a Pan-Canadian body that discusses the opportunities, contributions, and challenges that exist for people of African descent nationally. (FBC, 2023)
The FBC has the following priorities:
• Total Health
• Criminal Justice Reform
• Community Building
• Economic Security
• Higher Education
• Eliminating Anti-Black Racism
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In this thread, I'll introduce the brilliant work of Dr. Edward Dowdye.
Credible Challenges to General & Special Relativity, Doppler Shift Theory & more.
If Einstein were alive today, he would concede to Dr. Dowdye's scientific evidence and mathematical proofs.
#BlackHistory ImageImageImageImage
The brilliant work of Dr. Edward Dowdye…

Why Should We Question Relativity? (FAQs)…

Optics, Electrodynamics & Gravitation based from Re-Worked classic physics/ Galilean Transformations under Euclidean Space…
16 Peer Reviewed Papers by Dr. Dowdye.
Hosted by NASA and Harvard:…

Propagation and Re-Emission of Light:…

Natural Philosophy Bio:…

More background for Dr. Dowdye:…
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The @CityofWheeling held its third #CityCouncil meeting today, Tuesday, February 7, 2023, at 5:30 PM. This thread details what I witnessed. I reported on the meeting as a citizen journalist, and I am using @BlackByGodWV @FolkReporters thread guide to compose this!

First, in my estimation there were roughly 30 people in attendance, including members of the public, city government officials, and media. Apart from myself there was no masking. There appeared to me no COVID-19 safety precautions in place, there was space for some distancing

3rd Ward Rep. @RosemaryKetchum opened the meeting with a prayer, followed by a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. City Clerk Brenda Delbert called the roll. In attendance were @MayorWheeling, @ViceMayorWhg and 1st Ward Rep. Chad Thalman, 2nd Ward Rep. @benseidler,

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The Mbuti people, Ota Benga lived near the Kasai River in the Congo. His people were killed by the Force Publique, established by King Leopold II of Belgium. Benga lost his wife and two children, surviving only because he was on a hunting expedition when the Force Publique
attacked his village. He was later captured by slavers.

Benga was “purchased” by one Samuel Phillips Verner, and transported to the Bronx Zoo. He was caged in the Monkey House labeled. Eventually Benga was released to African Americans in Brooklyn, and later moved to an outpost
@2022AFRICA ifb
of their community in Lynchburg, Virginia. In the late afternoon of 19 March 1916, Benga gathered wood to build a fire in the field. He danced around the fire. That night, he retrieved a gun from an old shed and fired a single bullet through his own heart.
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Richard H. Cain passed away #OTD in 1887. Cain represented South Carolina in the US House of Representatives. He was one of six Black men to represent South Carolina in Congress during Reconstruction. Cain was also an abolitionist, newspaper editor, entrepreneur, and minister.
Cain was born to free parents on April 12, 1825, in Greenbrier County, Virginia (modern day West Virginia). He and his family moved to Gallipolis, Ohio, in 1831. Because Ohio was a free state, Cain was provided an education and learned how to read and write.
He became a licensed minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1844 and moved to Hannibal, Missouri. He left the Methodist Church in 1848 to join the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church where he became a minister and deacon.
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The ACW employs a number of tricks, uniquely applied to Grant, to take a man who cared nothing for the slave and transform him into a civil rights fighter. The magic is done by never explaining why Grant's views evolve. 1/4
#history #ushistory #civilwar…
2/4 The ACW admits that Grant cared little for the slave at the start of the war--quoting the same letters that have appeared on my feed. Grant only changes his view to win the war. Did Southern views "evolve" for the same reason?
#BlackHistory #quote
3/4 Does the ACW have an article about Stephens moving from the Cornerstone to a fighter for civil rights of Blacks? No! Instead, the ACW refers you to a Grant book by 2 activist historians that I already exposed on my feed! (Blight & Simpson)
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Prominent Black physician and abolitionist James McCune Smith passed away #OTD in 1865. Smith, who penned the introduction of Frederick Douglass' second autobiography My Bondage My Freedom (1855), was the first Black person to receive a medical degree in the United States.
Smith was born enslaved in 1813 in Manhattan and received a formal education as a child under New York's gradual emancipation laws. He was free at the age of 14 on July 4, 1827. He graduated from African Free School in NYC and enrolled at the University of Glasgow.
He received his medical degree in Glasgow in 1837 and moved back to New York to establish a medical practice. According to Bryan Greene of @SmithsonianMag, Smith also opened the first Black-owned pharmacy in the United States.
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Can you help?


The @VicksburgNPS are looking for the descendants of the following Black Civil War veterans (#USCT) buried in Section T of the National Cemetery at #Vicksburg, MS:
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“She was called Phillis, because that was the name of the ship that brought her, and Wheatley, which was the name of the merchant who bought her. She was born in Senegal. In Boston, the slave traders put her up for sale:
-she's seven years old! She will be a good mare! Image
She was felt, naked, by many hands.
At thirteen, she was already writing poems in a language that was not her own. No one believed that she was the author. At the age of twenty, Phillis was questioned by a court of eighteen enlightened men in robes and wigs.
She had to recite texts from Virgil and Milton and some messages from the Bible, and she also had to swear that the poems she had written were not plagiarized. From a chair, she gave her long examination, until the court accepted her:
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#Service #Fellowship #Ministry
Life events, concerts, workshops, #empowerment

Love and Faith bring the community together.… ImageImage
Since the church has reopened, surveys and guidance from community members of various affiliations and faiths, have helped guide the programming.

The church has reestablished a faithful presence, and become a resource for those in need.

From pantry item distribution

(2/n) Image
..taking place Tuesday and Friday, distributing groceries (no prepared food is given out), joining many other grocery distribution points across the city during this particularly difficult time

(3/n) Image
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The percentage of multiracial churches has increased over the last 20 years from 6 percent to 19 percent. That could be a sign of greater interracial understanding among Christians. BUT…
…that growth is because Black people and people of color are going to predominantly white churches. White people aren’t going to churches where PoC are the majority. The shift has been almost entirely one-way.
This one-way reshuffling may preserve majority Black and PoC churches as spaces of affirmation for those groups, but it may also speak to the (un)willingness of white Christians to follow Black and other PoC leadership.
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As #BlackHistoryMonth ends, we can thank Carter G. Woodson who initiated the idea, and to whom – Langston Hughes wrote – America owes a debt of gratitude: “For many years now he has labored in the cause of Negro history, and his labors have begun to bear a most glorious fruit.”
Here are just some of our favorite picks that brought us to a deeper understanding of #Blackhistory:
African American studies scholar @DoctorGooding explores how “the lack of Black statues sends a clear message of exclusion.”…
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#BlackHistoryMonth wraps up today but we can engage with #BlackExcellence round the year via these #BlackTwitter accounts.
Wherever you live, we invite you to learn more about these #Communities & institutions that are shaping the story of #Canada.
🧵with favourite accounts.

Join them in their goal to “reduce the racial disparities in health outcomes & promote health & well-being for people from the diverse Black communities in Canada with emphasis on the broad determinants of health, including racism." #BlackHistoryMonth

@blackartndialog is "dedicated to supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally." #BHM

Explore their incredible FREE for the public gallery here:
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#AAFS2022 come through for the #PioneersofColor a Diverse Narrative of #Forensicanthro Symposium Friday morning (2/25) featuring presentations by a talented group of early career anthropologists who have a wider historical and contextual lens
In the #PioneeresofColor symposium Isis Dwyer @RumandResearch presents “Back to Black: The Legacy and Contributions of Black Pioneers of the 20th Century” spotlighting Caroline Bond Day, Dr. W. Montague Cobb, Drs. M. and K. Clark and Charles P. Warren.
#BlackinBioanth #AAFS2022 “Back to Black: The Legacy and Contributions of Black Pion
@rumandresearch quantified the contributions of #PioneersofColor Day, Cobb, the Clarks, & Warren in 3 major #forensicanthro themes:
1. Perceptions of Race and Ancestry Estimation
2. Skeletal Collections & Quantifying Human Variation
3. Identification of Individuals
#AAFS2022 Black Pioneers in Forensic Anthropology, the Legacy in Foren
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Today's #BlackHistoryMonth Spotlight, we are recognizing Board Member Michael E. Carn, Mayor of the City of Oakland Park. At the December 2, 2015, meeting, the Oakland Park City Commission appointed Michael E. Carn as City Commissioner.
In a Special City Election on March 15, 2016, Mayor Carn was elected to complete the unexpired term of Shari McCartney, who resigned in October 2015. He was re-elected on November 6, 2018.
Mayor Carn is a resident of Oakland Park. His family moved to the Lakeside Estates community in 1963. The community was annexed into Oakland Park in the 1970s. Mayor Carn is a graduate of the Oakland Park Local Government Academy and served as president of his 2010 class.
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I been seeing way too many people in the comments and QTs saying how great the 1940s was because of a picture showing Black Americans looking prosperous

All these photos are also from 1940s America
For those who don't know, sharecropping and forced labor was still the norm in the 1940s for many Black Americans; my grandmother included
George Stinney, the youngest person executed in the 20th century at the age of 14 in 1944

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#BlackHistoryMonth Wesley Anthony Brown (April 3, 1927 – May 22, 2012) was the first African American graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), in Annapolis, Maryland.
He served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War and served in the U.S. Navy from May 2, 1944, until June 30, 1969.
Born in Baltimore, MD, Wesley Anthony Brown grew up in Washington DC, where his father delivered groceries and his mother worked in a dry cleaning shop.  Brown’s great-grandparents were slaves.
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