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Writing prof at 2-yr coll; writer; metacognitive pedagogue; new pedagogy dev; walks/food/gardens/service/humans; she/her. Appropriately sweary, opinions mine.
Dec 19, 2021 30 tweets 13 min read
Hey all, here is my report (THREAD) about my first #Ungrading semester, part 2 (pt. 1 can be found here: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1449462…) #ContractGrading #Pedagogy #DigPed #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter 1/ The biggest takeaway from this semester how easy it felt. Not ease of work--there was work, but how it helped conversations about student writing, which is literally my job, easier. #Ungrading #AcademicTwitter 2/
Oct 16, 2021 20 tweets 9 min read
UNGRADING report! Halfway through my first ungraded semester (comp 1) and I find I’m saying the same things when people ask how it’s going: 1/18 #Ungrading #ContractGrading #Pedagogy #DigPed #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter My students report feeling “relieved” they don’t have to worry about grades, and I feel relieved, too: as I mentioned to a colleague, I feel more “settled in my soul” about how much freer I am to focus on giving constructive feedback. 2/18
Oct 27, 2020 18 tweets 6 min read
This is a very necessary piece from @TheTattooedProf . I have thoughts! I teach in a “blended” format, and this piece about “hyflex” college classes is ringing my bells right now. Thread: 1/

Advice | Our HyFlex Experiment: What’s Worked and What Hasn’t chronicle.com/article/our-hy… POI: The “blended” format means a blend of in-person instruction and online instruction. We’re required by state law to have some in-person hours (instead of go all online) and the school devised a cohort system to try to maintain social distancing. #highered #panicgogy 2/
Mar 11, 2020 22 tweets 27 min read
I want to share some perspective and strategies for transitioning to online courses, based on my experience teaching distance-learning courses going back to 2008. Thread. #highered #digped #academictwitter #realcollege #edtech I had students from all over the country and world in those classes, including on active duty in Iraq and other military zones. The first DL course I taught was a mix of ACTUAL MAIL and email (for students who were abroad). #highered #digped #academictwitter #realcollege #edtech