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For one of the first times since the 1930's, the British Union of Fascists flag was unfurled in Trafalgar Sq today

Like Hitler's Nazi's, Mosely's Nazi's were defeated

Britons came onto the streets of London to fight them gave their lives to rid Europe of the scourge of fascism
Camus writes: “The plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good: it can lie dormant for years…and perhaps the day will come when, for the bane and the enlightening of men, it will rouse up its rats again & send them forth to die in a happy city.”
“The most sophisticated tyrannies are ones that have a showman as their frontman. Clown or blowhard. Jester or villain. The type of showman doesn’t matter. Their audience will love them just the same." (Emerson Warner, 1949) #DonaldTrump #BorisJohnson
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For those of us who study autocracies, including elections in autocracies, there were a lot of familiar messages, symbols, and methods on display this week at the #RNCConvention. THREAD
1. Cult of the Personality. This show was all about Trump. ( 3 years after the death of Stalin, Khrushchev's gave his secret speech in 1956, titled "On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences." I wonder if a future GOP leader will give a similar speech someday?)
2. Administrative resources. Autocrats and semi-autocrats frequently use government resources for personal electoral gain. We have #HatchAct to prevent such behavior in the U.S. It's obviously not working.
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This #RNCConvention Fact Check prioritizes “forgotten” Americans:

1. Trump said he's protecting Social Security/Medicare.
His fiscal 2019/2020 budgets proposed massive cuts.
Terminating the payroll tax, as he’s pledged, could deplete SS as early as 2023, the chief actuary says.
2. Trump boasted about a *record* 9 million in recent job gains. In March/April U.S. lost 22, so net loss remains huge.
3. Trump did not inherit a stagnant economy. Growth = slower than Obama's last 3 years, even before corona.
4. Biden is not proposing tax hikes on anyone earning less than $400K.
5. Ivanka Trump said Trump has lowered Rx drug prices. They’ve gone up under Trump and continue amid COVID.
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Short 🧵 thread 🧵

1- The DC "protests" after #RNCConvention amounted to disastrous DNC counter-programming..👇🏽

This week's election trajectory shift is massive.
2- On C-SPAN last night I don't recall anyone bringing up #COVIDー19 after #RNCConvention.

People who follow the "science" know COVID-19 is in major remission across the country.

See below as just one example of COVID-19 metric shift.

3- #COVIDー19 is diminished if not gone as an issue.

The election is now "Law & Order" vs "Defund the Police".

Law & Order was also basically the election of 1972..👇🏽

For those not old enough to remember, that election didn't end well for Dems.

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Así terminó anoche la Convención Republicana, lo que abre la fase final de la campaña. Aquí un HILO con algunas claves de anoche: #RNCConvention2020 #RNCConvention #RNC2020Convention #USA2020

1. Toda elección gira en torno a una pregunta que debe responder el votante y Trump trata de enmarcar la campaña entre "salvar el sueño americano o imponer la agenda socialista en EEUU".

2. Las campañas más eficaces siempre consiguen trasladar una imagen visual efectiva. Los republicanos intentan que sea la de “Biden, el caballo de Troya del socialismo”. Image
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With the final speeches of the #RNC2020 underway, this Tweet may not get much attention, but I will write it anyway.

I am a proud American, a proud father, a proud husband, a proud brother and a proud son.

I worked for my father from the late 1980s when I was in high school,
until we sold our business 6 years ago.

Shortly after my wife and I were married in 2007, we bought the house across the street from my parents.

Since the birth of our children, now 8 and 11, we have spent countless afternoons and evenings with my parents.
Over the past two years, my father’s health has been failing. It has been difficult for me and my family to watch.

My father sleeps very little, struggles to breath and has developed disorders related to both that challenge our family daily.

Prior to the 2016 election,
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A live tweet of Trump #RNC2020 speech and you had to guess Lee Greenwood would be walk up music... 1/x
Starting at 1025. Trump doing his best Alec Baldwin impersonation with key enunciating... 2/x
“Profoundly accept?” Odd. “New frontiers of ambition,” Odd. “Torch that enlightens the world?” Torches lighten the direct area around it; it’s not a beacon. 3/x
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McConnell used his #RNC speech to defend the work of his GOP caucus and argue against statehood for D.C.

(The House approved legislation to grant statehood two months ago — the first time either chamber agreed to give congressional representation to the nation’s capital)
McConnell’s remarks on Thursday, which aired less than an hour before Trump’s convention acceptance speech, come as his Republican Senate majority remains imperiled ahead of November — in part because of Trump’s sagging political prospects…
The address by McConnell also came despite his campaign spokesperson initially saying last week that he would not have a speaking role at the #RNCConvention. A campaign source later told USA Today that McConnell would in fact submit a taped speech…
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Welcome to the final night of the RNC. Speaking tonight: Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ben Carson, Tom Cotton, Ivanka Trump, and more…
The convention begins soon, at 8:30 p.m. ET.

We’re pregaming right now with our pre-show Foursquare, in which our reporters provide analysis and context to break down where we are and what to expect.
Read President Trump's prepared remarks here 👇 #RNCConvention…
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@RickSantorum #CNN #AC360 #RNCConvention #GOP #TCOT #Kenosha #BlackLivesMatter The Vice President's speech was really the highlight but I think there were a lot of really good speeches. The focus on women, the focus on African Americans, particularly African American males. 1/
2/ I thought the speech by Mr. Henderson was very very powerful and sort of reciting that Republicans have been the leading party for defending black rights since 1860. I think it was a very good night for the President. He appealed to groups he needed to appeal to.. to get them
3/ to come back home. Obviously, in Pence's speech, there was a lot of good base material. I'll tell you what, I've never seen a Republican Convention where there was more of an effort to reach out to the African American community than I've seen at this Convention. And
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This crowd at Pence speech is small and the clapping makes it sound like a speech kicking off a campaign for city council. #RepublicanNationalConvention #RNC
If Trump has “kept his word” why does he lie so damn much, @VP? #RNCConvention #RNCConvention2020
Pence continuing the lie of Veterans Choice. What a honorable man. And in front of his mother, too. #RNCConvention
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Last night, Abby Johnson spoke at the #RNCConvention. She has recently advocated for "bringing back" head-of-household voting, i.e. men.

Today is the centennial of the 19th Amendment taking effect, giving white women suffrage. Timing!… h/t @rerutled
So as you tweet #WomensEqualityDay - which marks the 19th Amendment taking effect - ask why the #RNCConvention platformed a woman who advocates for the reversal of that suffrage.

The GOP happily suppresses the vote of Black and people of colour.

And now also white women.
Abby Johnson - who is of course virulently anti abortion - is Exhibit A for white women who are Bootlickers of the Patriarchy.

I usually call them Footsoldiers of the Patriarchy. That is not enough.
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@RickSantorum #NewDay #Kenosha #Blake #RNCConvention #Trump The President has certainly supported the peaceful protests. And has certainly condemned the George Floyd incident. In the incident at Layfette Park, the protestors were asked to leave an area. They were not leaving. 1/
2/ And they used reasonable crowd control. There can be excess and abuses when it comes to managing crowds that get out of control. And they get out of control because people don't follow instructions. The reason we're focusing on it is because people are being violent
3/3 in response to that violence. We're all for condemning before we have the information and I think it's important that everybody have the opportunity to have the full story of what happened in Kenosha w/Blake. We've got to have the facts. #Santorum #Kenosha @Patriot_Voices
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To recap the #RNCConvention:

1. Trump did not inherit a stagnant economy.
Growth = slower than Obama's last 3 years, even before corona
2. Biden is not proposing tax hikes on anyone earning less than $400K
3. Trump has not appointed an unprecedented # of women
4. Biden has not pledged to defund the police. He's said on many occasions he opposes it.
5. Biden supports universal background checks, not taking away the 2nd Amendment.
6. Overall drug overdose deaths are UP
7. Biden voted for the Iraq war and Trump, when asked in 2002 about whether he supported it, said: “Yeah, I guess so.”
8. Pam Bondi resurrected a false narrative about Biden and Ukraine that led to Trump's impeachment.
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It is being reported that the shooter is a 17 year old who drove to #Kenosha from Antioch, Illinois with an AR-15 looking for trouble. He murdered 2 people and wounded a man who will lose his arm as a result.

Where is @realDonaldTrump complaining about outside agitators?
The vitriolic, divisive, and violently racist fear mongering rhetoric at the #RNCConvention was a call to arms that inspired this act of mass MURDER.

Blood is on the hands of 46-1, his family, and the #GOP.

This week in Policing (Kenosha, WI) @KenoshaPolice

#KyleRittenhouse, ARMED white boy who MURDERED 2 people—ARRESTED.

#JacobBlake, UNARMED Black man who broke up a fight— SHOT IN THE BACK 7 TIMES.

This is policing in America in Black-and-white.
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Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student who had a confrontation with protesters near the Lincoln Memorial, had an appearance at tonight's #RNCConvention.

He claimed that no one has been treated more unfairly by the media than Trump
Sandmann was at the #March for Life rally in 2019 when he came face-to-face with a Native American elder, Nathan Phillips.

Pictures of the encounter made it seem as if he was antagonizing Phillips, but video later revealed Phillips approached him…
Sandmann later filed a lawsuit against major media outlets, who he said never asked for his side of the story, and won.

Here are more key moments from tonight's #RNCConvention…
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Abby Johnson, founder of an anti-abortion group, made explosive claims about her time working at Planned Parenthood and cast the election as “a choice between two radical anti-life activists and the most pro-life president we have ever had.” #RNCConvention
In the first hour of their Tuesday night convention programming, Republicans featured graphic remarks from a former Planned Parenthood employee who previously compared abortion to the Holocaust.

More key moments from tonight's #RNCConvention…
Republicans showcased President Trump’s anti-abortion achievements and offered a graphic account of the procedure on Tuesday as they sought to mobilize their base of religious conservatives amid signs of wavering support…
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As a doctor, I yearn for us to have effective therapies for #COVID19. However, @realdonaldtrump's rushed "Emergency Use Authorization" for convalescent plasma (an unproven treatment) may actually *harm* our ability to fight the virus. That's right - harm it. Here's why: (1/12)
When someone recovers from #COVID19, their blood will have antibodies that may help others currently infected. By transferring these antibodies via plasma, immunity could (in theory) be passed to the patient to speed recovery & save lives. But we must *study* this theory. (2/12)
Before the president's "Emergency Use Authorization," patients could get this plasma in studies & through an FDA program that made the treatment available to patients if a study was not available. Over 70,000 patients received it & data was collected from each of them. (3/12)
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For my friends outside US looking in—yes this cocaine-jacked scary speech was the actual introduction speech of Republican convention that just renominated Trump for president. #RNCConvention

For all my fellow Americans—we are so effed if we lose this election. #BidenHarris
2) Here is the unedited version. It’s basically just as scary
P.s. Kimberly and Don Jr are perfect for each other.
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Only a few minutes into this thing and #RNCConvention2020 is already the angriest, emptiest, and *by far the fashiest* thing I've ever seen any political party put out to the public

Straight-up open and gross American fascism. How can everyone not see this? Is this shit working?
Fascism is not a partisan affiliation but a set of tools & means to power. It's okay to call people who promise a return to mythical former glory, slash governing norms to center a movement around a strongman & create new reality through force of will "fascists." Because they are
Fascists tell us (as Jim Jordan just did) that only they can save our institutions even as they dismantle them in front of us. They tell us the great leader loves & wants to build the country, but so long as his opponents hate & want to destroy it we don't need actual policies
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Already the #RNCConvention2020 has been more uplifting, hopeful and inspiring — besides being supremely technically superior and professional — than the dark spectacle that was the #DNCConvention2020.
Even the speakers are more alive. They are vibrant, clear, concise, and even almost joyful. What a contrast to the Dems shitting on America and Americans and the identity politics and the “hate Trump” Biden platform. It’s like night and day! #RNCConvention2020
Wow... the triggered have arrived! Welcome one and all 😉
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I have to be honest. I’m genuinely afraid to watch this #RNCConvention. We know how bad it will be. And that it will be worse than that. That much lying and turpitude in the face of all of this calamity and all these deaths is going to be soul crushingly depressing.
The only reason I want to watch at all is to watch the trains collide. I’m not proud of that, but there it is. #RNCconvention
OMG! They open with that foaming dimwit, @charliekirk11


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BREAKING: The McCloskeys, personal injury lawyers invited to speak at tonight's #RNC2020 after brandishing guns at protesters, litigated many cases against gun manufacturers and contributed to the downfall of what was once America’s largest handgun maker.…
In several cases in state and federal courts, Mark McCloskey represented plaintiffs who had been injured by defective handguns and won significant monetary settlements. In fact, the handgun brandished by Patricia McCloskey appears to have been an exhibit from one of those cases. Image
For those who don’t get the irony, the @NRA - and, in turn, the GOP - has for decades led the opposition to allowing lawyers like the McCloskeys to sue gun manufacturers. #RNCConvention
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Today's Republican party is little more than a Trump personality cult, if you ask its own operatives, pollsters, or seasons reporters like @TimAlberta. First-time voters have no idea what it means to be Republican today #RNC… Image
The president can't explain his own second-term agenda, leading many to wonder if there is one. The campaign released bullet points but no bold plans last night… #RNCConvention Image
Republicans squeezed four years of planning into four weeks — the RNC is starting in the wake of an arrest, a resignation, and a Trump family feud.… Image
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