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Going to pull a few important threads together for everyone. re #FluTruxKlan.

#CPC like #GOP, has courted the far right for several years, however, at some point Frankenstein will always lose control of the monster.

#TruckersForFreedom is an op & grift unleashing extremism. ImageImageImageImage
As of today, Tamara Lich added a new name & called “Freedom Convoy 2022” a “team” fundraiser. She added Benjamin Dichter (BJ Dichter).

She also once again increased the goal amount to $6M (talk about moving the goalposts).

Who is former #CPC candidate Dichter? #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImage
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PC Erin Howard in #Ontario, in uniform (presumably while being paid by taxpayers to do her job), says “we’re a little bit at war right now”. She’s w/ #PoliceOnGuard.
@csiscanada @rcmpgrcpolice, there’s a SERIOUS problem with dangerous extremism in police services in 🇨🇦 #cdnpoli
@DRPS, please make a statement about what you intend to do about officer Erin Howard spreading disinformation & helping to foment hate & division. Not exactly the mandate of a police service. This type of extremism - over a coordinated con job - is dangerous. #TruckersForFreeDumb
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Many people are posting images of their amply-supplied supermarkets to refute Conservative fear-mongering about empty shelves. Take a step back and look at the variety and plenty on display. Too much processed food, but that's another story. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ Too much out-of-season importing - also another story. About 33 years ago - just before the collapse of the former USSR - a friend in the oil business had cause to host a delegation from Russia. /3
3/ There were business-related activities but he was charged with showing the Russian visitors around. One asked to see a Canadian supermarket, so he took them to one. He told me that they cried when they saw what was available to Canadian shoppers. /4
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!!! From a HCW in a #BCpoli hospital just now:

"They are now making it difficult to test people in hospital - they're refusing to authorize PCR tests on people who become symptomatic. There's a NAAT PCR machine in ED but inpatient can't use it without special authorization.."
..I ran this past a nurse who replied: "And we all know why that is! Families are threatening to sue if their relatives get nosocomial [hospital-acquired] COVID" ie. from infected patients placed in the same room. Hospitals covering rears? If you don't test, there's no proof...
Respond to this news please, @adriandix. You're the health minister! I have an elderly aunt with a broken hip, with preexisting heart trouble, in a Vancouver hospital in a shared room with a Covid patient right now. She has stayed uninfected all pandemic, but it won't last now.
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Live tweeting todays EMS presser?

Sounds good!

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #EMS
Copping - EMS is busy yo. No people, no trucks, call volume is up.

References the 4 Airdrie calls that saw CFD transport a child because there were no ambulances available…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #EMS
Copping - We increased paramedics and the EMS budget, but that wasn’t enough.

So we’re running an EMS advisory committee that’s run by MLA’s Allard and Sigurdson.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #EMS
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As I further examine the #TruckersForFreedom #TruckerConvoy2022 grift & op, here’s my guess on what’s happening (I hope someone does an analysis with software I don’t possess @DFRLab). I suspect the “donations” are being laundered through a troll farm. Along w/ fake account posts
Ms Lich keeps increasing the goal amount as “donations” come in every minute or every few minutes. Fake donations laundered through a troll farm type apparatus wld be in small amounts done more frequently in order to appear authentic, in addition to real donations by the gullible
But that’s not all. There is coordinated messaging across #Conservative propaganda media. Disinformation 101. Make a lie displace truth. RW disinformation posing as “news” has been steadily promoting this op & pumping out a false narrative (& asking for $$ 🙄) #TruckersForFreedom
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Jody Ledgerwood, moments before stepping outside her vehicle while on the 401. This is part of a convoy organized with the Line Canada, intended to disrupt highway traffic.

#cdnpoli #antivaxxers #KarenConvoy
It should go without saying that it’s extremely dangerous to block a lane of highway traffic and wander out of one’s car while other vehicles continue to drive by.

#cdnpoli #antivaxxers #KarenConvoy
An underwhelming demonstration of flags on the 401.

#cdnpoli #antivaxxers #KarenConvoy
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Senator Housakos objects to someone tweeting a picture of a well-stocked Canadian supermarket but doesn't mind a fellow Conservative, MP Melissa Lantsman, trying to use a picture of empty supermarket shelves in UK to pander to dimwitted truckers. /2 #cdnpoli
Ms. Lantsman's attempt at misleading Canadians. Folks, this is an MP.
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How do you know #TruckersForFreedom is an op as well as a grift? Because of the scores of troll network accounts, followed by troll farm accounts, posting fake pictures, endlessly promoting this operation. Who’s behind these troll networks? #KochNetwork #CEC #CanadaProud #GRU?
How you know #TruckersForFreedom is a con & an op part 2. #Conservative politicians are using this lie to data mine with fake “petitions” while they pump out disinformation & fundraise off it. Gratuitous lying like from Melissa Lantsman. #RageFarming #NeverVoteConservative
#TruckersForFreedom grift & op part 3.

I’ve now lost count of all the pictures & videos taken from other countries & other times claiming to be a convoy in 🇨🇦. Like this one. Claiming a video of a backed up highway at rush hour is a ‘massive convoy against vaccine mandates’ 🙄.
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1/3 For anyone who has not read our first press release, this is our very short list of demands.

1. Federal & provincial governments must Terminate the covid passport and/or any and all other obligatory vaccine contact tracing programs or inter-Canada passport system. #CDNpoli
2. Terminate covid vaccine mandates and respect the rights of those who wish not to be vaccinated.

3. Cease the decisive rhetoric attacking Canadians who disagree with government mandates.

#FreedomConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom
4. Cease to limit debate through coercive means to censor those who have varying or even incorrect opinions.

#FreedomConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom #TrudeauNationalDisgrace #Freedom #COVID
@jordanbpeterson @glennbeck @GeorgeGammon @TomTSEC
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I have no comment on the particulars of her federal story, but yes x1000 to this @SusanDelacourt point generally. A generation of 🇨🇦 pols & officials have paid a certain stream of consultants millions to train them to sound insincere, aloof & robotic. A non-partisan observation.
Take the phrase structure I hate the most in #cdnpoli-speak:
"We're committed to..."
"Our govt is committed to..."
(Or the most appalling)
"Our govt is committed to ensuring..."
How non-partisan? THIS non-partisan...
British Columbia's NDP govt. Some federal results mixed in, but more than enough to make the point: everyone is saying the same thing. Everyone.
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1/ First Nations people in Alberta continue to be treated poorly by the #healthcare system in #Alberta. I’ve seen it directly at Dr offices and hospitals. My brother experienced horrible racism when he was very sick. #Indigenous #abpoli #cdnpoli
2/I understand I have a certain amount of privilege as I have a PSE and a non-native sounding last name. —My brother had undiagnosed thyroid issues for over 2 years and was left incredibly sick in hospital waiting rooms only to be told that he is fine or that he was drug seeking.
3/I’m not saying that all health care workers discriminate against Indigenous people, there are many bright lights. But the discrimination & mistreatment is very apparent & visible. How many more Native ppl have to die or become very sick before real change happens in the system?
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The political right is a Ponzi scheme using grift, disinformation & malign influence. It promotes bad faith actors like #PierrePoilievre - who spews his economic illiteracy the way anti-vaxxers spread covid disinformation. No surprise Poilievre & trolls promote cryptocurrency. ImageImageImageImage
This isn’t a benign problem. Bad faith actors like #PierrePoilievre, Keean Bexte, “Rebel” so-called News (both of which solicit “donations” in cryptocurrency), are part of a larger issue affecting #CdnNatSec #CdnEcon.

#cdnpoli ImageImageImage
It isn’t just the volatility of #crypto. Although that too poses a multitude of problems.
As Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, points out, crypto is rife with issues. To say nothing of its environmental destruction.…

#cryptocrash #cryptocurrencies ImageImageImageImage
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1/ The Liberal gov’t says handing over the Winnipeg lab docs to Parliament would undermine national security.

This is the world turned upside down. The opposite is true.

It’s the government that’s undermined national security - not Parliament.

2/ Here follows some of the recent security breaches, leaks and lapses by the government - and these are just some of many:

3/ In Oct., the government leaked the names of several hundred vulnerable Afghans seeking refuge from the Taliban, putting their lives at risk.

These Afghans helped Canadian soldiers during the war & are being targeted & executed by the Taliban.

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Some personal news:

@pressprogress has received a 100 out of 100 rating on “credibility and transparency” from @NewsGuardRating, an international rating service that evaluates the credibility of news sources.

Read more 👇… #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
NewsGuard’s rating is based on accuracy, transparency and responsible journalistic practices.

We were reviewed by Mark Sikstrom, former head of Journalistic Policy & Practices at @CTVNews + edited by Ed Greenspon, former Editor-in-Chief of @globeandmail.…
@pressprogress describes its reporting standards in a section titled Journalistic Standards, which addresses its approach to sourcing and journalistic principles,” Sikstrom notes, adding we include info about our editorial mission and corrections policy.…
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There’s been a lot of debate surrounding these two tweets, one from Copping & one from his Comms advisor…

So we tried to make some sense of it.

And fell down an extremely confusing rabbit hole.

A thread you’re going to want to read…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #COVID19AB
The first question was why, as per the ministers own tweet, he was only isolating after he rapid tested positive despite symptoms.

His Comms advisor corrected that by saying Copping was isolating immediately, implication being Coppings tweet was just poorly written.

To be clear, the current restrictions on ONE of the government websites is that anyone with symptoms must isolate.

As you can clearly see here…

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Paul thinks I won't verify the facts. Well, the facts are that Schneider is shutting down its Canadian operations for reasons other than Paul's politics while other freight operators are expanding into Canada. Details in reply. #cdnpoli
Preemptive screenshot:
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I think many of us were prepared to view the treatment of Princess Diana as a grave series of errors leading to her death. That the Queen is silent during this, though, is to her eternal shame. Her legacy? Gone. Sorry. It's gone. She blew it. @RoyalFamily #UKPoli #cdnpoli
I think many want to believe the Queen is somehow innocent. They blame the Queen Mother and even Prince Philip. Isn't it clear now that the heartless sociopath in question really is Elizabeth herself? #ukpoli #cdnpoli
And look at the ghoulish scum Queen Elizabeth has raised. Look at little Andrew and his curious relationship with Epstein. Charles and Camilla and their sick games. They're all just awful, awful people. Harry got away. God bless him for it. #UKPolitics #cdnpoli
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Rosemary Barton introduces the subject of healthcare funding in the face of Covid overwhelming the healthcare system but she doesn't mention that the federal government increased Covid-related transfers to provinces by 25% in one year (2020-1). #cdnpoli
I don't offer this comment or the supporting information with a view to inviting personal insults directed at Ms. Barton.
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Unlike our lame press, I am not shocked by Erin O'Toole's lie re: Stephen Guilbeault's statement about oil and gas subsidies. Mr. O'Toole's relationship with the truth has been distant for ages. What I am shocked by is the dumb-a$$es who believed him. /2 #cdnpoli #abpoli
2/ Seriously, people, what political party would prevail with voters if it told them that in 18 months they might not be able to drive their cars. For that matter, what political party would prevail if it signalled that it planned to tax Canadians' principle residence. /3
3/ No matter how much these notions don't pass even a rudimentary smell test, pragmatism-wise, Conservatives believe them. Is it any frigging wonder that the unvaccinated are a feature of the political right?
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Most 🇨🇦/#cdnpoli city mayors have too little formal authority to lead change and meet rising expectations. My oped for @irpp / Policy Options on how "The Power to Propose" can start to fill that gap w/out radically altering our city govt structures...…
Typically, any proposal to empower weak 🇨🇦 mayors runs into fears of 'americanization' or bossism. "The power to propose" is the minimum possible change you could make w/out disempowering councillors' powers of oversight, amendment and so on.
One likely rebuttal: some mayors already do exceed their formal authority, influence draft budgets, etc. And as I hint in the oped, if that's happening, public servants often take criticism for mayoral directions given behind the scenes, so it's better to formalize this process.
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My Honda, sans catalytic converter, has been sitting at my Honda dealer since December 31st. My insurer won't accept pictures (from a Honda dealer, the mind boggles). No appraiser until maybe tomorrow. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ After that, who knows. I finally asked for a rental car. On Friday. Here we are on Tuesday, no approval for that, either. Desjardins just sent me an email asking if I am satisfied with their customer service. Which would be what?
And this is the first claim from *three* policies (two auto, house) that would result in a payout in ***thirty years***. I wonder what it takes to be considered a good customer?
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Quebec Premier Francois Legault says the province will start charging people who refuse a COVID-19 vaccination an additional fee for health care. He says the exact amount hasn’t yet been decided. He says the charge wont apply to people with valid medical exemptions #cdnpoli
Legault says vaccinations are key to reducing the burden on hospitals and people who dont go get their shots in the next few weeks will face a health contribution fee. #cdnpoli
Legault says the health contribution wont only be for people who refuse vaccination and need to go to the hospital, he says it will be for everyone who refuses vaccination and doesn’t have a valid medical exemption. #cdnpoli
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Dec.31st
▶️32,514 AH
▶️7,126 Serious;25,388 Non-serious AH
▶️258 deaths;1,132 blood clot cases
▶️5,141 Special Interest AE’s; 1,574 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️81%⬆️in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in Canada
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (73.3%). The rate of reports for females was 66.7/100K doses administered, compared to 25.6/100K doses administered for males.”
Source: #Canadian government:…
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 983,756 Reports, Dec. 17th
▶️20622 Deaths;34615 Disabled
▶️108572 Hospitalizations
▶️35997 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️10429 Heart attacks;4907 Blood clots
▶️3365 Miscarriages
▶️20560 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;12317 Bells Palsy
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