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@Medical_Mitra Initially government proposed only #NEET_PG cum #NEXT. Associations insisted to convert final MBBS into #NEXT. So that too was included in #NEXT. So, no separate final MBBS exam once #NEXT is implemented. It will now act as FINAL MBBS cum #NEXT cum #NEET_PG. But its not good../2
@Medical_Mitra Had FINAL MBBS been separate, as originally proposed, u would have got ur degree without clearing #NEXT. U could then atleast ask for temporary licence till u clear #NEXT (It was proposed by @drharshvardhan sir himself)
Now u dont get degree, so no question of temp. license.../3
@Medical_Mitra @drharshvardhan But there is still some hope lies in proposal of CHP.
Associations can still convince government to give them atleast CHP license till they pass #NEXT exam, as rules for #CHP r yet to b framed.
They will atleast b able to earn their bread & butter till they clear #NEXT. Thanks.
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Is #Turkish Opposition Party #CHP Pro #IMF Slavery? Having gone through decades of #IMFSlavery in the past, I don’t think people in #Turkey could ever tolerate that! - “‘Secret’ IMF Meeting With Erdogan’s Foes Draws Government’s Ire”… Via @Bloombergquint
#Turkey Opposition Party #CHP responds after TGD backlash- But is it really satisfactory? Hmmmm. Not really. - - - ”CHP'den IMF açıklaması: Gizli saklı bir görüşme yapmadık” @cumhuriyetgzt #Cumhuriyet #cumhuriyetgzt
For those of you who wonder how #DeepState powers Operate:in countries such as #Turkey #IMF is one of their vehicles. These types of meetings is where they determine who/which political party is “More” committed to serving their interests. Once determined they “back” accordingly
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#CenterIC, @CALFIRE_SLO at scene Mass Casualty Incident. Passenger Bus off the roadway. Please drive with caution in the area.
[UPDATE] #CenterIC 8 patients, 5 moderate, 2 major and 1 deceased. #Firefighters #EMS at scene.
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#GeorgeSoros Funniest & Most Ironic Plead ToDate! The Dark Man Who Gives $13+ Billion Of His Dark Money to His Dark #NWO Organization is Pleading Against $50 Million in Dark Money Given to his “Dark” Opposition Counterparts. If This Ain’t Uber Ironic I Don’t Know What is!!😂
It would take a three-volume 500 page each book series to cover it all- but, a few #Soros flashback photos enough to give a taste.
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seçimi değerlendirmiş, saray ve muhalefet, her iki taraf için de hizmet hareketi ile yakınlaşmanın lüzum ve faydalarının altını çizmiştik. cemaate ortaklaşa yaşatılan zulüm sonlandırılmadan, ülkede herhangi bir konuda ilerleme sağlanabileceğini düşünenler fena halde yanılıyorlar.
-chp açısından bakıldığında: akapeye küskün cemaat tabanı minimum %2lik oranda @ekrem_imamoglu nu desteklemiştir. laikliğin savunucusu chp ile samimi dindarlığın temsilcisi cemaatin yakınlaşması, türkiye için fevkalade önemli bir sosyolojidir @kilicdarogluk @herkesicinCHP
bu mecburi yakınlaşmadan doğan fırsat heba edilmemelidir! fakat maalesef #chp içerisindeki kripto unsurların, cibili düşmanlık sebebiyle, potansiyel bir yakınlaşmayı sabote etmek için gayret gösterdikleri gözden kaçmıyor. hala "f.ö" soytarılığına devamın başka ne amacı olabilir?
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#Istanbul #Reelection Today- ~6 hrs left to polls closing. High stakes. Hoping for a smooth, Democratic & peaceful process. It will be an intense evening count. I’ll report updates periodically. Reporting on the ground from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
#IstanbulReelection- 39 Districts, 10,560,963 Votes. That’s a lot of votes to count! Down to 2 Mayoral candidates: Ruling Party #AKP candidate Yıldırım vs Main Opposition Party #CHP Candidate İmamoğlu. Polls will close at 5:00 pm here (in ~6 hours).
Over 1/3 of #Turkey’s population lives in #Istanbul. A good chunk of national GDP & many many billion dollars District budget for the elected #Mayor. #AKP lost in mayoral elections of biggest cities: #Ankara, #Izmir & #Antalya, with #Istanbul as the “hottest tamale” TBD today.
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Preliminary observations on #TurkeyElections:
1) The opposition (#Nation bloc) making major gains, including the capital Ankara & Antalya.
2) HDP proved to be kingmakers - swayed votes to the #Nation bloc.
3) AKP losing significant votes & mayors to its #Peoples bloc partner MHP.
Preliminary prediction on #TurkeyElections: AKP cadres have seen that #Erdoğan's strategy of framing the elections around the theme "existential threat" has backfired, and will start complaining of losing votes, municipalities, & spoils to their ultranationalist partner #MHP.
Of #Turkey's 12 largest cities, the opposition is winning at least 7: #Ankara, #İzmir, #Adana, #Antalya, #Mersin, #Eskişehir, & #Diyarbakır. The largest city #Istanbul is a toss-up! #Bursa, too, is too close to call. AKP is losing Turkey's economic power houses. #TurkeyElections
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🇹🇷 Elections locales en #Turquie dans un climat économique très dégradé par rapport aux présidentielles et aux législatives de juin 2018.…
🇹🇷 Dans ce contexte, l'opposition espère faire basculer plusieurs villes majeures :

➡️#Ankara, où @mansuryavas06 du #CHP (centre-gauche laïque) semble bien placé pour l'emporter
➡️#Istanbul, où @ekrem_imamoglu (CHP) est au coude-à-coude dans les sondages avec @BA_Yildirim (AKP)
🇹🇷 La troisième ville du pays, #Izmir, est un bastion du CHP et devrait le rester, mais l'opposition CHP+İYİ (nationaliste laïque) espère aussi gagner les grandes métropoles d'#Adana, #Bursa ou #Antalya et de nombreuses villes moyennes.
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Living through first local elections in #Turkey After 32 years!!! The dynamics & methods are so different than US- In some ways cute & funny. Every 15 min Painted vans blasting music for each different party passing by my house!!! My dog’s been going nuts for the past 14 days!!!
The District Head showed up at my door this morning (at 8!)- gave me all the documentations and location for info for the voting boots. I am so Not used to this. Very interesting. Very different!!!
When compared with USA the cost of running for office is sooooo much lower. TV spots not in the equation. Volunteers, a few painted-postered vans making rounds, and yes: music, music, music.
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