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1. While the #FreePress was throwing their tantrum,
President Trump held a Cabinet meeting where some
extremely important issues were addressed. Since you
probably didn't see or hear about it, let's take a look
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma #PrescriptionDrugs
.@realDonaldTrump .@SecAzar
1st time in history, President Trump is
-importing prescription drugs that do not violate
intellectual property rights & not under patent protections
(competition=lower costs)
-bringing negotiation & discounts to our #Medicare partners
50% of savings go back to the patients
President Trump explains how the "rich middle men"
are angry at him. He can't be bought.
He also explains how the #democrats are extremely happy
about this and have told him so personally (but wont tell you)
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma
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1) We have to take the Power back. National Socialism (the model our Government has been implementing for the last 20 years behind our back) depends on concentrated Power. The way they accomplish that is to Nationalize everything.
2) Police, Education, Healthcare, Child Welfare & Custody, definition of Marriage, etc... This is called 'Nationalization' and is a key plank in the National Socialist movement that they're not telling you about.
3) Here's the way National Socialism works. It's a ponzi scheme where in the players that are always getting a consistent cut of the confidence game on mass taxation are the Nationalized or Private with payoffs Corporations & The Government, who skims their cut off the top.
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I never checked the X Box but it looks like they were shut down why...
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1) There is really nothing that can explain away a Man, Son of Man, coming to this Earth to provide a gateway for all humankind to access the Kingdom of God by belief in his ways & profess the tenant of love & service to all mankind is the holiest of all acts.
2) There will never be an earthly concern that overrides service to your community and committing to local charity as a regular concern in the name of Jesus. The things that make America strong are simply the things that make a Local Community strong.
3) We are who we think ourselves to be and if we're a pre-occupied slave to modern technology, that's what we have to admit and start to work on. Freedom starts with local communities that are connected at every age level in forums that benefit the Local, not National community.
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1) They certainly don't want you imagining peace & prosperity in your community, city, State & Nation. They definitely don't want you having complete confidence in your Merchants, Bankers, Grocers, Law Enforcement & FireFighters. They sure don't want you in a Church.
2) They don't want you to become separated from your smart phone. Oh no, heaven forbid. They don't want you to stop the porn site visits. And in no way should you stop watching television 10 hours a day.
3) For sure don't spend a lot of time with your Family. Never ever Pray. Never give to the local charities & churches. National only. Even though it never gets to the recipients it's a good gesture indeed.
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1) As everybody is becoming aware #DeepState skimmed trillions of $ from US Taxpayers using over pricing in the Pentagon & FAA mainly, plus secret space programs that were farces & a scam to create a budget line item.
2) Well, @POTUS & the Budget Director of OMB (Mulvaney) have tracked down almost all #DeepState line items and defunded them. The DeepState is broke, penniless, destitute. They're living on Soros & Rothschilds $ and Rothschild is almost broke.
3) Basically, part of the @POTUS plan is to bankrupt the formerly flush with cash #DeepState , and it's working big time.
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Folks, this is a big deal for #PedoGate:
Over 1,000 victims of child sexual abuse at the hands of Catholics, JUST in six Diocese across Pennsylvania.
Bishops, Cardinals, Priests, clerks and clergy ignored these crimes for decades- while homosexual Priests were raping young boys.
There is no institution in the history of the world responsible for more child sexual abuse than that of the Vatican--fact.

We can't keep denying this is happening. It's happening daily.

The Vatican is controlled entirely by the Synagogue of Satan- a pedophile training ground.
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!!NEW Q Drop!! 15:43 Q replies to an Anon post about a staged attack on Infowars and says, “Actors will act! We target NBC! NBC targets Q! Strategic? We are in control!!” #QAnon #WhoIsQ #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight #TrustThePlan #FullControl @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q!! 16:53 Q says, “Important takeaway. We’ve had the ball the entire time. Think offense. Why did POTUS move his entire op. our of TT the DAY AFTER the ADM RIGRS [SCIF] MEETING? The WORLD is WATCHING. The WORLD is HERE. EYES ON!!” #QAnon #GodWins #DarkToLight @POTUS
!!NEW Q!! 16:57 Q replies to his last drop & says, “They are in full blown panic mode. Enjoy the show. Each FAKE NEWS article written or attack is a badge of honor - military grade!!” #BadgeOfHonor #QAnon #PanicMode #GodWins #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Showtime @realDonaldTrump
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1) The Kennedy Assassination created a complete schism in the Intelligence Community, both in America & overseas. Make no mistake, the Intel Community that has hung on through 50 years is giving @realDonaldTrump every twig of info they ever had.
2) There are large pockets of our Government that have hung on and resisted the corrupt minions of Bush, Clinton, Bush & Obama to survive to today.
3) While we should indeed criticize much of how our Government operates & what it has it's fingers in that it shouldn't have, we should also give thanks to many Agencies who 'hung on' till the Calvary arrived.
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1) Q and the Q group has existed in the US Government for decades. Since 1947 Secrecy has been purposely erected as an intentional shield to prevent the US Citizenry from seeing the internal workings of a #DeepState bent on Treason & Sedition to claim America as a prize.
2) Over the years a Department of Energy program has started, initially to archive the secret Nuclear technology permanently, a Secret group has formed inside the US Government that has taken the DOE program and applied it to the full US Government.
3) Q, for lack of a better term, is the group that keeps America & the World's secrets & permanently archives them so they're not lost to time. They're being archived in a way that will survive millions of years.
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1) The Virginia Governor hatched a plot to turn Charlottesville into a riot last year by marching 2 paid Soros groups into each other. @realDonaldTrump could have unmasked the plot. However he knew it would cause more riots (paid).
2) Instead, @POTUS did the hard work of appealing to America to be an honest & moral Nation. Donald Trump is not the President by accident. He prepared spiritually, emotionally and strategically for 30 years to finish what JFK started.
3) The pre-meditated Charlottesville riot represents all that is dark in America and all that is dark in Satan's plan for mankind.
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The companies, Facebook, Google & Twitter have ALL been influencing elections, (& MUCH MORE), for YEARS since around 12/31/2012 when Obama signed the NDAA which compounded previous administrations, (Deep State,) propaganda & blanket surveillance on OUR...…
The erosion began w/ the Telecommunications Acts of 1983/1996/2006 which allowed for 88 media companies to turn into a paltry 6 CONGLOMERATES & his institution of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is now being ABUSED to spy on US citizens...
... both public & private.
Never forget the Clintons came into the White House w/ $500,000 in assets & left as multimillionaires!…
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1) Never have I had more hope, more honest Faith & more abiding warmth in the Generation, or Generations that are participating, at a great cost to their personal & public lives, in a multi-generational promise to their heritage to Make America Great Again.
2) America is nothing more & nothing less than a proving ground for an idea of 'happiness & the pursuit of Liberty' or a derivation thereof. We are bound by heritage, ideals & common purpose to uphold those maxims that bind us us Citizens.
3) The common chords of our destiny in this time lift us in the task at hand which is the preservation of our Constitutional rule of law that usurps the rule of Men.
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~Q~ must a been reading my mind when I took this picture..
Why did NBC have a 'confidential' con call yesterday w/ a few of its news affiliates re: the need to remove 'potentially' sensitive Tweets?
Panic @ NBCNews?
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#QAnon #QArmy #Bitcoin #Gold #IronEagle #cryptocurrency #MAGA #WWG1WGA #KAG @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @intheMatrixxx IRON EAGLE tells us the story of the struggle between the FED vs Cryptocurrency vs gold, and how the market has been manipulated through the media.
Once An Underground Currency, Bitcoin Emerges As 'A New Way To Track Information'…
What Bitcoin's History Says About Its Future…
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Well ~Q~ is pointing out all these articles have one thing in Common....
The MockingBird Media Talking points all say the same thing...
Going after @DevinNunes ...
These are all Deep State Clowns Striking back....
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This is a channel 4 kids. The cover pic is only a surgical scalpel. The person plays with objects like talking with children. The objects which R cut R metaphoric. They can all B replaced by a baby. It is 1 of the most disgusting vids on Utube & poisonous to children.
Link of the channel here:…
and they are produced by sickos in H3H Productions. They mock their own videos to desensitize ppl about them. There is nothing funny or comic in these vids. Their twitter page is wired too
This is their twitter page.
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1. CA Jerry Brown’s Real Legacy
Remember when Gov. Brown said the world needs ‘brain washing’ on climate change. Sounding indeed brainwashed, Brown said, “The us. It’s our whole way of life. It’s our comfort... It’s the greed. It’s the indulgence. It’s the pattern.
2. And it’s the inertia.”

Brown screeched in 2015 that California has an overpopulation problem, & the ongoing drought was proof that the explosion of population in California has reached the limit of what the states’ resources can provide. “We are altering this planet w/this
3. incredible power of science, technology & economic advance,” Brown told the publisher of the Los Angeles Times. “If California is going to have 50 million people, they’re not going to live the same way the native people lived, much less the way people do today…. You have to
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Hips and Chips Video...
Husband and Wife Team, Bruce & Nellie Ohr. 302s, Fusion GPS-Simpson, Christopher Steele
#DrainTheSwamp #KAG
#TheStorm #TheStormIsHere
#RedPill #WWG1WGA #MakeItRain
#QAnonDNA #QArmy #MAGA #PatriotsUnited
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