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@POTUS has set them up yet again with his 4D Chess
Mark My Words!

♟”No one is above the law!” [they] continue to yell

♟Our President will be repeating this words back to EACH of these #DeepState Circus Clowns 🤡

It’s All They Ever Say👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
♟He waits as they back themselves into corner...AGAIN

♟Will he then release THEIR CALL TRANSCRIPTS?

♟Can you just imagine their reactions?🤯
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OUH LA LA...l'ambassadeur de #Trump auprès de L'UE, son ex-donateur #Sondland vient de MODIFIER son témoignage sur l'#Ukraine au Congrès et reconnaît le donnant-donnant (Quid pro quo). Retournement.
2) C'est 1 #breaking tout ce que vous voulez...#Sondland, coincé par les témoignages des diplomates et militaires de carrière comme Taylor ou Vindman, reconnaît avoir lié pour #Trump aide militaire à l'#Ukraine aux enquêtes sur #Biden...
3) #Verbatim Le compte-rendu du témoignage de #Sondland est ici et allez à la fin (page 376) pour avoir son correctif qui enfonce la 1ère ligne de défense de #Trump du "no Quid pro quo". #àlire…
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@charliekirk11 "The Inspector General shall not disclose the identity of the employee … unless he determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation ..."
He is the only official specifically prohibited from identifying the #whistleblower.…
@charliekirk11 #AlexanderVindman testified that the White House’s rough transcript was mostly accurate in describing the contents of the July 25 phone call between #tRump & #Zelensky aside from the edits he wanted to make.… #tRumpImpeachment #tRumpism #Penceism #Bidenism
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Did anyone ask #AlexanderVindman exactly what he heard, in #TrumpeseEnglish & #Zelensky Ukrainian during the three #ImpeachableEllipses?
Do #tRumpsTwitterDotDotDots mean anything but laughs for #StephenColbert?
Could his twin brother be the #WhistleBlower?…
Anyone who reads this exposé will get far closer to the truth than those spending days pondering whether or not the #ImpeachableEllipses mean any more than #tRumpsTwitterDotDotDots.… #Obama #Obamaism #Biden #Bidenism #Zelensky #Ukraine #Russia #Putin
Is the #whistleblower #EricCiaramella, or could it be #HyperPatriot #AlexanderVindman’s twin brother #EugeneVindman — or both?
Does anyone smell collusion with #AdamSchiff?
Ciaramella worked with former VP #JoeBiden & former CIA Director #JohnBrennan.…
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1 The current #Ukrainian #ambassador Bill Taylor called #Democratic #Presidential Candidate and former Vice President Joe #Biden a
“MAN Of INTRGRITY,” he had issues w/accepting the job due 2 @RudyGiuliani involvement.

Let’s review the secret #ImpeachmentHoax @realDonaldTrump
2 #HouseIntelligenceCommittee Chairman & #DeepState hack #AdamSchiff wasn’t able 2 get the former top envoy Ukraine Kurt Volker to admit 2 a #QuidProQuo no matter how many leading questions #Schiff asked. Ex-UkraineEnvoyTestifiedHeWas"Never Asked2DoAnything"He ThoughtWasWrong”
3 The exchange between #Schiff and #Volker leaked to the Washington Examiner & published Wed Oct 6 2019 re: the quid pro quo shows the extent to which Schiff was willing to go to get the answer he wanted & was unsuccessful bc he was basically asking the witness to lie.
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An anonymous #Whistleblower whose complaint prompted an #ImpeachmentInquiry misled the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) about his or her communications with Congress, according to a source familiar with details of the complaint. (Thread 👇)…
The source told @EpochTimes that the #Whistleblower didn’t check the box to disclose whether they previously communicated the allegations to “Congress or congressional committees.”
Not checking the box is misleading, if not outright false, since @RepAdamSchiff admitted that his staff had communicated with the #Whistleblower prior to the filing of the complaint.

The misleading answer on the application may put the whistleblower in legal peril.
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The liberal media want us to believe Nancy is invincible. Nope! She is a dud who allows her party chairs to lie. The impeachment inquiry is a political move designed to help Democrats win the election. #ImpeachmentHoax
Nancy is clueless. This entire impeachment inquiry is politically motivated. A real media would expose the corruption but they hate Trump too much. I will never trust them. #ImpeachmentInquiry #Coup
Even with the transcript and the Ukraine president saying no quid pro quo the Democrats and liberal media are trying to create a crime as they did with Russia Collusion.
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@tellthetruth69 @TeaPainUSA Won’t take near that long

short chronology
1/ Review
7/24 Mueller testimony
7/25 Trump-Zelensky call
7/31 Trump-Putin call
8/6 Huntsman resigns
8/15 US DNI Coats & Deputy DNI Gordon out
8/16 New Acting DNI McGuire in
@tellthetruth69 @TeaPainUSA 2/ Consequences
8/28 Trump stops Ukraine aid
8/29 #Zelensky appts new For’n Minister Prystaiko
9/1 Pence-Zelensky Warsaw mtg
9/10 Bolton out
9/12 Trump reinstates Ukraine aid, extra $140mm
9/17 Pompeo-Prystaiko call
9/18 Pence-Zelensky call
@tellthetruth69 @TeaPainUSA 3/ UPDATE

10/2 #Zelensky orders withdrawal frm Donbas battlefront, triggering mass protests

• Russian-led forces launch 32 attacks in Donbas. One Ukrainian soldier killed
@EuromaidanPress reports Moscow commentator believes Ukraine is abt to surrender
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Et si on faisait 1 synthèse de la situation de #Trump après 1 semaine d'enquête en #impeachment et de révélations folles. Dernière en date, selon le @nytimes: 1 2nd agent du renseignement confirme sur l'#Ukraine et pourrait lui aussi lancer 1 alerte.…
@nytimes 2) La 1ère chose à dire est que #Trump, pour la 1ère fois peut-être dans sa carrière politique, n'est pas parvenu à "arrêter le saignement" (comme on dit aux #EtatsUnis) provoqué par le lancement d'alerte sur l'#Ukraine puis l'ouverture des vannes de l'enquête en #impeachment...
@nytimes 3)… il y a depuis 10 jours une cascade ininterrompue de faits révélés par le début de l'enquête en #impeachment de la Chambre et des infos de la presse qui accablent #Trump au point d'avoir fait bouger l'opinion. Substantiellement.
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Former US @SpecRepUkraine #KurtVolker provided testimony to the #HouseIntelligenceCommittee on Oct 3.

He contradicted several of the claims of the #WhistleblowerComplaint at the center of the Democrat's #ImpeachmentInquiry of President Trump. (Thread 👇)…
Volker told lawmakers he did not partake in urging #Ukraine to investigate @JoeBiden.

The testimony directly contradicted a hearsay claim in the anonymous #WhistleblowersComplaint suggesting that #Volker and the @USAmbEU, #GordonSondland engaged with Ukrainian officials to…
…help them handle Trump’s request to investigate #Biden.

“[At] no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden,” Volker said.…
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#Ukraine call, AG Barr, US Atty Durham, #Spygate & #ItalianSpygate

1. This article is very important to me, because it gives us a glimpse on what's REALLY happening.

AG Wiliam Barr is actively supporting US Att. Durham probe:
(cont. >)…

2. Why did #POTUS45 ask #Ukraine President #Zelensky about #Biden's illicit activities?

For the same reason he asked #Australia's PM re: matter related to #Mueller probe:


US officials can't go directly...


3. contact foreign authorities without an introduction by #POTUS.

Why did AG Barr do that?

Because he's supporting US Att. Durham's probe.

Hold on, it's wider than we think.

What is Durham investigating?

#Spygate #ItalianSpygate
#Ukraine #Italy #WWG1WGA
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How to take down your own front runner for your party's nomination for President:

Step 1: start a new fake scandal against Trump based on an anonymous whistle blower

Step 2: Trump suddenly holds Biden in front of himself

Step 3: HA HA HA!…
Because their strategy to remove Trump from office by getting a Special Counsel appointed to find evidence to use for impeachment so utterly failed, Democrats frantically searched for the past several months trying to find something that could replace it.
It now seems Democrats think they have at last found a real scandal they can use to move forward with impeachment hearings in the House.
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Mixed motives appear with @jsolomonReports release of #Biden inspired firing of #Ukraine prosecutor #VictorShokin's sworn statement. While #JoeBiden2020 may be in jeopardy over #HunterBiden, a new and darker view of Russo-US pipeline war is emerging.…
@jsolomonReports #ViktorShokin sworn statement depicts US-Ukraine judicial sovereignty tug of war over with Obama-Biden Admin over Russia leaning oligarch #DmitryFirtash ('DF'), against backdrop of overpaid #BoiesSchiller implant #HunterBiden on board of client #Burisma…
@jsolomonReports #ViktorShokin relates Ukraine's use of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion to scare off 'DF'. Photogenic, well-funded, scary pop-up Units (#ISIS #Charlottesville) a PR disaster, further weakening Ukraine's world stature. "DF' got the message too. Would Israel...?…
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Outre l'aspect logorrhéique de tweets ce matin, #Trump a 1 énorme problème de "production" de récit alternatif. Contre #Mueller dont l'enquête était secrète, il pouvait raconter 1 autre histoire. Impossible ici… puisque c'est lui qui a fourni le document l'incriminant.
2) Et encore, encore...#Trump bute sur cette évidence factuelle qui nuit à son récit "la faute aux démocrates": qui a publié et déclassifié la transcription de la conversation avec #Zelensky, au mépris des usages pour clouer le bec à l'opposition? LUI.
3) On assiste depuis avant hier à ce double spectacle d'1 président US qui ne gouverne plus du tout mais tweete jusqu'à l'absurde ET ne parvient plus à s'extraire de son propre récit. Convaincu de n'avoir rien fait de mal, il cogne le mur d'1 fait qu'il a lui-même dévoilé...
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Wow--this flew under the radar:
Trump’s other #Ukraine problem: There is new concern about the emoluments clause and Trump. These are raised by #Zelensky's talk of his stay at a Trump hotel.…
"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told President Trump in a July phone call that he had stayed at Trump Tower in New York, which some experts say raises concerns about possible violation of the Constitution's emoluments clause."…
"Zelensky’s comments mark the 1st known example of an interaction Democrats and government ethics experts warned about when Trump took office: that foreign leaders would try to influence Trump by spending money at his properties and telling him about it."…
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1) Do you know why I wrote my dissertation on soap operas?
2) Because I was home with two kids and I watched them every day and there was nothing else I could write about.
3) When these two got married, I cried.
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2. "Germany does almost nothing for you. All they do is talk and I think it's something that you should really ask them about. When I was speaking to Angela #Merkel she talks Ukraine, but she doesn't do anything." #Trump to #Zelensky

#Transcript #BidenUkraine #Biden
3. "...the European Union should be our biggest partner but technically the United States is a much bigger partner than the #EuropeanUnion and I'm very grateful to you for that because the United States is doing quite a lot for Ukraine." #Zelensky to #Trump

#Transcript #Biden
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Zelensky: Ukraine is ready to cooperate to get more weapons from the USA.

Trump: You need to do a favor for it. Work with my attorney general to help me get retribution for the Mueller investigation. "Whatever you can do, it's very important that you do it".
Zelensky: I am open to helping you if you help me. We've already spoken to Giuliani. I will hire people to help with your requested investigation. "You have nobody but friends around us."

Trump: Good.
Trump: The prosecutor who was looking into Biden's company was fired. I want my personal attorney & the US attorney general to work with you to go after Bidon and his son.
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@jerome_corsi @realDonaldTrump +@DCHammer4, Quiet globalist law firm and 'hub' #BoiesSchiller arranged for 'counsel' #HunterBiden to join #Burisma, used services of #FusionGPS in #Theranos case, defended #HarveyWeinstein, and #Gore in Supreme Court Bush v. Gore…
@jerome_corsi @realDonaldTrump @DCHammer4 Opposing sides may stop divulging useful after today's #Zelensky #Trump meeting. But #BoiesSchiller is generally regarded as 'badass' by both sides. Even leftist #NewYorkTimes and others left whining over unethical conduct in #HarveyWeinstein case.…
@jerome_corsi @realDonaldTrump @DCHammer4 #BoiesSchiller partner #HeatherKing, gen counsel at defunct scam #Theranos, was a senior adviser for #HillaryClinton. Chuck Ross joins the melee in article linking 'list' tactic used in #Ukraine with #FusionGPS #BoiesSchiller #GeorgeSoros and others:…
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Oh my Godness… le directeur du renseignement national #Maguire aurait, selon le @washingtonpost, menacé #Trump de démissionner s'il ne le laissait pas transmettre des infos sur le signal du lanceur d'alerte au Congrès demain (comme il le doit par la loi).…
@washingtonpost 2) Cette nouvelle info est très importante même si elle est (évidemment) niée par la Maison Blanche.Elle démontre que #Maguire, qui est 1 intérimaire nommé par #Trump durant l'été, et a été contraint de bloquer la transmission de l'alerte au Congrès ne veut plus "jouer" davantage
@washingtonpost 3) Pour la 1ère fois, si on en croit le @washingtonpost (mais ils sont pas mauvais ces derniers temps, hein?), 1 officiel de l'appareil d'Etat de #Trump semble prêt à lâcher la barre si on le force à ne pas remplir ces devoirs légaux. Signe d'1 1er lâchage façon Watergate?
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On top of Biden's Ukraine Scandal..…

Security Service whistle-blower; Vasily Prozorov reveals the Ukrainian government conspired with the Clintons in order to alter elections

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Boomerang #Biden #Ukraine #Clinton
Despite being one of the poorest European countries, Ukraine has given the Clinton Foundation the most donations by any individual $10-25M from Viktor Pinchuk

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Boomerang #Biden #Ukraine #Clinton #VictorPinchuk
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One viral image being shared on social media used a bit of reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family rather than the #Biden family. #GreatWhiteHunter…
A viral image being shared on social media uses reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family with its #GreatWhiteHunter sons rather than the #Biden family with its "great white" son, Hunter.…
#HunterBiden was a senior VP for financial services giant #MBNA — an arrangement that drew criticism during the 2008 elections for potential conflict of interests.
As senator, #JoeBiden spearheaded legislation that would have affected MBNA’s business.… #DNC
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WE HEAR via @abcnews ..after #Pence #Trump and #Giuliani LIE about Trump #THUG #BRIBING #Zelensky #Ukraine's president: US will give bigger bribe eg $140 MILLION. Which doesn’t look suspicious at all. WHADDYA think @SethAbramson @maddow @CNN @lauferlaw
@abcnews @SethAbramson @maddow @CNN @lauferlaw WAIT WHY ARE WE PAYING #Trump2020 #BloodMoneyParty CAMPAIGN Bribes?! TO #Ukraine's president for Dirt on Biden son? NOW US (eg our treasury) will give extra $140 MILLION in #aid Which as @abcnews says doesn’t look suspicious at all. HE got plenty from #Saudis #NeverForget911
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