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21 May 20

#1 Be the Goto, indispensable person who has needed organization knowledge

#2 Make your contributions measurable and visible to the right people.

#3 Make money for the company: contribute to rev gen, Sales, profit

#4 Ask for more work and more challenging assignments.

#5 Make sure your manager like you; Invest genuine time, compliment, attention.

#6 Be a low maintenance employee: No complaining whining or monopolising the boss.

#7 Work long hours and make sure the right people notice.
#8 Keep your personal and professionals skills growing and developing.

#9 Team build with Coworkers: Cooperate to achieve goals and success for all.

#10 Take your talents and skills to a more recession-proof company or job.
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18 Mar 20

A Good Man, Makes A Good Husband And A Good Husband Becomes A Good Father. A Good Father Raises A Good Child. If You Want To Be A Good Man, Husband And Father, Emulate These Steps Below:
1). Never raise your voice for any reason to your wife. It's a sign of disrespect.

2). Don't expose your wife's weaknesses to your family and friends. It will bounce back at you. You are each other's keeper.
3) Never use attitudes & moods to communicate to ur wife, u never know how ur wife will interpret them. Defensive men don't have a happy home.

4) Never compare ur wife to other women, you've no idea what their life is all about. If u attack his ego, his Love for u will diminish
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15 Feb 20

Businesses have many challenges, but top on their list are:

1. Increase sales/customer base
2. Reduce operational waste
3. Comply with regulations
4. Avoid losses & fraud
5. Process efficiency

If you can address any of these, your chances are higher.
Strategic job hunting is targeted.

It's not waiting for Vacancies to be advertised - it's causing vacancies to be advertised/filled.

It means you have: Knowledge of
-an industry
-the company
-their pain-points
-Competencies to solve those problems

How do you know all these?
First identify the industry that appeals to you - if it is a regulated industry, all the better, get familiar with their Laws, Regulations, Circulars, Guidelines, Framework, Certifications, etc

About the company: Website is a good place to start - ABOUT US!
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1 Feb 20

During the week I used the popular Keke (Tricycle) in an out of office journey, as usual I will ask the rider to take only me so I could have some conversation around his trade.

Not long after we started our journey and agreed on the fare, he asked for permission to stop and make a payment.

So I asked what the payment was for, he said "that's how they collect it ooo".

How much did you pay?

He said N300.00.

Then I asked for the receipt which he gave.
I asked if this is all he pays daily, he answered "No, that it was the 4th payment making N1,000 daily".

I requested for the receipts, take a look:

Iru Victoria Island: N300


Iru Victoria Island Local Govt: N100

Oniru Axis, Iru Victoria Island: N100
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7 Jan 20

In one event, Pst @sam_adeyemi raised some money and asked the crowd: "Who wants?"

Quite a number raised their hands, some shouted....I want, I want, I want.

He continued, WHO WANTS THIS? - more people joined & raised their voices..
...I want, I want, I want...some even stood to show they want it,...

Pst Sam asked the more...and the more he asked, the more people wanted it.

Then one young man stood up and ran towards Pst Sam...to take what he wants.

In life, many people want things & are just saying it...
Some say it everyday and in the hearing of others.

Unfortunately, they don't take steps to go find what they want. They sit and ask, and pray, and ask, and talk about what they want all day without action.

They want to start a biz, 5yrs now they've been saying it. No training.
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2 Oct 19
The FG has an "Economic Advisory Council" with seasoned Economists - what do our States have?

The development of Nigeria cannot be achieved alone by the FG.

We need State Govts
We need Local Govts
We need Private partnerships
We need NGOs/CSOs
We need FBOs
We need You
Some States don't even have Executive Councils, the Governors are in charge with unilateral decision power.

If State Governors don't get Governance right, the little the FG is doing will never be enough for most Nigerians to feel good governance.
The FG budgets for Basic Education from its Revenue share....2% of whatever the FG makes goes to UBEC to be shared among all States + FCT.

Unfortunately, these monies are not fully accessed by many States.

Does your State care enough to allocate first line charge to Education?
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22 Sep 19
MULTIDIMENSIONAL POVERTY is not the new buzz word, it is the holistic approach by which the concept of #poverty is measured.

Your President
Your Governors
Your Lawmakers
Your Ministers
Your Commissioners
Your Special Advisers

...should pay attention to it

Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) measures #Poverty on three general dimensions:

1. Health
2. Education
3. Living Standards

These 3 dimensions are further broken down into 10 Indicators that are easily measurable.
The Ten MPI Indicators:
1 Nutrition
2 Child Mortality
3 Years of Schooling
4 School Attendance
5 Cooking Fuel
6 Sanitation
7 Water
8 Electricity
9 Floor
10 Asset

The Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs provide direction on how to implement measures to reduce poverty.
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9 Sep 19
BUSINESS SECRETS FROM THE BIBLE: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance
- Rabbi Daniel Lapin


Secret #1: God Wants Each of Us to Be Obsessively Preoccupied with the Needs and Desires of His Other Children


Secret #2: An Infinite God Created Us in His Image with Infinite Imagination, Potential, Creative Power, and Desires

Secret #3: Humans Alone Possess the Ability to Transform Themselves 

Secret #4: The Universe Was Created for Connection

Secret #5: Making Money Is a Spiritual Activity

Secret #6: Everything Important and Joyful You Have Achieved Has Been in Partnership with at Least One Other Person
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2 Sep 19
TO WHAT EXTENT CAN THIS JOB TAKE YOU - Supervisory level, Managerial level, Executive level, or a dead end?

A #Thread of what you should know about your current job and what you can do to manage your career.
Some people get into a job, spend years on the same role and same position without growth.

Some times, salary may change but there is no tangible career growth - you need to ask questions.
What's career growth?

Career growth is the process of moving from one point of the corporate ladder to another. One of the most popular ways through which career growth is achieved is through promotions. 
- @Jobbermandotcom
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29 Aug 19
NEW SCHOOL SESSION - Checklists for Parents:

Is the school registered?

Are the teachers professional teachers?

Is there retraining for teachers?

Are there social disturbances here?

How many pupils per class?

Is there a school library?

Is there a sickbay?

Is there a nurse?

Is there first aid box?

Do you have nannies?

How clean are the toilets?

How clean are the classes?

How comfortable are the chairs?

What are the extracurricular activities?

Inclusion of Technology instruction?

How many sch days make up the term?

What's the instructional hours per day?

Will my child lose out without after sch?

Any emergency policy or plan for kids?

Do you hold PTA meetings & how often?

How do you discipline erring kids?
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28 Aug 19
MONEY LAUNDERING is real, it is an emerging risk, don't be a victim.

It is the process of legitimatizing unclean money by introducing into a valid & trusted system.

The intention is to mystify the origin and 'clean' the money for legal business transactions.

Cc @yinkanubi
The origin of the money is ILLEGAL.

The owner of such then looks for a way to make it LEGAL - that's the cleaning process - by introducing it into a trusted system.

Often, once the money gets into the system they look for a way to get it out and fast. NEVER LEFT FOR LONG!
Then they use the money to start a business however MONEY LAUNDERING KILLS BUSINESSES.


They sell cheaper and make a mess of competitors.


Since they didn't do any real and legitimate business, they have no overheads or much of the variables real businesses consider.
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23 Aug 19
If you get an alert randomly from an anonymous account, before you start singing "Baba God answer prayer...", find out who it was that sent it.

All transactions traceable to fraudulent accounts & owners will be listed and some explanations will be required.
I have seen people thanking God for some money they weren't expecting and didn't bother to know who was that generous to dash them money.

This is not the time. You have to be able to explain whatever comes into your account...and especially what you spend.
If any money lands in your account, find out who it was - don't be a victim of fraudulent transfers and money laundering.

Being mentioned on a list of beneficiaries of fraudulent proceeds can be a red flag...your account may be restricted or watch listed for a while.

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4 Jul 19

Look at her,
Your Sisters from another mother...they live in fear...

They used to be free with you,
But now they don't just know what you are up to...

They would rather stay away,
Than become a victim of your escapades...

The other day, uncle and the male cousin visited,
And they locked her away from them...
Because no one knows...

Our parents would not allow her stay in a solitary place with him,
Because no one knows...

The image of the Man now is not one of a brother but a bruiser...

You failed us...
Little lady can't be free where you are,
Even in your innocent mind...
Something's running through Sister's mind...
Because no one knows...

Look at how you've messed us up...
Now we have to explain we're not like this or that...
That we mean well for her.

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1 Jun 19

A #Thread

Personal information is the new target and by all means possible, fraudsters are collecting whatever can get them through to your financials and make them smile to the Bank.

What are the information they are looking for?
Full name
User name(s)
Email address
Phone No.
State of Origin
State of Residence
Date of Birth
National ID
Driver's Licence
Credit/Debit card details
Mother’s maiden name
Place of birth
Passport ID

How are Fraudsters getting these info?
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11 May 19
YOU LIKE AWOOF INTERNET THROUGH FREE HOTSPOTS OR PUBLIC WIFI - and you connect to your Bank through same, make purchases on e-commerce sites, access your email, Social Media or make transactions online, YOU MAY BE IN DANGER.

A #Thread

According to the Nigerian Communication Commissions, as at Feb 2019, Nigeria has about 115m internet subscribers of the 173m mobile subscribers.

Of course this doesn't mean 115m people but it shows internet penetration is on the rise from less than 90m 4yrs ago.
Due to the high cost of living, quite a number may not be able to afford subscribing for internet, hence the reliance on free WiFi where ever they are available.

Even those that can afford, also look for free WiFi in public/private places like hotels, cafeteria, etc
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4 May 19
KNOW YOUR PAYMENT CARD DETAILS - and keep them safe from fraudsters and scammers.

A #Thread

Cc @yinkanubi

#BeWare #Beaware
Your payment card - debit, credit or prepaid - contains loads of information.

Two types mainly:
Those that can be read electronically
Those that can be read physically

Let's focus on the easiest and most vulnerable - those that can be read physically.
Your payment card has:
Bank name
PAN - Primary Account Number
Cardholder name
Expiry Date
Card brand
CVV - Card Verification Value

A combination of these data are used to consummate financial transactions and therefore need to be protected.
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1 May 19

May you not be a victim but these are the steps you can take to prevent collateral damage if you lose your phone.

A #Thread

Cc @yinkanubi

#Beware #BeAware
When people lose their phones, usually they are loss of things like:

The lost phone
The Contacts
The Messages
The Apps
The Images & Videos
...and may be ease of use of their day to day applications/utilities as they have been well accustomed to the workings.
Usually, there are steps that you can take to prevent total loss when situation like this happens.

You can:
Insure your phone on theft.

Install some security solutions that can remotely wipe your data.

Get apps that can track the phone wherever it is & with who.
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27 Apr 19

#Thread on Being Mindful of Your Electronic or Financial Information.

Cc @yinkanubi
Your receipt is your evidence of transaction and can be useful during dispute resolution.

A guy bought an adulterated fuel that led to the breakdown of his car, the receipt from the fuel station came handy and cut all stories that touch.
Your transaction receipt is either kept safe if still useful or destroyed because they can be subject of crime investigation if found in a crime scene.

Then you will have to explain how your information got to some questionable location.
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19 Apr 19
If you are downloading and installing Apps, know what you're giving them access and permission to: Your

Device/Apps history
Initiate purchases
User accounts
Call logs
Device information


Cc @yinkanubi
Sometimes, these permissions are necessary for convenience but often times, you're trading CONVENIENCE 4 SECURITY.

Nothing is free. If I need the contacts of 1m Nigerians, nothing stops me from investing in an App they need, give them for 'free' while I take their SMS, Contacts
A lot of these applications take your SMS (bank notifications, bank info, OTP), Contacts, Photos, Device Information, etc and allow you to use them for free.

That's not free....they have practically taken your secret for free too. Be mindful of these applications.
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6 Feb 19
QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD NEVER ANSWER ON/OFFLINE - Have you been asked about your -

- Childhood
- Family
- Favorites
- Favorites Historical
- Firsts
- Personal Characteristics
- Education
- Work

A #thread

#SecurityQuestions #Beware #BeAware #Risk #Security
A security question is a form of shared secret used as an authenticator.

It is commonly used by banks, cable companies and wireless providers as an extra security layer. - @Wikipedia

#SecurityQuestions #Beware #BeAware #Risk #Security
When a random post asks you any or a combination of any the following questions, let your antenna be up and please ignore:

The house number & street name you lived in as a child?

#SecurityQuestions #Beware #BeAware #Risk #Security
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21 Jan 19
Politics apart, the supreme head of our JUDICIARY is not in compliant with the LAW and he still maintains his office.

Even if there is a process, couldn't he on personal integrity & accountability consider the larger population and the profession?

What exactly do we call this?
This further reinforces my thought that those who make and know the law are of greater danger to the law than those the law are made for - the public & commoners.

They know the law and will always find their way around it thereby destroying the essence of a sacred institution.
The Nigerian laws are respecter of persons.

They are more often than not, more applicable to the poor, the vulnerable and the defenseless.

With the poor, the wheel of justice accelerates at the speed of light but with the rich & the privileged, it drags like a drunken snail.
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