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My long thread on patriarchal power, the monster that has awakened with a particular vengeance since a black man has dared to become the president of the United States and a white woman was popular enough to be the next. /Thread #cdnpoli #Patriarchy #USA #Brexit
White patriarchs can only cling to absolute power by excising democracy and installing autocracy and Fascism. We are seeing the rise of a real nationalism movement today - a backlash against human progress that exposes the corrupt power propping white men.
What is white patriarchy? 👇🏼
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#Breaking Global News has learned Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is about to resign #cdnpoli #CPC
Global News has learned that Scheer is resigning after it was revealed he had been using Conservative Party money to pay for his children's private school education. #cdnpoli #CPC
#CPC sources tell Global News that members of the Conservative Fund are outraged and demanded Scheer's resignation when they found out party money was being spent on private schooling. Sources say the expenditures were made without the knowledge or approval of the Fund #cdnpoli
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For heaven's sake please go after Canadian CEOs with shares acting as ISDAs hiding behind solicitor client. From Canada to Netherlands, their mailboxes at Intratrust. @CdnTaxFairness @TaxJusticeNet @GA4TJ #cdnpoli #uspoli @CanRevAgency @IRSnews @INTERPOL_HQ @AOC
@CdnTaxFairness @TaxJusticeNet @GA4TJ @CanRevAgency @IRSnews @INTERPOL_HQ @AOC It was Harper & Nigel Wright who allowed CEOs to control shares to reduce corporate tax rates by 50%. They allowed the depletion of the tax base of schools, hospitals, roads and life supports. Look at the shares they control. We lost 50% tax on those.…
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@FinanceCanada has done analysis of the $6 bil tax cut. Some of it is accurate, some is very misleading. I wanted to go through their family type analysis. Is a big difference between “hypothetically could” and “will in the real world”… 1/5… @ccpa #cdnpoli
@FinanceCanada @ccpa "A Single Individual Would Save Close to $300 by 2023" - $300 is the max, not avg. Only Half of singles (non-senior) get $300 max and 1/3 of senior singles get $300 max. Half of single seniors get no benefit at all, already have enough deductions 2/5 @ccpa #cdnpoli
@FinanceCanada @ccpa “A Two-Earner Couple Would Save Close to $600 by 2023” – about 60% of 2 earner fam would get full amount. Very few 2 earner fam would get nothing. This tax change is of most benefit to this fam type, generally in top income deciles 3/5 @ccpa #cdnpoli
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Rebecca Schulz is lying, and her position is both anti-woman and anti-family.

The $25/day daycare program was the single most valuable initiative the @albertaNDP introduced during their time leading Alberta. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
Most of North America is in a childcare crunch bc millennials are the parenting generation. Millennials are children of baby boomers and bc politicians are stupid, no one foresaw a large gen of kids born to a large gen of kids born to a gen literally named a baby boom
Childcare costs for 1 child across Canada range from about $1,000 to $2,000 (sometimes more) per month depending on the city. Calgary is about $1,500/mo and Edmonton is about $1,300/mo in city centres.

Waitlists are 6-12mo in Edmonton and 12-24mo on Calgary. #ableg #abpoli
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Well, here are the actual facts. The Liberals ignored earlier Conservative demands to deregulate the banking sector, therefore Canada didn't face the same financial sector meltdown the UK and US did. /2 #cdnpoli
The late Mr. Flaherty's trial balloon about privatizing CMHC (fall, 2006) did not go over very well - fortunately. CMHC was the vehicle used to support Canadian bank liquidity in the face of interbank distrust. /3
3/ As late of November, 2008, the Conservatives were still denying that anything needed to be done to support the economy. Then, while hiding behind prorogue, they finally decided that some stimulus might be a good thing.
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After a year in captivity, detained Canadian Michael Kovrig clinging to 'sense of humour,' boss says… #cdnpoli
"Charles Burton, a former counsellor at the Canadian embassy in Beijing, warns the situation grows more dire as the months wear on."
"If we continue to make no response of any meaningful nature beyond lip service of our concerns, we appear to be giving tacit consent to China to continue to violate the international norms of diplomacy ... And by not doing anything, we make the situation worse as time goes on."
"Burton suggested the Canadian government could take measures like revoking visas for Chinese students, pulling Canadian coaches out of helping the Chinese winter Olympics teams and imposing financial sanctions on high-level Chinese officials."
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Here we go again. It hasn't even been a month since my last post about the UCP's irrational decision-making and there is enough new evidence to post another whole thread. I give you - THE SEQUEL #ableg #cdnpoli
Not enough money for groups like Skipping Stones and the Homeless Foundation’s DOAP program but $40K for a pickleball club in a cabinet minister’s riding. #LGBTQ2
Claiming to cleanse politics from the education curriculum by saying you want to remove content about the environment that your conservative base and corporate donors find politically inconvenient.
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Unemployment among young men in Alberta is now at levels not seen since 1983. And the increase over the past few months is the sharpest outside of a recession on record. There are several important political observations that need to be made about these developments. 1/x #abpoli
First, it’s becoming more and more obvious that this collapse in jobs is not the result of who happens to be in power in Alberta. The Kenney government’s policies have not turned things around — in fact, they seem to be getting worse. #abpoli #ableg #canlab #cdnpoli
Second, it’s also becoming clear that the Kenney government’s policy of tax cuts for profitable corporations is not working. They promised that their $4.7 billion giveaway would create 50,000 jobs. Instead, both investment and jobs are down. We lost 18,000 jobs last month alone!
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The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (@taxpayerDOTcom) is a sham organization - fake grassroots - in my opinion.
Here's my evidence: (thread)
In '89, notes AB conservative Link Byfield founded the “Resolution One Association”. A main corporate object (snip below) was to cut spending, not increase revenue, which's a little ludicrous to me. If deficits are bad, why limit governments’ ability to deal with them?
Members were allowed to attend annual meetings, view financial statements and elect a board. You know, normal stuff that most of us would expect from a functioning and transparent organization.
This becomes important later on.
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PM Trudeau asked about DND docs obtained by @globalnews that show govt failed to spend nearly $8 billion on defence since coming to power in 2015. $ the govt promised. $ govt assured Cdns be spent on schedule. $ counted toward NATO spending. Why not spending? #cdnpoli #NATOLondon
@globalnews PM responds by saying his government has increased defence spending by 70% since coming to power. That is a figure the government keeps repeating, but the 70% increase won't actually be achieved until 2026 - not now. It also includes the nearly $8B they haven't spent but counted.
@globalnews The Liberals have increased defence spending since coming into power, just not by as much as they make it sound like when they say 70% increase.
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#Breaking Prime Minister Trudeau admits he was discussing President Trump last night when he referred to "the impromptu press conference" that was caught on camera. Trudeau says surprise he referred to was that next G7 will be at Camp David #cdnpoli #CdnFP #NATO
Trudeau is asked what value he saw in talking about President Trump in that way behind his back. Trudeau says he was sharing where next G7 was going to be. #cdnpoli #NATO #Cdnfp
PM Trudeau is asked what he says to people who say he has jeopardized Canada-US relationship and USMCA with those comments. Trudeau responds he has a good relationship with President Trump and Canada-US relationship good #cdnpoli #NATO #cdnfp
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I missed the Trump/Trudeau presser live so found it on YouTube. I watched the whole painful thing. I concluded that PMJT/Canada are currently in President Trump's good books. He'd not dissatisfied with out NATO contribution. He kept saying "getting there". /2 #cdnpoli
2/ He compared Canada's contribution with reference to the 2% target to nations with sub-1% contributions. He said nice things about USMCA. He said nice things about the Canada-US relationship. Of course, this is today and Mr. Trump's views are mercurial. /3
3/ However, I have no idea what Mercedes Stephenson and Rosemary Barton watched, but I recommend that they watch it again, this time with accurate comprehension in mind. If PMJT made a point it was to add to a positive comment already made by President Trump.
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Moody’s credit downgrade of Alberta today makes for some interesting reading. In a statement Toes basically blames NDP and pipelines — hey, that’s politics — but let’s take a look at some factors Moody’s cites as the reason it downgraded Alberta to Aa2... #ableg #cdnpoli
First up, Moody’s points to the “structural weakness” inherent in Alberta’s economy being overly reliant on oil and gas. It’s too volatile, they say — and yeah, the lack of pipelines doesn’t help. Moody’s also says debt burden will be higher than forecast #ableg #cdnpoli /2
According to Moody’s, that’s compacted by high environmental risk (because oil, also floods & fires). It also took into account social considerations including a health spending being too high in Alberta — a critique that’s inline with Kenney’s argument #ableg #cdnpoli
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Brushing up on Alberta legislative history, like cool people do, and HOLY, WTF?!

Did you know the Government of Alberta FORCED ~ 4,739 “undesirable” women into sterilization?

Alberta has a history of using farming as an excuse to attack women.

<thread> 🧵👇

#ableg #cdnpoli
The United Farmers of Alberta enacted a law in 1928 called the Sexual Sterilization Act. You know, because it’s really important to the farming community to control women’s bodies.

They believed criminality was passed genetically, not unlike the NAZIs.…
Now, Albertans were NOT keen on this idea. In fact, quite a few Albertans fought it.

However, due to increasing tensions over Eastern Canada’s “liberal” immigration policies, and adoption of conservative American ideals, they dismissed science in favor of irrationality.
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President Donald Trump questioning Prime Minister Trudeau on defence spending was quite something to watch. The PM tried to not give a percentage number talking about Lib govt's increased spending, Trump pushed back and asked for an exact number #cdnpoli #Cdnnatsec #CAF
Prime Minister Trudeau answered President Trump's second question by saying Canada spends 1.3% of GDP on defence (accurate according to most recent NATO numbers), but then sounded like he said 1.4%. That is not accurate. Canada is aiming to spend 1.4% by 2026 #cdnpoli #CAF
Trump's tone on defence spending was more positive than in the past saying Canada is "slightly delinquent" in defence spending to get to the 2% NATO target. #cdnpoli #CAF
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Jason Kenney is Alberta’s “Gaslighter-in-Chief” ... and in this article, his gaslighting tactics are on full display. Follow this thread to see what I mean. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab 1/x…
For those unfamiliar with the term, here’s a definition of gaslighting: “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” #ableg
In this article, Kenney says anyone concerned about his cuts is “ridiculous” because the cuts are “modest.” The truth is, when you adjust for inflation and population growth, his budget will cut per capita spending on public services by 15-20 percent. That is NOT modest. #ableg
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Today on @TheWestBlock: Andrew Scheer’s defiance against the push to oust him as leader - can he hold on? @Jenni_Byrne and @GarnettGenuis face off. Then Premier @PremierScottMoe joins on the eve of the first premiers’ meeting and the attacks on @AndrewScheer #cdnpoli #cpc
We’ll sit down with @RobertFife who has seen his share leadership battles, what does he think lays ahead from Scheer and we’ll take out our crystal balls for the throne speech #cdnpoli
*lies ahead 🤦🏼‍♀️
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Has the fake-thesis industry found a new money-maker in disgruntled Alberta ex-politicians and oil-barons? Mr. Morton's article is almost a copy of Gwyn Morgan's recent. My rebuttal of this one. /2… #cdnpoli #abpoli
2/ Mr. Morton says AB has no representation in Ottawa. On the contrary, it has its usual complement of MPs but it chose to park them on opposition benches. Surely this is the fault of the dastardly Liberals. /3
3/ Mr. Morgan says that AB is in recession. No. AB was in recession in 2015 and 2016 (negative GDP growth) but is not now and hasn't been since 2017. AB is enjoying better GDP growth and lower unemployment than Atlantic Canada provinces. /4
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It is becoming clearer to me that there are two ways people approach information. There are those that look at the evidence and, even if it does not suit the way they would like things to be, if the facts are compelling, they say, "Yeah, ok. I guess that's right." #cdnpoli 1/25
And then there are those who will look at an evidence-based statement, decide it doesn't fit their world-view, and refuse to look at any evidence. They set about trying to silence the conclusions. 2/25
As an example... Justin Trudeau raised the impact of largely male work camps on local communities. There is a host of evidence that this is true. 3/25…
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A few threads from Conservative sources we reported tonight on @GlobalNational about the brewing Conservative civil war, questions about @AndrewScheer's leadership, @LeonaAlleslev as Deputy Leader and Canada Proud/Conservative Victory (THREAD) #cdnpoli #CPC
@GlobalNational @AndrewScheer @LeonaAlleslev Conservative sources frustrated by Alleslev's role say they like Alleslev but feel her appointment highlights Scheer's failure to bring leadership competitors into the tent to become allies (say he has done little on this front since being elected leader) #cdnpoli #CPC
@GlobalNational @AndrewScheer @LeonaAlleslev Caucus sources tell @globalnews they felt Scheer's team tried to intimidate MPs in the big election postmortem meeting, changing a vote about whether MPs should have the power to force a leadership review from secret ballot to the caucus chair to open roll call #cdnpoli #CPC
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On Monday, the premier of Alberta attacked me by name to undermine my credentials, research, and academic freedom on the floor of #ableg.

It's Wednesday, and the press secretary for the Minister of Advanced Ed has decided to argue that this simply = free speech
The thing is, when profs in #cdnpoli teach the Charter and its rights, the most crucial point is to identify the relationship the constitution defines: it's between us as citizens and the state or government. Most rights are typically framed in that relationship
So, when we talk about Canadians having free expression, it means we are free to express, within reasonable limits, without state or government sanction
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#exclusive Global News has learned that @LeonaAlleslev will be announced as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party tomorrow morning. Multiple conservative sources say Alleslev was told today. #cdnpoli #cpc
@LeonaAlleslev Leona Alleslev crossed the floor from the Liberal Party in September of 2018. She is a former Air Force officer and GTA MP. #cdnpoli #cpc
@LeonaAlleslev Alleslev is relatively new to politics, she was elected for the first time in 2015. For the Conservatives she brings the key element of being from the GTA, is generally seen as a progressive in the party, and she is a woman. #cdnpoli #cpc
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New from me:

UN Security Council members had a ‘vested interest’ in blocking Khashoggi probe, according to a memo by one Canadian official as Canada weighed pursuing an international investigation of the journalist's murder by Saudi agents #cdnpoli…
It's been more than a year since Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey and the only credible assessment of his death has been a report into whether there are grounds for a criminal investigation -- deemed to be the case by the UN special rapporteur
According to documents obtained by Global News through #cdnfoi, one Canadian official pointed the finger at the UN Security Council members, saying "most, if not all" had a "vested interest" in making sure no probe took place.
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