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1/ The @VSB39 is working on a Long Range Facilities Plan that uses a "school enrolment" planning methodology. When you dive into it, you realize that this has nothing to do with "Where Kids Live & Will Live." Oddly, "school enrolment" does not even factor catchment waitlists.
2/ @VanDPAC is working with Trustees towards a foundation for a LRFP that incorporates "Where Kids Live & Will Live" as a planning methodology. Summary to: [@awong39 @janetrfraser @estiemgonzalez @reddyforchange @fishtron @bard1952 @CarmenCho17 @OliverHanson @Frasergb] in image.
3/ Also very important to use "Where Kids Live & Will Live" as this is aligned with the value of "Complete Communities" that will underpin @CityofVancouver's Vancouver Plan & is totally the right thing to do if we truly care about Equity, Fairness, Sustainability & Safe Routes.
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A reminder of how undemocratic & unrepresentative First Past the Post is: We had very low turnout in #BCElxn2020: 52% voted.

NDP got 45% of the votes of that 52% who voted. So with the support of 26% of registered voters, Horgan gets a "landslide" majority. #bcpoli And...
..Here's the comparison by Fair Vote Canada showing how people voted vs how many seats were won:… #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 Image
..And one final note: voter turnout is lower in jurisdictions with First Past the Post because so many know their votes don't count. These "safe ridings" don't exist under Pro Rep. I live in the safest riding in BC; many here didn't bother to vote.…
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It has been an honour and a privilege for the past three and a half years to serve British Columbians, to make sure we can make life better for everyone. (1/7) #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 #BCElection2020
I want to make sure that government works for you, each and every day. That is my passion. That is my calling. That's why I get up every morning. I'm grateful for the opportunity for me and my colleagues to continue that work on your behalf. (2/7)
COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. None of us expected to be here. None of us expected that we would have to endure the challenges we've had over the past number of months, but we are far from out of the woods. COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. (3/7)
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Let's do NDP highlights, starting with:
When NDP took power they kept a right-wing, BC Lib-appointed top bureaucrat in the Energy Ministry, conspiracy theory fan Dave Nikolesjin. Recently they replaced him with more far-right Fazil Mihlar of the Fraser Institute. #BCElection2020
..Next up, & related: NDP give us 79% increase in fossil fuel subsidies over BC Lib levels, a significant rise in fracking (incl right near #SiteC & other dams), & signing off on a militarized raid on #Wetsuweten to protect #CoastalGasLink in a climate crisis. #bcelxn2020 #bcpoli
.."Natural gas" is fracked methane, the potent GHG. Also on NDP's gas file, the #LNGCanada project, an uneconomic house of cards in which we forego royalties but are left paying for the damage & transmission lines etc. "LNG is a Losing Bet":… #bcelxn2020
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New video about front lines against ecocidal extraction projects in BC. When the injustice is legal, people have to break the law. 1/3
#bcpoli #actnow
This was true historically for movements we now revere (women's suffrage, civil rights, independence movements). And it's true now for Indigenous land rights and the climate & ecological crisis. 2/3
Because of the #BCelxn2020 campaign with the @BCGreens, I couldn't go to support this week when my friends were arrested in Mission Flats, in support of the Secwepemc matriarchs at the protection camp standing against TMX there. So @GraceGrignon and I made this instead.
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!!! New blockbuster exposé from @sarahcox_bc at @thenarwhalca. "Top BC government officials knew #SiteC dam was in serious trouble over a year ago: FOI docs." The NDP gov't knew about severe geotech instability & didn't stop work. #bcpoli #BCElection2020…
@sarahcox_bc @thenarwhalca ..Here are some key points from Sarah Cox's #SiteC exposé:
First, the 2 top bureaucrats who had the #SiteC info are Les McLaren and Lori Wanamaker, two of the many BC Lib leftovers whom Horgan kept, which was the first worrying sign he'd be sticking to BC Lib policies... 2/x
@sarahcox_bc @thenarwhalca Those two bureaucrats - and thus we have to assume cabinet also unless the NDP govt's incompetence and lack of control is at inconceivable levels - knew in May of *2019* how serious the #SiteC stability problems were. They didn't tell us until June of *2020* #bcpoli #BCelxn2020
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Calling all progressives: if you're taking your voting cue from a fauxgressive lobbyist who takes $$$$$ money from some of the worst special interests in B.C., you're not a progressive. Shall we have a refresher on who Bill Tieleman is? #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 #SiteC #cdnpoli
..No doubt you recall Bill Tieleman helping ram #SiteC through. #BCNDP gave him full & repeated access to cabinet ministers all Fall 2017 while expert #SiteC opponents could not get mtgs. Now we'll be saddled w/ billions in debt, all for his Allied Hydro Alliance biz union pals.
Then there was Tieleman's sabotage of BC's chances at #ProportionalRepresentation, the fairer voter system used by most of the world's tops nations, by scaremongering about "neo-nazis" when FPTP brought us Trump & Boris. And he teamed up with BC Libs to do it.
#bcpoli #bcelxn2020
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Vaughn Palmer: "Only when @jjHorgan is safely in office will public get straight goods about Site C - NDP show every intention of getting through election without addressing any of legitimate concerns raised by #SiteC opponents." #bcpoli #BCelxn2020…
@jjhorgan .. Top energy expert "Robert McCullough suggests arguments for cancellation are stronger today, given the continuing coverup of geotechnical risks at #SiteC.. After 10 mos of study BC Hydro has not addressed a # of seismic & design concerns first reported to mgmt in Dec 2019"
@jjhorgan ...Just to repeat that word: "coverup."

The "continuing coverup of geotechnical risks at #SiteC."

@jjhorgan #bchydro #bcpoli #bcelexn2020
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1/ In case there are media interested in something other than the #BCelxn2020.

Here are some studies having to do with COVID-19 and Children.

Risk for Severe COVID-19 Illness Among Teachers & Adults Living With School-Aged Children…

#bced #bcpoli
2/ Pediatric Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2): Clinical Presentation, Infectivity, and Immune Responses… #bced #bcpoli
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Journalist friends say no prior govt has so often claimed it can't answer Qs/provide info &c "because we're in an election." Contradiction: govt can't answer #SiteC Qs but it can proceed with Peace River diversion for a failing dam under cover of election? #BCelxn2020 #bcpoli
Notice all the things this gov't continues to do under cover of election, while saying it can't do anything because the "govt" is in caretaker mode until Oct 24. How on earth was river diversion allowed to take place at #SiteC when, say, Horgan's Milburn review was incomplete?
This is leaving aside the disturbing fact that Horgan and Energy minister Bruce Ralston have signalled that #SiteC cancellation isn't even on the table as a possible conclusion of the opaque Milburn review (whose structure and terms of reference are totally unclear). #fixisin
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I think there is a bigger, more existential, crisis at play for the @bcliberals. Their raison d’etre is to keep the @bcndp out of govt. Power has been disciplining in holding their coalition together. 1/

#bcpoli #bcexln2020
The only times BCNDP has ever won govt has been when there has been a split on the right. BCLibs need to avoid that - thus the attempt to retain social conservatives by not clearly denouncing homophobia, or the racism & sexism on display in that video. 2/

#bcpoli #bcexln2020
And they can't cater too much to “virtue signalling” types who care about things like sexism & racism & y’know, human rights, because those cigar smoking tuxedo wearing dudes need to still feel like they live in a world where their opinions reign supreme. 3/

#bcpoli #bcexln2020
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The NDP's rank betrayal on electoral reform is as bad for BC & our climate as its #SiteC flipflop. First Past the Post makes pivoting to address climate change v. difficult because votes don't represent a full breadth of BC views; unlike in PR, only a narrow band of us is heard.
Votes get heavily weighted at the margin of the 2 largest parties, so not only does a very narrow band of voters acquire virtually all the meaningful votes, 2 things happen:
1. both parties grow more alike
2. $$ lobbyists can easily centre huge $$$$ on influencing those voters in effect, First Past the Post actually materially changes - deforms - each party itself as each chases an easily corruptible/swayable narrow margin of voters at their mutual boundary. And people wonder why the NDP is looking more & more like BC Libs & pursuing fossil fuels.
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Yet another damning #SiteC exposé by @BenParfittCCPA, on who knew about the instability at #SiteC, and when. "Court documents & FOI materials show BC Hydro knew that shale would move at the troubled construction project, yet Hydro proceeded with river diversion". #bcpoli
@BenParfittCCPA ..Even if BC Hydro HAD built its drainage tunnel before it poured the massive concrete buttress on #SiteC's south bank, it's very unlikely it would have been stable or safe to put a reservoir behind. Given the known instability, tho, it's amazing they ignored their OWN schedule..
In short this is a tale about engineers signing off on things they should never have signed off on, & BC Hydro letting them.

If the public ever had trust that engineers at #SiteC know what they're doing or are putting worker & public safety first, this should put an end to that.
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Treaty 8 First Nations have had to watch ancestral lands dug up for the future reservoir of the troubled #SiteC dam. To grasp the sheer size of that needless reservoir, a photo essay. Here is one of the shipping container huts full of archaelogical artefacts.. #bcpoli #bcelxn2020 Image
Inside are bankers boxes - tens of thousands of them - full of artefacts dug up during #SiteC work. Box after box after box. They're being held by BC Archaeology Branch. I was sent these photos by a friend; these are his ancestral lands. What are we doing, BC? #bcpoli #bcelxn2020 ImageImage
..Shipping containers and bankers boxes full to the brim with a people's history and culture. The scale of the disruption is staggering. And it's all for a dam we did not need, & whose alternatives are cheaper & would not have violated Indigenous or Treaty rights. #SiteC #bcpoli Image
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Okay I have listened to the announcement and double checked previous promises, announcements and GHG numbers. Response to the @bcndp @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman climate promises made today THREAD/ #bcpoli #BCelxn2020
Committing to increase climate ambition net-zero by 2050 is important but there are announcements and targets and there are actions and budgets. Our emissions in BC are going up and fossil fuel subsidies to expand fracking and LNG in BC have increased 79% under this government
.@jjhorgan emphasized new tech & offsets...really worrying. We need those technologies to reduce pollution already trapped in our atmosphere not to justify more pollution. Any leader serious about climate they will rule out the use of offsets & trading schemes to meet our targets
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hmmm... a little context for todays climate announcement #BCelxn2020 #bcpoli B.C.’s emissions reach highest levels since 2001 Thread/…
To be fair, because the emissions data lags almost two years behind, its worth noting that the most significant increase in emissions happened under Christy Clark and the @bcliberals. That said, there is little evidence to support John Horgan and @bcndp meeting BC targets 2/
There is still the matter of the missing 25%. ie even the current modelling under the CleanBC plan shows that we cannot meet our legislated targets due almost entirely to rising emissions from fracking and LNG 3/
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More intel from #SiteC that you won't hear in the media because no one will go on the record (& if I worked at the dam I wouldn't risk facing BC Hydro's $1500/hr lawyers either): the huge concrete buttress they've poured is moving at the rate of ~1mm per day.. #bcpoli #BCelxn2020
If @bchydro disagrees, perhaps it can rebut this intel by providing the public with detailed info including any LIDAR measurements they have taken at #SiteC? Their tardy reports of July 31 which admit to serious foundation problems seem deliberately vague. So please, correct me.
@bchydro ..The overwhelming secrecy around #SiteC - which has been remarked on by international dam experts - starts to look quite suspicious in itself & doesn't breed public confidence. This is OUR project after all; the billions being spent are ours. #bcpoli
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ALERT: BC Hydro has managed to get the river level down at #SiteC and it looks like they are going to try to divert the Peace River - even while the open letter by prominent BCers asks Horgan and the govt to halt all work until we know if the dam is even buildable on mud #bcpoli
..This river diversion would take place under cover of the election, with supposedly no functioning gov't able to stop it. It's a risky, destructive and expensive process, and they're going ahead even though all signs point to this dam's stability problems not being solvable.
.Stop the bleed of money and damage to the Peace Valley until it's even clear the #SiteC dam is viable - and it's likely not. When you have a former CEO of BC Hydro alerting the public that this thing is madness, why is work continuing #jjhorgan @BruceRalston? #bcpoli #BCelxn2020
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Can we have this on a billboard near the BC Legislature?…

#SiteC #bcpoli #BCelxn2020
Even if there *were* such a thing as point of no return, this wouldn't be it. The dam itself, the wall, hasn't even been started at #SiteC. About $5.5bn has been spent, much of it coping with mud. The budget is estimated at $12bn now but most think it'll be far more than that.
The cost of alternatives is below $7bn and plummeting daily. By the time we need electricity it'll have dropped far further. (But we don't need electricity right now, period, as BC has a surplus & is paying IPPs not to produce.)

We need to cut our losses now.
#SiteC #bcpoli
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Which party is most likely to fund #bced in a way that reflects the importance attributed to public schools during Covid19 updates?

#BCelxn2020 #BCElection2020 #bcelection Image
What are the chances that @bcndp or @bcliberals make any significant changes to this travesty? #BCElection2020 #bcelection #BCelxn2020 Image
The reason why teachers spend hundreds of dollars each year on classroom supplies. #BCelxn2020 #BCElection2020 Image
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I was challenged by a @bcndp supporter to name a jurisdiction with a better school restart plan. Here you go: Vietnam, Thailand, Ghana. 1/?
#BCelxn2020 #bcndp cc: @bctf…
2/ Senegal has a better plan. @bcndp should check it out.

"You see Senegal moving out on all fronts: following science, acting quickly, working the communication side of the equation, and then thinking about innovation,"…
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As promised: my thread on last night's Zoom q&a with new @BCGreens leader @SoniaFurstenau's thoughts on #bced. I'll save the hashtags for the end and unroll the thread when I'm done in case anyone wants to RT. 1/
Sonia was and is disappointed with the @bcndp back-to-school plan bc instead of seeing this as a chance to do things differently and offer alt to in-class learning, she says it's been too much about jamming the situation into existing #bced framework which was already not wkg 2/
As a teacher, Sonia says, when you're trying to teach something, you start from where you want your stds to get to and work backward from there and that's how #bced model should be: look at the needs for young people today and then wk back to figure out how to achieve that. 3/
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It’s small in the scale of things, but I hope BC doesn’t hold an early election:…

BC is fine-ish right now. We’ve got enough going on with the pandemic numbers getting worse & school starting. Last round was decided by tiny margins.

Just... let it ride.
I am trying very hard to enjoy the last few minutes of deluded faith that we're not having an entirely unnecessary election for no fucking reason in the middle of a pandemic that's sharply getting worse while attempting to manage back-to-school.

I'll miss you, blanket fort

Alright, BC kin. We're doing this #bcelxn20 complete and utter bullshit.

As irate as I am, please remember that our pretty little collation government has done a decent job at social & economic supports during a pandemic. Please keep us NDP/Green.
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