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Whatever news comes in the next 12-24hrs, or indeed days on #vaccinepassports in #Britain, we say this:

🔴 Until the Government *completely abandon* the #COVID19 #testandtrace app for businesses; large scale event venues incl theatre, nightclubs, stadia et al -

& most importantly, use of the #NHS app for international #travel, we will *never* be free of #vaccinepassports in society.

🔴 There is fundamentally *no difference* between their use at home or abroad. If we rationalise intl, we argue for them domestically -

🔴 Granted, it would be significant to have rid domestic society of these measures, we *must remain vigilant* & avoid a false sense of security.

Simply put, we cannot trust this Government.

These measures could re-emerge as quickly as they've been funded & developed to date.
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The threat we, citizens of the world, are facing, is rather simple.

If we do not open our economies, including #Travel , now in summer when the third wave of the pandemic is behind us, we may never open again. 1/3
#unitedkingdom #USA #Europe
For example in #Finland , our government by @MarinSanna and authority, @AVItwiittaa , are dragging their feet in removing restrictions in Helsinki, our biggest city.

This despite the fact that hospitals are practically free of #COVID19 patients! 👇 2/3
So, the medical emergency, used to justify the restrictions, has clearly passed.

Alas, if restrictions are not removed now, they are aimed at accomplishing something else than suppressing #coronavirus .

Then we have only one option left: rebellion! 😤⚔️🥊
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Public service announcement. Having just travelled to Portugal & returned, here is my travel advice which is clearer than the Govt. 1. Get a PCR test with certificate in order to board in UK. Must be on Govt approved list. (Range seems to be £80-150).
Print this off onto paper for check-in. Handing over phones is a faff. 2. Fill in a passenger locator form to go (noone told me this but can be done on the plane). 3. To return you only need an antigen test. €35+. 48 hours before. I got results within two hours. Print this too.
4. Book a two day test online from the govt list £40+. NB risk- A friend did this and it still wasn't allowed at check-in so was told to rebook. I used Expert. Make sure you fill in a return passenger locator form using the booking reference for the test before going to airport.
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As many of you may know, I will be retiring from @HarvardForest at the end of June.

But I won't be disappearing!
I'll continue to use @AMaxEll17 for my adventures w/ #sciart #photography #Travel and more regular updates and blogs on
But if you want to keep up with my science, please follow me and my start-up @SS4SSci, my new home for initiatives in student-centered research, #DiversityInSTEM, #scicomm, science #projectmanagement &c.:
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🧵Thanks to @EerkeBoiten & @leoniedelt for pointing out the #NHS app 'Privacy Notice' changes re: #COVID19 vaccination status.

🔵 Since April 12th, we've encouraged customers to avoid the app & sign-in to a contact book which is their legal right to do so.

🔵 We view the use of the #NHS T&T app not solely as a public health measure, but to observe/measure compliancy for future use of #vaccinepassports in society.

Since May 17th, what we've seen 'go live' alongside international travel is very concerning...
🔵 As @EerkeBoiten pointed out, there's a separate 'Privacy Policy' re: COVID-status certification & your rights.

We *shouldn't* be seeing any categorisation re: vehicle reg, NI, employer, occupation, & also 'Special Categorisation' about physical/mental health condition.
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Breaking: European Union 🇪🇺 has agreed to reopen its borders to ALL travellers who are fully vaccinated (with a vaccine certified in EU). Here’s the initial announcement ✅ ✈️ #COVID19 👇🏽
More: The new travel policy for fully-vaccinated travellers to EU could go into effect as early as next week, per European officials ✈️🇪🇺

EU has confirmed it will accept travellers who have full immunization from: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm vaccines 💉
In addition to the new ‘fully-vaccinated’ traveller policy, a new & expanded list of safe countries (based on epidemiological criteria) will be finalised on Friday.

Travellers from this specific ‘safe list’ will be able to travel to EU even if they are not fully vaccinated ✅
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Wisata bromo, wisata komodo, labuan bajo, tour bromo #wisata #opentrip #bromo #tour #PrayForMalang #malang 1001Panduan Turis.
Travel Organizer @threadreaderapp #travel #wisata #komodo #labuanbajo #malang PT Halo Batu Indonesia 1001Panduan Turis Tour Organizer.
@threadreaderapp unroll open trip
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Few Glimpses of Chennakeshava Temple, Belur

An Hoysala Wonder #Karnataka #IncredibleIndia @IncredibleIndia

A Selected Series of the #Photographs

#Travel #Photography #Art #Architecture #Sculptures
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#Pangot, a tiny hamlet in #Uttarakhand that hosts hundreds of variety of birds and very few humans…

By @Kavitamajumdar
@Kavitamajumdar The heat is upon us, and like the Britishers, we too need to flee from the scorching plains and make a beeline for the hills during the unbearable summer months.

#Pangot #Uttarakhand
@Kavitamajumdar Luckily, there are plenty of hills one can visit, particularly around #Delhi, but alas, most of these destinations are so well-known that, at times, they can get more crowded than the very city you wanted to escape.

#Pangot #Uttarakhand #Travel
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Heads up: Iceland has been monitoring #volcano unrest at #Reykjanes Peninsula. #Aviation color code orange due to quakes & indications of shallow magma dike. If an eruption occurs, ash hazard may affect North Atlantic air #travel.… #geology #weather Image
"Suspense in Iceland as dormant volcanic zone shows signs of life" by @physorg_com - volcanologists say a #Reykjanes eruption would likely be more lava than ash; not expecting repeat of 2010 Eyjafjallajokull #aviation #travel disruption… #volcano #geology
"Sleeping Giant: Earthquakes And Volcanoes In #Reykjanes" by @rvkgrapevine - volcanologists describe how the peninsula's eruption history shapes expectations of possible volcanic activity to mostly lava flows, not explosions/ash… #Iceland #volcano #geology
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Do you know that with an IELTS score of 5.0 you can relocate to Canada??

Barry Jhay Simi Samklef #Travel #Canada_immigrationvisa #CanadaOnly #IELTS Kashy #CanadaOnly #Visa #Canada #sundayvibes Image
Do you know that one of the problem that is keeping a lot of people from relocating to Canada has always been on the issue of passing IELTS? 
The Demand for this is so great that some people have even asked me if we do runs package for IELTS exam.
Sorry, If you feel that there is a runs way where you can get your score without writing the exam. 

Just know that your money is gone and what you are also given is FAKE.
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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#Tajikistan #Dushanbe #Coronavirus #VACCINE #TRAVEL

Tajik authorities under Navrouz Jaffarov, head of the Directorate for Sanitary and Epidemiological Security, Emergency and Urgent Medical Care at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population,
stated in an interview, to allow forwginery to enter the country without a PCR-based test if they have a COVID-19 vaccination.
“Foreign nationals may travel to Tajikistan without a PCR-base test if they have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued more than a month prior to arrival in the country. But if a foreigner was vaccinated 2 or 3 weeks prior to arrival in Tajikistan,
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Heli views over Miami 🚁
#aerial #helicopter #travel
Villa Vizcaya, Miami, Florida
#heli #travel #architecture
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Oh hey, my home area of Northern California is trending. It's great place to live, especially if you love #nature, #travel, and #photography...
So, you folks like Northern California #photography? Here, have some more #nature and #travel shots from around the state: Big Sur, Muir Woods, Pinnacles NPS, and Mount Shasta!
Here, have some more Northern California #nature and #travel #photography: Mount Diablo State Park, Cascade Falls in Mill Valley, whale watching a few miles from Moss Landing, and some of the coastline near Pebble Beach.
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A Thread of Affordable Airbnb to stay in Zanzibar urban FROM USD 11 (TZS 25,509/=) to USD 60 Only.

Modern Rooftop-Studio in Zanzibar, Stone Town.

Avg. price a night USD 48 (TZS 111,312/=)


#hadestays #Africa #Travel #Zanzibar #airbnb #vacations
Lucy's Modern Paradise Home w/ Ocean View & Wifi

Avg. price a night USD 26.

Private room in flat hosted by BalconyHouse, Stone Town.

Avg. price a night USD 12.

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The forgotten little town of #Bundi in #Rajasthan is a treasure waiting to be unearthed…

By @Kavitamajumdar Image
@Kavitamajumdar Flanked by the #AravalliHills on one side, #Bundi possesses all the charms sought by travellers who want to escape from the urban space.

@Kavitamajumdar Narrow village lanes, old houses painted in blue to keep them cool during the summer months, a few cows ambling away with not a care in the world, some surprisingly decent cafes, a rustic old palace and a fort that provides brilliant views of the town.

#Bundi #Travel
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Olga Leonidovna Ozerova, aka Olga Sim (Ольга Сим), from «Extrem Travels in 🇷🇺Russia» (Экстремальные путешествия) hires 10 agitators as false witnesses to file a terrorism case to 🇵🇰Pakistani authorities against a 🇫🇷 French writer.…
#TravelHunza #Travel Olga Leonidovna Ozerova, aka Olga Sim (Ольга Сим), f
2/ In June 2019, Ms Olga Leonidovna Ozerova, aka Olga Sim (Ольга Сим), from "Extreme Travels in Russia" (Экстремальные путешествия) could have stopped Ramla Akhtar's insane campaign against the Wakhi community of Hunza and its European visitors. See:…
3/ But, as surprising as it might be, she acted thoughtlessly by recycling a kind of Kremlin's propaganda digest against western countries, turning it into a geopolitical and ideological war, while Russia and France are doing nothing in Pakistan and have no wish for acting so.
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#BudgetInsider | ‘If I had #Apple and #Tencent, I would have sold them by now,’ says #JimRogers…

By @jainrounak
@jainrounak In case you missed this conversation, here's @iyer_Sriram chatting with commodities guru, author and international investor Jim Rogers on @BiIndia.


In a freewheeling chat with Business Insider India, commodities guru #JimRogers explained how stocks, bonds and properties across the world are in a ‘bubble’.

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#PanajiTales - Since pandemic is not letting me travel, I walk around my city discovering something new every day. Starting this thread with Varada Ganapati temple in the #Panaji Mahalakshmi temple complex.
#travel #backyardtravel Image
Lanes of flower sellers in Panaji Municipal market.

#PanajiTales #panaji #travel Image
#3 Stone anchors from the ancient sites of Dwarka, Bet Dwarka & Somnath discovered during underwater excavations by NIO & now at their office in #Panaji . Remanants of the maritime history of India.

#PanajiTales #travel #Goa Image
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#Indonesia #Jakarta #Coronavirus #Travel #BAN

On January 1, 2021, which will last until January 14, 2021, the government will formally prohibit foreign visitors from entering Indonesia. Until 06:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) on Friday, foreign nationals will be granted time dispensation.
This comes after new strains of Covid-19 were found in Europe. "International visitors that have landed between 00:00-06:00 WIB on January 1, 2021, at Soekarno-Hatta Airport would still be permitted entry.
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TRAVEL HACKS 2 - from my experience to 22 countries & >150 hotel stays so far.

Heard of Tripit app? Allows you to keep itineraries, tickets, reservations etc in one place instead of scrolling thru endless emails. Just import all your confirmation emails.

My Best - bougie on a travel budget hack; private jet vibes. Fly Boutique Air -surprisingly cheap & unique option for domestic travel within the US on a small jet. I flew Baltimore to Pittsburgh & had only 2/6 filled & was only $42 (one way). Fly private at the cost of commercial
Hotel Hack: Get all the perks of a luxury hotel for a fraction of the price by staying at a sister hotel

The hack: Many hotels have sister hotels in same area; cheaper but still allow guests to use all the amenities like pool, restaurant, free breakfast etc at the 5-star hotel👇🏾
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