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14 Dec 20
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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19 Sep 19
This right here is why these commie dems will do anything (the cost in money, the cost in human lives and the complete destruction of our nation) to take away a law abiding citizen's right to defend themselves! 1/5
But Why??? Because it gives them power over life and death! Read these msgs and think hard about what would actually happen. Law abiding citizens will be forced to give up their rights and therefor, would not be able to protect themselves from the atrocities that crushing gov 2/5
Can now afflict onto its servents. Because all rights will eventually fall, some faster than others, as there will no longer be any one capable of fighting back against the communist wave that liberals will 100% be controlling 3/3
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28 Jan 19
@jojoh888 Good Lord. These people are an embarrassment to the humanity🤦🏻‍♀️

These vegan, hipster, socialist, LGBT, polygamous, stoner, atheist, white hating liberals wonder why we can't stand them

It's not that we disagree with their lifestyle,
It's cuz they constantly force it upon us 😠
Look libs, cuz we don't have the same outlook on life doesn't give you the right to force it on us

There's plenty of alt-lifestyle conservs, but they don't demand we agree with them

We can't take her rant seriously cuz libs see no problem murdering kids seconds before birth 😥
What makes it worse is that you force your lifestyle on us by lying thru MSM propaganda, ignoring facts you don't agree with, cheating in elections thru voter fraud & refusing voter ID (ie the 95k illegal voters uncovered in TX), you violate our Constitution & tried a coup....
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