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24 Aug
It took a global pandemic to expose the crisis in Canada’s #LTC homes. Here’s why it’s essential to remove profit from care. THREAD:
#CDNpoli #LTCs
1. At 69%, Canada has had the highest number of #COVID deaths in long-term care among G7 countries.
2. Decades of underinvestment + privatization has broken Canada’s #LTC system, leading to higher costs, lower staff to residents ratio & fewer resources.
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13 Apr
.@LindaMcQuaig's piece for @TorontoStar debunks some of the most facile arguments against a #wealthtax. THREAD:
1. A wealth tax is foreign to Canada
Canada already has this: The property tax, imposed on almost all wealth held by low/middle income Canadians-their homes. A wealth tax extends this tax to include other forms of property above $20M, like stocks/bonds-mostly held by the wealthy
2. A wealth tax hasn't worked in other countries.
"Wealth taxes in many European countries were badly designed. They had low thresholds, so they taxed many people who were not ultra-rich, just well-off. Today’s proposed wealth taxes only target those who are undeniably wealthy."
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17 Feb
Winners and losers of the pandemic. THREAD:
The winners:
1. Canada’s top grocery stores earned $721 million in profits in only 3 months of the pandemic.
- Loblaws: $342 million
- Metro: $187 million
- Empire Company Ltd. (owns Sobeys): $ 192 million
2. Billionaires:
- Canada’s top 20 billionaires amassed $37 bn in 2020.
- The top five billionaires increased their wealth by $5.5 bn
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16 Feb
A list of countries that have a #WealthTax and how they work. THREAD:
#Norway has a wealth tax of 0.85% on individual stocks worth more than $170,000. Of this, 0.7% goes to municipalities, and 0.15% goes to the central govt. In 2017, the wealth tax made up 1.1% of all Norwegian tax revenue.
#Spain has a progressive wealth tax between 0.2% and 3.75% on stocks above $784,000.
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21 Mar 20
The lived experience of the Chinese community globally and here in Canada has been harmed tremendously by #COVID19. #IDERD
From a mother berated by hate after venturing to the grocery store for some fruit, to the doctor rapidly losing patients, the Chinese community has weathered a startling amount of hate and xenophobia amid #COVID19:…
The increase in racism and xenophobia has led to acts of violence across Canada. Canadians who are considered visibly “Asian” are being stabbed, like this 44 year old Korean man:
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