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Scott Morrison’s character in a desolate nutshell. #qt
Screengrab boosted from @AmyRemeikis's superblog…
For those wondering exactly what Morrison said about Labor in relation to the COVID vaccination drive, it was this: "Those opposite may want to talk this down. ... They may want to seek to undermine and be negative and hope for the worst ..." It's not the first time he's said it.
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Morrison: "...whether it was the hesitancy around the AstraZeneca
vaccine, that many shared ... but this government didn't share, I can assure you"

FACT CHECK: between 8 April and 28 June adults aged 18-40 WERE NOT ELIGIBLE for vaccines, including AZ. #auspol #qt
If the government wasn't hesitant about AstraZeneca- why didn't it use the ample wiggle room in the ATAGI advice to allow people to take it with informed consent?…
Why was there a late-night press conference passing on the ATAGI advice as if it were a fait accompli? Why did the vaccine horizons in June assume it wouldn't be used by October?…
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I've long thought this is one of the most incorrectly attributed words in our language

The idea of a concurrence of events without obvious connection, in my view, is more to do with the fact that we either don't look for the connection or it's intentionally hidden
I mention this as I suspect both Brittany Higgins' alleged rapist and Brian Houston being charged within 24 hours of one another is a far from a coincidence

I welcome the heinous behaviour that has been alleged being investigated & proceeding to charge but the timing is off IMO
I'll go a step further

I can see a case that this apparent movement of seeking justice is also an orchestrated move from within, and perhaps from external sources, to destabilise Mr Morrison's hold on the leadership

I bet you can also guess who the players might be
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The Australian government has issued over 186 visas to Afghan interpreters and former ADF staff since April, Foreign Minister Marise Payne tells Senate #QT
DFAT, Defence, Home Affairs are working together to "swiftly" to process visas, Payne adds. "This is absolutely a priority for the Aust govt supporting those locally engaged employees who have supported Aust's mission in Afghanistan, many of them have given an enormous amount"
Senator @JacquiLambie asks about a former ADF Afghan staffer who's had his case rejected, now in hiding. "What kind of danger does he need to be in, in order for his life to be considered worth saving?"
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1/ Emerging information on the govt's 'negotiations' with #Pfizer is alarming.
Greg Hunt has been avoiding answering questions on when discussions started but claimed official negotiations didn't begin until Dec 2020.
Listen to Dr Norman Swan & Raf Epstein. ⬇️
2/ In #qt on Thursday Greg Hunt said the govt commenced "negotiations with #Pfizer...after the end of June". He said govt decided to back #AstraZeneca instead, on the basis of medical advice. Callum Foote's article (Michael West Media 19 June) suggests this could not...
3/ ...have been possible. Bill Bowtell, UNSW Adjunct Professor of Strategic Health Policy, that advice must have been based on “commercial and political advice”.…
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An impressive effort from Sussan Ley in her #qt Dorothy Dixer just then, telling the Parliament that the Morrison Govt would ‘soon’ be introducing an Online Safety Bill.

That would be the Bill that was debated and passed through the House of Representatives last Sitting Week.
It shows really commitment to the Morrison Government’s “always be announcing” ethos.

Continuing to do forward sizzle announcements for things that have already occurred really is impressive.
The Online Safety Bill that Sussan Ley promised would soon be introduced is currently in the Senate awaiting further amendments from the govt and a second reading debate there.
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Scott Morrison MIA.

1. Never present at TA. Spent his time lobbying for Lib Party gigs. Became President NSW Libs. Eventually sacked for lying to Senate.

2. Sacked from KPMG. Failed to build Tourism practice. "He was never here," says former partner.

3. Fired from Tourism NZ.
4. Won preselection for Cook after defaming the winner (88-8 vote). The Telegraph paid out $00,000s The reporter was Simon Benson.

5. "I don't discuss on-waters-matters. I don't make running commentary." Enough said.
6. Offered Treasury in return for supporting Turnbull's knifing of Abbott.

7. Despite constant denials to his boss, Morrison persistently leaked cabinet Secrets to Simon Benson (now at The Australian) in return for puff-pieces on himself.
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8. Searingly honest and revelatory account of the a good journalist’s internal voices on a story like this, and the external constraints on publication. I RELATED BIG TIME.

Superb, Tory. I would have made the same decision as you for the same reason, until she’ ready let it be.
9. Succinct summary of investigation state of play by @osbornep

10. Backgrounder thread by @CroweDM on the NSW Police statement closing its investigation.
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THREAD: at some point, the #FED and the other central banks will have to change status. It might take a creash to do it.(/) @amlivemon @jeuasommenulle @nglinsman @Halsrethink @bondstrategist @DiMartinoBooth @DavidBCollum
1. they might either fall under an higher supervisory authority checking every financial aspect of their activity apart from setting official rate and providing liquidity though banks and have, for example, ALL influence of banking instruments sold wrested away.(/)
2. since their activity has been for over a decade not "policy neutral", they might be forced to become "elected officials", shorn from their patina of indipendence they voluntarily discarded. In fact, at least in the #EU, they might be a first: (/)
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🚨Man accused of raping #BrittanyHiggins in ministerial office RETURNED to Parliament House

A former colleague of the man who allegedly raped #BrittanyHiggins says he was temporarily ALLOWED BACK into parliament in 2019 as a registered lobbyist.
The man had also been ADDED to the Government’s REGISTER of Lobbyists following his termination & STAYED on the REGISTER until May 2020.

A former colleague of the man said HE WAS in the building for a SMALL, PRIVATE EVENT associated with the 250th anniversary of Captain
Cook’s Endeavour voyage. (a small event, he should've stood out then🤔. Who signed him in?)

“He was there & SOMEONE would have had to SIGN HIM IN to the event,” the former colleague said, agreeing to speak only on condition of anonymity.
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Labor has asked the PM how he can continue to say his office didn't know about the alleged assault when at least one of his staff members was fully briefed on Brittany Higgins' allegations, given she was formerly Linda Reynolds' COS.
Here is what the PM said. "The member of staff that [Anthony Albanese] is referring to was formerly the Chief of Staff to the Minister for Defence Industry. That knowledge related to her time in that role. Not in her role in my office."
The PM says "seeking to conflate those things ... to suggest that involves a knowledge of my office – then that would be misplaced and that would be inaccurate" #qt
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What are you likely to get if you vote LNP at the next election?

You may end up getting a pay cut. They'll be emboldened to implement industrial relations reform (aka Workchoices 2).

What will you be able to do about it after the election? Nothing.

Put LNP last on every ballot
What are you likely to get if you vote LNP at the next election?

You may end up having your superannuation obliterated. Too bad if you were looking forward to having a comfortable retirement.

Hope you enjoy working until you drop.

Put LNP last on every ballot.
What are you likely to get if you vote LNP at the next election?

The continuation of the incarceration of children on Christmas Island. They have been there over 1000 days. How would you feel if they were related to you?

We can fix this.

Put LNP last on every ballot.
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Samma på finska 🇫🇮

Katsotaan oheisen ketjun sisältöä mukaillen kasvun kannattavuuksia suomalaisille suosikkiyhtiöille


#Qt Q1-3 vuodentakaiseen verrattuna:

- liikevaihto kasvoi +34% noin +14,2 MEUR
- liiketulos kasvoi +3976% noin +10,6 MEUR

Kasvun kannattavuus oli jopa 75%, kun liiketoiminnan kannattavuus oli 20%. Kannattavuus paranee siis kohisten. No news, sanoisi tätä ennakoinut @Inderes

#Harvia Q1-3 vuodentakaiseen verrattuna:

- liikevaihto kasvoi +38% noin +20,5 MEUR
- liiketulos kasvoi +45% noin +4,3 MEUR

Kasvun kannattavuus oli 21%, kun liiketoiminnan kannattavuus oli 19%. Kasvun kannattavuus siis linjassa.

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So, I've been having a squizz at the latest politicians' expenses claims

Not sure if you've noticed the glaring anomaly but I did @ipeaAusGov

You might want to take a second look at @senator_sam's expense claims, particularly her 'Travel Allowance'
#auspol #qt
I noticed @senator_sam claimed travel allowance for 98 nights July-Sept qtr

Bit odd given there's only 91 days in the July-September quarter! (Then I worked out she back-dated some travel allowance expenses)

Total claimed $24,676 for travel allowance for the qtr
#auspol #qt
Sometimes it's a bit hard with Senators, they're usually all over the state, committees & lots of things, so I thought I'd compare Senator Sam with all the other senators.

Yep, just as I thought, no other Senator came within cooee of Senator Sam

Topped the list
#auspol #qt
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#springst #QT kicks off with a question for @DanielAndrewsMP from @michaelobrienmp. He asks about the Premier's August 11 PAEC statement about ADF troops. How can Victorians have confidence in Andrews when that statement has been contradicted by the evidence of numerous others?
Premier says "cheap politics is no vaccine against this virus". #springst #QT
OL @michaelobrienmp asks again: "Who made the decision to reject the use of police and the ADF in the hotel quarantine program, rather than untrained private security guards?"
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OL @michaelobrienmp lists all the colleagues @DanielAndrewsMP has had to sack: Speaker & Deputy, Deputy President, Chief Whip, & 5 ministers (Somyurek twice) "Will you accept responsibility for creating this culture of corruption that is consuming your government?" #springst #QT
Premier @danielandrews thanks @michaelobrienmp for asking about "all my government's achievements" 🙄 Coalition objects: "The questions was about a culture of corruption that's consuming his government". Speaker says the Premier's answer is relevant #springst #QT
"Why does the Premier put his own lust for power ahead of the interests of the people of Victoria?" @michaelobrienmp asks @DanielAndrewsMP. Labor laughs at the "lust for power" line. "I don't know that the question relates to government business," Speaker says #springst #QT
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OL @michaelobrienmp asks @MartinFoleyMP about his senior adviser Mat Hilakari being "outed as a branch stacker" by former federal minister Stephen Conroy at ALP conference in 2016. Can Foley guarantee his office hasn't been used for branch stacking #springst #QT
Mental Health Minister @MartinFoleyMP says Mr Hilakari didn't start working for him until 2017. @michaelobrienmp says he's referring to 2016 because it goes to Mr Hilakari's character. Can Foley guarantee no staff in his office have branch-stacked #springst #QT
Min @MartinFoleyMP reiterates his line yesterday about expecting all his staff to act appropriately but avoids guaranteeing that they have. In response to a subsequent question from @michaelobrienmp he denies his office has ever been used for Socialist Left faction activities
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Just saw Spud giving a presser on @abcnews

1. He's speaking outside his portfolio, it has nothing to do with him

2. He's a federal Minister commenting on State politics, undermining the Morrison Govt's newfound solidarity w/ the states thru the Nat Cab #Libspill
#auspol #qt
3. Value of Spud's opinion only carries the weight of every other QLD voter. As we know,opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one #ThisIsNotJournalism

4. Meanwhile, there has been no satisfactory closure on multiple govt scandals & media unwilling to demand it
#auspol #qt
5. Rogue MPs speaking-out publicly this wk in opposition to Morrison's official policy without a strong instant public rebuke from PM means he's either complicit or weak #Libspill

Beginning to become a pattern, coincidentally agitators mostly seem to be QLD LNP
#auspol #qt
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So, from what I can gather, reading between the lines, there's a big Nats' expenses-claim-scandal brewing

No details released yet, IPEA not due to release parliamentary expenses claims for a week or 2

So, who's involved?

#auspol #qt
Sketchy details to date seem to indicate Nationals claiming 'party meeting' to coincide with Melbourne Cup (I bags coining #CupGate)

So, I checked MPs & Senator's interests

Chester, Hogan, Landry, McCormack & McKenzie declared free tickets to Melb Cup wk events
#auspol #qt
These MPs/Senators did not declare any free tickets/hospitality related to Melb Cup:

Christensen,Conaghan, Coulton, Gee, Gillespie, Joyce, Littleproud,(then Nat) O'Brien, O'Dowd,Pitt,Webster, Canavan, Davey, Drum, McDonald, McMahon

Can't have been a big 'meeting'
#auspol #qt
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Barnaby Joyce seemed more concerned about losing govt than losing lives/homes/bush.

He bluffed & blustered his way through #60mins like the pro-bullshitter he is.

He had a lot to say but didn't say a bloody thing of any value

Exhibit A: 👇[at 21 sec] Transcript
#auspol #qt
Tara: Do you accept that these fires have been driven by #climatechange?

Barnaby: "I absolutely accept that, you know, we've gotta we've had a massive change and I can see it in my own area that is not my argument, ....

#auspol #qt #60Mins argument is one of, ah, immediate efficacy [raises voice] we're gonna put back in our fire breaks, we're gonna make sure we build, ah, central watering points so that ....

#auspol #qt #60Mins
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Another example from today's #qt Morrison: "Hazard reduction is important, if not more important,
than emissions reduction, when it comes to protecting people from fire and hotter, dryer longer summers in the future". Let's look at that statement quickly.
The first thing to say to that is it is ALL important. Mitigation. Harm minimisation. Adaptation. It's all got to happen. Now you can say hazard reduction is most important if you like, even though that's a value judgment, not a fact.
But the problem with hazard reduction is it has become much harder to do in an environment where climate change is making the environment hotter and drier. It is becoming more dangerous to carry out harm minimisation. So this cycle feeds itself. It's all connected.
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From the ANAO: "The guidelines published on 2 August 2018 identified that the Minister would approve CSIG funding, with her decisions to be informed by recommendations from an assessment panel that had been endorsed by the Sport Australia board."
"Throughout the granting process all parties acted as if the Minister was able to be the approver. No section 11 directions were issued to Sport Australia in 2018–19".
"In the absence of a section 11 direction, there was no legal authority evident to the ANAO under which the Minister was able to be the approver of CSIG program grants to be paid from the money of Sport Australia".
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1. Journos don’t need to waste space commenting, sigh cynicism, that both sides do it. Voters knew that for yonks, hence trust collapse.

Press Gallery job is to decry it & try hard to make politicians accountable when caught corrupt. That’s their democratic role!

2. I reported, analysed & commented on the long running 1993-94 Ros Kelly #sportsrorts scandal as new @canberratimes politics recruit under @michellegrattan editorship.

Ran solo mostly, ignoring well meaning advice from a senior political journo to stop wasting my time...
3. ... because Kelly was Keatings mate so she was safe.

Michelle took angry callsfrom Kelly demanding she stop me trying to ‘destroy’ here. Grattan said no.

I got to know Costello and backbencher Judi Moylan, who got into the Howard ministry on the back of her performance.
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Tony Burke is moving a censure against Angus Taylor 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

for misleading the House of Reps.. and for refusing to even answer a simple question on whether he’s aware of the document

also against Scott Morrison, for running a secretive protection racket Govt

#QT #AusPol
Christian Porter quickly jumps up.. like clock work 😒 and moves a gag motion

so @Tony_Burke will “no longer be heard”

#QT #AusPol
gag motion passes 66-73

Christian Porter has silenced Tony Burke.. from asking any further questions toward Angus Taylor

a Coalition protection racket ⚠️

#QT #AusPol
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