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HOW TO: Hack your sleep

Sleep is the backbone of a healthy life.

But I bet you aren’t getting nearly enough high-quality, restful sleep.

Here’s how to build an OPTIMIZED SLEEP STACK and get the best sleep of your life 🧵👇

#supplements #biohacking
Many people do not get enough high quality, restful sleep due to a variety of factors like a busy schedule, work stressors, a weak immune system, an unhealthy diet, or poor sleep hygiene.
Sleep is essential for weight management, productivity, skincare, immune response, mood, cognition, and general health & wellbeing.
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Theerthamalai Mandir located in Dharmapuri Dist. TamilNadu
Also known as Theerthagireeswar (Theertha+Giri+Eshwar)
Theertha = Holy Water
Giri = Hill
Eshwar = Bhagwan Shiva.
There is a deep connection of this Mandir with #Ramayana
@LostTemple7 @Vadicwarrior
@LostTemple7 @Vadicwarrior @davidfrawleyved @tourismgoi @Voice_For_India @mariawirth1 @tntourismoffcl @incredibleindia @AnuSatheesh5 @MinOfCultureGoI When Sri Ram killed Ravana – to nullify his Brahma Hatya Pataka Dosha on Him he did Abhisheka to Mahadev Shiva. Unfortunately Sri Hanuman could not reach mandir on time with Ganga water, Thus, Sri Rama shot an arrow on a hill stone creating Rama Theertha & completed the Pooja.
@LostTemple7 @Vadicwarrior @davidfrawleyved @tourismgoi @Voice_For_India @mariawirth1 @tntourismoffcl @incredibleindia @AnuSatheesh5 @MinOfCultureGoI Rama Theertha is a tiny water fall spring about 9 meters high. The force will be same thru out the year even in hot summer, & no one could identify the source of tiny water fall coming from hill stone. List of Theerthams surrounding the hill mandir:
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50 yo female with progressive eye redness and loss of visual acuity. She has a h/o hypertension. Thoughts? #MedEd
#MedTwitter #health #healthcare #FOAMed #ClinicalPearl #clinicaltips #neuroscience #neurotwitter
#sciencetwitter #brain #medstudenttwitter #medical Image
Neuro intact other than vision.
What is reason for redness, specifically?
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HOW TO: Build a supplement stack

I’ve given y’all lots of information on different supplements, but now it’s time to put it all together.


Let’s dig in🧵👇

#supplements #vitamins #health #wellness #nutrition #biohacking #fitness Image
IMO the best approach is a modular one.

You want to put together a good base layer for healthy living & then layer on various modules targeted at specific conditions & goals. Image
Your add-on modules might be targeted at gut health, energy, stress/anxiety, immunity, gym performance, etc.

This isn’t to say that each supplement only targets one thing or has one use, but it helps to understand why you are taking something & how it all fits together.
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During a long period of meditation the legs and entire body sometimes seem benumbed, owing to lack of blood circulation. what can the Yogi do to prevent this!

Mahamudra ( the spine- stretching asana that is done before practice of Kriya proper) can be performed again during
and/or after a long meditation. When performed as taught in Kriya Yoga, Maha Mudra is a combination of asana and pranayama. It stimulates circulation; and by its beneficial effect on the spine, distributes life force evenly throughout the entire body. It thus benefits ---
in a way that other exercises do not --- the nerves, veins, muscles, heart, lungs, and joints, keeping the body in full vigour and health, adapting it to long periods of meditation. Other asanas (postures of Hatha Yoga) are not as effective for this purpose. Therefore, it is
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.@TheLancet: "It is a bold action for any health professional to take an explicit position calling for phase-out of fossil fuels & even bolder to do so in direct & pointed way, calling for intl legally binding mechanism” @JeniMiller… #fossilfree4health
“The modern addiction to fossil fuels is not just an act of environmental vandalism. From the health perspective, it is an act of self-sabotage”, @DrTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, @WHO #fossilfree4health #fossilfueltreaty #health… #fossilfree4health
“I would like to see more health professional associations advocate for rapid movement on health and climate.” Sir Andy Haines… #fossilfree4health
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You should get blood work done every year to optimize your health. Knowing your levels can help you tweak your diet, exercise & supplements to maximize your overall health & fitness.

Let’s look at what tests you should be getting 🧵👇
Blood work is the backbone of biohacking. It gives you a window into the inner functioning of your body. You can see when something is not in the optimal range & take action to fix it.
Optimizing your mental & physical performance relies on having accurate data about your biochemistry & how your body responds to changes.

You can order blood tests through your doctor, or there are online options for you to order your own tests.
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With so many supplement brands out there, how do we choose?

Plus, I’ going to tell you my top brands.

Let’s dig in 🧵👇

#supplements #vitamins #health #wellness #nutrition #fitness #biohacking Image
The FDA does not regulate the vitamin & supplement industry, which makes it a minefield of low-quality products, scams, and harmful contaminants.

This makes it difficult to choose high-quality products, and nearly impossible for newbies.
Once you’ve chosen what types of supplements you want to take, how do you sift through the myriad brands?

Here’s what to look for when choosing supplement brands:

• third-party certifications like NSF International or UL Solutions indicate good manufacturing practices
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With the Supreme Grace of the Supra Universal Consciousness, Unity of Humanity is manifest in action as:

1. The number of people that will watch The Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on #919 -- September 19, Monday
-- 2022 across 200+ countries is set to cross 4 billion, which is about 50% of the world's 🌎🌍🌏 population estimated at 8 billion.

2. His Majesty King Charles III is to host one of the largest gatherings ever of world leaders including heads of state, foreign royal families...
governors general, prime ministers, and international diplomats, at an historic state reception at Buckingham Palace in London 🇬🇧 on the eve of the Queen's funeral.

3. Humanity from 130+ countries is to be represented at the highest level as the Queen's funeral unites the world
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Tongue scraping, or jihwa prakshalana,
is a traditional Ayurvedic self-care practice.

Overnight, as the body processes everything that was ingested the previous day, toxins begin to form & are visible as a coating on the tongue.

#healthy #health #healthcare #ayurved #lifestyle
Each section on the tongue corresponds to an organ, making the tongue a roadmap to the body's health.

Scraping the tongue thereby gives our internal organs a gentle massage. When you scrape the back of the tongue, the colon is cleansed, stimulating better peristalsis.
Why scrape your tongue?

✅Reduces toxin load; preventing reabsorption of toxins that your body worked to expel
✅ Reduces obstruction to the respiratory system
✅Reduces bacteria and dead cells from the tongue
✅Enhances sense of taste
✅Promotes overall oral & digestive health
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1/ If you told me a year ago that I'd be presenting at a #Regen conference, I would have been curious...

If you told me I would be talking about #blockchain and #planetaryhealth, I would have been sceptical!

The last year has been an unlikely, & frankly liberating, journey 🧵
2/ Across my career as a doctor & #globalhealth academic, I had been gathering a trail of insights like breadcrumbs - some poignant, some uplifting, some infuriating - about what does and doesn't work to build #communityhealth, thanks to the amazing people + places I've worked
3/ It is obvious that "the system" is broken + has been for some time. There's a myriad of complex issues that keep people sick, poor, unhappy, & unequal. These #SDoH are so overwhelming that #healthservices can often only scratch the surface when it comes to ill health
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हृदय तुमच्यासाठी आयुष्यभर
#24x07x365days चालते
तुम्ही हृदयासाठी रोज 45 मिनिटे चाला
#आरोग्य म्हणजे #शारीरिक #मानसिक,
#सामाजिक#अध्यात्मिक, #सुअवस्था.
सुदृढ आरोग्यासाठी चालणे हा सर्वोत्तम
उपाय,रोज किमान २० मिनिटे चालण्याचा
वा सायकल चालवण्याचा व्यायाम केल्यास
पुरुषांमधील हृदयाच्या तक्रारींचा धोका कमी होतो, असे आढळले आहे.
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A thread
Working with and using a form designed by @PlymUni we asked a small group of people with hidden conditions* about their experiences of accessibility and access to #Health #Healthcare in the UK.
* or parent/carers where appropriate.
"Do you get nervous/anxious/worried about visiting a new healthcare setting, e.g. a hospital, doctors or the dentist?"
60% replied 'Yes', they did. 40% said 'No', they didn’t.
"If you do get nervous/anxious/worried about visiting a healthcare setting, how likely are the following: " picture of a questionnaire
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Heat stress already poses an "extreme risk" to agriculture in 20 countries, including agricultural giant India

But by 2045, 64 nations representing 71% of current global food production will be impacted

Including China, India, Brazil & the U.S.

"I think what it reinforces is that, even though a lot of us are sort of sitting in sort of Western countries, where we might think we're a bit more insulated from some of these threats, actually we are not necessarily" 

#ClimateCrisis #food #farming…
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So they are resulting to bribing people to accept #fracking in their communities. 25% of your energy bill but kids might develop #leukaemia, grandparents lives might be cut short and then there is #CimateChange & health damaging NO2 #AirPollution from just burning gas.
Children living near oil and gas fracking have higher risk of leukaemia, study finds…
Living near #fracking sites raises risk of premature death for elderly, US study finds… #health
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"We should be harvesting fruits right now, but it's all gone, dead from the scorching sun."

"It's impossible to work out in the orchard, because the ground temperature is around 60° celsius" [140°F]

"It's too miserable to bear witness to."

'China is facing severe shortfalls in the autumn harvest of rice & wheat in the Yangtze basin...

In Sichuan province alone, 47,000 hectares have reportedly been lost, and another 433,000 hectares seared.

The problem, however, extends far beyond Sichuan'…
'Parts of the European Union could face 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀 of warmer and drier conditions as Europe weathers a major drought that has fueled forest fires, dried up rivers and devastated crops'

#ClimateCrisis #food #farming #health #nutrition…
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Do you have expertise in #Health, #Environment and/or #Development in SE Asia?
Apply for a tt position as Asst. Prof at our Dept of #Geography .@UUtah -- a thread 🧵 with more deets below ! 1/5

Link to position description and application link
2/5 Some example research in SE Asia for this hire include (but not limited to) #illness & #disease, #population, #environmental challenges & #inequality, #sustainability, #climatechange impacts, #agriculture & #foodsecurity, #urbanization, #development, #conflict, #migration...
3/5 ... #Diaspora...
We value diverse perspectives and seek to build more inclusive faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student bodies. Applicants from underrepresented backgrounds are encourage to apply by 1 September 2022.
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#AirQuality is important right from the beginning of life - when life is conceived and growing in the womb! 🧵
#AirPollution #Health #CleanAirForAll #CleanCooking #epitwitter #globalhealth #WomenInSTEM #Momademia #AfriAQ #IndiaAQ #HAP
.@UofC_CGH .@Warriormomsin .@cleanairfund
In-utero exposure to #HouseholdAirPollution influences angiogenic factors involved in normal placentation and growth - represent compensation for pollutants exposure to preserve fetal viability .@cleancooking #AirQuality #AirPollution #AfriAQ #IndiaAQ
Chronic hypoxic signature in placenta of #HouseholdAirPollution exposed women has implications for adverse pregnancy complications and future growth and development of young children #AfriAQ #IndiaAQ #Health #AirQuality #AirPollution #CleanAirForAll…
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BREAKING: #UK #USA In a surprising twist in the decades-long effort to eradicate the virus, authorities in Jerusalem, New York and London have discovered evidence that #polio is spreading there. The original source of the virus? The oral vaccine itself. Image
Oyewale Tomori @WALETOM a virologist who helped direct Nigeria's effort to eliminate polio, said that in the past, he and colleagues balked at describing outbreaks as "vaccine-derived," wary it would make people fearful of the #vaccine.
"All we can do is explain how the vaccine works and hope that people understand that immunization is the best protection, but it's complicated," Tomori said.
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