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Who gets access to land in #Kenya's Nanyuki Area? Find out through our new paper on a full inventory of large agricultural investments in the region we developped together with our Kenyan colleagues #decolonizescience
Many experts agree that more agricultural investment is needed in the global South to improve local #foodsecurity and reduce #poverty. However, there is a lack of consensus about the types of investment needed to achieve these goals.
We inventoried a total of 48 active farms and ranches in the area and conducted two rounds of semi-structured interviews with 33 owners, directors, or managers of large agricultural investments.
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The 2nd Special Rapporteur on the #RighttoFood, Olivier de Schutter, delivered his final report to the Human Rights Council of the UN General Assembly on 24 Jan 2014. It was titled "The transformative potential of the right to food"
De Schutter's 6-year mandate (2008-2014) coincided with the Global Food Crisis of 2007 - that preceded the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. He visited 13 countries, prepared 10 reports on thematic issues and 2 special reports on the Global Food Crisis -
He said:"The #righttofood is the right of every individual, alone or in community w others, to have physical & economic access at all times to sufficient, adequate & culturally acceptable food that is produced & consumed sustainably, preserving access 2 food 4 future generations"
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Food stamps. I needed some new art for the living room, so I used images related to food stamps to make a digital collage and had it printed on canvas; I like how it turned out. Why food stamps? I wanted to reclaim the power of the images. #poverty #dignity #kindness Image
I have a complicated relationship with food stamps (today we call it SNAP). I’m grateful we had food stamps so we could eat when I was young. There’s one painful memory I can’t shake.
Mom sent me to a grocery store in Greenwood in 1984 with a shopping list and a handful of food stamps which she’d torn out of the booklet they come in.
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Migrating out of Poverty
The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium focuses on the relationship between internal and regional #migration and #poverty in #Africa and #Asia. It is funded by the UK’s @DFID_UK and coordinated out of the @SussexUni.
Stories from the Southern Route
#Ethiopia has been a focus country for #EU directives and #IOM action plans to control irregular migration towards #SouthAfrica, #Libya and the #MiddleEast.

🇰🇪 ✒️ Maddo
#Migrants & #Smugglers
This comic is based on research conducted by Doudou Gueye, the @unirankorg in collaboration with @priyadeshingkar, the @SussexUni, in the Casamance area of Senegal.

🇰🇪 ✒️ Maddo
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Bringing Human Rights to Mental Health Care: An Interview with @UNHumanRights Envvoy Dainius Pūras

#UnitedNations Special Rapporteur Dainius Pūras discusses his own journey as a #psychiatrist and the future of #rightsbased approaches to #mentalhealth.…
The families and children I met were actually my real teachers. They were teaching me about ethical #psychiatry. They were teaching me that if you take #humanrights out of psychiatry, then it becomes dangerous and toxic.
It’s not black and white. It’s not about denouncing the medical model, but we’ve identified huge asymmetries and power imbalances in the field. #Mentalhealth care has gone wrong for several reasons but drugs were announced as if they were more effective than other interventions.
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1. #SriLanka has been successful in its fight against #COVID19 w/ only 9 deaths and 1,027 cases confirmed as of 18 May. The gov. quickly mobilized resources through a special fund and strengthened state-funded universal health care services @WHOSEARO. See
@WHOSEARO 2. It adopted a strict curfew on 20 March, reaching an Oxford #StringencyIndex of 100 with the closure of business and schools and adoption of curfew. Lately, the country has relaxed some of these measures with a view to reopening business @uniofoxford.
@WHOSEARO @UniofOxford 3. #SocialProtection programmes were adapted to help families cope with the effects of the curfew. Several programmes experienced horizontal and vertical expansion and changes in implementation features to respond to the #COVID19 crisis. See @SP_Gateway
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I'm surprised at the problems people have with understanding my pinned tweet. I realize many have ideological blinders that make it hard to see the actual words and their literal meaning. But a more fundamental, and much more alarming, issue is that so
many seem to not understand the concept production. The point of production is to make something more useful and thus more valuable. Our default and starting point as a species (and, typically, for us as individual beings) is to do and having done nothing. We do things because
that offers (or at least promises) more value in our lives (survival, reproduction, comfort, entertainment, etc.). If we do not act, we do not produce those valued outcomes. That is by definition to live in #poverty. The alternative, to have access to a great mass of produced
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*NEW @JAMA_current study*

We find stark differences in #COVID19 related hospitalization & death rates across #NewYork City boroughs.

#COVID19 death rates among residents of the #Bronx are 2X ⬆ than in #Manhattan…
The number of #COVID19 patient hospitalizations per 100,000 population is also much ⬆ in the #Bronx than in #Manhattan. 2/
The #Bronx has the highest proportion of racial/ethnic #minorities & the most persons living in #poverty.

In contrast, #Manhattan is the most affluent borough, with a predominately white population. 3/
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World Economic Forum: "Lockdown is the world's biggest #psychological #experiment - & we will pay the price"

Apr 9 2020 "With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of #lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever"

"Unfortunately, we already have a good idea of its results. In late Feb 2020, right before EU countries mandated various forms of lockdowns, The Lancet published a review of 24 studies documenting the #psychological impact of quarantine."

"The findings offer a glimpse of what is brewing in hundreds of millions of households around the world...

people who are #quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of #psychological #stress and #disorder..."

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@thenation "Official measure of poverty (1964) doesn’t take into acct household expenses: health care, child care, housing & transportation... As poverty's grown & spread, political weapons of politicians & ruling elite over past decades has been to minimize, dismiss & racialize it."
@thenation "Core govt functions have been turned over to private sector & free market. Levels of poverty & inequality now outmatch those seen in Gilded Age. This laid groundwork for rapid spread of death & disease via #COVID19 pandemic's disproportionate impact on poor ppl & ppl of color."
@thenation "After Katrina... One state legislator was overheard telling lobbyists, 'We finally cleaned out public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did.'

It hardly takes a stretch of the imagination to envision similar braggadocio in the post-#coronavirus era.

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It is a desperate pitched #battle that #humanity is waging to stop the deadly advance of the #coronavirus.

Since its appearance in #Wuhan #China three months ago, the pandemic has infected one million people and killed 50,000, on a planet inhabited by 6 billion human beings.
Much of the world's population today is #besieged in cities, entrenched in their homes, as an extreme measure to escape the #plague & save lives.

We’re living, without a doubt, a time of tension & psychological crisis, while science, in a fight against the clock, is looking in
medicine for a solution to the challenges of the #pandemic.

The coronavirus is telling the world, in all shades, that #life is more important than #capital, because without life there is no factory.

Salvation is in human #solidarity and not in the perversity of Donald #Trump,
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Hi all, I've made a blog called '#CertainSupport' that will collate information of spaces of help during these strange times. It's very basic but I hope it is useful and am open to suggestions and more information.
today's blog covers help for the #elderly in #Pune for #food and #medical supplies.…
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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From Carol Gammel. . :
According to the #Indigenous, there is much #poverty on the reserves. Take a look at what the Government pays the #Chiefs and #Executives on the #reserves....
The city of #Thompson, Manitoba with 13,446 residents pay their mayor, deputy mayor and council members at total of $80,474.45 annually for taxable salaries and per diems...
(the mayor's annual indemnity is $29,745.45 per
annum, council members are paid $9,915.15 per annum and the deputy mayor gets $11,068.40 per annum...
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A few years ago I went to work as a #server sick cause I was afraid I’d get in trouble taking a sick day. I dropped a plate off and went into the bac and I coughed and coughed. When I finished, I came back out and the table waved me over. The man at the table looked at me and 1/
Asked I had a fever. I was very embarrassed and said yes. He asked how long I had been coughing. I said a week. He looked at me and said “take a deep breath for me.” I thought this was strange but I did. You could hear my lungs rattle. The man looks at me critically and says /2
“Do you know you have have pneumonia?” I said no, I didn’t, why did he think that? And he says, “Because I’m a Doctor. You need to go home.”

He asks for my name. I’m feeling weaker and weaker and was leaning on the table while we talked. He told me to sit so I sat. Then he /3
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#SuicidePrevention: why I dislike the term, and what it often seems to come down to. How about instead we #Makelifeworthliving. Just some thoughts in a thread.
#SuicidePrevention feels like a negative designed to counteract another negative - that is, thwarting the wish to die. It's focus is to stop us from exerting control, in what may feel like the only meaningful way that is left when we've lost hope.
Removing access to 'means': a well-intentioned strategy, but what will it actually achieve? As for trying to reduce access or eliminate them all? Well.
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2/ Yesterday, Nigeria's Prez. @MBuhari & his Chief of @HQNigerianArmy Staff, #TukurBuratai, in their statements subtly disclosed they are aware of the root causes of Nigeria's broken internal security architecture, that has degenerated in #MassKillings by TERRORISTS & BANDITS.
3/ In an interview with @THISDAYLIVE @ARISEtv & @thecableng, #TukurBuratai disclosed that his principal @MBuhari knows how to end the madness by BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS & BANDITS, across Northern & Southern Nigeria, arguing that sacking #ServiceChiefs won't end the #MassKillings.
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Lets talk about #Gold #Mining in #SouthAfrica. Specifically, lets talk about #AngloGold's exit from South Africa & its impact on say, #Lesotho #Migrant #Mine workers...
The latest #news in the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry is that #AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s third-largest gold miner, has sealed a deal to sell its last remaining SA asset as it exits the country after 22 years on the #JSE...
I will not be talking about the "WHY" aspect of #AngloGold's exit from the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry. Rather, my focus will be on the consequences of such a move for #Labour, #Migrant labour to be precise. Labour from #Lesotho, specifically...
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Lets talk about #Argentina and the #IMF. Specifically, lets talk about the biggest IMF #Bailout in #History...
Before we start talking about #Argentina & how the #IMF has extended to them a #Bailout that is by far the biggest in the organisation's history, let us first appreciate what the functions of the IMF are...
The #IMF’s main goal is to ensure #stability of the #international #monetary & #financial #system. It helps resolve crises, and works with its 189 member countries to promote #growth & alleviate #poverty...
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Thread on #poverty, #racism, & #MLK:
#MLKDay #MLKDay2020

Reflecting back upon the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1 point always stands out, a searing reminder of what was – and still is – America’s grossest injustice: /1
that in the one of the richest nations in the world, so many millions of people remain trapped in cyclical, soul-crushing poverty. /2
Dr. King, of course, regularly received death threats as he fought for political rights for African Americans. Police and law enforcement agents beat and jailed him repeatedly for his stances on social equity. /3
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🤦🏻‍♂️.... ok, this has been going on for two days, now, and showing no signs of stopping. So, let’s be clear:

2 days ago, CNN “Reported” that 4 unnamed Warren staffers say that, over a year ago, Bernie told Warren that “A woman can’t win the Presidency”. 1/
....four decades of evidence of Sanders saying exactly the opposite, and the fact that he encountered Warren to run in the 2016 election means nothing to CNN, it seems.... 2/
This, it seems, is ‘journalism’. What passes for hair salon gossip is just as good as real news on what we’re told to believe is a real new station. CNN bristled at being called ‘fake news’ but thinks gossip is the same thing as journalism? Ok....3/
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Sui'cides are unfortunate, Sui'cides are Cowardice. But to negate the Leftists & Lutyens propaganda around it we must be aware of facts and figures. This thread is analysis of Sui'cides in 'India'. All figures have been taken from #NCRB portal.

If distress among'st people have actually Increased post 2014, as Lutyen's media & Congress keep on crying, then how come 'Rate of Suicide' is actually Decreasing.

If 'Un-Employment' in 'India' is actually 45 year high as Congress & Lutyen's Media continuously keep on crying, how come Count of Sui'cides due to 'Un-Employment' & Rate of Suicide' is constant ? We must know that NSSO didn't release any report.

#Unemplyoment #Suicides
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Wondering what’s happening with #socialassistance reform in Ontario?

Here’s a new report from @maytree_canada on Service Transformation in Ontario Works.

It's lengthy, so I’ve tried to capture the threads with, well, this thread🧵. #onpoli…
Though the gov repealed some of its early decisions on income support, there are significant changes underway on the service delivery side, in particular changes to the employment and skills training offered to #OntarioWorks recipients that we need to pay attention to.
The paper explores what these changes are, whether they address the root causes leading people living in #poverty to need support from OW, how other countries fared when undertaking similar reforms (spoiler alert: not great), & things that @ONgov will need to consider.
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Check out my top🔟favorite @CommunitySols pieces written in 2019; so much great work from a great team🏆
of colleagues and friends…
@CommunitySols #10 Working for Richard Sheridan by Terry Thomas; a remembrance of the late Dick Sheridan upon the publication of the fourth edition of Follow the Money. Sheridan wasn’t only Ohio’s original budget guru, he was also a treasured colleague…
@CommunitySols #9 Undesign the Redline: Remembering Judge Frederick Coleman the 1st African-American bd chair of CCS, I wrote it after visiting an exhibit highlighting the legacy of racial and class inequity in Cleveland, it caused me to reflect on our own history…
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