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20 Sep 19
Australia cannot afford to compromise the principles underpinning scientific research.

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The National Research and Innovation Alliance, a body of organisations representing researchers across Australia, commit to the Principle of Universality (freedom and responsibility) of Science.
Peer review is widely regarded as the scientific seal of approval, denoting quality, validity, and importance.

Researchers will not consider a scientific finding as valid unless it has been approved by the process of peer review.

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20 Aug 19
Many in community are looking for answers to the questions about the #science of #GeneticModification (GM). To help more people understand the evidence, today we are publishing a #Q&A that tackles some of the big questions. #auspol
Research by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has found knowledge about what foods in Australia are genetically modified is generally poor. A simple google search also demonstrates just how much conflicting & inaccurate information there is out there on GM.
Questions covered in the booklet include: What is GM? Are GM products safe? Where do we encounter GM products? The booklet draws on the knowledge & expertise of our Fellows and the Australian science community. Read the Q&A here:…
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12 Jun 19
Great to see ABC @QandA hosting a #science discussion next week and that on the panel is one of our recently elected Fellows, atmospheric scientist & climate change expert, Prof David Karoly FAA from @CSIROnews
He joins @royalsociety Fellow and @BBC presenter, @ProfBrianCox;

President of @ScienceAU and @UNSWScience Dean, @DrEmmaLJohnston;

@UNSWScience honours student and Wiradjuri woman @AstroKirsten;

and Prof. Martin Van Kranendonk, Director Australian Centre for Astrobiology, @UNSW
You can find out more about the newly elected @Science_Academy Fellows here:… #ShineDome19
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