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I fell in love with #cricket watching the 1985 Ravi Shastri Audi series!

@sourabhsanyal was appearing for his 10th boards during the VVS series! And got yelled at by his dad because when he asked how was the paper he replied “What’s the score?”

@khurramaziz123 feels
The 1996 World Cup was when he truly started following cricket! That just shows he is a true cricket fan because if there is one tournament I would never expect a Pakistan cricket fan to love it would be the 1996 World Cup!

@khurramaziz123 feels those who not watch Sachin in
1995-98 have not truly watched cricket!
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From Pat Cummins to Sachin Tendulkar here are the heroes who came forward during India's covid crisis so far.

#Cricket #COVID19 #India #IPL #IPL2021 #CricTracker
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So #IPL match in #Delhi today amidst the #corona crisis. They say its a #stress buster. For once imagine if there was no ipl, would people who are already stressed, would they be more stressed over their friend/family/acquaintance getting ill/hospitalized. 1/7
Maybe, for some who seek a stress reliever. It gives them something to do, but so do these #OTT s.
I am pro #cricket and all for people prospering but never at the cost of other #people (I am sure it's not intended). Sadly, that's what ipl seems like right now..2/7
atleast in today's time when there is already a dearth of facilities and resources, we see it being diverted somewhere avoidable. There's a chill of #sadness in the air and a #curfew to curb the spread. As much as we try to focus on the #positives and the recoveries, .. 3/7
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There is more and more evidence that France and Flanders are the birthplace place of #Cricket
The 1st mention of criquet founded in a Letter of Grievance to King Louis XI on 11 Octobre 1478 (Liettres) are well know since 1766. In 1900 & 1970, historians was already speaking about
This famous edition about a Cricket Player à Saint Omer in 1593 (Jesuit school for the children of English Catholics at St Omer in 1593) show that #Cricket was in France in the early years but French seems to prefere Le Jeu de Paume (Real Tennis)
The French origins of #Cricket is now know in the british culture even this idea is a bit upset :
And God Created Cricket (2010) by Simon Hughes & Cricketing Lives (2021) by Richard H Thomas
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Story of Rohit Sharma @imro45 that only real fans know. A thread.
Rohit Gurunath Sharma a boy from Mumbai. His family was financially weak . So weak that he left his parents and younger brother Vishal Sharma. He shifted himself to his grandparents house in Mumbai.
His grandfather was very fond of cricket . When he saw the World cup he wanted Rohit to become a cricketer and contribute to the Indian cricket team . So he joined him a cricket training center. Once while traveling Rohit's cricket kit fell of the running local train.
He went finding his kit by following the railway tracks but didn't found anything. He was very sad but went to his academy and indeed reached late . His coach didn't allowed him to bat or bowl . He made him field. Soon he was picked up for u-19 world cup in 2006.
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Thread: Michael Holding born #onthisday 1954
It was languid verse as he ran in and destructive pace as he ended — a rhythmic lead-up to a wrecking finish.
He turned around from far, far away, where the eyes had to squint to glimpse his form.
#cricket #michaelholding
And then he ran in fluid, silent, long strides, with an action almost hypnotic in its grace and athleticism.
As he waltzed into his follow-through, the ball darted at rates seldom witnessed.
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1991. Clive Rice was apprehensive about possible reactions when he toured India with his men.
However, what happened was beyond his wildest dreams. From the airport to the hotel, streets were lined with people who had turned up to welcome them.
Unlike widely believed, however, that was not the first time SA cricketers played in India.
1921. A team of soccer and cricket players made up of SA Indians from Durban, Natal, visited India on a two-month tour. Christopher’s Contingent.
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Bobby Simpson born 3 Feb 1936.
3664 runs as an opening batsman, averaging 55.51.
#cricket #onthisday
Take a cut-off of 3000 runs for openers, and this is the order of merit - Sutcliffe, 4522 at 61.10; Hutton 6721 at 56.47; Hobbs 5130 at 56.37; and then there is Simpson, way ahead of the rest of the field.
There are Amiss, Hayden, etc who follow after this ...
If the bar is reduced to 2000 runs, Bruce Mitchell and Bill Woodfull come in ... Right, if you are missing a name you need to keep looking further down the list ..
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Andy Roberts, born #onthisday 1951.
He used to walk back to his mark, the eyes cold and calculating, the face expressionless and half hidden behind the beard, the shoulders hunched and alert, the mien brooding and ruthless.
Then he would turn and rush in, building up speed along the way, exploding as he reached the crease. His arm would come over, at right angles to his torso, but would reach a height as his shoulder dipped. He would glide along his right toecap, hit the crease with his full weight.
The leather streaked out of his hand in a blur of red, zooming towards the batsman at a rate rarely matched. The natural movement from off to leg, but sometimes away swing would flummox the best. Often the ball would lift sharply putting the batsmen in immense physical peril.
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At the precise moment when Monty Noble was being born in Sydney’s Haymarket, #onthisday 1873, a military band passed by playing loud music as if to herald his arrival in the world. Mother Maria immediately declared that her eighth and last child would be famous.
He was called ‘Mary Anne’ by the Sydney crowd because of his initials. His teammates called him ‘Boots’ because of the massive footwear in which he took the field.
History, however, cannot afford a flippant nickname for Montague Alfred Noble the cricketer.
A top-order batsman of pedigree, Noble could swing the ball prodigiously. With a grip borrowed from visiting American baseball players, he pinched the seam between his thumb & forefinger. The result was a medium-paced out-swinger carrying the threat of cutting back off the seam.
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Daniel Vettori (born #onthisday 1979) came in as a 18-year-old with scholarly looks ... and made his way to becoming a senior statesman of #Cricket Image
It was a long, long journey.
By the time he called it a day, half his life had been spent on the cricket ground. Image
There were changes on the way.
The long locks fell away early, the boyish angularity of the cheeks was filled up with the heaviness of experience; the glasses too changed from the light metal frames to rather forbidding, wide spectacles. Image
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In a team full of hardened men, who played the game with scary ruthlessness and earned the tag The Ugly Australians with deserving valour and pride, Kim Hughes (born 26 Jan 1954) arrived as a breath of fresh air. #cricket #onthisday #kimhughes Image
Effervescent, lovable, as charming in his game and as in his brilliant smile, with clean shaven boyish looks and golden locks on which sunbeams seemed to ripple, he perpetually looked the baby of the team — even when he led the side through the tumultuous late 70s and early 80s. Image
And he even went where no Australian captain had ever gone before, walking into the dressing room of the opponents and apologising after his pace bowler had unleashed a beamer. Image
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#Thread #Cricket

It's important that credit should be given to the right individuals where 'coaching' is concerned. Let's not be blind to some leading contributions that have come from lesser-known names.
#TeamIndia #coaches
Blindly crediting a Rahul Dravid or a Ravi Shastri for years of hard work someone else has put in is not fair. Here's a list of individuals responsible for the success of Team India players...
#TeamIndia #coaches #AUSvsIND
Shubhman Gill -- his father Lakhwinder Singh.
Rohit Sharma -- his childhood coach and go-to man Dinesh Lad.
Cheteshwar Pujara -- his dad Arvind Pujara
Ajinkya Rahane -- Pravin Amre
Virat Kohli -- Rajkumar Sharma, Ravi Shastri
Rishabh Pant -- Tarak Sinha, Ricky Ponting
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A thread (a mostly apocryphal yet would love to believe in story) on John Bart King: Greatest of all American cricketers. (Yes, they did played cricket during late 1800s to early 1900s)

Story from @Ram_Guha edited book, 'The Picador book of Cricket'

The cricket championship tournament of Philadelphia was called The Halifax Cup. King used to dominate in this series. From 1904 to '08 he won the Batting Cup 3 times & the Bowling Cup 4 times, & he twice exceeded 300 in an innings, once in 1905 vs Germantown & in 1906 vs Merion
It was during this period that one of my favourite cricketing stories has its origin. It has been told and retold so many times that obviously there are many versions of it, but all scepticism apart, I would like to believe it to be true.
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Even Abraham Lincoln or d famed Nazi, Savitri Devi w/her Swastika earrings is an outcaste for an Upper Caste of Indian origin w/openly practice #Casteism, the most inhumane #Apartheid. They also practice racism but they r the 1s who call out #Racism at the slightest provocation
Dalit Hindus are 16% of Indian population & Dalits in other religions occupy 12%+ of Indian population. Similarly, Adivasis are 10% of Indian population. But why is that the 38% of Total Indian population is never represented in #Indiancricket?
Its bcoz #IndianCricket is a Brahmin bastion. They never recruit Dalits, Adivasis or lower castes from any religion. Even if some are recruited out of their talent, their careers will be exterminated by Brahmin overlords of cricket just like Vinod Kambli…
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A Thread about the best test batsmen 1/25
#India #Aus #NZ #Stats #Cricket

A #statistical breakdown

Kane Williamson: 7115 runs @ 54.31, 24x100s
Virat Kohli: 7318 runs @ 53.41, 27x100s
Steve Smith: 7368 runs @ 61.91, 27x100s

Smith here has the best average by a fair way.
But the joy of cricket is in its intricacies so let’s dive a little deeper. At home the 3 batsmen are absolute run machines.

Kane Williamson: 3788 runs @ 65.31 13x100s
Virat Kohli: 3558 runs @ 68.42 13x100s
Steve Smith: 3485 runs @ 68.33 14x100s
Here their statistics are very similar.

However it is worth noting how hard it is to bat in each of these countries. These figures reflect the average runs of each players team mates in the last 10 years.

Australia: 44.27 runs/wicket
New Zealand: 42.28
India: 44.17
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Happy Birthday @therealkapildev
Kapil Dev was always present, in every cricket-crazy consciousness of India of my boyhood

#onthisday #cricket
One just had to close one’s eyes & the graceful, lithe run up could be seen, leap before delivery, head tilted to the left, right hand close to the chest left raised in front of the face, and then the left arm extended outwards as the right came around to send down the delivery
All through the 1980s with more cricket being telecast one found almost every cricket pitch, from coaching centres to school games, full of bowling actions that were almost exact replicas of the great man’s. Yes, Indians could bowl pace, successfully, and Kapil had shown the way
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A Summary thread of the Quaid-E-Azam Trophy
Most Runs
-Kamran Ghulam (25yo): 1249 @ 62, 5x100, 5x50, HS 166
-Saud Shakeel (25yo): 970 @ 57, 3x100, 5x50, HS 174
-Agha Salman (27yo): 941 runs @ 58, 2x100, 6x50, HS 169
#Pakistan #Pak #Cricket #FirstClass #Stats #TestCricket
All players are at a prime age for international cricket and average 35+ at a FC level with Ghulman and Shakeel averaging 48+. With their recent batting woes in tests, and an aging batting order, the inclusion of mid-age talent could be what the test team needs.
Most Wickets
-Sajid Khan (27yo, Off-Spin): 67 wickets @ 25.08, 5x5fas, 1x10fas, Best of 6-71
-Nauman Ali (34yo, Left arm orthodox): 61 wickets @ 23.16, 6x5fas, 3x10fas, Best of 7-53
-Zahid Mahmood (32yo, Legbreak): 52 wickets @ 26.94, 3x5fas, 1x10fas, Best of 6-57
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5 Jan 1971. Garth McKenzie bowled to Geoff Boycott.
The general feeling among the players was it was a part of a joke.
However became part of epoch-making history.
The first ever ODI had kicked off.. .

#cricket #onthisday
It was a weather-driven accident. The first 2 Tests had been drab draws, both captains unwilling to take risks. When the Ashes moved to Melbourne, elements ensured two days had to be called off before play. Even adding a day to the Test match did not help as it kept pouring.
With the Melbourne authorities facing losses of up to £80,000, both boards agreed to arrange an extra Test - the seventh!! The England cricketers were not as delighted as in this pic. They demaded more money. Good old days of Test cricket.
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MAK Pataudi born 5 Jan 1941
Here is the main painting by @Mahasatish1 from the #Pataudi exhibit in @SussexCCC permanent Asian Connection display.
#cricket #onthisday

Details of the exhibition (concept and research yours truly, artwork Maha)…
The display covers Ranji, Duleep, Pataudi, Imran and Mushtaq.
Each of the five legends are covered with one main painting and two large biographical frames of sketch and text.
Here is the first biographical frame of Tiger.
Here is the second frame for Tiger..
#cricket #onthisday #pataudi
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First of all there should be an increase in facilities to those who're attending matches at stadiums especially when it comes to tests!! You have to seat in heat most of the time. One can't even carry water bottle with them forget about some food!!..cont..
And the Price of these things available at ground is not affordable. I mean how one should buy water bottle of ₹ 20 for ₹ 70 ? Or a vadapav of ₹15 for ₹ 80-90 ?!! Or a coke of 200 ml for ₹ 200-300!!

BCCI should work on improving viewing experience of us.
They should look at other countries for the same. Like England cricket provides option of hearing Commentry via those red buds they provide.Binoculars are allowed in stadiums of Australia. New Zealand allows there spectators white boards and markers.
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Dilip Doshi was well into his thirties when he finally got the opportunity to play for India. 114 Test wickets at 30.71 - quite an achievement given the late start.
The years of experience bowling for Nottinghamshire and Bengal came in handy.
#cricket #onthisday
Bishan Bedi’s magnificent career stuttered against the quick-footed Pakistani batsmen of 1978-79, stumbled against Alvin Kallicharran’s men immediately after that and came to a grinding halt after India’s tour of England the next summer.
The bespectacled 32-year-old took over when the Packer-hit Australians arrived. 6 for 103 in his first innings. In the final Test of the series he took 8, bowling India to an innings win and taking his tally to 27 in the six Tests.
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January 1958
West Indies 579 Pakistan 106.
6-day Test. 3.5 of those days remained.
No one gave Pakistan a chance of saving the Test against Gilchrist, Atkinson, Valentine, Sobers, Smith.
And then 23-year-old Hanif Mohammad took guard

#cricket #onthisday
Perhaps moved by the boyish looks of the diminutive batsman, the veteran Walcott had passed on some valuable advice ahead of the innings: “Never try to hook Gilchrist.”
Hanif started swaying away as the terrifying fast man bowled a barrage of bouncers.
It paid off.
Pakistan ended Day 3 on 162/1, Hanif 61*
3 days left. No one gave them a chance
Even that exemplary leader, Pakistan’s captain, Abdul Hafeez Kardar, spared himself the trouble of a pep talk.
All Hanif got from Kardar was a note beside his bed that said, “You are our only hope.”
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Cricket loving PM Robert Menzies kept a photograph of a perfect Miller square drive on his office desk. Ian Wooldridge called Miller “the golden boy” of cricket, leading to the nickname “Nugget”. Cardus referred to him as Australian in excelsis.

born #onthisday 1919
Miller ended with 2958 runs at 36.97 and 170 wickets at 22.97 from 55 Tests. The figures put him at the top of the list of all-rounders when he retired, and has been matched by only the likes of Garry Sobers, Imran Khan and Jacques Kallis since then.
With Ray Lindwall, he formed one of the scariest new ball partnerships. And he is one of the very few in history to bat high in the order while also bowling with the new ball.
West Indian captain John Goddard exclaimed, “Give us Keith Miller and we’ll beat the world.”
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