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Chancellor's Fellow @EdinburghChem; Modeling of minerals, materials, & interfaces; Interested in Origins Of Life; Founder of @Scientist_ND; Editor #PhilTransA
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May 23, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
The #TIME100 most influential leaders this year features, obviously, both #Zelensky & #Putin.

One is destroying lives of many millions of people.
The other shows us true leadership, bravery and how the fight for #freedom - the essential right we take for granted - unites us

This war exposed many people, revealed our values, allowed us to reevaluate them.

On the #TIME100, therefore, are Von Der Leyen, Biden and Scholtz - all playing a BIG ROLE in the evolution and progression of the war. Note, inclusion on the list is not an endorsement

Mar 24, 2022 9 tweets 5 min read
People of #Mariupole are held hostage to #PutinsWar, are executed in thousands every day!

Now, can someone explain to me - where are all those celebrities, royals, religious clergy: Pope, Imam, Rabbi, ..?

Isn't it their job to be #humanitarians? to be there now? to shield? 1/8 I remember the horrors of NordOst siege in Moscow in 2002 - people held hostage in the theatre for days. Putin as always did not care.

Meanwhile, amazing humans - celebrities, MPs, journalists all went there, offering themselves in exchange, leading some people out.

Mar 2, 2022 12 tweets 9 min read
Over the last few days, I have seen posts advocating @RoySocChem, @AmerChemSociety to #boycott Russian scientists at conferences/from publications. Some Universities in Europe have already done so. I am very, very strongly against the boycott!
Here is a🧵with my reasons 1/11 For disclosure - I am Russian, born in the USSR, with my family currently in Russia and in Ukraine
I have been living in the UK alone since 16yo, when I went to @DurhamChemistry for my UG
*I will use male pronouns for leaders due to the gender bias in power 2/11