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28 Jul
1/9 When teaching Islam at🇩🇪 schools and universities, the state must cooperate with religious representatives. But that doesn't mean to cooperate with fundamentalists.
Cc: @RR98013929 @greekphase
2/9 The 🇩🇪state is faced with a dilemma regarding the teaching permission for Islamic instruction & theology, because-unlike the Christian churches-there is no recognized religious community that is entitled to grant this permission.
3/9 Searching for a solution, the state has launched various constructs. For example the association officials-and not religious and theological authorities- are granted to decide on the teachers and textbooks to be selected.
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24 Jul
#Cyprus #Κύπρος🇨🇾
1⃣MYTHS circulate by Turks about certain incidents that took place during the 1956-1958 & 1962-1964 intercommunal strife. The FACTS (mainly from Turkish sources & British archives) show that Turks were not victims of Greek violence but the protagonists
Myth-A❌: On June 7, 1958, Greek Cypriots threw a bomb at the Information Bureau of the Turkish Consulate.
Fact-A✅: A Turkish Cypriot were responsible for the bomb in order to provoke riots against the Greek Cypriots. Image
3⃣ On the night of the 7th June 1958, there was an explosion at the Information Bureau of the Turkish Consulate. A crowd of Turkish Cypriot youths had already gathered there, and they were swearing vengeance against the Greeks.
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9 Jul
1⃣Nothing is more important to🇪🇬than the #Nile, which runs through the nation’s history & economy. The Nile is fed by two main tributaries, the White and the Blue Nile which meet at Khartoum,🇸🇩. The Blue Nile, originating in Lake Tana in🇪🇹, is the source of most of Egypt's water.
2⃣It has been more than 10 years since Ethiopia announced to build Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile. Since then, the prospect has loomed as an existential threat over Egypt.
3⃣Was the GERD a good idea? Possibly not.
Egypt’s Nile Delta, approximately 1m. above sea level, is already slowly sinking, thanks in part to the tectonic plates but also to a reduction in the amount of sediment being deposited in the delta (possibly due to Aswan High Dam too).
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8 Jul
#Iran 🤝 #Taliban. New Horizons
1⃣Iran's regime has overturned its hostility to the Taliban and may welcome the "enemies of America" as Kabul's new masters. Turkey & Pakistan are also accused by Afghan politicians for weaponizing the Taliban.
2⃣After the US toppled the Taliban in 2001, the Iranian Supreme Leader not only sheltered them but is now veering toward closer ties with them. Ali Shamkhani, senior security official, has praised their leaders for their resolve in fighting the Americans.…
3⃣According to U.S. State Department documents, many Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders have been living in Iran. And the Revolutionary guards would have no qualms about using them to crush domestic protests in Iran.
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7 Jul
Kanal Istanbul. An environmental catastrophe that affects us all. Erdoğan’s dream of magnificence is poised to become a nightmare.

Negative factors listed by Prof. C.Saydam of Hacettepe University and Prof. E.Gönenç of Istanbul Technical University
A thread🧵 Image
1⃣The hydrologic balance will be reversed between, the cold and fresh waters of the Black Sea and the warm and salty waters flowing from the Mediterranean across the Sea of Marmara into the Black Sea.
2⃣Although the Black Sea’s level is 30cm higher than the Marmara there is a 2way stream through the Bosporus Straits. The 1way flow of the new channel will force the Black Sea to constantly supply fresh water to the Marmara without being supplied with salty waters from Marmara.
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14 Apr
1⃣Οι #Αφροέλληνες της μουσουλμανικής μειονότητας
Σε χωριά της Ξάνθης και ειδικά στο Άβατο, ζει μια φυλή περίπου χιλίων ατόμων με σκούρο δέρμα, μιλούν άπταιστα ελληνικά και αυτοπροσδιορίζονται ως Έλληνες…
2⃣Οι πρόγονοι των «Αφροελλήνων» κατά πάσα πιθανότητα ήταν σκλάβοι από το Σουδάν που έφερε μαζί του ο Ιμπραήμ πασάς. Άλλωστε η Οθωμανική Αυτοκρατορία ήταν ένας από τους κύριους πελάτες σκλάβων.…
3⃣Μετά την καταστροφή της Σμύρνης, όταν η Ελλάδα και η Τουρκία υπέγραψαν τη Συνθήκη της Λωζάνης και αντάλλαξαν πληθυσμούς, οι Αφρικανοί της Θράκης επέλεξαν να μην πάνε στην Τουρκία, παρόλο που ήταν Σουνίτες Μουσουλμάνοι.
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14 Apr
Οι #Αλεβίτες Μουσουλμάνοι της Θράκης
1⃣Ο πρώτος ευκτήριος οίκος Αλεβιτών στην Ελλάδα πήρε άδεια λειτουργίας προ ημερών. Οι #Αλεβίτες, περίπου 3.000, κατοικούν κυρίως στα ορεινά χωριά της Θράκης. Ο υφυπουργός Παιδείας Α. Συρίγος είπε:…
2⃣«Οι Αλεβίτες διαθέτουν χώρους προσευχής στην περιοχή όπως είναι το τέμενος της Ρούσσας, αλλά τους είχε υφαρπάξει το σουνιτικό Ισλάμ». Οι Αλεβίτες αποτελούν θρησκευτική μουσουλμανική μειονότητα και έχουν ισχυρές διαφορές με τους σουνίτες και τους σιίτες.
3⃣Στους Αλεβίτες η γυναίκα έχει ισότιμη σχέση με τον άνδρα, είναι θεσμοθετημένη η μονογαμία, ενώ καταναλώνουν οινοπνευματώδη ποτά στην καθημερινότητά τους, πράγμα απαγορευμένο για τους περισσότερους άλλους μουσουλμάνους.
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8 Apr
1⃣Συνάντηση Έλληνα πρωθυπουργού με τον πρωθυπουργό της προσωρινής κυβέρνησης της Λιβύης
Τοποθετούμαι εξαρχής για την συνάντηση. Συμφωνώ με τον @PlakoudasSpyros ότι είναι scramble for influence και όχι mission impossible. Σίγουρα πάντως όχι αποτυχημένη.
2⃣Ας ξεκινήσουμε με κάποιες παραδοχές
α. Η προσωρινή κυβέρνηση της 🇱🇾 νομιμοποιήθηκε από τη διεθνή κοινότητα και εσωτερικές δυνάμεις.
β. Θα προσπαθήσει να επηρεάσει το μετεκλογικό τοπίο και οι εκλογές δεν είναι δεδομένες αν δεν διασφαλιστεί η σταθερότητα…
3⃣γ. Η Λιβύη βρίσκεται γεωγραφικά&στρατηγικά εντός πεδίων συμφερόντων αραβικών, ευρωπαϊκών χωρών και της Ελλάδας.
δ. Η Τουρκία δεν επιβλήθηκε στη Λιβύη, κλήθηκε από τη μουσουλμ.αδελφότητα και τους Ισλαμιστές της Τρίπολης&Μισράτα και εδραιώθηκε στρατιωτικά
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13 Feb
1⃣The Houthis terrorists attack on the education sector. Their ideology is not accepted by the young Yemenis, and the Houthis target schools and universities to change the identity of the curriculums and replace them with their sectarian ideology and goals.
2⃣In addition the links between the Houthis and the #Hezbollah in Lebanon are striking. Hezbollah supports the Houthis in the media platforms and the Houthis divert the humanitarian aid they get for the people of Yemen to Hezbollah.
3⃣The #UN welcomed Bidens' decision, with the excuse that it will put an end in the humanitarian crisis. But how can UN persuade us for its good intentions, when a Hezbollah officer who works for the UN is in the discussions for the crisis in Yemen?
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13 Feb
Engin Altay of the🇹🇷 Kemalist party #CHP:"Mr. Erdogan, if you make concessions in the EastMed, Cyprus, the Aegean, Syria and even in Libya, we will be behind you."
Is this considered a social-democratic party, member of @progressive_all, and the Socialist international org. along
with @tokinima whose president is @GPapandreou? Moreover both the above org's are Associated to @PES_PSE (Party of European Socialists), who in turn is partner of @TheProgressives Socialists &Democrats group of the 🇪🇺 parliament.
@EvaKaili & @androulakisnick you embrace in your EU group, and in the socialist org's @tokinima participates, a member that has nothing to do with democracy and socialism. It is "more more fascist, expansionist and warmongering than AKP", itself @4rj1n
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11 Feb
Feb, 11. Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! 🎆🌠🚀

1⃣ Women’s equality and empowerment is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Image
2⃣Throughout the EU🇪🇺, while women are better represented at university level – more than 25 % of graduates– as careers progress, the proportion of women in the information science technology (IST) and digital workforce drops to just 13 %.…
3⃣UNESCO's fact sheet presents global and regional profiles, pinpointing where women thrive in this sector
and where they are under-represented.… Image
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30 Dec 20
1. Pan-Islamic Union: A real danger or a chimera?

2. Dec 12-13 2020. The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center (ASSAM) held its annual congress under the theme “Determination of Principles And Procedures of Common Defense System for the Islamic Union
3. What is the aim of ASSAM? Official website: "The aim is to make determinations on an academic and political ground with regard to current problems in world politics particularly in Islamic world geography and to offer solutions to decision makers"
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28 Dec 20
Cinovac vaccine 💉goes to Turkey via Xinjiang?

1⃣Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the arrival of Sinovac had been delayed after a resurgence in cases of the virus in Beijing and that the delivery had been put back by “a day or two”.
2⃣The agreement between Turkey and China for the Cinovac vaccine has raised many questions as expressed by Serdar Savaş, former program director of (WHO) Europe, and concern the cost, the delay, the trials and the fast-track approval of the vaccine
3⃣Yet, the delay issue may have a darker side. For 🇨🇳 to dispatch the vaccine to 🇹🇷, the spokesperson for the Uyghur World Congress, Dilxat Raxit, said that 🇹🇷 agreed to deport members of the Uighurs who fled China and don't have Turkish citizenship yet
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27 Dec 20
1⃣ 🔥🇮🇳 - 🇹🇷 🔥

An effort to translate in English Andreas' Mountzouroulias' very important article on 🇮🇳 - 🇹🇷 tentative relations over Kashmir:

"India is furious with the actions of Turkish NGOs in Kashmir and are probably preparing retaliation"
2⃣ Many Islamist humanitarian orgs based in 🇹🇷, and Turkish NGOs as well, proceed to the warfare tactic of "blitzkrieg" in Jammu & Kashmir. The Turkish president's stance against 🇮🇳 on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is known, but now he is stepping up his efforts to influence the issue.
3⃣One of the most powerful "charity" NGOs with global presence based in 🇹🇷, the IDSB, is said to be involved in actions against 🇮🇳 .
An Indian security official said:
Turkey, through charity in Kashmir, has extended its support to the separatist elements
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