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International Program Director, Adjunct Professor York University.Chair, Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
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Nov 7 4 tweets 1 min read
Debt forgiveness is instrumental to halting construction in the Amazon.

It MUST be understood as a leading driver of deforestation & degradation. Latin America is the most indebted emerging region on the planet. 🧵 According to data from ECLAC, the gross debt of governments averages 78% of regional GDP. Total debt service alone represents 59% of its exports of goods and services.

This puts pressure on governments to approve those oil, mining, and agriculture ventures that fuel destruction.
Nov 7 6 tweets 3 min read
So embarrassing ⁦@Canada_Pavilion#cop27 planning event to showcase oilsands companies. Canada’s lobby record shows oil & gas company’s had 11,000 meetings with government in seven years. That’s roughly 6 meetings every work day. Guess it worked🧵… I spent 4 yrs meeting w oilsands companies trying to reach agreement on climate policy. They lied about supporting carbon pricing & demand reduction , they undermined, weakened methane regs. They haven’t come through on a decade of promises for “dry tailings” or CCS. 2/
Sep 15 12 tweets 4 min read
Fossil fuel funded “NGO” @ClearSeasOrg released a dangerous report this month implying scrubbers are safe for our waters.

It’s the most sophisticated greenwashing I’ve seen in a while. Let’s debunk it. 🧵
@Transport_gc #BanScrubbers #OceanPollution #cruiseship First of all, Clear Seas is funded by Alberta Energy and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), & other industry. They have a vested interest in the shipping industry’s use of high-sulphur fuel oils and scrubbers. /2
Jun 20 7 tweets 2 min read
Noticing a dangerous trend in UN fora & by countries of adding the words “unabated” in front of fossil fuels and “inefficient” in front of subsidies. Let me be as clear as possible, this is bullshit language designed to add loopholes to any climate agreement or climate policy 🧵 First of all what are the definitions? There are no clear agreed definitions but the words are still already being used ex. Opening text Glasgow Agreement from COP26 “unabated coal” “inefficient subsidies” 2/
Nov 14, 2021 12 tweets 9 min read
Historic. And insufficient. That is the dilemma of climate era. We are so stuck in our current systems & so heavily influenced by incumbents who stand to benefit from status quo that even the qualified acknowledgement in text of #COP26 of one fossil fuel, coal feels historic. 🧵 Yet 86% emissions trapped in our atmosphere come from three products coal, oil & gas. Ten years ago 80% of global energy consumption came from those fossil fuels & today? 80%. That’s not because of lack of cheap renewables at scale. It’s because lack of political courage #cop26
Oct 25, 2021 9 tweets 4 min read
A couple thoughts on today's "CleanBC" roadmap release and @jjhorgan press conference #bcpoli #cdnpoli 🧵 First of all,horrified @jjhorgan referred to LNG as bridge fuel & said he has been talking Carnival about LNG bunkering. I met with Chairman of Board of Maersk last week who was clear that science does not support LNG & gas as being part of decarbonization pathway for shipping.
May 10, 2021 17 tweets 6 min read
I am old enough to remember being naively excited when BP announced “Beyond Petroleum”. I am also from Canada & for years I thought we did need big oil to be inside to fight climate change 🧵… So here is why I think @Shell’s comments today are disingenuous at best & likely very dangerous: in national, subnatiinal & international fora oil companies have successfully argued to weaken climate policy. I watched it happen in Canada & it is well documented elsewhere
Dec 13, 2020 8 tweets 2 min read
Every right wing think tank and government in Canada is out this weekend whipping up a fervour over the new climate plan and building their base against the Liberals and climate action. And the left is debating the policy details. Bold? Historic? Insufficient? Weak? 🧵#cdnpoli It strikes me that this is how they win. Drawing clear battle lines. Motivating through fear and anger. We keep replaying this same script - I see it and still struggle to stomach supporting climate policy at this moment in history that is so clearly insufficient 2/
Oct 2, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
Okay I have listened to the announcement and double checked previous promises, announcements and GHG numbers. Response to the @bcndp @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman climate promises made today THREAD/ #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 Committing to increase climate ambition net-zero by 2050 is important but there are announcements and targets and there are actions and budgets. Our emissions in BC are going up and fossil fuel subsidies to expand fracking and LNG in BC have increased 79% under this government
Oct 2, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
hmmm... a little context for todays climate announcement #BCelxn2020 #bcpoli B.C.’s emissions reach highest levels since 2001 Thread/… To be fair, because the emissions data lags almost two years behind, its worth noting that the most significant increase in emissions happened under Christy Clark and the @bcliberals. That said, there is little evidence to support John Horgan and @bcndp meeting BC targets 2/
Oct 1, 2020 9 tweets 3 min read
FOI docs reveal UK held private talks Oil & Gas companies to plan Glasgow #Cop26. So...oil, gas & coal are 80% of climate problem, these co's still planning expanding production. But sure lets plan climate negotiations with them?! THREAD/… When the world was negotiating the Montreal Protocol did we invite the chemical companies to design how we would ban their product? How about asbestos? Did the polluters help the world create the plan to stop killing people with that product? 2/
Sep 26, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
When CleanBC was announced we were told government would close 25% gap to meet our legislated emissions gap within two years. Then they dumped hundreds of millions into fracked gas & LNG expansion. In fact 79% more $ to Oil and gas than Christy Clark’s government. THREAD #bcpoli Honestly didn’t see that coming. I get that being the government to actually get LNG built feels good to the NDP because it’s a way to stick it to the Liberals and an easy way to look like they are creating economic opportunity. But, it ignores the market trends 2/
Sep 11, 2020 14 tweets 4 min read
BC Government Old Growth Panel in new report: Despite commitments on old growth management: No review in 20 years, No monitoring, No system to track compliance, No evaluation, previous recommendations not implemented. #bcpoli "We also encourage you to consider our recommendations as a whole. Had previous old forest strategies and recommendations been fully implemented, we would likely not be facing the challenges around old growth to the extent we are today." pg 3 Amen to that.…
Sep 11, 2020 8 tweets 2 min read
BC will make an announcement about old growth today. There’s only 415,000 hectares of ancient giants left. Deferring logging permits for those last stands is an immediate step the province could take today if they listen to the science & citizens.
THREAD 1/ #bcpoli Yes we must support BC’s working forest families and we can do that and protect the tiny amount of productive old growth left. Less than 1% of forests in BC are home to the big old trees that we know and love. That still leaves a huge amount of the landscape for forestry. 2/
Aug 12, 2020 7 tweets 2 min read
“After all, the climate doesn’t care how much clean technology we deploy, it only cares how much carbon builds up in the atmosphere from the fossil fuels we burn.” Just one of gems in this analysis of Canada’s stimulus spending so far from @zerocarbon @bsaxifrage #cdnpoli THREAD Overall it’s embarrassing: Canada has committed nearly ten times the G20 average to fossil fuels per capita — for a total of $12 billion since the pandemic
Jul 19, 2020 9 tweets 3 min read
.@cbcthehouse great show yesterday on green recovery. My thoughts in this THREAD on how the oil industry is holding out the promise of new technologies to reduce emissions from oil and gas development to justify continued expansion #cdnpoli #bcpoli #abpoli #BuildBackBetter 🧵 1/ We need to use clean technologies but not to expand. To clean up existing production. We need to regulate this industry so they are forced to use cleaner technologies. AND we also need to regulate a wind down that gets us to zero. 2/
Jun 15, 2020 10 tweets 3 min read
The #transmountain pipeline oil spill this weekend raises numerous questions about the safety of the existing pipe and the planned expansion THREAD/ Every company says "its contained and small" at the beginning of the oil spill. They are usually wrong. Drone footage is showing that its not contained to the facility, oil is spilling into a farmers field 2/
Apr 27, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
Those radicals @Shell seem to be among those @jkenney say are proposing “a fantasy” of renewable transitions “Shell plans to make further investment in renewables generation as part of plans to become a net-zero emissions” #cdnpoli… And then there are those radicals at the IMF and Mark Carney calling for deep investment from “brown” (fossil fuel, carbon intensive) to green to get to net zero…
Apr 20, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
Had a good conversation this morning with @TheCurrentCBC @maxfawcett on the future of the oil and gas industry, climate change and the Federal governments recent decision to focus oil and gas industry bailout on orphan well clean up. Airs across the country at 10:05 am #cdnpoli We shouldn't have to pay to clean up mess oil companies have left behind especially given they made billions in profits. That said the thousands of orphan wells are leaking and a health risk. Cleaning them up will create jobs. 1.7B should be tied to new regulations to fix this
Apr 8, 2020 11 tweets 3 min read
Anyone else find Kenney’s reference to Albertans being Buffalo yesterday in relation to not giving up on oil expansion ironic given history of Buffalo being run over cliffs in North America? Thread/ #cdnpoli #abpoli For the record given the vulnerabilities to price, softening demand, increase fires, floods, extreme weather and science calling for steep declines in emissions and production now to keep us safe, not making a plan for production decline is a failure to protect the public good.2/
Mar 31, 2020 12 tweets 3 min read
The decision by the Alberta Government to provide a billion dollars in fossil fuel subsidies to build Keystone on the heels of laying off 26,000 education staff yesterday is reprehensible. Thread 1/ #cdnpoli Given the price of oil, the pandemic and the climate emergency this move makes Canada even more vulnerable to lurching from crisis to crisis. 2/