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It's out !! Nearly 7/10 in #Penang are sporadic #COVID19 cases !! .. 68% to be exact !!…
#throwback .. 11th May 2021.. then the #Penang sporadic or unlinked #COVID19 cases were at 55%..…
#throwback .. also on 11th May 2021.. DG mentions the 80% of #COVID19 cases that are sporadic, unlinked & thus within the community .. #Malaysia…
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The free #COVID19 #vaccine story offered to #Penang has taken a new twist .. Mr Yong is real !!!…
Xintai Enterprise Development Limited is also a REAL COMPANY !!
Incorporated, 18th Nov 2013…
And just in case anyone thinks this Company Search website is also bogus.. Just type "Shaw Brothers".. and it yields 98 companies, not just in Hong Kong but all round the world !! Including Malaysia !!…
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🎧 Thread on @Music_Santhosh @pradeep_1123 tracks 💜 !!


#throwback #Kabali #SanthoshNarayanan #SaNa #Dcuts🍽️


#enakkuloruvan #Siddarth


#kaala #rajini #kannama #PradeepKumar
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Weil es hier gleich ab 10 Uhr #News zum Parkpickerl gibt, noch ein Blick zurück auf die Geschichte der Parkraumbewirtschaftung (offizieller Name): #Throwback *Thread*
1959 wurden in Wien erstmals Kurzparkzonen im 1. Bezirk eingerichtet. Danach folgten schrittweise Kurzparkzonenfür andere Bezirke, begrenzt auf einzelne Straßenabschnitte oder kleinere Bereiche
#Juli #1993: Das Parkpickerl für den 1. Bezirk wird eingeführt
#August #1995: Ausdehnung der Parkraumbewirtschaftung flächendeckend auf die Bezirke 6 bis 9
#Juni #1997: Weitere Ausdehnung der Parkraumbewirtschaftung auf den 4. und 5. Bezirk
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Zaman ayırıp Burada paylaşacağım eğitim serisini kendinizi geliştirmek adına atıyorum. Birkaç hap bilgide vereyim. Bir formasyon asla tek başına güvenilir değildir en az 3 tane teyit alırsanız güvenli olacaktır,Risk yönetiminiz yoksa bilgiler yetersiz kalacaktır+
Bol pratik yapmanız ve backtestler yapmanız gerekecektir. Deneyimin önemini iyi kavramalısınız. Herşey sizin elinizde, umarım hepinize faydası olur. Başlayalım. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
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Martabak telor lu, minta dispesialin?…
Mahasiswa dalneg aja masuk komplek kampus masih suseh, harus ada surat endeskray endeskrey endebray endebrey, situ minta jalur cepat.

Alemong lu kalo kata Iis Dahlia.
"....kebutuhan menjaga kesehatan mahasiswa Indonesia di seluruh dunia yang merupakan aset masa depan bangsa, terutama dalam menghadapi
Indonesia Emas 2045."

Iye, iye. Shombong amat aset bangsa.
Poto-poto keliling Yurop diposting sekarang aja, biar #throwback nya kerasa.
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Our third #AldabraResearchStation50 post focuses on some of the #Aldabraresearchstation’s critical infrastructure which has made major discoveries possible and enables ongoing ecosystem monitoring & scientific #research. 1/10

#throwback #ThrowbackThursday #Seychelles #Aldabra
First up is the #research block, the station’s heart. Originally constructed by @theroyalsociety and officially inaugurated on the 30th June 1971 it has experienced various visible changes while welcoming many #Seychellois & international researchers. 2/10
Another major change to #Aldabra’s infrastructure, also visible in these photos, is the #lighthouse. At 17M tall the solar-powered lighthouse, erected in 2013, helps vessels stay clear of Aldabra&its reefs. 3/10
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#Soundarya recounts the most Memorable Incident with Her Appa #Thalaivar @rajinikanth

#Throwback 👇🏻👌🏻😍
There’s one memorable outing I’ll never forget It was in 2002,
Appa suddenly wanted to take me and a friend out for a drive Image
Appa has a trick while going to public places he goes into crowds and heads out before anyone realises it’s him So that evening, he wore a muffler and we went to Marina Beach We were just walking on the sand
when we came across a stall that had cut-outs of movie stars and you could pose for a photograph with them
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Heute geht es beim #autor_innensonntag von @JustinePust um: #miteinanderstattgegeneinander 🤝

Ich habe meine alten Messefotos durchwühlt und diesen #Throwback von der #FrankfurterBuchmesse2019 gefunden: Meine Kollegin @carina_schnell und ich beim Stand vom @KnaurVerlag.

1/8 Carina schnell und ich grin...Carina schnell und ich grin...
Irgendwie hat mich das Bild angelacht, weil es voll positiver Energie ist. Man sieht uns den Spaß an.

Carina und ich sind einen langen, teils ähnlichen Weg gegangen, anfangs #Indie, übers @Nornennetzwerk, nun veröffentlichen wir beide bei Knaur. Wir standen uns nie im Weg,

im Gegenteil, haben uns über jeden Schritt der anderen gefreut.

Ich bin als Schreiberin aktiv, seit ich 17 war, also acht Jahre. In dieser Zeit habe ich viele Menschen getroffen, die mich weitergebracht, herausgefordert, aufgefangen haben.

Da waren die Leute des

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#YolandaLegaspi from #Cyprus
She's a Fan of Our #Superstar @rajinikanth ❤️😍
She Shares a lil story about How and when she became a fan of #Thalaivar #Rajinikanth Image
my name is Yolanda Legaspi working as restaurant manager in Cyprus
I am a visitor to Ireland for holiday and I met a new friend from India and stay at her apartment
She is a fan of #Superstar and she always tells about an eagerly waiting film’s release in Dublin
When she was starting for the film, I wished to join her as I wanted to saw an Indian film
She took me to the screen (UCI CINEMAS, Tallaght, Dublin ) with her where the movie is playing Kuselan
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Agnes Sandanam from Singapore
huge fan of #SuperStarRajinikanth
Agnes who suffered end-stage heart failure
she was diagnosed in 2007
Her illness causes her to tire easily, suffer from dizzy spells and have breathing difficulties
Apart from being in & out of the hospital often, She has to take 15 pills a day for her heart diabetes & a pain in her leg
She has watched all movies starring #SuperStarRajinikanth
but is unable to do so on the big screen since her diagnosis as the loud volume affects her heart
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#WorldTourWithMUBI | Filmmaker @alankrita601's MUBI recommendation is Pablo Larrain directed 'EMA' which holds her attention for its beauty, choreography and soundtrack.

To watch 24 hand-picked movies for free on @mubiindia, visit:…
#WorldTourWithMUBI | '#EMA', directed by #PabloLarrain, is a powerful depiction of grief and fascinating layers of human relationships.

Watch this and 24 hand-picked movies from across the globe for free on @mubiindia, visit: Image
@alankrita601 @mubiindia #WorldTourWithMUBI | #Throwback to Filmmaker @alankrita601's MUBI recommendation -- a beautiful Chilean drama 'EMA'.

In case you missed that episode, watch it now! Also, check out our interactive map to watch these movies for free on MUBI:… Image
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"#Chennai Is @rajinikanth"

During my school days, films for me meant just one Man its #Rajinikanth
I was allowed to watch just his films
I do have memories of going for first-day first-shows It is such a lovely dream to be part of an industry where he's present Image
While I used to make time to watch #Rajini sir films first back then, today I am part of the privileged few from the industry who gets to watch it before the release.Yet, I feel the same kind of excitement and fan frenzy when I see him and I brag about this with my friends
I think this is because
'#Chennai is #Rajinikanth' in many ways
People 'Across the World', be it #America, #Japan or #Europe, know him and they know Chennai because he resides there
I meet people who may hardly know about India but know "#SuperStarRajinikanth"

__ @trishtrashers
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Amurtham, 1st dalit Panchayat president of Athupakkam (TN) was stopped from hoisting the national flag on Independence day- a routine occurrence.

Read how #dalit women leaders are harassed and how they carve their path despite this. #Throwback…
Read more about Amurtham and why she was stopped here:…
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Brand Stories- Story No. 1

1) When Sunfeast Yippee! took Maggi to Court over "Magic Masala"

#throwback #story #India
2) Back in 2010, ITC entered the instant noodle market with its brand Sunfeast Yippee! . It started with two flavours- "Magic Masala" and "Classic Masala".
3) The flavours started gaining a lot of popularity and within 3 years time Sunfeast Yippee! had captured 12.5% market share in the instant noodles market.
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We all know #COVID19 has impacted spends but do you know by how much, which category & are there signs of recovery? To answer this, we looked at the spending patterns of our users, who manage ~₹10K Crore of expenses monthly & compared their March-June 2019 spends to that in 2020
First up #shopping: After a steep fall in April by 87%, shopping expenses staged a strong recovery in June to 37% fall compared to last year👍
#Household Expenses: A big 69% fall in April and a strong recovery back to 30% in June!
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The Pleasure of Directing #Superstar @rajinikanth s not something that can be easily expressed through words
even if it was a cameo as an associate director who gets to Direct the Superstar
@mamtamohan relives the moments from the time she got the call to do the role to the shoot Image
Her Experience with #SuperstarRajinikanth
The call me when I was shooting a Malayalam movie in Dubai We were shooting under a tight schedule and they couldn't do a single day without me.That is when I got this call for making an appearance in Kuselan
My part seemed interesting because they told me that it was "Rajini Sir's" idea that we come up with a character like that I did not have any second thoughts other than asking my directors whether they would let me go or not
They Gracefully obliged and I was off for five days
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Pioneer Tailors and Fashion Designers

Christian Dior
21 Jan 1905 to 24 October 1957
Brand: Christian Dior

The brand Christian Dior personifies elegance, innovation and ingenuity....


#Icon #ThrowbackThursday
Tinubu Erica
A leader in the world of haute-couture, the House of Dior is one of the biggest names in the world of fashion and much credit for everything that the brand reckons with goes to its founder, the legendary fashionista and fashion designer – Christian Dior.
Christian Dior Quotes

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

"Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money."


#hushpuppy #bbnaijalockdown2020 Nengi Erica
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Women’s leadership in #Panchayats has transformed local governance and brought a new generation of local leaders who succeed despite limited finances, caste oppression and violence. Read about some local leaders from TN here:…
#WomeninPolitics #throwback
Sharmila Devi, a #Dalit Sarpanch solved a 50 year water crisis in her Panchayat in Sivagangai dt. which none of the upper caste male Sarpanches could do. How are women succeeding despite challenges? Read their stories.…
Rani Muniyakanu, ex- president of Vaduvanchery #Panchayat, Nagapattinam dt, dared to take on the illegal beach sand mafia. Despite threats she won a long legal legal battle ag. miners. Read how reservation has enabled bold #grassroots leaders. #ThrowbackThursday #womeninpolitics
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#ThrowbackThursday to being on @radbrowndads' @seesomething podcast live taping at the @ArabAmericanMus! 🎤

Story time: I loved the taping itself but one of my favorite moments was the #afterparty.

#thread Photo credit: Arab American...
Since @radbrowndads and @salimahfm's #families were in town and packed the auditorium for the @seesomething taping, we all went out to #dinner down the street at Sheeba (an amazing Yemeni restaurant) afterward and took over a bunch of tables.
When we got there, @AshaMNoor and I started quietly plotting the whole time around how to outsmart the uncles - Ahmed's dad and Salimah's dad, in particular - in terms of not having them pay for our meals.
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Women hold 33%-50% elected positions in Panchayats but only 14% of MPs in Lok Sabha.
We explored why it is hard for women with political ambitions to rise up in politics in Tamil Nadu- holds true for all of India. #WomeninPolitics #Throwback…
Salma,a poet & former Panchayat leader is among the few women to have made the transition from rural governance to mainstream politics while battling gender prejudices, financial constraints, family pressures.
"Most go back home once their term is over" she says #WomeninPolitics
“In this patriarchal system, where men hold power and are reluctant to share it, they have very cleverly convinced women that politics is not for them. We need to stop buying into this idea,” @jothims told us. #WomeninPolitics #Throwback…
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#SachinTendulkar,Anjali Tendulkar
#SouravGanguly and His Wife Dona and the Couple Kids

Family Time 😊😍
@sachin_rt @SGanguly99
#Throwback Image
One Fine Evening at Dada's Home
@sachin_rt @SGanguly99
#Throwback 😊 Image
@sachin_rt and @SGanguly99 @ City Centre in Dubai 😍
#Throwback 😊 Image
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Over Covers, Long on, Square leg Sixes..all Fire Shots! 🔥

10 Longest Sixes by Rahul Dravid - The Wall.
What a timing for an epic reply! 💙
Don't ever mess with 'The Wall '
He can be agressive when he wants

#Throwback Rahul Dravid s 💯 against Pakistan in Kolkata test cricket 2005
Dravid was listening to comentry while batting!! 😌

#RahulDravid #Thewall #INDVPAK
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Thread: 👋🏾 Welcome new followers. I am a #nurse #researcher, leveraging my expertise for #health #equity. This includes fighting for #social #justice, #RacialJustice, etc. This #Throwback image depicts wounds that were passed down 1/6

If anyone knows the artist, please tag them.
through generations. You could swap the images out for multiple people groups w/ shared experiences of historical and ongoing #trauma. My desire is to not only show how these #atrocities CONTINUE to affect #population #health, but also to implement multilevel interventions 2/6
that mitigate the influence between the aftermath of such injustices & #health. (#Structuralracism has to be addressed to do this.) This is done in #partnership with communities. For too long too many #Scientists (me included) have been #complicit in documenting differences 3/6
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