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I'm going to start again ~ WAY too many people are ignoring facts so rather than get completely annoyed? I'm going to try and do this right. The firestorm began here 👇

FISA Court: 'Misconduct...
Calls Into Question' Every Warrant FBI Ever Got…
I don't pretend to know it all. I defer to those who do. This is how it SHOULD work 👇
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1) Today marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the #VelvetRevolution. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this moment triggered a chain of events that would indirectly affect me in a myriad of ways. This #story is a bit rambling, but please hear me out…
2) First, let’s back things up to 3/31/90 - the final day of the #NHL regular season. I listened to the @penguins v. @BuffaloSabres on @KDKA 1020, as usual. But this was no ordinary game.
3) The #Pens needed a tie or win to advance to the playoffs. Also, #MarioLemieux was back in action for the first time in months. The stakes were high. I was 14 years old. This game meant the world to me. .
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#Throwback to @childrightsprof & @juliemlinton's interview on @cnn with @donlemoncnn last month, where the conditions & impacts of migrant child detention were discussed. (thread)
Children being "put on buses in the middle of the night and being driven across state lines, to locations that were hours and hours away from where their parents were, having siblings dropped off at other locations...being just terrified"
"this administration is breaking the black letter law. The TVPRA clearly requires that children be placed in the least restrictive environment possible, in the child's best interest, and there is no question that [these facilities] are not in the children's best interest..."
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Was going through my notes.. And came across something that I wrote down when I moved on from my first role.

Right out of college, first professional role, so definitely a lot of hard truths. Listing a couple (cuz I love lists):

1. If someone says you are irreplaceable, either they're lying or you've done something awesome.

2. Make the best of the 9-6, and even better use of the 6-9.

3. PEOPLE >>>>>> anything else

4. Life is hard - stop cribbing!
5. Find a mentor. Again not easy, but goes a long way if you find one this early in your career!

6. Nothing will come to you. Ask and you'll have a chance.
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BRF: “Reality before privatization is that Ministry of Power had over 50,000 staff, owned trucks, employed electricians who went out to repair faults, controlled power stations like Jebba,Kainji, Egbin & employed all who worked in Distribution. All that is gone, since Nov 2013.”
BRF: “From over 50,000 staff, the Ministry now has a staff strength of 729 people. There are no electricians, fitters, repair vehicles or distribution staff in our ministry anymore and we do not supply, repair or replace distribution transformers or meters.”
BRF: “All of these are now the work of the DisCos, under contract with BPE and under license by NERC as a matter of Law.”
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Guess what dumb thing I did today?

Agreed to give a 75 minute lecture in فصحى on Monday.

(No, not this. This one was yesterday. )
Yeah, yeah my فصحى is okay for حمارة أمريكية — حشاك — but that is a super low bar (then again, this might work in my favor).

في امريكا الجملة "أهلا أنا اسمي سيدة الفتنة" هي تقريباً "فصحى فصيحة" and my God that is so sad.
Maybe I’ll just speak darija to make 100% sure no one can understand me, including the professors who invited me.

That way, no one will notice how زبالة my Arabic has gotten.

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1/ Economics is, after all, a social science, and as such is beholden to the unintended consequences brought about by the actions of the observer as much as by those of the subject being observed. Imagine if we designated responsibility for...
2/ ...precipitation and cloud cover to executives at “The Weather Channel?” Even if this new politburo had the best of intentions, would you feel comfortable ceding control of the weather to a group of 12, unelected, and highly fallible, human beings? We don't think so. And if...
3/ believe the weather system is not a fair comparison to the system of money and credit, we would beg to differ. The weather, as well as the economy, are both chaotic systems. They are dynamic. They are organic. They are not well-oiled machines to be...
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1/ Do you know where the tradition of receiving the key to life upon your 21st 'birthday' originated? Did you even know of the tradition?

It has to do with commerce, where you are the commodity.

Keep reading for more info.
3/ Big #Throwback to Rome, 1230 AD where it all stems from. Perseus purposed the laws of the time to use 'the Family name, or surname in order to convert the public into the private contracts of Rome' by creating 'The-Quasi-Trust'

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Selamat sore, kawans! Pada 28-29 November mendatang, di Aceh akan diselenggarakan Dengar Kesaksian Dugaan Pelanggaran HAM Masa Lalu oleh Komisi Kebenaran dan Rekonsiliasi Aceh (KKR Aceh). Mengapa ini penting?
#Throwback ke dua tahun lalu, sejumlah masyarakat sipil berhasil melakukan advokasi lahirnya KKR Aceh sebagai sebuah mekanisme non yudisial (mekanisme di luar proses hukum) untuk penuntasan pelanggaran HAM masa lalu dan kasus-kasus kekerasan yang terjadi di Aceh.
Agenda Dengar Kesaksian Dugaan Pelanggaran HAM Masa Lalu di Aceh merupakan agenda yang penting, mengingat Komisi Kebenaran dan Rekonsiliasi (KKR) Aceh adalah KKR yang terbentuk pertama kalinya di Indonesia pasca UU KKR Nasional dibatalkan MK pada 2006.
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A reminder as I am reading my thesis, denying & silencing racism are acts of violence. They increase distress in the target & likely increase risks of racial trauma.
The best response when someone is in distress over racial violence is to believe them. And offer support. And if you cannot bring yourself *to* believing them this is likely about you...but anyway, at least validate...
And if you struggle with validating their experience (some of you will bc...whiteness) at least validate their distress. Then go read on anti-racism.
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#throwback to when Obama’s campaign was fined $375k by the FEC for violating finance laws. There are 2 rules of law in this country. One for hypocrite, establishment Dems and one for everyone else. Clean out this corruption, tear it all down. #Vote…
Jeez. I left out HRC's laundering of $84 MILLION in DNC donations to illegally finance her campaign.

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Pengarah JSJK, Datuk Seri Amar Singh Ishar Singh bersama puluhan pegawai dan anggota @PDRMsia dilaporkan berada dalam Pavillion Residences @501Awani
10.30pm: Kelihatan pegawai dan anggota @PDRMsia keluar masuk di Pavillion Residences. Difahamkan operasi di sini akan berlanjutan hingga awal pagi @501Awani
10.44pm: Beberapa anggota @PDRMsia yang membawa kamera dan peralatan rakaman digital keluar dari Pavillion Residences @501Awani
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NEXT UP: 8th seeded Bristol Fox (Vulpes vulpes) vs 9th seeded Racoon (Procyon lotor) #2018MMM
Our penultimate battle of the night (written mostly by
@chumblebiome) features two members of the taxonomic order Carnivora, which means they have a specialization for eating meat: #carnassials. Skull images from @NMNH #2018MMM
However, being part of Order Carnivora doesn't mean they only eat meat. Both of these Carnivorans can eat an omnivorous diet consisting of both plants and other animals. This makes them highly adaptable to many different types of environments! #UrbanJungle #2018MMM
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So I was in church yesterday and the pastor was talking about the resurrection of Jesus (Easter is coming ☺)

The message was enlightening but my naughty mind was just thinking what if Jesus was born, bred and died in Modern #Nigeria

It was a hot afternoon, Jesus and them boys (the disciples)just finish causing traffic on third mainland bridge. Everywhere was blocked from the bridge to VGC. People were just offing shirt and putting palm frond on the ground shouting "Hosanna"
Me I was just in traffic thinking "which time person won come reach house today with all this traffic, o my God"
And all this because of one Jesus.
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As promised, here's a short introduction to #BlackFinnishHistory
First, keep in mind that at present there is no book or course on Black Finnish (or Afro-Finnish/African Finnish) history for me to refer to. There's info out there but it hasn't been pieced together into a clear timeline.
While still part of Sweden, Finns were as engaged in colonialism as their peers during the 1600s and were present at col.settlements in the US, trade posts in West Africa. In all likelihood, Finns were involved in slavery and thus with slaves, but there are no clear records.
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Lets continue this discussion. #Qanon has mentioned #USSS #McCain the #McCainFound #CF how they relate etc. We recently learned USSS is connected to #NCMEC. Remember the “cook the books atty” in Godfather that handled all their "problems" & offered solutions??
2/13 Ernie Allen Founder
3/13 He also founded ICMEC. Now he works for him #MCainFound
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