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Aug 26, 2023 11 tweets 5 min read
#NewsFlash: Martin Ball just released a podcast responding to @Psymposia's coverage of Ball's appalling LAMPS presentation.

Ball's LAMPS Presentation

Plus Three Podcast: It's All Red Flags

Ball's Podcast…
Image 2/ Ball in 2023: "[Psymposia] did everything they could to make me look and sound as bad and revolting as possible; to deliberate emotional manipulation and sensationalism."

Ball in 2016: "Sometimes I am touching people on their g*nitals because that's what they need." Image
Aug 4, 2023 62 tweets 26 min read
Dear @atai_life,

Your founder and chairman @C_Angermayer has served a 15-year-long role as an advisor to a homicidal dictator with war crimes attached to his name.

Given that your organization seeks to bring healing to the masses, what say you about this relationship?

Image 2/ "In 2008 I joined the Presidential Advisory Council of His Excellency President Paul Kagame of Rwanda."

Source 1)

According to the SALT Conference website, Mr. Angermayer began his role in Kagame's PAC in 2008.

Source 2)……
Jul 16, 2022 6 tweets 6 min read
On July 21st, I’ll go LIVE on the #μltradelic podcast (@UltradelicHQ) to discuss @michaelpollan’s new @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind. Why? #HTCYM clearly failed to address the growing #epidemic of #SexualAssault within the #psychedelic community. #MeToo

A Thread 🧵 ImageImageImage 2/ Back in May of last year, @michaelpollan publicly discussed his belief that there is “value” in “inoculating the public against inevitable negative stories” about #psychedelics including “sexual abuse in the treatment room” 🚩 🚩 🚩

Inoculate = make immune to, right? 🚩 🚩 🚩 Image
Jul 14, 2022 104 tweets 101 min read
1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS 2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
Jun 9, 2022 18 tweets 5 min read
Live-Tweeting today’s meeting with @JonDenn77001906 and @GreenLightLaw_ re: religious freedom and Oregon’s Measure 109

A Thread 🧵 1/ now that introductions are over, Evan Segura (President @pdxpsychedelic) is speaking about their work re: providing support for the psychedelic community. Mentions free meetings, integration circles, education.

“PPS will be here to support ppl after their experiences” Image