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What happens when #mushrooms 🍄 are substituted for lean ground #beef 🥩 in a single meal for 4⃣ consecutive days❓

⬇️ daily energy intake 💫

⦾ Meals were rated comparable in terms of palatability, appetite, satiation & satiety 👍 Image
The same researchers conducted a year long trial... & found that 🍄🍄 (rather than red meat) resulted in ⬇️ total energy intake.

💬 1 problem with this study (it seems to me) is that it's not clear what kind of red meat (?🍔🍟) the participants were eating.

Interesting tho..
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Time for another #sciencetwitter journal club! Today's paper: #Microdosing with #psilocybin #mushrooms: a double-blind placebo-controlled study by Cavanna et al 2022! Hot off the presses!…
This study has:

34 participants, about half of which had previous experience with psychedelics

Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled, within-subjects design

0.5. g psilocybin mushroom in capsule and edible, non-psychedelic mushroom as placebo
typical "microdose" is 0.1 - 0.5 g of dried mushrooms, which still can produce some type of altered consciousness, hallucination effect depending on the person.

most common regimen is 1 day on 2 days off, based on Fadiman's work.
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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Indian wild #Truffles being sold in street-market. These #Rugra #Putu #Katarua #Phutphut grow around #Sal_trees & erupt in rains.Closely related to other truffles of d world& expensive #delicacy.

#Wildlife #Nature
Also called "Black #Diamond" cost Rs 1000/ kg in early &late season. This flavourful #Natures_bounty is worth savouring.Some #delicious_dishes- Masala-Rugra, Rugra-Chicken, Rugra-Mutton, Rugra-Biryani. 4 types of wild #truffles r eaten in Central india.
#wildlife #Nature #forest
Ever wondered why #Truffles grow near #Sal_trees? #Truffles grow from spores that live underground in a #symbioticRelationship with Sal #Trees..#Fungus helps d #tree extract nutrients frm ground& d tree gives #truffleFungus carbohydrates, to grow.
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Oyster mushrooms will grow on almost any carbon-rich material. Chances are, you've got all you need to get started tucked away in your recycling bin. ♻️🦪

How to build a cardboard digester a thread:
📦Find/build a crate with some room between the slats for your mushrooms to emerge from. About 1" spaces are good. Milk crates work too!
📜Source enough undyed/brown cardboard and paper to fill the crate. You can also add some freshly used coffee grounds or even a little compost.
🚿 Hydrate your materials by giving them a hose down or soak in a tub for a few minutes. Let any excess water drain off.
🥪 Inoculate! Sandwich your crumbled oyster sawdust spawn between layers of cardboard and paper.
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#DailyWIT Day 15/365: Sara Al-Jack is a prize-winning Sudanese writer. While none of her full-length works have been translated into English, this fiction was recently published in December in @wwborders:…
#SudaneseLit #WIT #WomenInTranslation #AfricanLit
#DailyWIT Day 16/365: Malka Lee was a Yiddish immigrant poet who wrote about the pain of watching the Holocaust from the USA.

Just a portion of her memories from childhood were published in Found Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers (1994). #YiddishLit #WIT #HolocaustLit Image
#DailyWIT Day 17/365: Ishrat Afreen is an Urdu writer from Pakistan, with select poems available in English translation in the anthology, We Sinful Women: Contemporary Urdu feminist poetry.
#Poetry #PakistaniLit #UrduLit Image
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Thread/What do you think of when we talk about #biodiversity?

There's so much more to our planet's ecology than just plants, trees & animals... Our #soils are home to a quarter of the world's species - many of which include #fungi 🍄
2/ From the ingredients we cook with, to the medicines that heal us and the #woodwideweb that runs beneath our feet, #fungi are vital to our existence, and all life on earth, yet they are the oft-neglected kingdom...
3/This month's #BookClub features @MerlinSheldrake's 'Entangled Life' - an exploration of the amazing world of fungi, and the role they play in shaping all aspects of our world - "eating rock, making soil, digesting pollutants and nourishing and killing plants"
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