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🍀LSDfi - narrative đang rất hot thời điểm này, đến nỗi được Binance research viết hẳn một report về nó. Vậy LSDfi có gì hay, và liệu rằng nó có thể trở thành một trend mạnh mẽ như thời Defi 2020 không, mình nghĩ là có

Tất tần tật về hệ sinh thái LSD👇 Image
1/ #LSDfi là những giao thức được xây dựng dựa trên các công cụ Liquid Staking Derrivatives – LSD. Vâng, chính là LSD mà chúng ta thường nghe qua thời điểm Shanghai upgrade với nhiều cái tên nổi bật như Lido, Frax, Rocket Pool,… Sự tăng trưởng của các giao thức…… Image
2/ Giải thích ngắn ngọn cho cách thức hoạt động của #LSD (cho anh em người mới, anh em nào rõ rồi có thể bỏ qua). Mô hình staking pool của các dự án LSD, ví dụ như Lido sẽ bao gồm các bước như sau

- Users staking token A vào Lido, sẽ được nhận về stA với…… Image
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What if you had the ability to both capitalize on and mitigate yield fluctuations? What if you could actively trade yields and employ hedging strategies to safeguard your portfolio?

Today, let us delve into @pendle_fi in redefining yield in #DeFi!

/1 Image
Kindly be advised that this thread is intended solely for the purpose of sharing information and should not be construed as financial advice.

I am financially invested in @pendle_fi and its ecosystem.

/2 Image
Preparatory Reading:

For a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter being discussed, we suggest acquainting yourself with the following topics through pre-reading

/3 Image
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1/ The @Rocket_Pool rETH and wstETH pools are now LIVE on Pendle...

Pendle @arbitrum🔥

With this, we're now ready to kickstart the liquidity flywheel for #LSD and #LSDfi on Arbitrum.

Deeper liquidity, faster growth, boundless possibilities await 💙 Image
2/ LSDs already exist on Arbitrum, but deeper liquidity is needed to capture the same vibrance we see on Ethereum.

With this launch, Pendle is positioned to assist in unlocking richer, stickier liquidity that can be used in other protocols in Arbitrum 🧡 Image
3/ As a liquidity provider, you can receive up to 115% APY with rETH or wstETH on Arbitrum, with minimal IL considerations.

Any liquidity supplied continues to contribute to the underlying protocol's TVL. Image
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Pendle's #stETH (Dec 2027) pool

• Our new LSD pool in under 1 week
• Liquidity 'kissing $6M'
• 25.5% Boosted APY
• Maturity is 1667 days long and weighs 0 lbs Image
Turns out length does matter, ladies and gents 💦

A series of transactions gushed in over the weekend, including some rotations from LPs in the stETH (Dec 2025) pool thirsting for something longer in the newest long-dated stETH (Dec 2027) pool.
One notable contributor was 0xa83, a long time supporter of ours who's slid another ~$2M into our new stETH addition.

🔗… Image
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Part 3 of @LidoStaking on-chain analysis:

What are Wallet Addresses that need special attention in the near future if you invest in the $LDO token?

Thread 👇👇

@LidoStaking #Lido #onchain Image
1/ Wallet address: 0xe289cf875ebc11868bf1f7b9535fd9adbdb6a383 Image
1.1/ Within the last 7 days, this wallet address transferred 1,000,000 $LDO = 2,059,997 $USD to #Binance 3 days ago.

To clarify this wallet a bit, this is the project's wallet; this wallet address has received a large amount of #LDO mainly from #JumpTrading.
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Do you wonder what the On-chain data of the
@LidoStaking project is showing?

Thread 👇👇

#LIDO #LSD #Lidostaking Image
@LidoStaking 1/ Although narrative LSD is no longer hot, the projects in this area are still very active. Typically, LDO with the amount of ETH staking into the system has increased continuously and has not shown a downtrend. LDO is still the platform that attracts the most liquid-staking ETH Image
1.1/ On the LDO platform alone, the number of ETH being staking is more than 6.1 million, a significant number, especially after Lido Finance enabled ETH withdrawal after the V2 main net launch.
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Một trong những thứ giúp chúng mày x tài khoản nhanh hơn đó là nhờ narrative. Narrative hút dòng tiền và và đẩy giá token bay nhanh hơn.

Sau đây là 17 narrative từ đầu năm đến giờ và có thể là mùa bull tiếp theo.

Thread 🔽 Image
1/ Thread tổng hợp khá nhiều.

Vì thế, chúng mày nên lưu lại để research sâu thêm nhé!

Ok giờ bắt đầu.

🔽🔽🔽 Image
2/ #LSD

Hiện tại đang là mảng DeFi có TVL lớn nhất.

Khá chắc là mảng này tiếp tục tăng trưởng trong các năm tới.

Người stake $ETH và các mạng PoS hưởng lợi từ trend này

Một số dự án hot như $RPL, $LBR, $TENET, $PENDLE, $LDO,... Image
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📢A new #LSD has swung into town, and it goes by the name swETH

Welcoming the newest addition to our LSD lineup - Aura swETH-WETH!

Also excited to share that the Swell team has channeled $PENDLE incentives + bootstrapped liquidity for this new pool 🍾… Image
What’s Swell?

Swell is a liquid staking protocol offering standout features:

🦪Zero fee staking
🦪Non-custodial staking
🦪Technical innovation (e.g. DVT)
🦪Secured by the best-in-class @sigp_io, @immunefi, @chainlink
🦪Carefully selected industry-leading node operators
What’s swETH?

Staked ETH with Swell is represented by swETH, a simple reward-basing LSD that will appreciate in value overtime as more staking rewards accrue.
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#上海升级 以来,#LSD 在以太坊爆炸式增长,且可能在其他 L1 网络中继续爆发,引领启动 #DeFi 的强劲反弹,带来LSD Summer🚀


本篇深度研究 LSD赛道中最有潜力的项目,无论投资还是质押,都一定能帮你找到 #财富密码 👇
之前的的文章全面分析了 #板块轮动,强烈建议大家读读。



0⃣在开始之前,让我们了解一下什么是LSD(Liquid Staking Derivatives)。

#LSD 代表 #POS 区块链中的抵押资产,与直接质押之间的主要区别在于流动性。持有者仍在获得奖励,但可以自由进行基本上所有的 #DeFi 活动。

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0/n Since the onset of 2023, LSD has emerged as one of the most significant trends in the DeFi space. This report offers an overview of LSD, highlighting the 5 drivers of growth, indicating a potential 7-fold increase over the next 5 years.…
1/n There are four primary ways to stake ETH, solo staking, stSaaS, pool staking, and CEX staking. Among these four, pool staking, capturing 36.6% of total ETH staked market share, has emerged as the most popular way due to LSD’s accessibility, versatility, and unique advantages ImageImage
2/n Within pool staking, Lido Finance leads the sector by holding a significant 73% share, contributing to a near-monopoly in the liquid staking market where nearly 97% is controlled by the top five protocols. Image
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🧵内容较长,为方便查阅,做成了脑图。记得收藏,别再错过轮动浪潮 !🌊

#Bitcoin Image
1⃣ #Layer2

以太坊 #坎昆升级 预计会在今年 10 月份进行,EIP-4844将令以太坊二层处理速度提高 10 - 100倍,且每笔在 L2 上发生的交易成本将比现在便宜数十倍。

升级将为 #Layer2 催生更多应用场景,大事件推动必然带来大的板块拉升。

⌨️ 这里也为大家放出 #区块链基建 代表项目及分类。

(1/24) Image
1.1 Layer2板块币种推荐

💵 $ARB

@arbitrum 二层扩容方案龙头,且作为一个新币,还没打出三浪,很有可能在坎昆升级之前提前打出预期,所以布局的性价比比较高。

💵 $OP

@optimismFND 巨量解锁后基本面的压力会比较小。同样如果坎昆升级带来Layer2 summer的话,OP rollup生态一定会拉升。

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Over the weekend, the stETH pools have collectively shot up to over $32M of liquidity, thanks to a series of rapid fire deposits.

The whales as it seems, are setting up camp in the #LSD pools 🐳 Image
0xa83 in particular have exclusively focused its position in LSD pools, totaling ~$4M of liquidity across the 3 stETH pools:
💧$1M in stETH (2023)
💧$1M in stETH (2024)
💧$2M in stETH (2023)

On top of that, the user also added another ~$1M into the sfrxETH pool. Image
With this, 0xa83 is now on track to earn ~$1.27M across all of its positions upon maturity. Image
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[3 stratégies DeFi sur Aave]

👻 #Aave est aujourd'hui la plaque tournante de la #DeFi

Voici 3 stratégies possibles pour pouvoir générer des revenus via la plateforme

(Thread co écrit avec @cmfthomas )

🧶👇 Image
@cmfthomas #1 Ethereum Maxi

✅ Si vous êtes bullish sur l'ETH, cette stratégie très simple devrait vous plaire :

🪜 Celle-ci consiste à prendre une position à effet de levier modérée depuis @AaveAave Image
@cmfthomas @AaveAave Pour ce faire :

🔄 Il vous suffit de déposer de l'ETH sur Aave, emprunter de l'USDC, le swapper en $ETH & le redéposer sur Aave

📈 Si le cours de l'ETH grimpe, l'emprunt que vous aurez swappé en $ETH vaudra plus que votre dette en $USDC
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【6 个币圈财富密码,今年的牛市加速器!】

99.99% 的 memecoin 都会归零,虽然在币圈谈基本面分析很扯,但比起冲土狗我更愿意关注项目。下面是我认为大概率会爆发的六个叙事和 16 个项目,欢迎大家收藏并关注一下这些项目,欢迎评论区里一起讨论。

Not financial advice, #DYOR
#btc #LSD #crypto
1/14 叙事一:LSDfi
近几个月来,流动性质押衍生品 (LSD) 的受欢迎程度暴增,引发了 DeFi 的又一波浪潮。 LSD 是一种新的代币类型,使质押者能够通过释放其质押的加密货币(例如 ETH)的流动性来增加潜在回报。而基于 LSD 所构建的二层生态,势必会成为 DeFi 爱好者们都去参与的叙事。
2/14 相关项目:
• $USH
@unsheth_xyz 最近上线了平衡 LSD 协议之间的去中心化程度的治理系统 • $SD
@staderlabs 上线了 $ETHx,声称可以最大化 ETH 的质押奖励 • $FIS
@StaFi_Protocol• $PENDLE
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"Buckle up for an Intellectual Rollercoaster Ride as we Embark on a Mind-Bending Journey through the Winding Thread of @asymetrix_eth!

Simply reading this thread may teach you anything and alter your life.

Here's why you should care: Image
♦️Asymetrix is an exciting project that aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance (#DeFi) by combining cutting-edge technologies .

♦️In this thread, we'll dive deeper into what makes Asymetrix unique and why it's gaining attention in the crypto community.
♦️At its core, Asymetrix is a decentralized trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

♦️It leverages AI algorithms to provide users with advanced trading strategies and risk management tools.
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Following smart money can turn you into a #crypto pro 💰

This whale has a portfolio worth $21 million in crypto holdings

Currently in $6M profit from a single trade

Here's what we can learn from this millionaire 🧵 ↓ Image
Quick notes.

Let's dive into his holdings and see what he currently holds.

• The most held coin in his portfolio I'll assume is the most bullish project
• this thread will highlight how much he hold in each project
• We will also take a look at his transaction behaviour
In this thread, I'll be using @zerion to analyze his holdings.

I used @ArkhamIntel to find whales like these.

At the end of this thread, you can find the whale's wallet incase you want to track him yourself.

let's dive in...
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Emotions drive narratives.
Narratives drive the market.
If Merge = LSD hype
then EIP-4844 = L2s hype

Thread 🧵👇 Image

Everything has to scale
You either scale or you die forgotten - those are the rules.

You cannot walk while everyone’s sprinting.
Ethereum’s way of scaling are L2s...and L2s development will get a huge boost from EIP-4844.

What’s the timeframe?
EIP-4844 - a.k.a. Proto-Danksharding - is scheduled for Q3/Q4 2023

What’s the fork codename?

What’s the direction?
Scaling Ethereum ecosystem.
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Following smart money can turn you into a #crypto pro 💰

This whale has a portfolio worth $133 million in crypto holdings

Here's what we can learn from this millionaire 🧵 ↓

( and some NFTs for those who are interested) Image
Quick notes.

Let's dive into his holdings and see what he currently holds.

• The most held coin in his portfolio I'll assume is the most bullish project
• this thread will highlight how much he hold in each project
• We will also take a look at his transaction behaviour
In this thread, I'll be using @zerion to analyze his holdings.

I use @lookonchain & @ArkhamIntel to find whales like these.

At the end of this thread, you can find the whale's wallet in case you want to track him yourself.

let's dive in...
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"Have you heard about the incredible success of trend and narrative traders?

These traders are seeing massive returns, with some even managing to 10x or 100x their portfolios.

Want to know their secret?"🧵 Image
After being Led by #LSD #GAMBLEFI #ARBITRUM #RWA

You guys need to know about #DeSci

What do you think about science and scientists in web3 and blockchain?

Well work with me let me tell you more on #Desci
What we will cover in this thread

🧬 What is Science

🧬 What is #DeSci

🧬 What are the benefit of #DeSci

🧬 Why do we need Decentralized Science #DeSci

🧬 Few low cap #DeSci project
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The long-awaited #Shanghai upgrade is finally on.

#LSD narrative is expected to take off from here.

One of the innovative #LSD projects that should be in your bag is $ASX.

Why @asymetrix_eth?

Let’s dive in 🌊👇 Image
@asymetrix_eth is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol for asymmetric yield distribution generated from staking.

Its innovative approach makes staking more exciting, especially for average holders, by solving significant issues faced in regular ETH staking.
🟢 Why stETH?

Asymetrix chose stETH as the main asset due to its transparency and product-market fit.

stETH is the most dominant token in liquid staking protocols, with a market cap of over $5 billion.

Ethereum is the focus since it generates native yield from staking.
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The last time wrote about how you can
earn 900% APR with just $50 ETH with...

An LSD narrative protocol.

The innovative team has some update for you.

Let's See what's new today


#Lsderivatives #LSD #ASX
@asymetrix_eth is a decentralized
non-custodial mechanism for distributing asymmetric yields obtained through staking.

Based on Ethereum it provides a fair and transparent way for users to earn rewards for staking assets.
Incase you are wondering

📍What Asymetrix is
📍How it works
📍How you can earn 900% on your $5O

Read this👇

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Did you miss out on the #LSD bull pre Shanghai Upgrade?

No need to worry, as Cancun - an upgrade that directly benefits Layer2(L2) tokens is coming.

Want to see your investment skyrocket like many did during $LSD spring?

Let me tell you how👇:

#Ethereum #Crypto Image

What benefits will Cancun bring and how will it impact L2s?

In simple words, it will make L2s 10-100x faster and cheaper.

How is this possible?

Fundamentally, L2s are required to submit L2 txs to L1 (Ethereum) in order to achieve the same level of security as L1. Image
Before #Cancun, L2 txs were stored in the L1 txs calldata. However, this method is expensive and calldata has limited space.

After #Cancun, L1 will be stored in a new place called "blob"(don't google it) . Blob storage cost is way cheaper and have a bigger space. Image
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Being successful in crypto = finding narratives + an aggressive profit-taking strategy.

Keep it simple- I'll cover upcoming narratives, catalysts and altcoins to keep an eye on in 2023 👀

If you find any value Like/RT for others 🧵👇 Image
1/ $ETH - Shangai upgrade

I don't need to speak about $ETH too much cause we all know how important ETH is.

This is a key player in my portfolio for a good balance.
2/ $LDO - #LSD narrative

lido is providing liquid staking for $ETH. I believe the #LSD narrative will continue to grow throughout 2023 and beyond

Picking $LDO because it's a solid player.
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Join us for the 3rd episode of our cosmic adventure through the @Entanglefi multiverse! 🚀

Get an in-depth look at the protocol's unique approach & discover the innovative liquidity solutions it brings to DeFi

#DeFi #LSD #Omnichain #ReHash

/1 Image
Before we move forward, please note that this thread merely aims to share our understanding of the topic and should not be taken as financial advice.

Disclosure: This post is under a partnership with the @Entanglefi team

/2 Image
Table of Contents
🟣 What is Entangle?
🟣 Synthetic Vaults
🟣 How SV work
🟣 Distributed Oracle Solution
🟣 Entangle Blockchain
🟣 High-level overview of Entangle Products
🟣 Use-Cases
🟣 Revenue Model
🟣 $ENTGL Token
🟣 Development Roadmap
🟣 References

/3 Image
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