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#Whales & #dolphins are facing many manmade existential threats: depletion of food by overfishing, drop in birthrates due to industrial pollution, killing by discarded fishnets & plastics etc
#Watch #Seaspiracy. It’s #seas #piracy. It’s #conspirasea
Over 300,000 #whales and #dolphins are killed as bycatch in #fishnets every year. People eating #seafood is the reason that fishing trawlers go to sea & cause these deaths of whales & dolphins. #Boycott #seafood. It’s #seas #piracy
Watch #Seaspiracy
3/6 🦈
Every year at least 50 million #sharks are killed as #bycatch in commercial #fishing. 90% of sharks have been lost in the last few decades. Eating seafood contributes to the bykill of sharks and other #sealife.
#Boycott #seafood
#Watch #Seaspiracy
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I originally ordered major appliances from @HomeDepot back in January. It was the pandemic, so I wasn’t surprised when they told me that shipping would take three months. The supply chain was backed up while everyone figured out COVID.
But guess what, this is the end of April, and @HomeDepot just called for the THIRD time in three months to tell me that my appliances won’t be arriving on time. They’ve scheduled THREE times already.
And every time, they wait until a few days before the delivery date to tell me that it will be another month or more. The new projection is June 4th. Well, hold on. I don’t have no money. And I don’t have no merchandise.
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The DOGMA used by soulless monsters has brought out the worst in people.

#BOYCOTT: Barbados, Grenada, Antigua & St. Lucia

St. Vincent Volcano: Only those vaccinated for COVID-19 can evacuate - PM…
Update: St Vincent's

Volcano keeps erupting in Caribbean as largest explosion yet blasts island Monday morning… via @JustTheNews
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5 May 2028

#Patagonia v. Trump’

‘The outdoor retailer has supported grass-roots environmental activists for decades. Now it is suing the president in a bid to protect Bears Ears National Monument.’…
“… For more than 45 years, the company has mixed business and politics to a degree unusual in corporate America. While companies are expected to weigh in on everything … — and many do so uncomfortably — #Patagonia has been unapologetically political since the 1970s.”
#Patagonia has never been a typical company. Founded by a mercurial mountain climber named Yvon #Chouinard, the privately held outdoor apparel and equipment maker has blazed its own trail for nearly 50 years. It was early to embrace organic materials …”…
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@PeterHotez 1. Only #DrFauci from the #FormerGuy's Covid team tried to tell the truth from the beginning. Now #BrettGiroir #StephenHahn #RobertKadlec #DeborahBirx & #RobertRedfield are speaking out on @CNN on 3/28. They are a yr & 500+K lives #TooLate!.....
@PeterHotez @CNN 2. Had they cared they would have resigned in protest as soon as they knew what the #FormerGuy & his #BandOfIncompetents were up to! It was their #Duty to inform #Americans; not #Cover for the #Inept! They didn't honor their oath to the #Constiution nor this one: #FirstDoNoHarm!
@PeterHotez @CNN 3. I'll #Boycott any #TellAllBooks written by the #FormerGuysEnablers! Maybe if ALL had spoken up & honored #FirstDoNoHarm we wouldn't have #545273DeadAmericans today! I'm not interested in their excuses!…
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Talked with my neighbor yesterday, a man I’ve known to be kind and helpful. It was the first time we’ve talked since Covid-19. Talk quickly turned to politics, of course, and it quickly became apparent he was #MAGA and I was not.

His horror showed on his face as he realized. /1
He spouted all the @GOP lies about the stolen election, Hunter Biden, etc. I tried to stay calm, reasonable. I mentioned Former Guy’s 61 lost court cases and assured him that I knew why he thought that, that he’d been lied to. He told me he only watches @OANN and @FoxNews. /2
I tried to calmly explain to him how I used to watch public events, like confirmation hearings, for example, and then to watch the various news sources to see how they reported it, recalling watching lots of different news (@PBS, @BBC, @CNN, @ABC, @NBC, @CBS, @FoxNews) /3
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@AndrewYang is just another example of a politician who doesn’t get it. Why should New Yorkers elect someone who sees one of the strongest tactics of #economic #resistance as similar to anti-Semitic violence?
Why would you trust someone who would suggest that the use of a #boycott (prominently featured in American & global #history to topple #racist regimes) is a racist & fascist tactic?

That is someone who wants to take your power away.
#Palestinians are first, because we’re an easy target. But if you think it stops there, you need to learn from #history. The #US has tried to target & outlaw #boycotts for a long, long time.
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OK indulge me, a review of the 10 articles I wrote in 2020, a productive year, including 2 labor book reviews, 2 reporting on labor topics, 1 coop/labor history, 2 on unions during the pandemic, and 3 with labor analysis/commentary. #1u #UnionYes #UnionStrong
First, the comments I sent to the #NLRB about their proposed new rule on grad student organizing, which amazingly, I don't think they ever issued! That's good since it would have been bad, and it might still come.…
Then an analysis and discussion of lots of labor movement data, including union membership, union elections and strikes, in @OrganizingWork.…
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Demain, @les150ccc commencent un marathon de 5 réunions avec plusieurs ministres et des parlementaires.

Objectif : Présentation des orientations retenues par le @gouvernementFR sur le projet de #LoiClimat.

De mon côté, je serai présent à ces 5 réunions.

En effet, il est important pour moi d'accompagner nos mesures jusqu'au bout. Pas de #boycott.

Depuis la fin de la #ConventionCitoyenne, nous avons travaillé d'arrache pied avec le gouvernement, les associations, les parlementaires… pour défendre nos 149 propositions

Nous arrivons au bout de ce temps de travail avec le #Gouvernement, après des dizaines de réunions, de concertations...

Et nous commençons là une deuxième étape de ce "suivi citoyen" : Le passage de relais avec les parlementaires

Il faut donc continuer. Ne pas abandonner.

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#Pakistan #France #Islamabad #Boycott

Has the Pakistani government given in to the demands of fundamentalist Muslims and will now boycott French products and expel the French ambassador?
Leaders of the Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) claimed this success on Tuesday in the dispute over the "Mohammed cartoons" as well as statements by French President Emmanuel Macron.
The government in Islamabad has signed a pledge officially in favor of a boycott of French products, a TLP spokesman said on Tuesday. An official confirmation from the government was still pending on Tuesday afternoon.
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#Bangladesh #France #Dhakar #Boycott

Tens of thousands of Muslims marched through the capital of Bangladesh on Friday (October 30th) to voice their anger at cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and Emmanuel Macron's defence of free speech.
Some burned effigies of the French president and called for a boycott of French goods.
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#Thread Esclavagisme moderne et écocides à la chaîne.

❌ Vincent Bolloré, propriétaire de @CNEWS & @canalplus, accusé d’avoir rasé des forêts ancestrales au Cambodge et d’exploiter les populations locales pour la culture agrochimique de palmiers & d’hévéa…
L’année dernière, 9 représentants cambodgiens issus de la minorité autochtone Bunongs ont parcouru 10.000km, depuis leur province de Mondol Kiri, à l’est du pays, pour réclamer justice contre le groupe Bolloré au TGI de Nanterre…
Socfin (et Socapalm), détenu à 40% par le Groupe Bolloré, et par l’homme d’affaires belge Hubert Fabri, contrôle 400.000 ha de concessions de palmiers à huile et d’hévéa dans dix pays d’Afrique et d’Asie.

L’huile sert notamment à produire le Nutella.
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Good afternoon! It is the one and only #AceReporting!

My, we've come a long way from the end of May, huh?

Today's special meeting of the Seattle City Council is all about whether or not they will sustain the mayor's veto of the revised 2020 Budget.

As always, tips are appreciated! (particularly as I am still waiting for more work and close to E on my bank accts)

venmo: houstonace
CashApp: $Archstar

#SeattleProtests #SeattleProtestComms
I'm predicting roughly an hour of testimony, if not longer. Then will will have discussion before deliberation on the three bills the mayor vetoed. If these three are not sustained, we will then have a final vote on a compromise bill. More details here:…
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1) A large number of Anglo-European politicians & media outlets have condemned/reported the death of #NavidAfkari. Executions must stop because we haven't given life to anyone so we shouldn't take their lives either. But their "support" is no more than a "humanitarian" gesture.
2) The number of wars & crimes happening in the West & by the West have become countless. However, Biden who introduced the Crime Bill, Trump who's fucked the planet's future, Pompeo who's the biggest warmonger in power, and many more have been unified "against" the man's death.
3) The day Iran stops executions will be their mourning day. They LOVE the current situation & condemn it, even though they still execute people in many US states & their cops have killed over 4,100 Americans since Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem in 2016.
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Eyes to SEE the Luciferian Agenda?
Do you know that Runway Models are starved, mind-controlled, drugged and sold to the Highest Bidder at shows? Between shows? Research.
Look at their eyes!
Chicken lovers = minor attracted persons to babies and children.
Why "chick" insignia?
...the Singularity Agenda? Not male, not female.
They are not hiding anything, anymore.
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"Our national priorities need to be re-prioritized. For instance, some argue that we need to make America great again. I, for one, would prefer to make America free again."
by @JohnW_Whitehead #COVID__19 #COVID19 #coronavirus #COVID19 #WednesdayWisdom
Civil discontent leads to civil unrest, which leads to #protests and #counterprotests, and instead of restoring order, local #police stand down. Tensions rise, #violence escalates, and federal armies move in.
by @JohnW_Whitehead… #Protest #activism
Who needs a government censor when the American people are already doing such a great job at censoring themselves and each other.
by @JohnW_Whitehead… #cancelculture #boycott #activism #WednesdayThoughts
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"...he represented large corporations that were fighting lawsuits from workers who claimed they were discriminated against or had their wages stolen by their employers."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Election2020 #wednesdaymorning #MeltonMeaux
"#IlhanOmar has been a vocal critic of Israel and a supporter of the #Boycott, Divestment and #Sanctions movement against it. One of the only #Muslims in #Congress, she has also criticized the $3.8 billion in yearly aid the U.S. gives #Israel"
#BDS #Election2020 #wednesdaymorning Image
"#IlhanOmar is being smeared and slandered in a particularly shameful manner, with cynical actors using the suffering and fear of Jews under #racist attack to try to prevent any more #progressive changes in #America today."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Election2020
Read 4 tweets sells child Sex Dolls. This one described as 148cm 4ft9" Dividable Skeleton Small Breast Young Girl Loli TPE Cheap Silicone real Silicon Doll Realistic.

#boycott @AlibabaGroup and @AliExpress_EN #alibabachildsexdolls Tell everyone you know about this! sells child sex dolls. This photo shows a sex do
Alibaba Group - a conglomerate of online commerce platforms which include Alibaba dot com and Aliexpress dot com is selling child-sized sex dolls described as ‘young girl’, ‘flat chest’ and ‘sex dolls. Read more >>>…
This #AlibabaChildSexDoll is the size of a 3 or 4 year old child. This is a replica of a little girl.

Description "3 holes for man sex."

This is illegal and unconscionable. Tell everyone you know about this! #boycott @AlibabaGroup @AliExpress_EN #AlibabaChildSexDolls
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#LFlo (=Looking for logic) If you #ban something, there is #nothing to #boycot. They are #mutually #exclusive. A voluntary private boycot is only possible if people are free to import, consume and use a product! #BeAware of #Oxbridge #debating #sophistry (💩🐂)
2/ccp Please follow this thread and vote:
3/ccpec A #boycot call is based on social, philosophical, moral, geopolitical arguments(not economic 🤑🤑🤑): #CCP is a Maoist party running a genocidal regime which engages in religous cleansing, ethinic cleansing, torture and aggression on its borders & high sees(🙈🙉🙊) ....4/
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#NationalSecurityStrategy #Credibility #DualisticTrdPol Bearing costs is the only credible way to signal a change in policy. Higher tariffs & NTBs on imports from China are credible, precisely because they also impose some cost on ourselves. Empty Talk is cheap and non-credible.
2/lad #Ladakh This thread seems credible given the clearer maps:
2/nss In a #democracy, a #voluntary #private #boycott of #CCPchinaInc organized by #civil #society, can be a powerful instrument, if and when, 100s of 1000s of free people voluntarily bear the higher cost of not buying cheap chinese goods. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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#BoycottChina. The slogan has gained a tremendous pace. Sangh stays in the forefront to exhort it only because of true nationalism coated with #patriotism!. a real fomenting zeal?.
Let's be flooded with some statistics:
> Bank of China which is one of the oldest banks in China
thought to have a service history of over 107 years, started its function in Mumbai in 2018, after a mutual agreement with #SBI (Modi gave consent in advance). He has its credit as in the past 67 years, no other #PM has such a record.
> Great Wall motors, a Chinese automaker,
signed an #MoU with Maharashtra, having invested $1bn, in Pune. It expects to benefit ~ 3,000 people with employment opportunities. Although, in the tag of #MakeInIndia, the production & profit goes to China.

> #OPPO, a Chinese electronic goods manufacturers
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A Certain Point in a Circle
Rites, Orders, Jurisdictions - The #Masonic 'Family' & 'Global' #Freemasonry
Loads of links to the worldwide network 🤗
Ben&Jerry are jewish (nowaday's Unilever Freemasons😉)
They have sponsored massive black & muslim 'refugee' import into the Western world.
They thrive on diversity so they can rule 😉 #Boycott Ben&Jerry……
"We do it all for the kids", hmm think about that and shiver.
'Sir Michael Hanley, former boss of MI5, was reportedly a key figure in the child abuse ring that tortured and killed children.'
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