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16 Nov 20
Brand Stories

How Fogg became the king of fragrances?

The Fogg Story - How Mr. Darshan Patel built India's largest deo brand?

(A Thread)
Darshan Patel, a young Ahmedabad based businessman, joined his family business, Paras Pharmaceuticals, in the year 1985.
Paras Pharmaceuticals was involved in the fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) business and over-the-counter drugs business.
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1 Nov 20
When Donald Trump sued Kotak Mahindra Bank

(A thread on an interesting incident between Mr. Donald Trump and Kotak Mahindra Bank) Image
Back in 2008, Kotak Mahindra Bank had just entered the credit card business. Among the several credit cards launched by the bank one card was named the "Kotak Trump Card".
This news reached Mr. Donald Trump and he was extremely unhappy about it. Image
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25 Sep 20
Brand Stories

How ZARA Got Its Name?

The interesting story behind the name "ZARA"

(A Thread) Image
1) The year was 1963. Amancio Ortega, a bright Spanish businessman, started a modest workshop in the city of A Coruna (located in North-Western Spain). Image
2) His workshop manufactured dresses and quilt dressing gowns.
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5 Sep 20
Brand Stories

How NESCAFÉ Started?

The story behind the beginning of world's favourite coffee!

(A Thread)
1) The year was 1929. American stock market had crashed and there was tremendous financial panic.
2) Due to the Wall Street Crash, there was a severe fall in coffee prices across the globe.
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29 Aug 20
Brand Stories- Story No. 4

The Beginning of Taj - How Mr. Jamsetji Tata built one of the finest hotels in the world?

A proud moment for every Indian! 🇮🇳

( A Thread )
1) Mr. Jamsetji Tata (founder of Tata Group) was much more than an industrialist- he was a nationalist with a desire to see India ranked among the great nations of the world.
2) One day, back in the 1890s, Mr. Jamsetji Tata was invited by a foreign friend to dine at a hotel in Bombay (Mumbai).
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19 Aug 20
Did You Know?

The airline code for Indigo is 6E. Other than just being an allotted airline code, it is a cheeky prefix. If you don’t have a clue what it stands for, simply say it twice and fast enough.

#travel #India #Facts Image
IATA(international air transport association) mandates each airline to choose a two-character code used as a prefix to the flight numbers. This code is unique for every airline.
Indigo chose "6E" as its airline code!

The code “6E” is Indigo's dig on the word “Sexy”. Indigo has also chosen to name its in-flight magazine "Hello 6E"! Image
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16 Aug 20
Brand Stories- Story No. 3

From working as a peon to building a company with more than Rs 6,000 Crores revenue!

The Fevicol Story - How Mr. Balvant Parekh built India's largest adhesives brand?

( A Thread🧵 ) Image
1) Mr. Balvant Parekh was born in Mahuva, a small town in Gujarat in the year 1924.

After completing his school education in Mahuva, he moved to Mumbai to study Law. Image
2) After getting his lawyer's degree, he decided that he didn't want to practice as a lawyer because of the amount of lies in the profession.

So, he took up a job as a peon in a wood trader's office in Mumbai to meet his expenses.
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15 Aug 20
Brand Stories- Story No. 2

When Prime Minister Nehru asked JRD Tata to start India's first cosmetic brand 🇮🇳

The story of Lakme 💁‍♀️

( A Thread🧵 )

#IndependenceDayIndia2020 #AatmaNirbharBharat #15August Image
1) It was the early 1950’s. India had just won its freedom and the economy was shaky.

Upper middle class women were spending valuable foreign exchange on western cosmetics which was draining the country's Forex Reserves.

#women #India Image
2) This was disturbing Prime Minister Nehru as the Indian society was in its nascent stage and maintaining Forex was of the utmost importance.

 So, he came up with the idea of starting an Indian cosmetic brand. Image
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11 Aug 20
Brand Stories- Story No. 1

1) When Sunfeast Yippee! took Maggi to Court over "Magic Masala"

#throwback #story #India
2) Back in 2010, ITC entered the instant noodle market with its brand Sunfeast Yippee! . It started with two flavours- "Magic Masala" and "Classic Masala".
3) The flavours started gaining a lot of popularity and within 3 years time Sunfeast Yippee! had captured 12.5% market share in the instant noodles market.
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10 Aug 20
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev backed Patanjali is considering bidding for the Indian Premier League(IPL) title sponsorship slot vacated by Chinese smartphone maker Vivo.

#IPL2020 #IPL #Patanjali
"We are considering the IPL title sponsorship for this year, since we want to give the Patanjali brand a global marketing platform," Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala said as per a report by The Economic Times.

#news #Cricket #yoga
Vivo had agreed to pay Rs 440 crore a year in a 5 year sponsorship deal signed in 2018. However, the BCCI recently confirmed that Vivo will not be the title sponsor for IPL 2020.

The BCCI is looking to offer discounts of as much as 50 percent to potential title rights sponsor.
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