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This plate contains some hot 🌶green chillies called "kochchi" in 🇱🇰 #SriLanka.
A Sri Lankam student of year 5 (around 10 y/o) gave these chillies to the canteen staff of the school asking if she can get some food in return. 1/
🌶Imagine how many children of 🇱🇰 #SriLanka are malnourished now? 🌶Imagine how desperate this child was for some food?
🌶Imagine how many children skip school because of hunger?
Dear 🇱🇰#SriLanka,
Do you still support these politicians who stole from you and are stealing? 2/
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We reporters searched court records, media archives and other sources in dozens of languages to find 500+ past and current honorary consuls accused of wrongdoing. Many had abused their diplomatic status.

The result: #shadowdiplomats @ICIJorg @propublica…
The idea started with my #pandorapapers reporting partner, @debbiecenziper.

We soon asked reporters to join us. Many had also noticed sporadic scandals involving honorary consuls.

But we wanted to know: how often was the abuse of the honorary consul system happening?
The answer? No one knows.

So we stepped in, immersing ourselves in arcane rules of international law and building a database of alleged wrongdoing by honorary consuls from Nepal to Bolivia.

If data doesn't exist, build it yourself! Luckily, we had @delreuter to help.
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How many of those "trusts" are focused on children?
It was never an accident Maxwell showed up in NH. It was a controlled arrest.
$932.5 BILLION in #PandoraPapers in hidden trusts, LLCs, etc in New Hampshire.

Gee, what could NH possibly be hiding @FBIBoston? Did you help?

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We sure Bolduc didn't help get Haggie Hassan re-elected? He was following someone on Twitter who is tied to the drug trafficker who caused Pence to cancel his trip on 7/2/19.

I don't know the extent of their relationship, but I do know the FBI & DOJ has evidence against Crews ImageImage
Who is Crews? One of the those involved in targeting me following my going to ths @FBIBoston with Mike Gill.

Oh no, he's also one of those 6 state police are said to have been afraid to come forward against. Crews is one of Senator Jeanne Shaheen's husband's client's

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.@AfUncensored co-founder and ICIJ partner @johnallannamu reflects on the personal risk and mental health challenges he and his family contended with in order for him to publish a #PandoraPapers exposé on the offshore secrets of the most powerful family in Kenya. ⤵️
“Being part of that community of journalists who worked on that, was a highlight of my career. Those are the things that kept me going,” @johnallannamu writes @gijn of his #PandoraPapers reporting experience despite not getting the impact he had hoped for.
Here is @johnallannamu’s 2021 #PandoraPapers investigation, reported by @AfUncensored with contributions from @FinUncovered, revealing the hidden offshore wealth of Kenya's two-time first family, the Kenyattas.
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NEW: Belgrade is littered with illegal buildings erected without permission. Many are unsafe and violate building codes.

But sources say it’s easy to get them “legalized" post facto by paying bribes to a Serbian government body. #PandoraPapers 🇷🇸 1/…
The "Secretariat for the Legalization of Buildings" was supposed to help Serbs who illegally built homes in the chaotic 1990s and 2000s.

Instead, it allegedly allowed illegal construction to flourish by opening a way to build first, get permission later — for a fee. 2/ Image
In May, OCCRP member center @KRIKrs reported how the Secretariat was allowing shoddy builders to pay to “legalize” their so-called “wild buildings.”

Several construction industry insiders accused Nemanja Stajić, who heads the agency, of presiding over this corrupt system. 3/ Image
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💰 NEW: The shadow system of trust companies in the U.S. is growing rapidly, inviting tax avoidance and illicit wealth hiding by elites around the world.

New analysis from @Chuck99to1 & @kalenasthom @inequalityorg exposes the states enabling these harms:…
As the @ICIJorg #PandoraPapers investigation revealed, some U.S. states have allowed international kleptocrats to avoid accountability at home and hide their ill-gotten wealth abroad.

These states also enable wealthy Americans to avoid federal taxation.
Three key ingredients — low or no taxes, secrecy, and trust longevity — make certain U.S. states particularly attractive to wealth defenders.

These states pass laws to cut or abolish taxes or hide trust records from prying eyes.
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El empresario y mejor amigo de Macri, Nicolás Caputo, abrió una cuenta secreta en Suiza controlada por dos offshore y luego la declaró con el blanqueo promovido por el expresidente. Nuevo #PandoraPapers con equipo de @ICIJorg… a través de @elDiarioAR
Caputo llamó a las offshore The Newman Trust y Newman Ltd. Fueron abiertas a comienzos de 2015 y bautizadas en honor al Instituto Cardenal Newman, donde el empresario forjó su amistad con Macri.
El empresario Caputo declaró las firmas radicadas en Islas Caimán y la cuenta secreta en Suiza durante el sinceramiento fiscal de 2016, pero tiene pendiente una fiscalización de la AFIP, según pudo corroborar el equipo argentino de @ICIJorg
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Nicolás Caputo reconoció fondos ocultos en paraísos fiscales durante el blanqueo que impulsó Mauricio Macri
#Pandorapapers Nota con @halconada y con el gran equipo de @ICIJorg cc/ @rgbrom @iruiz @marielfitz @spcrucianelli @Emiliadelfino…
Caputo ingresó al blanqueo que impulsó en 2016 su amigo y por entonces presidente Macri. Sinceró fondos que mantenía ocultos en Suiza y que controlaba a través de sociedades offshore de Islas Caimán. #Pandorapapers
Caputo controló un fideicomiso, The Newman Trust y una firma Newman Ltd en Caimán con la que abrió, a su vez, una cuenta en el banco suizo Julius Baer #Pandorapapers
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🇫🇷🇲🇱🇷🇺 Une guerre informationnelle entre la France et le #Mali sous la houlette de la #Russie et du groupe #Wagner, se déroule actuellement sur les réseaux sociaux.

Longtemps passifs, @francediplo et @Armees_Gouv se sont résolus à riposter.

🇲🇱 Souvenez-vous, le 22 avril dernier.
Une vidéo comportant des images chocs de cadavres noirs à moitié ensevelis est publiée sur Twitter.
"C’est ce que les Français ont laissé derrière eux quand ils ont quitté la base à Gossi." #desinformation
(vidéo via @lemondefr)
Pour les militaires français, aucun doute : il s’agit d’un grossier montage des mercenaires #Wagner, arrivés à Gossi la veille aux côtés des #FAMa.

Manque de bol pour les Maliens, l'@EtatMajorFR avait flairé le coup et un drone Reaper filmait le "tournage des Russes" !
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Watch the whole thing, but starting at 9:00, you'll hear @SenTomCotton, then @SenatorShaheen goes off the deep end & loses her mind about Russia denying her criminal ass entry.

At the time @SenatorShaheen was losing her criminal mind on @SenTomCotton.... @MikeGil21446788 is Jeanne's husband's former client.

I was targeted in connection to this. So Sen Cotton, you think they planned on keeping me alive when they illegally posted me on that website? ImageImageImageImage
WAH WAH WAH RUSSIA DENIED ME ENTRY!! DID THEY DENY YOU ENTRY?! Rambles @SenatorShaheen No Cynthia, they didn't because @SenTomCotton probably doesn't engage in the criminal activity that you & your goons do.

Nina Obukhov was Russian. What happened to her? Image
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Just one week after @HSINewYork and @SDNYnews repatriated a $35m collection of Cambodian art, here is the latest on contested Khmer antiquities at @metmuseum from @TMashberg at @nytimesarts.

A 🧵.…
1) This story began—publicly at least—in February 2012 when @TMashberg and @ralphblu of @nytimesarts revealed that Cambodia was calling on Sotheby's to return a 1000-year-old stone warrior...

... whose feet and pedestal remained at the site of Koh Ker.…
2) The statue had graced the cover of the auction house's 2011 Asia Week catalogue and was expected to fetch $3m.

(Note the dramatic fade-to-black where the feet and pedestal should be)
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Now you see it … now you don’t. The mystery of ancient statues edited from the pages of Architectural Digest sparked a deep dive by @ICIJorg w/@PeterWhoriskey @maliapolitzer into the opaque art trade & surfaced big questions about who should own a nation's cultural heritage.🧵
Our latest was sparked when @ICIJorg reporting fellow @NicoleSadek noticed Khmer statues in a photo of a mansion's courtyard on an architect's website ... and compared it to the version in a 2021 magazine spread, where the statues were missing.…
Architectural Digest said it did not show the relics because of “unresolved publication rights around select artworks.”

The Cambodian government says the statues appear to match several that were looted from temples and sold into the black market. It wants them back.
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We dug into Cambodia's lost heritage and one of the world’s most elite & secretive trades — the antiquities market — with @washingtonpost & @FinUncovered.

Our latest search on the fate of allegedly looted relics led us to the pages of a luxury magazine. 🧵
A 2021 @ArchDigest spread on a San Francisco mansion featured a photo of a lavish courtyard with several empty pedestals off to one side.

But our reporters discovered another version of the image showing ancient Khmer sculptures resting there.
It’s unclear who modified the photo or why, but those sculptures match missing relics that Cambodian officials say were stolen from one of the nation’s most sacred sites years ago — offering clues in a global effort to repatriate 1000s of lost artifacts. Cambodian Minister of Cultu...
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NEW: OCCRP exposes the luxury properties, offshore companies, and vast investments connected to Andrei Kostin, sanctioned head of the Russian state lender known as “Putin’s piggy bank,” VTB. 1/……
On paper, many of them are owned by Eric Whyte, a Canadian who lived in the Soviet Union as a boy. OCCRP discovered at least 10 of his companies in secretive offshore financial jurisdictions that controlled a portfolio of luxury properties across Russia and Europe. 2/ Image
These include Hotel Tannenhof, a “luxury bolthole” in the Alps where rooms rent for up to $6,000 a night. Publicly the hotel appears to belong to an Austrian couple — but reporters found it was owned by VTB until 2015, then sold to two companies, one belonging to Whyte. 3/ Image
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#NHPolitics #NHCorruption
So this year:
Secretary of State resigned
HHS Commissioner resigned
Autofair CEO Andrew H Crews resigned
Dartmouth head Phillip Hanlon resigned
Why do I think these are all related @GracieGato @realaudratoop #PandoraPapers…
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1/ Today, ICIJ unveils a bold new brand, mission and vision to expand our global reporting collaborations and renew our commitment to telling stories that show how the world really works — triggering positive change in tumultuous times. 🧵
2/ With democracy & press freedom under attack globally, authoritarianism & inequality on the rise, and corporations increasingly operating beyond the realms of accountability, wealth & influence have accumulated in the hands of a powerful elite – secretly hoarded out of reach.
3/ ICIJ has directed the largest cross-border reporting initiatives in history, convincing reporters across the globe to set aside traditional rivalries to uncover corruption, abuses of power and grave harms inflicted on the world's most vulnerable people.
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Want to get to know the #PandoraPapers, the biggest offshore financial investigation in history?

📧 We’ve curated a new series to walk readers through the most explosive stories and bottom-line findings.

In just six emails, we’ll cover … ⤵️
👥 THE POWER PLAYERS: Hidden in millions of leaked documents are the secret financial activities of hundreds of politicians, tycoons, billionaires, criminals, and celebrities.

We’ll recap the key takeaways about the biggest names in the #PandoraPapers.
💸 THE SYSTEM: We break down how the #PandoraPapers exposes the contours of an elite industry dedicated to maintaining the modern offshore system, giving rise to popular new harbors for financial secrecy such as the United States and Dubai.
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¿Recién se dan cuenta de que les está viendo la cara?
1 muerto en Shushufindi y ¿rompe el diálogo?
O sea que los 6 hermanos asesinados ¿eran chiste?
@LeonidasIzaSal1 @CONAIE_Ecuador
#Lasso es una fábrica de mentiras:
Mintió cuando dijo que no tuvo nada que ver con el #FeriadoBancario, pero el preparó el camino para lo que vino después...

@CONAIE_Ecuador @LeonidasIzaSal1 #ParoNacional2022Ec #DosVotosYTeBotan
#lasso es una fábrica de mentiras:
Miente cuando dice que su riqueza proviene de su esfuerzo, pero luego del #FeriadoBancario, compró CDRs al 40% a la gente desesperada, para cobrar el 100% a la CFN.

@CONAIE_Ecuador @LeonidasIzaSal1 #ParoNacional2022Ec #DosVotosYTeBotan
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🧵/ Days ago, the U.S. blocked the Madame Gu yacht and other holdings linked to sanctioned Russian billionaire Andrei Skoch.

#ParadisePapers reveals the network of middlemen he used to acquire the yacht and other luxury assets worth hundreds of millions.
The U.S. aims to degrade the key networks used by Putin’s allies to anonymously hide and move money via luxury assets around the world, and targets prominent individuals as well as yacht brokerages, defense industry entities and other service companies.
The "richest man in the Duma" deployed tactics similar to other oligarchs by using an elite firm, a web of shell companies and a trusted proxy — in this case, his romantic partner — to finance the acquisition of two yachts and a villa, leaked records show. A leaked memo states that Elena Likhach has children with buA leaked memo states that Elena Likhach has children with bu
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Wyoming lawmakers held a hearing on @ICIJorg @washingtonpost's #pandorapapers.

Wyoming doesn't need to change its transparency laws, one prominent attorney said.

Guess what didn't get said? An affiliate of the attorney's law firm helped a Russian oligarch get a Wyoming trust.
Public records and #pandorapapers documents show a registered agent affiliated with law firm Long Reimer and Winegar helped Igor Makarov set up a private trust company.

@itsmikeyin, a Democrat at the hearing, told me he wishes he had known about the link…
Authorities in Canada and Australia recently sanctioned Makarov following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

He hasn't been sanctioned in the US and previously denied links to Putin.

Makarov's trust and trust company recently closed, months after @debbiecenziper and I wrote about it
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Today, ICIJ is releasing its final installment of #PandoraPapers data, adding information from seven offshore providers headquartered in Hong Kong, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland and Dubai to the #OffshoreLeaks Database. #WPFD 🧵
In total, the #OffshoreLeaks Database now boasts information on more than three-quarters of a million people and companies behind secret offshore structures with links to more than 200 countries and territories, spanning five different major leaks.
ICIJ is publishing this information in the public interest and we’re thrilled to make this data freely available to all on #WorldPressFreedomDay, as the #OffshoreLeaks Database has become an essential tool in the global fight to dismantle offshore secrecy.
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The tycoons at the top of the Russian economy have been hooked on transferring wealth to BVI and other financial havens, according to our new tally based on the Pandora Papers. #PandoraPapers @ICIJorg…
On the day of the invasion, 37 businessmen met Putin at the Kremlin. Thanks to @ICIJorg, we could use the Pandora and Paradise Papers to count how many of them had companies in places known for financial secrecy.
More than half of them did, a measure of the importance the offshore financial system holds for the Russian elite.
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