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25 May 20
Memorial Day (Thread)

Memorial Day, formally known as Decoration Day, was originally started by a group of African Americans.

The holiday was initially an event held by newly liberated Blacks in Charleston, South Carolina.

On May 1, 1865, at the end of the Civil War, thousands of newly freed slaves and regiments of the U.S. Colored Troops gathered to march around a Confederate Army prison camp in honor of the unnamed fallen Union soldiers who fought for their freedom.

African Americans were erased from the story of Memorial Day by white Democrats after they regained control of state politics at the end of Reconstruction.

A day that originally celebrated Black liberation was highjacked by white supremacists.

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9 May 20
56% of all abortions are by white women. 89% of which consider themselves Christian.

Instead of being up in my mentions pretending you give a #%#* about black babies being aborted, you hypocritical evangelicals need to go have a talk with your own wives, daughters & mistresses.
You hypocritical bigots talking about Black abortions are the same ones who want to take away healthcare & assistance programs from the Black women you want to have the babies, stereotype them as irresponsible & promiscuous, and label the kids as ‘thugs’ when cops murder them.
All while you erroneously use the ‘immorality’ of Black people to sound your fake moral alarm, you evangelical ‘christians’ are supporting pedophiles, rapists & sexual predators for elected office & think a porn star banging unrepentant racist pathological liar is God‘s anointed.
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8 May 20
#BEingBlack in AmeriKKKa

We can’t go jogging:

We can’t relax in the comfort of our own homes:
#BothamJean and #AtatianaJefferson

We can't ask for help after being in a car crash #JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride

We can't have a cellphone:

We can't leave a party to get to safety:

We can't play loud music:

We can’t walk home from the store:


We can’t sell CD's:

We can’t sleep:

We can’t walk down the street:

Our children can’t play with toys: #TamirRice

We can’t go to church:

We can’t party on New Years:


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5 Feb 20
Something is wrong in America when a man who has disparaged Black people for 30 years, called the nation’s first Black president, “Barack the magic Negro” and his wife a “gorilla in heels,” gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom and wypipo are arguing that he deserved it.
The irony that a 100-year-old former Tuskegee airman, born into Jim Crow segregation, kkk terrorism, and the brutalization, murder, and lynching of Black people, being honored for his service, had to witness a vile, anti-Black, racist receive the nation’s highest civilian honor.
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6 Oct 19
We were taught that it is our Christian duty to forgive people...After all, Jesus forgave those who murdered Him...we’re supposed to forgive the most vile, racist white person because “they know not what they do.”...they know exactly what they’re doing 1/8…
I believe in biblical teachings on forgiveness...I also believe they have been misunderstood...Black folks believe that unless we immediately forgive those who have invested in our...dehumanization, we risk becoming the...immoral creatures they are. 2/8…
There is a need to comprehend and rationalize trauma before we can jump knee deep into forgiveness...feelings attached to the damaging behavior must be...processed. This includes dealing with anger, grief, anxiety, frustration, and trauma. 3/8…
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4 Oct 19
This happened at a CVS in Los Angeles. “I hate n*ggers. F*ck you n*ggers. I would kill a n*gger, but the law says I can’t kill the n*ggers. If the law didn’t say that I couldn’t kill the n*ggers they’d all be DEAD!”

Our “kill all n*ggers” bigot is Heather Lynn Patton, Hollywood costume designer who has worked with @AudraEqualityMc @TayeDiggs @pattyarquette and others. She says she was intoxicated.

A drunk woman’s mouth speaks a sober woman’s mind.

Btw, doing that last week, I found out @PattyArquette blocked me. I wonder why. She used to retweet me and be a constant in my mentions.

Oh well.
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4 Oct 19
Y’all mad about this. I don’t care.
Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome was coined after years of historical and psychological research and describes a set of behaviors, beliefs and actions associated with trauma experienced by African Americans...1/
PTSS is when centuries of slavery in the US, followed by systemic and structural racism and oppression, including lynching, Jim Crow laws, and unwarranted mass incarceration, result in maladaptive behaviors, which originate as survival strategies.
The syndrome continues because children are indoctrinated into the same behaviors as the parents.

PTSS can’t be treated clinically but requires social change in individuals and institutions that reify inequality and injustice toward the descendants of enslaved Africans.
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3 Oct 19
Just got a call from a right wing rag trying to protect racist, pro life, activist @AbbyJohnson her racist rant against me earlier this week.

They were trying to spin the incident into a case where SHE was responding to attacks on her to justify her bigotry.

They called...1/4
... my church, the NAACP and other places trying to get comments about my so-called “derogatory rhetoric.“

Seems they’re working on the hippies to try to sanitize the right wing nazi bigot who spewed racist vitriol all over my TL...2/4
Abby is the subject of @UnplannedMovie and this is an attempt at damage control because so many people have taken her to task for her blatant, overt, disgusting bigotry. She gave an apology to her FOLLOWERS, lied and said her actions were in response to being attacked. 3/4
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21 Sep 19
.@RealCandaceO is a college dropout who has never voted a day in her life. She is a sycophantic puppet and white supremacy apologist for racist conservatives pushing the narrative that racism in America is dead. She is an expert at nothing...(read more at…)
“Beware of the naked man who offers you clothes” is an African proverb used to call out hypocrites.

It implies that one should back up their talking with action.

Why should Blacks listen to @RealCandaceO, who spit in the face of the ancestors who shed blood so we could vote?
.@RealCandaceO used to think racism and white supremacy was a problem in America. She teamed up with the Connecticut @NAACP to sue for discrimination after white boys racially harassed her.

Amazing how a check from white supremacists can cause a sudden case of Aframnesia.
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18 Sep 19
Ed Buck was charged with maintaining a drug house after a man was found overdosed...


...wasn’t arrested after police found syringes, meth, cocaine, drug para AND #GemmelMoore’s dead body in 2017...

or drugs and #TimothyDean’s dead body in 2019.…
As long as Ed Buck made sure the Black men he preyed upon were DEAD, he could get away with murder.

This one was able to flee and call 911, finally giving police “sufficient evidence“ to arrest Buck.

Two dead black men, drugs and para weren’t enough?

Before you conservatives get started on Ed Buck’s arrest, he got away with murdering two gay Black men because he’s WHITE, not because he’s a Dem.

Repub cops and civilian vigilantes get away with murdering Blacks every day.

America doesn’t care what party abuses Black people.
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17 Sep 19

When Native Americans were slaughtered?

When Africans were enslaved?

When Blacks were denied the right to vote, segregated, and lynched?

During the Jim Crow era?

When Black cities were being destroyed?

When civil rights leaders were assassinated? 1/3

When the KKK rose to fight integration?

When bigots threatened Black children to stop school desegregation?

When youth were sent to die in countless wars?

During McCarthyism?

During the war on drugs & mass incarceration?

When women couldn’t vote? 2/3

When land was stolen from nonwhites?

When people were burned at the stake?

When white preachers taught that Blacks were cursed by God?

When freed Blacks had to work as sharecroppers?

When grown blacks had to answer to “boy” & “girl from whites?”

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30 Aug 19

Remember David Steven Bell, the white man who punched an 11 YEAR OLD BLACK GIRL in the face at a mall in Asheville, NC?


Yes, I said a WORKSHOP.

To those on this thread trying to justify a 51-year-old, 250+ lb white man punching and knocking out a 98 lb 11-year-old Black girl, this is your official notice that...


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29 Aug 19

Black kids went to jail
Black men went to jail
Black women went to jail
Black families were devastated
Black communities were ravaged


White kids got help
White men got help
White women got help
White families got sympathy
White communities are getting paid
While pharmaceutical companies will pay $ billions to compensate white families devastated by opioids, the US government won’t be accountable to Black families devastated by crack when the CIA used funds from cocaine smuggled into the US to help the Contra rebels.
“It is glaringly obvious that policymakers are going easier on today’s heroin users, because many are white and often affluent, than in previous years when the addicts were identified as black, disenfranchised, and economically bereft.”

- @TalbertSwan…
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9 Aug 19
Being the niece of MLK gives you no definitive authority to declare what is or is not racist.

James and John were Jesus’ cousins. They couldn’t drink from the cup of suffering that he drank from.

#MLK would’ve called Trump a racist and you a disgrace.

White racists, with support from Black sycophants and racism apologists, like Alveda King, have basically turned #MLK’s legacy against Black people.

MLK is contemptibly used as a cudgel to silence and shame anyone speaking against white supremacy, racism, and anti-Black bigotry.
Who would’ve thought the legacy of the Drum Major for Justice, who passionately fought for Blacks and sacrificed his life, would be used as a tool to defend a bigot like 46-1 and bludgeon Blacks into passively accepting white supremacy?

He’s rolling over in his grave.

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29 Jul 19
@realDonaldTrump You would make your Ku Klux Klan daddy and brothel owning pimp granddaddy proud

@realDonaldTrump You are the worst America has. It’s a travesty you have soiled the office of POTUS and degraded it to such a base level.

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27 Jul 19
@realDonaldTrump This is Queens New York circa 1976. This is where Trump grew up, these were his neighbors. This is the neighborhood that molded him and created the vile, repugnant, racist in the White House.

@realDonaldTrump New York, where countless Black people have been murdered in acts of senseless, racist, violence, is where Trump lived, worked and played.

He called for 5 Black teens to be put to death over a rape they didn’t commit, but never said a word about the unjust murder of Blacks.
@realDonaldTrump Michael Griffin was murdered by racist white boys in Trump’s native queens three years before the #CentralPark5 were erroneously convicted.

Trump never said a damn thing.…
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20 Jul 19
Trump says he "started speaking very quickly" to stop the "send her back" chant. Here are some things that take less time than he did to stop the chant.

1) Throwing the winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XLIII and playing the replay #BeatTheChant
2) Trumpanzee sex from start to finish #BeatTheChant

3) An entire Deontay Wilder fight #BeatTheChant
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10 Jul 19

“...Jesus Christ was depicted as a Black man with curly hair. Obviously they must have had enough evidence that proved Jesus was Black. Indeed, a lot of evidence still remained in fallen Rome itself that strongly indicated Jesus was a Black man...”
“One of the major reasons the image of Jesus was changed from black to white was due to some of Michelangelo's paintings...He used members of his family as models. For instance, his cousin was the model for Jesus Christ. The paintings were carried out between 1508 and 1512.”
“Leonardo da Vinci was employed by Cesare Borgia for about a year...there were rumors that they had a homosexual relationship. Cesare's father, Cardinal Rodrigo de Lanzol y Borgia, who became Pope Alexander VI, schemed to have Catholics accept his son's image as Jesus Christ”
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28 Jun 19
If ONE white woman accused me of rape my career would be OVER.

A white man accused of rape by TWENTY TWO women being able to run for a 2nd term as POTUS, with half the country still supporting him, is all you need to know about racism, white male patriarchy and white supremacy.
"I did try and f*ck her...

...I moved on her very heavily. I moved on her like a b*tch.

...when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Grab 'em by the p*ssy. You can do anything."

He told y’all he was a rapist.


America traded in the two intelligent Harvard educated lawyers POTUS and FLOTUS luxury model for the rapist and heaux hooptie.
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27 May 19
Remembering those soldiers who fought in the war against white supremacy and injustice in America:

Denmark Vesey
Nat Turner
Harriet Tubman
Fannie Lou Hamer
Martin Luther King Jr
Malcolm X
Medgar Evers
Fred Hampton
Jimmie Lee Jackson
Rev James Reeb

Remembering those soldiers who fought in the war against white supremacy and injustice in America:

Sojourner Truth
Marcus Garvey
Rev George Lee
Lamar Smith
James Chaney
Andrew Goodman
Henry Schwerner
Viola Liuzzo
Adam Clayton Powell
James Baldwin
Vernon Johns

Remembering those soldiers who fought in the war against white supremacy and injustice in the world:

Nelson Mandela
Muhammad Ali
Fred Shuttlesworth
Ralph Abernathy
Ida B. Wells
Ella Baker
Hosea Williams
Dorothy Height
Dick Gregory
Eldridge Cleaver
Steven Biko

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21 May 19
In the early part of my career as a social activist, fresh out of college, I used to visit young Black men who were incarcerated. Many of them were sentenced under @JoeBiden’s CB.

I worked with a friend, a Jewish lawyer, on a program for them called “The Learning Tree”...
We worked with local organizations, employers, and colleges to give them opportunities at a second chance.

So many times, even when judges wanted to divert young man to our program, mandatory minimums prevented them. First time youthful offenders, sent away for 10 yrs...
I watched families torn apart, marriages dissolved, children become fatherless, and communities ravaged because Biden, and people like him, failed to see the same humanity in young Black men that they saw in young white men who made the same mistakes in life...
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