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Netanyahu can do that only until US withdraws (not sure Russia would wait to respond until the full withdrawal). #Israel is weaker than ever: Arab relshp doesn't equal power.

#Syria will not abandon #Iran & #Hezbollah won't abandon the Palestinian cause.

There is no doubt #Israel was afraid of the Syrian air defence system, hiding behind two civilian aircraft and endangering the lives of hundreds of civilians, for fear of the new air-defence system delivered by #Russia to #Syria./+
Syria didn't have so many anti-air defence system before the war or even until 2017. It is thanks to #Israel continuous violation of the Syrian airspace and the anger of #Russia that a certain balance has been created, to the benefit of #Syria./+
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Yesterday early morning a convoy of Iranian Revolutionary Guards entered Syrian territory through #Iraq with trucks loaded with military equipment and missiles.1/9
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #Russia #USA
The convoy headed towards the city of #Palmyra and then moved towards the Syrian capital #Damascus.At 16:00, the convoy passed from the vicinity of the American base of #AlTanf, under the protection of #Assad forces.2/9
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #Russia #USA
With the arrival of the convoy to the Syrian capital Damascus, the contents were distributed to a number of military sites belonging to the IRGC, the #Assad regime and the militia of #Hezbollah in the vicinity of #Damascus.3/9
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #Russia #USA
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When the Syrian missile reached al-Khdeyra in #Palestine, #Israel stopped bombing military objectives south #Damascus.

Israel is trying to push toward a confrontation with #Russia in the Levant to stop @realDonaldTrump from withdrawing.

Have a go @netanyahu for 100 more days.
#Damascus responded to #Israel/i violation of its sovereignty when 3 Jets violated #Lebanon airspace & launched its missiles from above the Mediterranean.

There r no "#Hezbollah boarding any plane" among casualties since the target was not the airport.

#Syria air defence shot down 12 out of 14 missiles launched against warehouses (the airport was not the target). The #Israel/i jets, violating Syrian and Lebanese airspaces, endangered #Lebanon civilian aircraft flying above #Syria during the attack

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EXCLUSIVE: In my @WhiteHouse column in the latest issue of @Ami_Magazine I have the scoop on the US withdrawal from Syria, which sources confirm to me came [mostly] at the request of Israel... Some big moves about to go down... #Hezbollah #Iran
Okay. Basically, it's like this: Israel has been planning a winter offensive against Hezbollah, and there was concern that the US might get caught up in the middle. Mattis was strongly opposed to Israel's plan and we all know how that went down...
Worth noting that while the White House declined to comment when I reached out to them, they didn't deny it either.

Caveat: It's possible that Israel isn't the single factor behind the US withdrawal. (Though, until time tells feel free to draw your own conclusions).
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Syrian TV reporting:
"Syrian air defense units firing over Damascus due to missile attack"
Video footage of Syrian air defense units currently in action near #Damascus
Explosions heard around Damascus Province following measures taken by air defense units firing moments ago.
Possible new Israeli air strike.
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#BREAKING: It is expected that the #Israel takes advantage of the chaos in #Syria to carry-out an airstrike against #Syrian military infrastructures probably tonight or tomorrow night. (Archive image)
#BREAKING: Following to the plans, #Israel Air Force launched an airstrike against a military facility near #Damascus minutes ago. #Syrian Pantsir-S2 and S-200 SAM sites at Mazzeh, Al-Dimas, Al-Kiswah & #GolanHeights have launched missiles at cruise missiles. Here is first video:
#BREAKING: Video shows #Israel Air Force's F-16I Sufa fighter jet returning #Israel after launching Delilah cruise missiles at a #Syrian Military Base near #Damascus. Obviously its pilot is launching flares to flee surface to air missiles launched at it over #GolanHeights.
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Israel’s Operation #NorthernShield, which recently exposed #Hezbollah’s cross-border attack tunnels, has prompted the perennial question: Are #Israel and #Hezbollah about to go to war in #Lebanon? I explore it in this @AlArabiya_Eng⁩ article & below 👇🏼…
The tunnels #Hezbollah burrowed are meant to facilitate the movement and infiltration into northern #Israel of hundreds of its fighters as part of its well-established military doctrine that calls for “the conquest of the Galilee.”…
Tunnels aren't the main threat #Israel faces from #Lebanon. Before making #NorthernShield public @netanyahu met @SecPompeo to pass a msg to the Lebanese authorities: Stop #Hezbollah’s efforts to acquire to precision-guided missiles or Israel will act.…
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Today, #Israel eliminated a number of #Hezbollah attack tunnels in Op. #NorthernShield. The tunnels were devised for one purpose & one purpose only - to infiltrate Israel to commit acts of terror.

Here is a brief refresher about this #Iran-backed terror group ⤵️
1. Founded in 1985, make no mistake about it, #Hezbollah is a genocidal jihadist terrorist organisation, created, funded and instructed at the behest of the Iranian regime. #NorthernShield
2. #Hezbollah’s primary goal is not only the elimination of the State of Israel, but Jews worldwide.

Just read Hezbollah’s ‘Manifesto’, which clearly states: “Our struggle will end only when this entity [Israel] is obliterated.”

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Thread on the essence of failed diplomacy. 1. Weak words from the force that is supposed to ensure that #Hezbollah is neither armed or dangerous in southern Lebanon.
Why has UNIFIL not been more outspoken against Hezbollah.
2. The diplomatic disaster regarding the worlds inaction to prevent #Hezbollah, a terrorist army, from threatening a state member in breach on UN Security Council resolution 1701.
3. World leaders appeasing Lebanon and trying to tame #Hezbollah have brought them to march on the streets of #London, and be embraced by the likes of @jeremycorbyn this is just repulsive. They MUST be condemned NOW! Why hasn’t anybody condemned this breach today?
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Thread following #Hezbollah attack tunnel digging:
1. Since 2014 the IDF received complaints from Israeli residents that were investigated and found no tunnels at the time.
Hezbollah has an operational plan intended on penetrating Israel’s border with the Radwan Force.
2. In order to prevent easy infiltration of the Hezbollah Radwan Force the IDF constructed a wall and artificial cliffs making the penetration much more controlled and creating potential killing zones to ambush the enemy.
3. #Hezbollah has one reason for existence. To confront Israel. So this morning’s exposure is dramatic but not a surprise. The working assumption was that Hezbollah has tunnels. In 2006 IDF found Hezbollah tunnels that they used mostly to hide and move between positions.
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#Hezbollah on full alert in #Lebanon and #Syria, calling its forces to be ready for war if #Israel initiate an aggression on Lebanon.

This measure came following Israel launching “Operation Northern Shield” to "destroy Hezbollah tunnels on the Israeli border."
#Hezbollah believes war is not imminent but mobilised its Special Forces already present in the south of #Lebanon.

#Israel said its ops is expected to last weeks, declared Northern Israel a military zone and sent its Israeli special forces.

I don't think @netanyahu, unwilling to continue a war with #Hamas, will engage in a foolish adventure against #Hezbollah in #Lebnon.

#Israel real message behind it? Could be to divert the attention since its PM is facing legal procedures.

We wait & see

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#Hezbollah distributed a video this evening with explicit threats against specific locations in Israel. (Thread)
This comes 24 hours after reports of a strike in Syria attributed to Israel apparently of Iranian targets. This report has not been confirmed by Israel. Remains of a Syrian SAM were found in the Golan this morning. The propaganda effort suggests something important was targeted.
My initial analysis of the images reveal that Hezbollah is using Google Maps for their propaganda. With an arsenal of 150k missiles and rockets, some with precision capabilities they could target specific locations.
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Hezbollah in Lebanon: US hegemony is over…
#Uk and #Germany have held secret meetings with #Hezbollah leaders during the visits of their official delegations to Beirut.…
In #Iraq, #ISIS grew under the watchful and complaisant eyes of the #US establishment that considered ISIS a strategic asset, oblivious to how this unscrupulous policy would backfire against its interests in the Middle East.… … …
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One failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza caused:
- The return of the "Axis of the resistance" stronger than ever, recovering losses caused by the war in #Syria
- The embarrassment to Arab states rushing towards #Israel
- A positive push to the Arab population
- the fall of Lieberman
The #US and #SaudiArabia plan to "sell the Palestinians" failed by a failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza. @realDonaldTrump is tasting his first defeat in #Palestine.

The performance of #Gaza showed that #Israel is not ready for war against #Lebanon too.
#Israel should have limited itself to talk about its power rather than use it and fail.

Now we hear: #israel Iron Dome is not hermetic.

400 rockets launched and only 120 intercepted. How about 150,000 rockets and missiles launched by #Hezbollah?

#Lebanon can be tranquil.
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#Israel showed its limitation in comparison to what #Palestinians can do:
1. No logo on al-Alam IED flag indication a unification of Palestinian groups against #Israel
2. Revealed possession of Guided anti-tank missile Kornet: Israel's nightmare in Lebanon 2006
3. #Palestinians fired 400 rockets knowing how difficult is to smuggle these into #Gaza. A #Hezbollah exchange of experience, using a small part of its capability and wait for development
4. Palestinians used a new rocket revealing more capability


5. The cause of #Palestine is back on its track. #ISIS kidnapped the world attention for 5 years and #Hamas lost its main cause during the world attempt - but failed - to change the regime in #Syria.

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#Mexico helping unvetted African migrants to U.S. border, many from Al-Shabaab jihadi hotbed

Caravan Jihad? you better believe it!
#Muslim captured coming over southern U.S. border had ties to #Taliban

#Jihadis among the #MigrantCaravan is not as ridiculous as @CNN would have you believe
Pakistani Muslim arrested crossing #Texas border, lied to #FBI

Caravan Jihad? 🤔
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#Iraq: @AdilAbdAlMahdi was given total freedom to select his team in the future government, free from non-qualified individuals and non-corrupted candidates.
Of course, the new PM will have to take into consideration all political parties. These can present names of candidates +
If names are inadequate or considered unsuitable by @AdilAbdAlMahdi, he will ask for more names and again more names until he is satisfied. That was the deal.

The new PM @AdilAbdAlMahdi has reconciled with Nuri al-Maliki a couple of days ago. Al-Maliki was unhappy for his party (Da'wa) to lose the position of PM due to the #USA support to Haidar Abadi following his overt manifestation to "abide by US unilateral sanctions on Iran".
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BREAKING - Likely #Israel airstrikes just hit a scientific research center - reportedly linked to the SSRC - in #Latakia.

#Assad regime air defenses were allegedly activated in multiple provinces: #Latakia, #Tartus, #Homs & #Hama.
Mabrouk #Assad - your invincible air defenses shot down an aircraft!

... a #Russia IL-20 reconnaissance plane was shot down over #Syria tonight - amid #Israel airstrikes in #Latakia.


Tonight’s developments vis-a-vis #Israel & Russia are a pretty big deal.

It would seem #Israel may have acted without giving #Moscow prior warning = big challenge to their prior arrangement.

Or, #Russia did know, but got attacked by their errant ally in #Damascus = humiliating.
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Iranian militias in #Syria
By the beginning of 2012, with the increasing peaceful demonstrations the #IRGC began to feel the danger to the regime of its ally Assad and the major schisms within the #Assad army. Opposition sources estimate the number of dissidents at 150,000.1/12
Because of Assad's field losses, Tehran gave orders to #Hezbollah terrorist militia to conduct military intervention to save #Assad. It was the first direct military presence of the militia in southern #Damascus and the vicinity of Damascus International Airport.2/12
#Iran #USA
Over time, the #IRGC has established a number of trained, financially and militarily supported militias from #Tehran that are spread over a number of Syrian provinces from #Aleppo to #Daraa.3/12
#Iran #Syria #USA #Israel #IDF #Russia
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Profile for al-Komeet Forces: a #Tiger_Forces "storming unit" from Tartous led by Firas Issa (pic 1).

Group is approx company-sized (~80 men) and is the *only* known TF unit fighting IS in south Syria (now moving to Lajat).
Al-Komeet is particularly interesting bc they have close ties to both #Hezbollah and Bustan Association.

While Tigers fought IS in Reef #Aleppo in Jan 2017, al-Komeet was fighting in #Qaryatayn w/ #Hezbollah & al-Rashashat Battalion of the Bustan Association.
Firas & al-Komeet also fought with #Hezbollah in #Boukamal #DeirEzZor in Dec 2017 (pic) and likely w/ them in #Suwayda now where they cont to operate alongside Bustan’s al-Rashashat Battalion.
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Thread Upsum
#IRGC and #Hezbollah have trained hundreds of #SDF fighters who will be joining the #SAA offensive on the W. #Aleppo - #Saraqeb Axis. The deal was forged in August and immediately put to work.
It began back in July when an #SDF delegation met Gen. Ali Mamlouk in #Damascus. His coterie included the #SAA Coordination officer with #Iran-ian forces. He berated the SDF for dealing with Americans, called them “US agents” and asked them to "show loyalty" to #Syria.
Then, negotiations began when #SDF offered to take part in the forthcoming #Idlib offensive, as a way of building trust between both parties. In return, the #SAA would have to back up their claim for #Afrin. The idea sounded agreeable and tweaks began.
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#EXCLUSIVE | #Iran's secret weapons-smuggling air route to #Lebanon revealed by intel sources @FoxNews
#Qeshm Fars Air, an Iranian civil aviation company, is suspected of smuggling arms into #Lebanon, destined for the militant group #Hezbollah and #Iranian weapons factories.
On July 9, involved a #Boeing 747 that departed from an air force base in #Tehran, stopped for a short layover at the international airport in #Damascus, #Syria,
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Twelveth anniversary of the divine victory. #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel
Here he is. #Nasrallah
The crowd is chanting 'Abu Hadi'.
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Preparations appear to be underway for a pro-#Assad offensive on #Idlib.

12hrs of on/off air & artillery strikes vs. southeastern & western #Idlib & northern #Hama - see marks on map (original by @ETANA_Syria + my additions).

+ multiple large pro-regime convoys moving north.
@ETANA_Syria #pt: If/when any major military campaign gets underway, expect the #Assad regime (+ #Russia & #Iran-backed militias) to focus on these 2 fronts:

1) West #Idlib (Jisr al-Shughour)
2) N. #Hama/#SE #Idlib (Latamineh, Khan Sheikhoun, Kafrazita)

-> a gradual push ‘inland’ & north.
@ETANA_Syria Very good by @theIRC’s @DMiliband:

- The West must “re-assert” itself & protect civilians in NW #Syria & as a backstop, safe-routes should be opened for civilians to flee into #Turkey.

- UNSC must demand full access to S #Syria; for aid, monitoring etc.…
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