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The trend "we are Qasem" #نحن_قاسم is widely shared today and refers to #Iran IRGC brigadier General who fought and crushed #ISIS, assassinated by Donald Trump following the advice of his consigliere Netanyahu. The "Axis of the resistance" is today more powerful than ever before.
#US killed Soleimani, imposed "maximum pressure" on #Iran & #Israel assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists and carried out dozens of sabotage attacks on Iran.


Iran is stronger than ever with very powerful allies; the US is hated more than ever and Israel is deterred.
#US (and business partner) tried to submit #Yemen, divide #Iraq, create a fail-state in #Syria and curb #Lebanon's economy to submit #Hezbollah.


A united "Axis of the resistance" has been created in these countries that are armed with precision missiles & armed drones.
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Arab Coalition releases hard evidence of #Iran-backed Hezbollah's role in #Yemen and supporting the Iran-backed Houthi militias.
Video revealing the role of a senior #Hezbollah member issuing orders to senior #Houthi official Abu Ali Al-Hakim to target ships in the Red Sea using #Iran-made drones.
Video showing the home of a #Hezbollah member where he instructs #Houthi trainee elements and uses as a UAV storage facility in Sana'a International Airport, the capital of #Yemen.
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Update #Syrien .
Im Überblick:
- Türkei verlegt weiter Truppen an die Trennlinie zu den kurdisch bewohnten Gebieten,
- #Israel attackiert Vororte von #Damascus ,
- Russland fliegt Luftangriffe auf Gruppierungen in #Idlib .
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Die Türkei zieht weiter Truppen an der Trennlinie zu den kurdisch bewohnten Gebieten zusammen.
Eine türkische Offensive auf kurdische Stellungen wird erwartet. Zugleich muss man sagen, dass sich Ankara ziemlich viel Zeit lässt im Vergleich dazu, was zuvor gesagt wurde.
Zur Erinnerung.
Ankara hatte bereits vor zwei Wochen mit einer Militäroffensive gegen die Kurden in #Syrien gedroht.
Die Operation wird vermutlich das Ziel haben, die beiden türkisch kontrollierten "Pufferzonen" zu verbinden.
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#SaudiArabia expels #Lebanon ambassador. #GCC states expected to follow suit. Decision could impact Lebanese labor; comes after 🇱🇧 govt minister supports #Houthi militia in #Yemen. But this step reflects #Gulf frustration at #Iran-backed #Hezbollah militia's chokehold over 🇱🇧. /1
#Saudi decision to throw out #Lebanon ambassador is not a sudden move but also caps years of #Iran/#IRGC using #Lebanon produce/fruit export trucks to smuggle narcotics into the #Gulf. /2

#Kuwait media tycoon @Ahmadaljaralah says #Lebanon minister's statement is admission of #Iran military interference in #Yemen; calls #Hezbollah chief Nasrallah "Hassan Ammonia" (reference to #Beirut port warehouse explosion) /3

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#Hamas - Suheib Yussuf, brother of Musab Yussuf, son of a Hamas senior leader / founder, tells how Hamas is used by #Iran to gather intelligence about Israelis & Israeli concerns that have no bearing on the Palestinian issue. Such as intel on Iranian Jews living in Israel. 1/6
He shares #Hamas knowledge of building tunnels & producing missiles w/ #Hezbollah. He says Hamas officials invest in real estate in #Turkey & obtain Turkish nationality w/ donations intended for the poor of #Gaza.
Suheib Yussuf has cut ties w/ Hamas 2 years ago & is hidden. 2/6
In the full version of the interview; He explains that #Palestinians are not free to express their views, neither in #Gaza nor in #PA controlled territory, & mentions the recent murder of Nizar Banat while in PA custody. 3/6
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Huge blast heard in central #Beirut.
#Iran puts its proxies under tremendous pressure in #Iraq and #Lebanon to survive, as they face an uncertain future after losing the elections in Iraq and major people rejection in Beirut.
Why #Hezbollah wants to remove the #Beirut blast Judge. It's ironic to see such acts from #Iranian proxies which confirm their infiltration into the internal affairs of #Lebanon and wider region countries.
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Ayatollah Raisi in a phone call with the President of France @EmmanuelMacron: "The Iranian government welcomes the development of relations with France, especially in the economic and trade fields, and we are ready to start comprehensive cooperation with Europe from France”.
"Certainly, the political independence of Iran and France is a valuable resource for establishing a balanced, strong and stable relationship between the two countries, and our common interests in preventing the involvement of external factors in these relations”.
In response to the French President's remarks about the meeting of the heads of Iraq's neighbouring countries in Baghdad, Ayatollah Raisi said, “#Iran has always been by the side of the Iraqi people at different junctures”.
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Ce qui se passe au #Liban aujourd’hui avec la levée des subventions sur les produits de première nécessité est un crime contre le peuple. Un sachet de pain à 8000 L.L. L’essence à plus de 300 000 L.L. Médicaments et traitements absents des hôpitaux. Peuple à l’agonie!
Hier, dans une manifestation devant le Parlement, les familles des victimes de l’explosion du port ont été tabassées par les gardiens de Nabih Berri. Jamais des criminels ne sont allés aussi loin dans l’exaction. Le peuple du #Liban souffre et meurt dans l’indifférence totale!
Le #Hezbollah sévit. Bloque l’enquête sur l’explosion du port, et, cyniquement, Hassan Nasrallah dément la responsabilité des accusés qu’il protège. Pour lui, le nitrate d’ammonium servait pour Daech.
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One explosion was reportedly heard, the cause currently unknown.
Explosions appear to be multiple interceptors and/or interceptions per video.
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#BREAKING: The weapon storage sites of #Hezbollah terrorist organization which are targeted by #IsraeliAirForce minutes ago are in #KafrKila or #Kfarkela in South of #Lebanon. Here is an screenshot of the footage showing the storage facility on fire after the airstrike.
#BREAKING: At-least three different #Hezbollah weapon storage facilities including one at Kafr Kila in South #Lebanon are destroyed by #Israel Air Force. #IDF is on high alert & ready to counter possible rocket barrage of #Hezollah terrorist group at #Haifa & #TelAviv.
#Hezbollah is capable of firing over 5,000 rockets at #Israel during any possible war which might last to maximum six weeks starting from tonight. #Israel Air Defense Command is well prepared to counter the threat of rockets & missiles fired by #Hezbollah at #Israel.
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Heavy gun fire with reported injuries in khalde NOW
Unconfirmed so far 2 dead and 4 injuries
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#Hezbollah member Ali Chebli was killed during a wedding in Jiyeh, south of Beirut, on Saturday evening, with initial reports indicating that the assassination was carried out as revenge for a murder which took place last year.…
Initial reports linked the murder to violent clashes between Sunni and Shi'ite residents of the town of Khaldeh, #Lebanon last year in which Hassan Zaher Ghosn, a teenage Sunni Arab, was killed.
The #Hamas-affiliated Al-Akhbar newspaper has gone as far as to blame the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE for "manufacturing" the violence in #Khaldeh in order to bring down #Hezbollah, saying "no investigation is needed" to find the evidence.
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Thread: Al-Alam Claim, Mercer Street in response to Al-Dabaa Airbase?

Yesterday, in a odd silence from #Iran|ian media Al-Alam surfaced with a claim that the targeted attack against the Mercer Street Tanker off the coast of Oman was in response to an airstrike conducted…
by #Israel against Al-Dabba Airbase. But we need to look at the full timeline of events first to understand the full picture here.

On 19th July 2021 - SyAAD was confirmed to be active over Eastern Aleppo, near Al-Safirah. Satellite imagery several days later via @planet showed
Two impacts noted just east of Aleppo itself. In the following days to this airstrike, members of #IRGC linked Fatemiyoun and a Local Hezbollah branch were confirmed to be killed in this airstrike.
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Today, the #UNSC will discuss @UN Sec-Gen @antonioguterres' report on #UNSCR1701 which clearly shows how #Hezbollah endangers the Lebanese people & stability in the region.
The report presents hundreds of #Hezbollah and Lebanese violations, including crossing the Blue Line, provocations and bearing unauthorized weapons.
"UNIFIL recorded 431 ground violations by Lebanese civilians crossing South of the Blue Line."
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That is indeed coordinates in Lebanon, yes.
Structure isn't new, pre-dates 12/2004.
#Hezbollah Weapons Storage site, 25 meters from a school in the village of Ebba, Lebanon.
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Yesterday 25 June 2021 was the 25th anniversary of #Alkhobar bombing in #SaudiArabia that killed 19 #US servicemen, injured 500+ from several nationalities, incl #Saudis #Pakistanis #Egyptians. Marked a shift for #Iran #IRGC's ops inside #KSA; close to ARAMCO & a major mil base.
Crater is where a sewage tanker truck detonated nearly 14,000 Kg of explosives. Bomb was a mixture of petrol & explosive powder placed in the tank of the truck. The material was smuggled in exported fruit trucks from #Lebanon and hidden underground in #Qatif, near #Alkhboar.
That day, I was with a group of journalists in #Kuwait waiting for a #US heli to take us to a #Saudi base for a briefing related to the situation with #Iraq. We waited for half a day. After #Alkhobar, US military disconnected for the next 72 hours. [Pic: briefing; Kuwaiti desert]
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The #Islamic Resistance Movement (#Hamas) has on Sunday condemned remarks of the United Arab #Emirates’ Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan against Hamas and the Lebanese #Hezbollah Resistance Movement.

Abdullah bin Zayed’s incitement of Western countries
to call the #Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, as terrorist is contrary to Arabism and all nationalist concepts. These statements are in line with the failed #Zionist propaganda and are in opposition to the protectionist approaches of the Arab nations to the
#Palestinian resistance, Hamas Spokesman Hazem Qassem tweeted.

In an interview with the #American Jewish Committee’s website, #UAE’s foreign minister had said, “It is a matter of regret that some countries do not act more clearly in classifying some organizations, such
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#Israel killed 231 people in #Gaza of which 64 children, 38 women and wounded 1630 in 10 days. Israel destroyed 1447 house and seriously damaged 13000 house in #Gaza in 10 days. This is proof that Israel was conducting serious war crime against humanity the world should condemn.
#Israel has exhausted its interception missiles in 10 days & asked to be provided with 907KG #US_Made GBU-31.

What would happen in case of war against #Hezbollah?

Israel is proved to be much weaker than anyone would imagine.All Arab countries who recently normalised r watching.
Only when US accept a ceasefire it means #Israel wants it, not the Palestinians. It will also mean that Israel has submitted to #Gaza's demand to protect #Jerusalem from ethnic cleansing. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean Israel will stop trying to expel the families of Sheikh Jarrah
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Update #Israel / #Palestina .
- #TelAviv bombt weiter den #Gazastreifen in Schutt und Asche,
- palästin.Gruppierungen verschießen neue Ladung an Raketen - Opfer unter isr.Soldaten,
- #Egypte schlägt Waffenruhe ab Donnerstag vor.
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#Israel setzt seine massiven Luftangriffe auf den #Gazastreifen weiter fort.
Immer wieder werden Wohnblocks getroffen, die in sich zusammenfallen.
Laut #IDF wurden diese Häuser von der Hamas genutzt. Unabhängig überprüfen lässt sich das kaum.
#Palestine #Palästina
Der Gazastreifen, nur ca. 40 km lang, sieht nach den tagelangen israelischen Bombardements wie ein absolutes Kriegsgebiet aus.
Für die Menschen dort wird es Jahre dauern, die Ortschaften wieder aufzubauen.
Die Zerstörungen sind massiv. Infrastruktur ist komplett vernichtet.
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"Say his excellency. How dare you say #Aoun is behind #Lebanon's 🇱🇧 collapse? OK tell me who killed Khashoggi?"

Michel Aoun dismissed remarks made by caretaker Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe about Gulf countries, “do not reflect my stances nor the stance of the Lebanese state."
#Lebanon's 🇱🇧 @Mofalebanon caretaker Foreign Minister Charbel blames #Saudi 🇸🇦 & the GCC for #ISIS in #Syria 🇸🇾 & #Iraq 🇮🇶, defends #Iran 🇮🇷 & #Hezbollah

President Aoun rushes to clean Wehbe’s mess, says "his remarks don’t reflect the state’s position"
#Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 condemns Lebanese foreign minister @Mofalebanon comments, summons #Lebanon 🇱🇧 ambassador to express condemnation of comments made by Lebanese foreign minister Charbel calling Saudis "a bunch of Bedouins & #ISIS backers etc"
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As I said this morning: one reason for #Israel to continue the attack is to send a "mesage" to #Hezbollah. Another: to break the support of the Pal. people for #Hamas. If there will be a lot of destruction, they will blame #Hamas for it. As happened in 2014. But this concept 1/
simply does not work. Even if the people of #Gaza will be frustrated or fed up with #Hamas - in the end they cannot get rid of the organisation. And the hate against #Israel will always be bigger, of course. What will have to be seen is, how #Hamas will keep its power 2/
as it will be this time obviously very weakened. Its infrastructure is heavily damaged according to reports, it's tunnel system as well. So what will happen in #Gaza? Right now Hamas has no competitor. And Israel has no interest in another group being responsible for Gaza. 3/
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#Israel 🇮🇱 military says it has thwarted an apparent attempt by #Hamas to carry out an attack on Israel from the sea, said a number of operatives from Hamas were spotted today in the north of the Strip with suspected “naval diving weaponry”
#Israel 🇮🇱 Magen David Adom ambulance service says those being treated at the site of a #Gaza 🇵🇸 rocket strike in #Ashdod include 3 people lightly hurt by broken glass and five people who suffered anxiety attacks

Turkish 🇹🇷 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RTErdogan urged Pope Francis @Pontifex to help end what he called #Israel’s 🇮🇱 “massacre” of #Palestinians 🇵🇸, which should be punished with sanctions, his office said
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I am a journalist & condemn any attack on journalists & their offices. In 1982, #Israel bombed our (& many other foreign agencies/newspapers) offices in #Beirut during the invasion w/o warning. However, the (@AP) office is not more important than:👇
The outrage should be against the lack of #Israel/i respect for innocent lives in #Gaza in the first place. The world's 'storm' against Israel bombing @AP and @AlJazeera is greater than the one against Israel's killing.
The 907KG #US_Made GBU-31 Israel used to bring down Al-Jalaa tower where @AP & @AJEnglish offices via @muhammadshehad2.
There is no equilibrium between the Palestinian and the Israeli military power but #Gaza will for the 1st time win its deterrence and is defending #Jerusalem.
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HILO | Región geopolítica MUY caliente 🔥🔥 ¿Por qué el mundo entero y no sólo Israel🇮🇱 está en peligro? ¿Cuáles son las principales organizaciones terroristas que llevan a la inestabilidad en Medio Oriente? ¿Las respuestas de Occidente son suficientes? 👇👇
#MedioOriente es una región muy difícil para explicar y entender por una multiplicidad de caras en las luchas: se mezclan control de recursos naturales, política, religión y disputas internas. Entran muchos países en juego e intereses muy distintos de 🇺🇸🇷🇺🇪🇺🇨🇳🇸🇦🇮🇷
¿Cuales son las organizaciones terroristas más peligrosas?

1️⃣ #Hamas hoy está en boca de todos por los ataques a Israel pero fue fundada en 1987. Su acta fundacional habla de aniquilación de 🇮🇱 y la solución del conflicto por medio de la #Yihad y la Guerra Santa.
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