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🚨This #announcement yesterday from the #CDC, just proved every single “#antivaxxer” or “#vaccinehesitant” to be correct in their #risk #assessments, and also proved that the #people who told you they “represent science” were completely full of shit.
It also proves that they have been actively trying to avoid addressing this reality, but the death count from the jabs got so fucking high, they couldn’t ignore it.

#Violation of the #NurembergCode. Hang all those responsible. It’s quite simple.
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the chief preoccupation of #capitalism and capitalists is *predicting the future*. (well, that and _stealing_.)

to be a capitalist is to be hagridden with the #future, and craving omens and portents about it. to be in #business and #finance is to be into fortune-telling.

quite literally in fact! a #fortune, in the sense of a big pile of treasure, was called a fortune because it was something that came to you by *chance*.

a rich relative died and left you a legacy. you had a lucky gold strike, or found a shipwreck loaded with riches.

these days, though, people who devote themselves to lives of avarice—e.g. @elonmusk, @Teslaconomics, and everyone else in #business and #finance and #investment and #realestate and #cryptocurrency and every other way of scamming money—feel that they're *owed* a "fortune".

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#capitalism is essentially *backwards* looking. yes, capitalists attempt to pretend that they're the masters of #innovation and advancement of #technology, the builders of the #future, and all that.

it's lies—mere #marketing. capitalists do not like progress or change.

corporate #management and #executive persons want one thing above all others: guaranteed #money. they want *safe bets*. they don't want #competition or #risk; they want a steady source of "passive income" that always goes up and up.

(this causes #inflation, by the way.)

(yes, I know that #capitalism and the #business community, not to mention all #politics and #journalism these days, blame #inflation on the profligate #consumer—but in reality, inflation occurs because capitalists always want *more #money*; it has to come from somewhere.)

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DoorDash has all the appslaves it needs to minimize pay. Few Dashers (heaven help YOUR "friends") complete 270 deliveries within 60 days (~15 hours per week, at 2 deliveries per hour).

📉DoorDash reports, "In 2021, 90% of Dashers worked less than 10 hrs per week on delivery." Image
You’ve heard, “if it’s free, you're the product." Here’s a new version for DoorDash Singularity. In the DoorDash game #Dashers ARE NOT PEOPLE WITH JOBS, they’re expenses judged by their all-in cost; the sum of their recruitment costs and delivery payments.…

DoorDash is "#LaborLaundering" - engaging in compensation schemes insidiously-designed to obscure any measurable rate of #DasherPay, any calculation of operational #Expenses, reporting of income from workers making under $600/year and the major issue of #Risk. Image
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1) #Risk ile #Belirsizlik kavramları arasındaki ayrımda:

❓🧮Ne olacağını kesin olarak bilmesek de olasılıkları biliyorsak kastedilen şey "Risk"tir.

⁉️ ❌Ancak, olasılıkları dahi bilmiyorsak "Belirsizlik" söz konusudur.
2) #Temerrüt hâli risk yönetiminin olmadığı ya da iyi ve zamanında yapılamadığı için işlerin başarısızlıkla sonuçlandığı durumdur.

#LikiditeKrizi bunun bir önceki adımıdır.
#Kazançlar açısından yaşanacak kriz ciddi uyarıdır.
#Stratejik kararlar işleri #Normal akışta tutmalıdır.
3) Biz yatırımcılara düşense iyi yönetilen işletmeleri arayarak bu şirketlerin risklerini ve yönetimlerinin risk karşısındaki eylemlerini izlemektir.

Faiz artışları ve belirsizlik ortamı piyasadan likidite çekilmesine yol açtığından borç ve ödeme kabiliyeti daha da önemlidir.
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Important lessons from "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel

I have read this book so many times and will post my favorite quotes here … do read the book #thepsychologyofmoney
"The best way to think about money is to think about it as a tool for creating options."

When we have financial security, we have more choices and opportunities in life.
"The most important thing about #money is how you think about it."

Money is just a tool, but it can have a powerful influence on our thoughts and actions.
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How does Steadefi stand out from other leveraged #yieldfarming protocols?

A quick(ish) 🧵 👇 Image
In the world of #DeFi yield protocols, developers and users typically need to make a choice:

Do you want high #yields 🍏?
Do you want low #risk 🍎?

🍏In most existing leveraged yield farms, higher yield comes from higher leverage and higher risk.

As a result, only users who do frequent position adjustments survive. Degen in, degen out. 😮‍💨

And those who don't manage their positions?
High chance of rektness.

2/10 🧵
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#OptionsTrading income can be volatile and uncertain, as it depends on #market conditions and the success of individual trades. This means that traders may experience significant fluctuations in their income from one period to the next, and it can be difficult to predict.
Trading income is also subject to taxes, which can reduce the overall returns earned. Depending on the trader's tax bracket and the specific tax laws in their jurisdiction, a significant portion of their trading income may be taken by the government in the form of taxes.
The amount of trading income earned may be limited by the amount of capital available to trade with. If a trader does not have a sufficient amount of capital to trade, their potential returns may be limited.
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Transition spillover risk means decarbonization in trade partners can negatively shock fiscal and financial stability. When it compounds with physical risk, shocks amplify. We present today results for #Barbados at @AFD_en Strong Sustainability conference
We design and assess scenarios that combine acute and chronic physical risks, building on CLIMADA and NGFS scenarios downscaled to Barbados
we then extend the concept of #transition #spillover #risk as shock from carbon price on international flights and IEA Net Zero scenarios for aviation and we assess transmission channels to econ and finance agents, fiscal and sovereign financial stability, using EIRIN
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@lolitataub Super grateful for the ask, @lolitataub!🤗

Hi everyone, we're hosting a virtual #preseed #startup competition in Q1 2023, powered by

👉 All eligible participants will get USD $25,000 worth of #AWScredits & 3 months free @roiquant Pro Plan subscription roiquant virtual preseed startup competition 2023Over USD $126,000 worth of equity-free cash and in-kind prizRegister now 👉 schedule: important dates
@lolitataub @roiquant Over 3 months (qualifying to semi-final rounds), participants will research, refine, build, #validate, & improve their conceptual ideas, #business plans, MVPs, & #pitch decks, then they'll #demo & pitch their business & solution offering to a panel of judges at the final round. Join our data-driven virtual preseed startup competitionDemo and pitch to top investors and gain opportunities to at
@lolitataub @roiquant We're looking for Community/University Partners:

👉 a #university considering to promote #business building with scientific and data-driven approaches

👉 an #organization looking to exhibit your products & position your #brand

👉 Partnership Prospectus:… We're looking for Community & University Partners to collabo
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2022 #Monkeypox #Outbreak:
Confirmed cases, WHO, 02 December 2022

With the exception of West & Central Africa, the outbreak continues to primarily affect:
📌men who have sex with men
📌who have reported recent sex with one or multiple partners.
WHO assesses the #Monkeypox global #Risk as Moderate.

Regionally, risk:
✔️as High in the Americas
✔️as Moderate in the African Region, Eastern Mediterranean Region, European Region & the South-East Asia Region.
✔️as Low in the Western Pacific Region

The 10 most affected countries:
📌United States of America
📌The United Kingdom
📌Mexico and

Together, these countries account for 86.0% of the #monkeypox cases reported globally.
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Social media platforms will no longer behave like they are “too big to care”.
Whether they have feathers or not 🐦

As #DSA enters into force today, these are the 4️⃣ steps ahead for digital platforms to comply with our 🇪🇺 rules

🧵 Image
1⃣ Transparency on numbers 👀
By 17 February 2023, online platforms will have to report the number of their active end users.

Based on these numbers, we will assess if they are:

✔️Very Large Online Platforms

✔️Very Large Online Search Engines #VLOSEs
2⃣ Comply AND explain 🔎

Once designed as such, these very large entities will have 4 months to comply with the obligations under the DSA.

Notably on content #moderation and #risk assessments.

The Commission will thoroughly examine this compliance starting summer 2023.
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Does #influenza #vaccine reduce the #risk of ischemic #stroke?

The answer is YES, as per a study published on November 8th, 2022 in #neurology journal.
Influenza infection is a known risk factor for causing ischemic strokes (IS).
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
The main findings of this study are
(1) influenza vaccination is associated with a reduced risk of IS of approx 10%–15%, which started earlier and persisted over time up to the next season; (2) the reduction in risk Is observed for both noncardioembolic and cardioembolic IS alike
(3) the risk reduction associated with influenza vaccination appeared to be similar in the pre-epidemic, epidemic, and post-epidemic periods;
(4) no effect modification was observed by sex or age;
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Earlier this week the @federalreserve raised #policy rates at an extraordinary 75 basis point increment (its fourth time doing so this year), in an attempt to moderate excessively high levels of #inflation.
Still, if the central bankers were hoping to see signs of slowing in the persistently solid #LaborMarkets, as an indicator that policies were slowing growth and in turn #inflation, they may be somewhat disheartened by today’s data.
Indeed, nonfarm #payrolls increased by 261k jobs in Oct, with private employment rising an average of 262k/month over the past three months, which does not yet imply that the slowing that policymakers believe we’ll need to see to tame #inflation has arrived.
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1/Thinking of #trees #peat #carbon and #nature and #fires. When are Victorians (without hysterics @theage ) to be made fully aware of the State #auslaws over fines in State Parks for picking up a rock, walking off track and so on. @DanielAndrewsMP/2
2/As it is now there are hundreds of shooting licensed people walking off track. Hundreds of thousands of feral deer, xrabbits,x pigs (latter two a food, anti #poverty source that cannot be culled by shooters) already damaging #native wildlife.Protecting #Indigenous locations/3
3/ @DanielAndrewsMP is key but to lock up (by fines) large areas is #segregation and discrimination. To lock up but then ok if you pay — is a cynical misuse of power. It would be good to hear from #Indigenous Victoria as we already know the value of the birthing trees was/4
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#MiCA was not the only proposal completed last week, as 🇪🇺 institutions also finalised the Transfers-of-Funds Regulation (TFR).

The #TFR is meant to implement the @FATFWatch's #travelrule for transfers of #cryptoassets in the EU.

As always, check our 🧵for details:

First, a bit of #context:

The original Transfers-of-Funds Regulation was established in 2015 and introduced the requirement for financial institutions to accompany each #transfer of funds with verified information about the originator and beneficiary of the transfer.

As part of its 2020 Action Plan on preventing #moneylaundering and #terrorism financing, the @EU_Commission put forward a legislative proposal for a recast of the original #TFR text with the main objective of expanding traceability requirements to crypto-assets.

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Short🧵Why I think #Covid can cause existential consequences for Human Race ?? For any species to continue it has to procreate,that depends on fertility of both men & women.We started getting edgy couple of months ago.Here's the original ctd
Ctd2) Then we found more correlation, the infection was really causing changes in hormone levels ctd)
Ctd3) We know that the number of ova in a woman is fixed at birth.The body doesn't produce more ova.Only a fixed number mature rest die off , maturation needs hormones & lots of other factors. If either hormones or reservoir is reduced #risk ctd)….
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A look into @SundaeSwap published #Tokenomics vs. #OnChain reality 🔍

A thread 🧵

#Cardano #ADA #SundaeSwap #Transparency #Accountability #NFT #eUTXO #DEX Image
1) It seems like Sundaeswap originally placed tokens into #eUTXOs with respect to the posted #tokenomics, looking at the early eUTXOs. However, it also seems that this intentional separation did not work out.
2) Additionally, looking at the published tokenomics and the on-chain reality captured by the #token distribution over wallets, it becomes hard to identify which portion of the tokens are indented for the advertised use case. Image
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Board of Salem Media Group has a fiduciary duty to shareholders to manage risk

Salem Media took a financial hit from publisher @Regnery’s recall of @DineshDSouza’s book ‘2000 Mules.’

Do $SALM shareholders want to assume more risk? #riskmanagement #CopGov…
Are largest shareholders of Salem Media Group, parent company of @Regnery, publisher of Dinesh D’Souza’s recalled book 2000 Mules concerned about potential liability risk? $SALM #2000Mules #riskmanagement #CorpGov
“Salem Media Group Inc. ( $SALM) cut its third quarter total revenue outlook, reflecting the postponement of the forthcoming book, 2000 Mules by Dinesh D'Souza, until the fourth quarter.” #2000Mules #CorpGov #riskmanagement via @Nasdaq…
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The LTCM Crisis taught #Quants one thing in common.
Never trust the risk pricing/hedging models blindly.
The Black Scholes option model assumptions and the Value at Risk Metric both failed miserably.
The liquidity assumptions of the #VaR Model provided a false sense of security.
The most worrying thing is that if #LTCM which was a hedge fund managed by two @NobelPrize winners in Economics could not get things right, then what should one expect from humble risk practitioners like myself!?
imagine the amount of risk that is concealed by Black Box Models.
Always backtest and stress test your #risk models.
Not just the mathematical components, but also the semantics, the #hermeneutics, the syntax that is used for coding the automata, and the symbols which are shown on the analytical dashboard.
It is a big #CON industry at work!
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1) #yatırımnotları kapsamında @Scala_Kitapci tarafından dilimize kazandırılan #yatırımın tarihi, psikolojisi, teorisi ve pratiğini ele alan, beş ana bölümden ve toplamda 396 sayfadan oluşan,

W.Bernsteın’ın #yatırımındörttemeltaşı kitabını özetlemeye çalışacağım.

#kitap #finans Image
2) “İlk temel taş yatırımın #teorisi.

Daha sonra harcama yapabilmek için #yatırım yaparız.

Aslında yatırımın özü budur: gelecekte #gelir elde etmek için günlük harcamalardan feragat etmek.

Gelecekte yüksek getiri sağlayacak olan düşük fiyatlara sebebiyet veren felaket ve”
3) #risk ortamıdır.

Bir şirketin boyutu bir çok yöntemle ölçülebilir: çalışanların sayısı, #satışmiktarı, #kârlılığı gibi

Fakat en kolay ölçülebilen ve yatırımcılar açısından en önemli rakam şirketin #piyasa #kapitalizasyonudur.

İnsanlar kesinlikle sosyal yaratıklardır.”
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FREE #Microsoft #CISO Workshop on End-to-End Security & Strategic Guidlines

WHO should watch & What's in the Workshop?

Thread 🧵…
❖ WHO should watch this #Workshop

The workshop is useful for #security_teams, IT teams, #business-leaders, and #cloud teams, but is primarily focused on:

• CIO + IT Directors
#CISO + Security Directors
#Enterprise + Security Architects
❖ Workshop FOCUS on - Key Context & Fundamentals discussion of

#Threat Enviorment and Trends
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Strategy & Recommended Initiatives
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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YCharts recently caught up with @brianferoldi & @Brian_Stoffel_ to discuss "Everything Wrong With The P/E Ratio" & we learned some great insights on alternative valuation metrics that we’re excited to share. Let's take a look at $NFLX as an example:

🧵 1/8
The PE ratio isn't always appropriate for every company during its growth cycle. Let's look at $NFLX, a known disruptor company with humble beginnings. The company experienced hyper-growth, before finally maturing into the household name we all recognize today.

Because the PE ratio doesn’t factor in future growth potential, it’s not the best ratio to use in the early days of companies like $NFLX. For example, the chart below shows #Netflix’s PE ratio in orange during infancy, a whopping 1459.79. Why?

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