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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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These are the people on the board that have decided on Trump's Two Year Facebook ban. 👀👇👇

Catalina Botero Marino.

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#Thread on Gazi Kodzo, Black Hammer, and Pizzagate ImageImageImage
.@OhMyGazi1 to a Pizzagate promoter in 2018: "You're legit crazy sis. *unfriend*" -- Gazi also "laughed" at a comment that described Pizzagate as an "alt-right conspiracy... parading around white supremacist talking points" ImageImageImage
Two years later, in August 2020, the @OhMyGazi1 show did a 1.5 hour episode called "Pizza gate started with George Washington." Throughout the video Gazi claimed to not know anything about Pizzagate and his enthusiastic co-host led the discussion.
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It is after midnight Nigerian time & we have just slipped into the 6th day of Jan. 2021. Today is the "D-day" for America & the rest of the world& whatever happens later today will shape the collective fortunes of not just America but also humanity into the foreseeable future.1/
..It is the day in which the destiny of America and the entire world will be determined. It is the day every Trumper has been waiting for for the last few weeks and ever since the sham and 'big steal' of the November 3rd presidential election when Joe Biden was rigged in by...2/
..the Deep state, the proponents of the New World Order, Big Tech, the Fake News Media and the agents of the Illuminati. It is the day when the American Congress and Senate meet jointly with the 'Electors' of each state for a certification of the presidential election. 3/
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Lecciones de Seguridad 2020
Capitulo III
#Global #Security #Intelligence
1⃣"¿Una guerra? ¿Caos? ¿Represalias limitadas? ¿Nada? Nadie sabe realmente, ni en la región, ni en Washington, porque esto no tiene precedentes"
2⃣ Cazar al hombre sin rastro
No era descuidado.
Según han descrito sus asociados utilizaba diferentes puntos de entrada para reducir la posibilidad de un atentado.
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Here’s your 2020 narrative. You have the globalist that are trying to take over the world for the global reset. You have China controlling the majority of our congressmen and senators in this country. China sent a virus to control the people in this country.
A virus that is no dangerous than the common flu. Hospitals are claiming deaths from Covid to get money. They want to keep you in your homes indefinitely for control. Big tech, Pharma, and the powers that be are franchising from this “so-called” pandemic.
Some of the major players like Amazon, Apple, and big box stores are involved and are forcing people to shop with them while small business’s die. You have tyrant communistic governor‘s nationwide ruling like dictators in their own kingdoms.
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FLASH: Georgia To Conduct Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots after weeks of pressure from @realDonaldTrump and his campaign

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP…
GEORGIA:The @GaSecofState said in the press release announcing the signature match audit that they’re working to “secure the vote in the Peach State”

#BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #HunterBiden #Trump2020 #MAGA #SteveBannon #WarRoomPandemic #StopTheSteaI2020… ImageImageImage
Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case

#SCOTUS scared of riots

"Truth is God and God is Truth - #Bhagavadgita".

Can anybody defeat God

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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Absolute PROOF Jesus is returning in year 2023!

Daniel 12:12 "Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the 1,335 days".

Listen to me... this prophecy leads to year 2023 and ill prove it to you.... Follow the thread....

#Rapture #Christian
#election #Election2020
The previous verse Daniel 11 says "And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate setup"......
The daily sacrifice was taken away when the 2nd Temple was destroyed. The "abomination that maketh desolate" that was then setup in the exact location of the temple is the Dome of the Rock! Image
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Y cuando ya estaba por salir de Twitter, leo ésto de la cuenta @ZilOliv_
Saben qué? El presidente #Trump prohibió las clínicas que los Demócratas habían dejado establecerse, con la única finalidad de lucrar con los abortos!
Saben que es un tema que no he tocado mucho.
Esas clínicas se establecen en lugares dónde se logra que el aborto NO SEA GRATUITO. Y acá no es cuestión de pensar en ciertas cosas extrañas o en conspiraciones de Soros, o de marcianos 👽!
Solo buceen en la web. Quizás algunos me ayuden o desmientan. Pero es la última info mía.
#Trump2020 abrió demasiados frentes económicos. Es un tipo multimillonario y de la tercera edad. Que cada uno saque sus conclusiones por lo que está pasando.
Buen descanso.
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#Smartmatic #Dominion
Because of the censorship, I have to post all the pictures instead of the link(#Gnews) to tell the truth about the #VoteFraud of #Election2020 and more stories behind it.(5 tweets below)
01/05 ImageImageImageImage
02/05 ImageImageImageImage
03/05 ImageImageImageImage
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Donald Trump is a dangerous cult leader.

According to experts and psychologists, there are 50 traits that can help identify such a leader. Let's see if @realDonaldTrump fits the bill.

Ready for a long thread?
Let's go.

1/50 He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
2/50 Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or brilliance.
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Big thread:
I’m gonna warn everyone now. If you demand your employees to get Rona Vaxx you will lose good workers. If you demand customers get it, you will lose customers. If you demand state citizens get it, you will lose tax revenue. And you could face worse than that....
We’ve already given up wayyyy too much for this damn hoax.
Is there really a virus?
Yeah probably.
Is it life threatening?
Yeah if you’re old with other health issues.
Is it worth ruining people’s lives and incomes?
Everything should have been optional. But it wasn’t.
[They] had several goals in this attack. Don’t forget that the cabal is worldwide. China is just the strongest arm of [them] at the moment. We are all under [their] thumb. How much longer? When will we say “enough is enough”? When will they cross the “red line”?
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トランプ選対チームのストラテジスト、スティーブ・コルテス氏 @CortesSteve の「数字で見るバイデン票の不可思議」記事を紹介します。本人が動画版もツイートしています。





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Abro Hilo. Seguridad Nacional de la CIA lanzó la mayor operación encubierta electoral hace 6 horas.
Más de 500 unidades de élite se trasladaron a todos los depósitos de escrutinio de votos de todo el país para vigilar todas las papeletas impresas.
TODOS fueron impresos con marcas de agua QFS-BLOCKCHAIN ​​(código irrompible).
Hasta ahora, 14 millones de boletas han pasado por un escáner láser en 5 estados diferentes y el 78% han fallado [SIN marcas de agua] y el 100% de estas boletas fallidas tenían a Biden en ellas.
Interesante los próximos días por delante.
Esta es la brillantez de Donald Trump y su equipo. Colocaron una 'marca de agua invisible' en las boletas y no se lo dijeron a nadie. Ahora la Guardia Nacional está entrando con equipo 'infrarrojo' y puede leer fácilmente qué boletas
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For those of you asking me privately my thoughts on what’s going on with the Biden win I thought I’d offer my “timeline” perspective here, this is not my “personal opinion”, I’m in divine neutrality and don’t play into judgement of good bad right wrong. We are in a “collective”
2- shift based on a “collective soul agreement”.  I’m writing on behalf of this collective experience. 

First, I support #trump2020 because that is the “timeline” associated with the Golden Age, our Ascension into our christed state of being.  This is what is important to me.
3-  I’m focused on the timelines and not the 3D illusion playing out. 

For those still sifting and sorting through good bad right wrong with an “emotional” charge to all that is unfolding you are on the wrong timeline for your ascension.  Feeling into the Biden win as right is
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Las elecciones de #USA están en suspense por presunto fraude electoral. #EleccionesUSA #USElection2020 #USElectionResults2020…
Increíble pero cierto. Marcas de agua en las papeletas de votación en #USA con sistema de localización. Qué hacían en una cuneta? #Trump @colinrivas
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⚡URGENT - #EtatsUnis : Selon CNN, Joe #Biden sera donc le 46e président des États-Unis après une victoire en #Pennsylvanie qui a mis le démocrate né à Scranton au-dessus du seuil des 270 grands électeurs ! #Election2020 #POTUS46 #46thPresident #JoeBiden #ElectionResults2020
🔴SUIVI - #EtatsUnis : Après 4 jours de suspense, le candidat démocrate @JoeBiden et ancien vice-président de Barack Obama a été donné vainqueur avec 273 grands électeurs, grâce à un succès dans l'Etat-clé de Pennsylvanie, selon les chaînes CNN, NBC et CBS. #Election2020 #POTUS46
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میخوام براتون نقاشی های jon mcnaughton رو توییت کنم و کمیهم روش تحلیل کنم واقعا زیبان و این نقاش در جریان یک چیزهایی هست
در این نقاشی چند چیز قابل توجهه
1پوکر بازی کردن
2ترامپ در حال دیدن بازی و چشمک زدن
2این که نقاشی قدیمیه و جو بایدن کنار کاملا هریس نشسته
3سگ ها زیاد با نژاد های مختلف
4نزدیگ شدن به ساعت 0
5تقلب در بازی
6نقاشی کشتی با مظمون نجات
7مهره های زیاد قرمز نسبت به آبی
8 نماد های لوستر
فردی که داره با تقلب ورق آس گشنیز رو میگیره آس دل داره
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Will the millions of mail-in ballots printed by foreign countries have a watermark?
Since the ballot doesn't have a security label like a watermark, the insider said he also created his own ballots.…
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