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7 Nov 19
1/👇 Check out our new publication on #mental #health from a #cannabis #dispensary. drcarolinemaccallum.com/cannabis-resou…
2/ The goal was to measure #mental health and #psychiatric symptom severity in a non epidemiological sample of #medical #cannabis users in a Vancouver #dispensary.
3/ We used structured clinical interview & standardized assessments to determine whether 100 participants met criteria for a current or lifetime diagnosis of a major #psychiatric disorder.
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23 Oct 19
1/ #Cannsolve summit with Dr. Ian Mitchell, talking on “a tale of two drugs” aka #THC & #gabapentin
2/ #Gabapentin was made by Park Davis who also made #ketamine and #cocaine
3/ #NIDA only studies drug abuse. In the US #cannabis must come from NIDA. Therefore, we can see challenges in researching the #benefits of #cannabis in US
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6 Sep 19
1/ CBD & Autism Case

I saw a 10 yo with autism &
anxiety in follow up today after 1 year of CBD. I am compelled to share his significant improvements

He no longer spits, hits,throws things , harms himself or his parents

@autismspeaks @canucksautism @Autism @AutismSociety
2/ His #sensitivities have improved enough to go to an amusement park all day without any meltdowns

His #rigidity has improved. His mom can now make an unplanned stop to pick up milk or run an errand without a major outburst
3/ His principal and teachers have upgraded his school attendance from 830-1030am, to 1/2 day, to now attending school full time. Also he no longer runs away

He is socially more comfortable, his mom notes that all the kids at school now say hi when she drops him off.
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13 Jul 19
1/ @LondonNadeau @jennav5 & myself did not ignore or minimize the risks of cannabis in our opinion editorial @drrobbietee @DrCharlEls @tibbop @sudschool @CPA_APC @csam_smca @jonathanstea @eksogenisk @AMC_Signpost @hakique @tomfolanmd @melrod42

*Multi post thread*
2/ We had a limited word count and could not cover additional topics such as youth & evidence for use etc.

Unfortunately @globeandmail @GlobeDebate created a clickbait title here which did not do us justice.
3/ We acknowledged that THC can cause psychosis in certain individuals

Risk factors:
-Heavy THC use
-Daily THC use
-Genetic Predisposition: may account for 69-84% of the link btw cannabis & psychosis

The majority of cannabis users do not experience psychosis/schizophrenia
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