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Thus far, one of the most significant beneficiaries of Matt Taibbi's "Twitter Files" thread has been Matt Taibbi's Twitter account (@mtaibbi), which gained hundreds of followers in the hours and days immediately after the thread.

cc: @ZellaQuixote follow order by creation data plot for @mtaibbi
Based on the hashtags used in their profiles (#MAGA, #KAG, #Trump2024, etc), Taibbi's post-"Twitter Files" followers are almost all right-wing accounts. This is not true of his prior followers, who mostly have left-wing hashtags in their profiles (#BLM, #Resist, #GreenNewDeal). side-by-side hashtag clouds for @mtaibbi's followers gained
Typo: should be "hundreds of thousands", not "hundreds":
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βš–οΈ TREASON REMINDER: "18 USC 115, which is why I think that we're going to see the Fifth Amendment being played, 'whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levees war against them or adheres to their enemies giving them aid and…
comfort within the United States or elsewhere is guilty of treason and shall suffer death.' This is a death penalty statute!

'Or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000 and shall be incapable of holding any office under
the United States," he said.

"Just the memos that have been disclosed to this point, in my opinion, are treasonous. We danced around this a lot and we talk about obstructing Congress and things like that, but this was an effort to have a coup, to overthrow the country, to break
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These are the people on the board that have decided on Trump's Two Year Facebook ban. πŸ‘€πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Catalina Botero Marino.
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Millions of Americans voted for, and feel loyalty to, Donald #Trump. But does his record as President justify this loyalty? In this thread we'll look back at Trump's term and see if he actually was able to "Make America Great Again".
#MAGA #KAG #StopTheSteal
2/ While campaigning, Trump made grand promises. At the cornerstone of these promises were his tax cuts. The GOP Congress made them permanent for corporations but only temporary for individuals. These cuts were supposed to be "rocket fuel" for the economy.…
3/ Warned of the potential financial impact, Trump promised a 4% GDP or higher. The tax cuts would pay for themselves. The deficit would fall. Companies would abandon China and invest in the U.S.. Manufacturing would return. Jobs and wages would skyrocket.…
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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Trump attorney Lin Wood: Republicans should withhold votes in Georgia #MAGA #KAG #ReleaseTheKraken #GA
Stop the Steal, uh huh...
Stop the Steal is a Roger Stone joint.
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A revisiting of some notable moments from #Trump's four years as President of the United States of America...

Retweet and vote.

JAN 21, 2017 - WH Press Sec Sean Spicer claims Trump's inauguration to be the "largest audience ever" for such an event.

Presented with contrary evidence Kellyanne Conway said Spicer was offering "alternative facts"

Lying and crowd size become common refrains of Trump's tenure. Overhead photos of Trump 2017 inauguration on left and Obama
FEB 28, 2017 - Trump halts all DOJ investigations of nationwide police forces for indications of brutality or systemic racism.

Police procedures would later be at the center of the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.…
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Who are you voting for president? Comment if in a swing state ✌️
For context, here's my follower makeup -

80% "very left," the rest "lean left," few right.

RT the poll if you guys want a larger sample size, but I find the above interesting to correlate with the below:

Follow up: Trump was steady at 9% but has spiked a bit higher because some right wing accounts shared my poll with their followers and explicitly asked them to "flip" the poll.

I made this for my own curiosity.

Why they care so much about twitter polls, I do not know.
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β€”(( #TrumpVideoLibrary ))β€”

πŸ‘‡π—§π—₯𝗨𝗠𝗣 π—©π—œπ——π—˜π—’ π—Ÿπ—œπ—•π—₯𝗔π—₯π—¬πŸ‘‡…

πŸ‘‡β€”((( 𝗧π—₯𝗨𝗠𝗣 π—©π—œπ——π—˜π—’π—¦ )))β€”πŸ‘‡…

πŸ‘‡β€”((( 𝗧π—₯𝗨𝗠𝗣 π—©π—œπ——π—˜π—’π—¦ )))β€”πŸ‘‡…
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πŸ§€ πŸ‡


πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

#MAGA #KAG #Patriots @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence @WhiteHouse

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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The foiled terrorist attack on #GretchenWhitmer is another example of what's left of our justice system still working despite the best attempts of Trump. He is a terrorist sympathizer and has been for years. He cares nothing for Democracy, but that's not what this thread is about
The co-opting of comic book hemes, names and titles is one of the more disturbing recent trends in America and it's not addressed enough as one of the ways the Alt-Right recruits and targets young disaffected white, Asian and Latino men (Afam men are rarely Alt-Right recruits)
Right Wing groups have been using the gaming world to recruit angry white men for years. It's been covered, and most online systems like Playstation and XBox have done little to stop it, because frankly it's hard to censor…
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1. Well all else fails, stage a β€œpolitical hate crime”.
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"I'm 16 and Marxist-Leninist!"
No, Sarah, you're a teenager from an upper-middle-class household who's trying to get some social clout online because you're bored and rebellious. Stop screwing around and do your chores.
"My pronouns are fae/faer."
No they're not, and you have never corrected anybody when they used "she" or "her" to refer to you. You're just trying to feel unique and special because you lack the artistic talents that your peers have.
"I'm a learning MLM."
No, Jennifer, you watched a couple of Breadtube videos after quitting your job at the grocery store. You're not going to read State and Revolution, but you're probably going into a different MLMβ€”multi-level marketing.
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You all do realize that #MAGA invested their reputations and possibly their money in #Hydroxychloroquine and now their heads are EXPLODING knowing that their own #KAG president is NOT taking it. ImageImage
Q heads are pissed. Image
The kook doc that Rudy pushed on Fox viewers, touting the miraculous benefits of HCQ for Covid, he’s a World Net Daily-truther who thinks Dr. Fauci should be indicted. ImageImage
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Biden asks how many got up to an empty chair in the kitchen b/c they lost someone to Covid. HOW DARE HE! Most of these deaths were in nursing homes! Nursing home under the car of these SICK DEMOCRATS!: Image
Biden says Nancy Pelosi has a plan... yeah - we know her plans... in Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. And WE DON'T WANT HER PLAN!
Biden claims "no serious person has ever said the opposite" in reference to wearing masks between now and January saving lives. I'M SERIOUS - PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE WEARING MASKS!!! READ MY PINNED TWEET!
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I promised some videos today to explain, as directly, succinctly, and plainly as possible, the "smoking gun" evidence released by the DOJ (and other sources like the FBI) this week.

I'm going to release them as I get time to do them.

I'll keep them under 2 mins. each.

I hope you can use them with your less-informed friends & family to help them understand how corrupt the Obama-Biden administration was.

Let's start with Part 1: Why Am I Doing This?

Part 2: Explaining the Background of the Criminal Activity of the Obama-Biden Administration

aka "Weaponizing the DOJ, FBI, CIA & NSA Against the Trump Campaign & Administration"

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Here's the part in today's DOJ Section 230 proposed changes, changes to the law, that #MAGA #Patriots should be very, very, very happy about.

Get it to a floor, either floor YESTERDAY!
What this means is that a Social Media company MUST treat EVERYONE fairly & must clearly & specifically ("with particularity") outline their Terms of Service so EVERYONE knows what is & isn't acceptable ... and these terms must be consistently & objectively applied.

If they don't, they are breaking the law & can be sued.

This is INCREDIBLE news.

Let's get this legislation voted-on, signed into law, and operating!



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Patriots, let us unite with our Liberal friends and echo these arguments for swift confirmation of nominee of President @realDonaldTrump to the Supreme Court. #KAG…
Further, Patriots, let us unite with 250 legal professionals of the American Bar Association - including Google's Counsel - who stated that "nearly 1/3 of all presidents have nominated a justice in an election year who was eventually confirmed". #KAG…
Patriots let us also join Attorneys-General of 19 states - incl then California Attorney General Kamala Harris - in standing for the truth that "the states and territories have a unique and pressing interest in a full and functioning Supreme Court". #KAG…
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Do me a huge favor?


Please retweet & share this far & wide.

An explanation & link to my donation page follow.



β€’ Image
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1) Joe Biden will meet with the father of Jacob Blake, Jacob Blake Sr. when the former vice president travels to Kenosha Sept 3, 2020

Jacob Blake's Father Recites 'Muslim Victory Call - War Cry of Allah' During Presser (VIDEO)…
2) Joe Biden will meet with the father of Jacob Blake, Jacob Blake Sr. when the former vice president travels to Kenosha Sept 3, 2020

There is no excuse for Biden to meet with a Jew hater.

3) Joe Biden will meet with the father of Jacob Blake, Jacob Blake Sr. Kenosha Sept 3, 2020

β€œIt was like I was talking to family members,” Blake Sr. said. β€œPresident Biden kept telling me his own issues with his family"…
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1) From the heart and profound in a profoundly different way to Ja'Ron Smith in the next tweet


Profound compassionate #MAGA and #KAG
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1) #2020Election F.U.D.

We've always been gaslit by FakeNews every election year. This year is no different & worse.

FEAR: Demonrats will steal the election😱

UNCERTAINTY: Can Silent Majority win?πŸ€”

DOUBT: Joe out-polls TrumpπŸ‘€

Let's explore a bitβ€¦πŸ§πŸ‘‡
2) #2008Election

To look ahead, we need to look back. 2008 is a good frame of reference to start with. #HopeAndChange 1st black, yada, yada.

Impressive, but pales in comparison to Reagan's #MorningInAmerica landslide.

NoName threw the race by backstabbing Sarah PalinπŸ™„πŸ‘‡
3) #2012Election

2012 is also a good reference.

The trill is gone. #Obamacare... Shovel ready jobs that weren't… #OccupyWallStreet (#OWS)...

Simply put , Middle America didn't care for fundamentally changing America.

And RINO @PierrEDelectO threw the raceβ€¦πŸ˜‘πŸ‘‡
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