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1/Today, @ABDanielleSmith wrote a letter to @JustinTrudeau.

The "alternative" she proposes to federal Just Transition legislation has zero credibility.

Read on. I'll explain what she's really up to.
#cdnpoli #ABleg #ABpoli @Alberta_UCP @albertaNDP…
2/"Dear Prime Minister;

I am writing to once again raise Alberta’s serious concerns with the proposed federal ‘Just Transition’ legislation."

No, she isn't. The three pages after that sentence are little more than a brochure for Alberta oil & gas.…
3/Some version of the plea for more oil and gas production and exports appears more than a dozen times in the letter.

Ok, Premier, we get it already. You're not selling used cars.

*My apologies to new and used car salespeople. You're better than that. Image
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Canada's newly appointed representative to combat Islamophobia quoting from hate site Mondoweiss.

Great job, @JustinTrudeau


Whew. Image
Canada's newly appointed representative on Islamophobia casually citing organizations that refer to "Jewish Supremacy" in her opinion column.


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Thread 1/3

Last night in Ottawa, Canada's U.N. ambassador Bob Rae claimed that Canada's foreign policy is "principled".

I and two other peace activists, @TamaraLorincz & @EnglerYves, disrupted Rae's hypocritical speech.

Here is Tamara denouncing #NATO's proxy war in #Ukraine.

After Tamara denounced NATO's proxy war in Ukraine, Yves Engler condemned Canada's disgraceful voting record at the United Nations.

#cdnpoli #UnitedNations #Haiti #Palestine #nuclearweapons #NATO #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar️ @EnglerYves

As I explained in my disruption of Bob Rae, the international human rights community is nearly unanimous that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid, yet Canada's support for #Israel knows no bounds. This makes a mockery of Trudeau's "rules-based order."

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My Open Letter to PM @JustinTrudeau and his Liberal Cabinet as they visit Hamilton Centre to deliberate their 2023 priorities and federal government agenda.

(1/22 🧵)
#cdnpoli #hamilton #canada #DisabilityTwitter #housing #healthcare Open letter to PM Justin Tr...Image
Dear Prime Minister and Members of Cabinet, 

It's a pleasure to welcome you to Hamilton. 

I genuinely hope you enjoy your time and have an opportunity to get outside your meeting rooms and interact with everyday working-class people here in Hamilton. 2/22
As I’m sure you will soon realize, Hamilton is an incredibly resilient city with a proud history of taking care of one another despite the many challenges we’ve faced over the past few decades. (3/22)
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Regularly receive questions on why I discuss Indigenous-specific issues when it comes to firearms so often when #BillC21 impacts most lawful firearm owners in Canada for no additional public safety benefit.

It's a good question. I'd like to go into some of the reasons:
First, the government has a specific duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous peoples in areas that adversely impact established Indigenous legal rights. Hunting is a well-established Indigenous right. #C21 adversely impacts it by prohibiting important tools.
The #Liberal government makes a grand theatre of respecting #Indigenous rights but regularly fails to follow through. This is one such instance. The government failed to hold a single meeting specific to the central issue of #C21 (the ban) with Indigenous groups.
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🧵Preston Manning has already written a report of a fictional investigation into the government handling of the COVID pandemic with a future date of June 5, 2023. /1
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
The report reads like Freedom Convoy fan-fiction. I'll be picking out the sections that stood out to me, but there's just so much absurdity in it that I can't tweet them all. /2
Let's begin a journey into Preston Manning's imagination, into a "fictional, futuristic description of that investigation" into the COVID pandemic. /3
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From the DM’s…

We’re told yesterdays emergency caucus meeting lasted just over an hour. Reportedly half of caucus is horrified and half have lined up behind Smith.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Reportedly Smith is extremely confident that her internal audit of government emails will find nothing & she believes this will exonerate her

The justification is that the emails were sent from the staffers personal account to at least one Crown Prosecutors personal account

We’re told the expectation is that the audit of the internal government emails will be released early next week as Smith had previously announced and Smith will consider that the end.


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From the DM’s…

There have been rumors circulating for some time that during the UCP leadership race, in #YYC allegedly a UCP MLA and a group of people utilized membership lists to collect ballots from new Canadians which never made it to counting…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
These ballots were allegedly collected by this UCP MLA and a group of politically motivated individuals whose desire for power and influence reaches well past party boundaries…

We’ve been advised by a high level source who we would consider extremely reliable that allegedly not only has one of the individuals involved received a Gucci appointment with Smiths office, but even more shockingly…

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This is the first time I’ve seen a column so successfully translate the nerdy discussions from transit twitter onto the pages of the @TorontoStar.
Bottom line, the TTC performs MUCH better than US equivalents because its frequent bus network, why cut it?…
But this is not the ceiling for the TTC, lots of ridership gains on the table possible from interventions to increase service speed (bus lanes!) and housing density. But it proves we can recreate its success in other Canadian cities with much more service supply. #CdnPoli
Well done, @thekeenanwire
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A politically powerful idea for @PierrePoilievre @LeslynLewis

Families are worried about the ability to provide. Specifically, how food could be restricted, taxed & priced in the future

So, I propose the following:

To Hunt, Fish, Grow & Own
We call it the #HFGO act

Under the act, Canadians would agree to engage in sustainable harvest, wildlife management & micro agriculture to provide for themselves in an organic, non commercial manner.
In turn Canadians would be afforded legal protections for equipment, access to public land & usage of their property to engage in this activity. Both urban & rural benefit

While many do this already as my family has for generations, its not a secure right. It can be taken away.
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1/ As Canada grapples with its ongoing legacy of violently dispossessing Indigenous peoples of their lands & waters to make way for resource extraction, our public pension funds have a clear role to play in the process of reconciliation. #cdnpoli #UNDRIP…
2/ But only a handful of pensions have taken steps to develop an Indigenous rights & reconciliation framework in their investment processes. This is particularly troubling for pension managers that are Crown corporations in jurisdictions that have enacted #UNDRIP in law. #cdnpoli
3/ @aimcoinvests, @LaCDPQ, @cppinvestments, @HOOPPnow, OMERS and @OTPPinfo have said virtually nothing about Indigenous rights and reconciliation, despite collectively having more than $1.5 billion in assets in Canada and around the world. #onpoli #polqc #ableg
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CTV just broke the news that, "Canada is performing the most organ transplants from MAID patients among the four countries studied that offer this practice."… 1/10 #cdnpoli
"According to the first-ever review of this phenomenon, Canadian doctors were found to have performed almost half of all worldwide organ transplants following death by euthanasia." 2/10 #cdnpoli
Interestingly, the Canadian Parliament just passed Bill S-223 which makes it a criminal offence for a person to travel abroad to receive an organ taken without consent. Doing so could render a person inadmissible to Canada.… 3/10 #cdnpoli
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LIAR. The liberals are literally legislating the gun problem in 🇨🇦

In 2022 alone, Bill #C22 and #C5 passed which directly reduces minimums for violent gun offences. Statscan shows every move Trudeau has made, resulted in a spike

@TWilsonOttawa #cdnpoli #C21 #C22
@CCFR_CCDAF🇨🇦 ImageImage
#C22 No more minimums:

-Use of firearm in commission of offence
-Possession of loaded handgun
-Weapons trafficking
-Unauthorized import/export of firearm
-Robbery with firearm
-Extortion with firearm
-Illegal discharge of a firearm with intent

These are serious+violent offences

Even stealing guns is no big deal to @marcomendicino

-Possession of restricted or prohibited weapon knowing possession is unauthorized
-Possession of weapon obtained through crime…
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Canadians hold their public health care system in high regard. It’s part of our national identity.

It separates us from Americans. Doug Ford is taking away one of the core components of Canada in the largest province.
This brings us one step closer to an American style system. Where people go bankrupt if they get sick, or they don’t get the care they need because they can’t afford it.
We as Canadians reject the American style system, where doctors won’t see you until you hand over your credit card. 
#cdnpoli #onpoli
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1/ NEW REPORT: Our first ever Canadian Pension Climate Report Card reveals Canada’s major pension funds are not on track to protect pensions from the worsening #climatecrisis or to align their portfolios with a safe climate future. #cdnpoli

A 🧵. Read on!
2/ Canada's pensions must do much more to develop and implement credible Paris-aligned climate action plans, fulfill their fiduciary duty to invest in members’ best long-term interests, and protect retirement security in a world that limits global heating to 1.5°C. #cdnpoli
3/ The report finds a high level of inconsistency among pension funds with a collective >$2 trillion in AUM, with the degree of urgency, detail, transparency, and ambition varying widely for managing climate-related risks and opportunities across the sector. #climaterisk #cdnpoli
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Our book is officially on the shelves 🌄🌄🌄 Ottawa & Alberta are currently fighting about a just transition, so it feels like good timing for this to come out to say – they are both wrong! Here’s a sneak peek of the vision we lay out instead🧵… #cdnpoli
But first, I'd be very very delighted if you'd join us on January 31st for a virtual book launch & discussion with @CCPA_BC, Cliff Atleo, and some great organizations working on climate justice! Details & sign-up here:… Image
Above all, we wanted to write a climate book that makes clear we can't have a just transition without upholding Indigenous sovereignty. And rather than being a political liability / threat as many frame it, a real just transition will make a more liveable world for *everyone.* ImageImage
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Heads up #PEI gun owners!

#PrinceEdwardIsland is on the top of Trudeau’s hit list. VITAL 🇨🇦 supports PEI through this nightmare & not a single rifle leaves the island once the dust settles

#PrinceEdwardIsland #cdnpoli #propertyRights @TWilsonOttawa @CCFR_CCDAF @CivilAdvantage1
Original Source here:…
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1/ Calgary-based NuVista Energy is reporting record oil and gas production and allocating $450 million in capital expenditure to further increase production in 2023. #ableg #cdnpoli…
2/ This clearly violates IEA and IPCC emissions pathways for limiting global temperature increase to 1.5C, which require oil and gas production to immediately and rapidly decline. #fossilfuels #climatecrisis…
3/ On January 1st, NuVista corporate director Deborah Stein joined the Board of Directors of the Ontario Teachers'​ Pension Plan @OTPPinfo. #onpoli #onted #cdnpoli…
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1/ Fisheries and Oceans Canada is investigating #CoastalGasLink after Wet’suwet’en chiefs captured video footage of the pipeline company violating environmental regulations on sensitive salmon-spawning rivers on their unceded territory. #cdnpoli #bcpoli…
2/ “It was alarming,” said Tsebasa, a Likhts’amisyu clan chief. “It’s just really hard to process. I was really quite disturbed by the complete disregard for the salmon, the water, the people — our rights as Wet’suwet’en people.” #cdnpoli #bcpoli…
3/ The Wet’suwet’en have never given their consent to the #CoastalGasLink fracked gas pipeline. They're suing the pipeline company, RCMP & a private security firm for using intimidation, harassment, & unlawful detention to make way for construction.…
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Good news -- the federal Health Minister has replied to Ford... excerpts from the letter... #cdnpoli /1
"Last January I wrote to all PT Ministers of Health setting out the federal government's policy on the charging of facility fees by private clinics" /2 #cdnpoli #HealthcareForAll
"I indicated then that I expected provincial governments to stop private clinics from charging patients extra for medically necessary services over and above the professional fees paid by public funds from provincial health care plans". /3 #cdnpoli #HealthcareForAll
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1) @Woodsideful Canada’s financial heavyweights are trying to convince the federal govt. to let them keep pumping money into the oil & gas sector, confidential docs obtained by @NatObserver reveal. #BigFiveBanks #BigOil #CAPP #cdnpoli #LPC #NDP…
2) Conveniently enough, the Sustainable Finance Action Council (SFAC) also has its own 'institute', and appears to be affiliated with @queensu in Kingston, ON.
#AstroTurfing #Greenwashing Image
3) JW: Including carbon capture for oilsands production in a transition definition is greenwashing, climate advocates say, because it can only capture emissions from the production stage, which represents only a fraction of oil’s emissions. @GreenMission @EcologyAction @ecelaw
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A short thread:
||| I never saw these “chefs use gas” ads until this week. Yet from my earliest days in home kitchens I preferred gas for top-of-stove cooking for a simple reason. 1/ ->
<- 2/ The fast-responding heat control of gas produced better results than electric with heavy stainless and cast-iron pans as well as lighter ones. No question.

Electric ovens produced superior radiant heat surrounding food in a closed oven, and for heat-on-top broiling. ->
-> 3/ When we were able to we installed a gas cooktop, electric oven and hood/fan. Many years later we replaced them with a dual-fuel stove (gas on top, electric below) and a more powerful hood/fan. It works as expected. We’re happy. ->
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From the DM’s…

Heard from multiple reliable sources today that the UCP caucus is a hairs breadth away from boiling over and prospective leaders to replace Smith are actively being discussed.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Apparently caucus is split along rather predictable lines, and there are increasing concerns within the larger faction that Smith is more focused on the “Danielle Smith Show” than she is actual governance or winning the next election.

This all comes at a time where the same groups that elevated Smith are becoming more frustrated with her constant equivocation on her promises to them.

One source told us today that there is a very real possibility of a new leader before the next election.

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Antifaux counter protester Gisela McKay assaulted my cameraman with a swift knee to the groin.

#cdnpoli #Peterborough
This incident is the real life manifestation of specific acts of violence that Gisela McKay has previously mused about inflicting.

I am the housing lawyer referred to in the attached screenshot.

Very alarming.
To reiterate, I see no equivalency between fascism and antifascism.

My reference to bad actors on “both sides” is specific to individuals who cloak themselves in progressive language while setting back the causes they purport to champion.

Fake, harmful wannabe activists.
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