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Check COVID-19 information online at https://t.co/2MNxQjdaSX. Wash your hands, stay home when you are sick; and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
30 Jan
The Washington State Department of Health stands with Governor Inslee in being dismayed at reports of such egregiously inappropriate behavior regarding “invitation-only” vaccine clinics. We do not condone this behavior, and we have never allowed it.
Since COVID-19 vaccine planning began, equity has been the primary focus of the state’s distribution effort, and to see such cavalier disregard for allocation strategy that prioritizes the most at-risk and disproportionately impacted populations is unacceptable.
Plainly said, this kind of practice is inequitable, wrong, and must stop immediately. Facilities or organizations found to engage in this practice risk not receiving additional shipments of vaccines.
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28 Jan
Friendly reminder-
With the discovery of the #COVID variant in both Snohomish and Pierce counties over the weekend, it’s more important than ever to:
😷 Wear a mask
🧼 Wash your hands
🚫 Avoid gatherings, especially indoors...
🏡Stay home if you're sick or have been exposed to #COVID19
⚕️Get tested if you have symptoms
📲 Sign up for #WaNotify at wanotify.org
There are currently 3 confirmed cases of the B.1.1.7 #COVID19 variant in #WA, but it is likely other cases exist and will be identified.

This variant is estimated to become the dominant strain the U.S. within a few months...
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27 Jan

#OR and #WA are taking different approaches to vaccine prioritization, but agree on one thing:

⚠️ People need to get vaccinated in the state where they live and work. ⚠️
The federal government allocates vaccine doses to states based on population size.

Right now, neither state has enough for everyone who needs one. We only have #COVID19 #vaccine for those living or working in Washington. ⛰️
We are relying on the honor system to get us through these phases in an EQUITABLE way.

🚫 That means trusting that people will NOT cross state lines into WA for the purpose of getting vaccinated. 🚫
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15 Jan
We haven’t gotten any official notice about this yet, but we’ll let you know when we do. #CovidVaccine #COVID19
We are working quickly to analyze this new information from the federal government and the changes to their #CovidVaccine allocation methods. We will let you know about changes to our approach and plans for vaccination as soon as we understand how this impacts WA state. #COVID19
There are many essential workers and people at high risk for #COVID19 in our state. Bottom line: we still don’t have enough #CovidVaccine for everyone who needs it. We are working to balance the available supply and distribute this vaccine in an equitable way.
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13 Jan
"We expect to move into phase 1B in a matter of days. You’ll hear more of this accelerated pace very soon." - Assistant Secretary Michelle Roberts from our Division of Prevention & Community Health #COVID19

Watch live or catch it later on @TVWNews at tvw.org/watch/?clientI…
"Vaccination is a tool that will ultimately bring this pandemic era to an end…. We need to make sure people at highest risk of getting sick or dying get the #COVID19 vaccine first." - Roberts
“We are not flattening out. We are continuing to rise.” - Dr. Scott Lindquist, State Epidemiologist for Communicable Diseases

We all must continue practicing the 3-Ws to flatten the #COVID19 curve:

🧼 Wash your hands
😷 Wear a mask
🙂⬅️➡️🙂 Watch your distance

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