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@ndlea_nigeria First of all, its obvious DCP #AbbaKyari trusted your officers who double crossed him for this stint. It's obvious they have been doing business together for a very long time.

This only turns out to be a bad business day for him. He was simply betrayed!

@ndlea_nigeria Friendship and trust was at the heart of their shoddy deals. This same friendship and trust was put on the line by your officers to turn in #AbbaKyari and his men.

Your officers @ndlea_nigeria plainly and unambiguously hoodwinked him for this #cocaine scandal.

@ndlea_nigeria #AbbaKyari isn't stupid to start with, he couldn't have just trusted someone for the first time or out of the blues to do such a risky endeavour with.

It was a classical case of #Arewa brothers trusting each other without pretensions. It was never an introductory meeting.

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Few understand the far-reaching influence of cocaine on science and medicine, and it's greater cultural significance🧵 #cocaine #MedTwitter
William Halsted (1852-1922), father of modern surgery, introduced local anesthesia for dental procedures by injecting cocaine directly into nerve roots. Halsted also pioneered sterile surgical techniques and the radical mastectomy for breast cancer.…
Halsted reportedly discovered cocaine's properties by self-experimentation. He brought European-style medical residency training to the American medical system and became known for working multi-day cocaine-fueled benders that underpin our inhuman work expectations.
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Here's my 5 min talk I just held at the 44th #ECDD:

<< Dear Expert Committee on Drug Dependence,
my name is Fabian Steinmetz. I'm from Germany and I'm an Eurotox-certified toxicologist and professional risk assessor at an international consultancy.
I speak here on behalf of the NGO #ENCOD, the European coalition for just and effective drug policies.
And now I'd like to speak a few words about #kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).
First of all I'd like to remind the committee that banning #hemp, #poppy & #coca was not very successful and even led to more potent derivatives and synthetic imitations. Also these bans fueled violent crime and human rights violations worldwide.
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#Canteleu "la police travaille depuis le début de l’enquête sur la famille M., des trafiquants très influents et incontournables dans le département de la Seine-Maritime. L’épicentre du trafic auquel s’intéresse la justice se trouve à Canteleu...
... centre à partir duquel la majorité des points de deal rouennais sont alimentés : toutes les drogues sont concernées, de l’#héroïne à la #cocaïne, en passant par le #cannabis ; des produits importés du #Maroc et ayant transité par l’#Espagne."
"5 frères et 1 sœur de la famille M, considérés comme les têtes du réseau... très structuré de distribution de drogues et de blanchiment avec sociétés écrans, qui aurait acheté la paix sociale à #Canteleu, par des menaces, influences et pressions... ce réseau contrôlait la ville" Image
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According to investigator Turkish journalists Turkey become an island of cocaine & MDMA/ecstasy and all drugs distributed from Turkish ports

A company founded by a pro Erdogan Syrian "businessman" with Turkish passport become MDMA provider for Arab countries (UAE, Saudi A. etc.) Image

The company name: Altın Atlar San. Tic.

*Founded in Kirikhan, Hatay (Near Syria border - #Afrin and Idlib)

Company Director: Hashem Kaddur born in Hama, Syria & now has a Turkish passport

Ports used: Mersin, Iskenderin &many more

Drug: Captagon (Millions of tablets)
Turkish mafia leader Sedat Peker revealed the network of Turkish cocaine/heroine transportation after that we found out Turkey also finance wars+proxy groups with Captagon sales, all tablets produced within Syria borders transported to Iskenderun or Mersin ports for distribution
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A THREAD: Why such massive #cocaine shipments and large port #seizures in Europe? This drug trade in pandemic has had a particular trajectory.
1/ the pandemic moved different from east to west north to south
2/ by looking at ports and trade from Latin America to major European ports I had found that container shipments did not always reduce but often routes were modified to serve ports differently (more stops regionally; longer trips)…
3/ as the pandemic affected Europe and North America ahead of Latin American countries, producers produced and traffickers tried to traffic as much as they could to build #cocaine reserves. This is why we had huge seizures in April/June last year. So that they wouldn’t run out.
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We are eager to hear the plenary speaker for @US_ASP (the new academic pain org for the US) Dr. Meghani of U.Penn Nursing.. on the "Guideline Epidemic and Pain Care" introduced by @JessicaMerlinMD @DrJohnPereira /1
Key points for Dr. Meghani:
*US fighting its drug war "like other resource poor countries"
*Broad misapplication of the 2016
opioid guideline
*Seriously undermined care of patients with mod to severe pain
*Obligations of policy makers in scaling high policies /2
Key points made by Dr. Meghani, of U Penn Nursing for
Insurers and states acted rapidly, in 2016-17 after
, to impose hard #opioid dose limits, to require opioid stoppage and taper, all in apparent violation of the Guideline, which had a low evidence GRADE /3
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1/ THREAD: Large, white, particulate debris ejected from Trump's mouth/nose 5 times during his Press Conference/Campaign event at White House today—

#Adderall #Cocaine #DrugAbuse #TrumpPressConference
2/ Today, during Trump's Press Conference/Campaign event at the White House, at least five times, he ejected large, white debris from his mouth and possibly his nose.
3/ While this is an unpleasant and for some, a nauseating topic to discuss and watch, it is highly relevant. Many witnesses have made public statements regarding Trump's chronic abuse of cocaine, Adderall, and other drugs.
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Some fcukin bastards do not deserve ANY mercy. They take our money, our taxes and build bungalows for themselves, YES I am looking at your #Matoshri. They travel in range rovers (hi AU) while ppl in #Mumbai get crushed in trains. They drink in 5 star bars while bridges ..
fall on their damn heads. They pollute #Mumbai with hard drugs (not talking about weed) but #meth, #cocaine, #LSD, #MDMA and ruin our youth through it. They can bring in ‘maal’ from #Malaysia, #Nepal, #Afghanistan but cannot feed the poor on the streets in the city. They run..
over homeless ppl sleeping on streets and then make bakchod movies & shows like #Tubelight & #BiggBoss14 and we are expected to pay to watch that shit. They pay #ViralBhayani & #ManavManglani etc to take photos of #Diwali parties with their wives but don’t tell you about how ..
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1 - #DrugsInBollywood - Let's start with one from way back in time in #Mumbai. A rave party was busted in #Juhu in 2012 and multiple struggling actors tested positive for #narcotics. Who? #AngadBedi, #ApurvaAgnihotri, #RockyS. Link: #ArrestRheaChakraborty
2 - How can we talk about #DrugsInBollywood without mentioning the #Khans? Which Khan? Almost all! But let's start with one of the biggest - #GauriKhan. She has hosted many coke-fuelled parties in #Mannat over the years & was once detained in #Berlin for possession of marijuana. Image
3 - Right after GK is yet another star wife - drug veteran #SusanneKhan. Her cocaine addiction is well known in #Mumbai and I must say, she takes after the rest of her family when it comes to drugs. #DrugsInBollywood #ArrestRheaChakraborty #JusticeForSushant Image
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2017: #young #male after a #trip to Hills with '#Naturalists'. Fever and abnormal liver tests. #jaundice in a week. Long evaluations multiple places. Following up as fever of unknown origin. Father a pastor. Son denies everything, studious. #Liver #biopsy done.
#livertwitter Image
Classical #liverpath
Top:Lobular #inflammation, #Portal triaditis; Bottom: central venulitis, perivenular #cholestasis
Asks young man alone, 1hr #interrogation
#Cocaine induced #Hepatitis
Its pays to invest in good #clinical #history
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US troops in #Colombia, mobilising near the border with #Venezuela. #Washington has 9 military bases in Colombia, which allow the failing empire to threaten all other LatAm countries. Colombia also supplies 92% of the #cocaine used by the huge US drug market.
Yes of course they are US troops. In Washington's view they 'own' the place. Image
More detail, if you follow Spanish. Leading #Colombian journalist @HOLLMANMORRIS confirms the deployment of both US troops and other irregular forces at the borders of his country, particularly in north Santander.
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #JPMorgan #slavery #humanrights #drugtrafficking #cocaine #humanslavery #humantrafficking #reparations

Let's talk about JP Morgan (Jeffrey Epstein's bank) for a minute.

In 2005 JP Morgan admitted it owned slaves.
Citizens Bank and Canal Bank in Louisiana, which were ultimately acquired by JP Morgan, accepted approximately 13,000 slaves as collateral and took ownership of approximately 1250 between 1831 and 1865, according to
a memo to employees from CEO and Chairman William Harrison and President James Dimon aka Jamie Dimon.

PLEASE notice that when the press finally publishes information about high profile crimes the first name is usually different than the known name.…
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UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION (I): Bed-space corruption, terrible food, well-fed rats… Many things not right at ‘Yaba Left’ Cc @Fmohnigeria @MBuhari @MentallyAwareNG @victorr_ugo #MakeYabaLeftRight #UndercoverInvestigation
@Fmohnigeria @MBuhari @MentallyAwareNG @victorr_ugo @nighealthwatch @followlasg @jidesanwoolu @WHO @OsagieEhanire @ogundamisi @DrOlufunmilayo @femigbaja @fisayosoyombo @ProfOsinbajo After altering his looks and taking psychiatric lessons every day for one week, investigative journalist ‘@fisayosoyombo went under cover for three weeks in November, including 10 straight days on ward admission... #MakeYabaLeftRight #UndercoverInvestigation
@Fmohnigeria @MBuhari @MentallyAwareNG @victorr_ugo @nighealthwatch @followlasg @jidesanwoolu @WHO @OsagieEhanire @ogundamisi @DrOlufunmilayo @femigbaja @fisayosoyombo @ProfOsinbajo As a patient of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, also known as 'Yaba Left', one of the nation’s most historic mental rehabilitation centres.… #MakeYabaLeftRight #UndercoverInvestigation
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ABOUT 100KGS of #Cocaine worth over Kshs. 598 Million to be destroyed today at DCI HQS Forensic Lab Incinerator, in a court procedure overseen by Milimani High Court Judge Hon. Kimaru & attended by among other Snr Govt Officials Dr. Fred Matiang'i (CS Interior), Mr. Noordin... Image
...Haji (DPP), Mr. Hillary Mutyambai (IG) & Mr. George Kinoti (DCI). The said cocaine was confiscated on 29th July, 2016 from a Container at Mombasa Port while being smuggled into the country, with @DCI_Kenya ANU Detectives leading the Investigations. The destruction follows...
...acquisition of a court order by the Anti- Narcotics Unit, with analysts from the Govt Chemist present for procedural demands.
@ODPP_KE |@FredMatiangi |@NPSOfficial_KE |@InteriorKE
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1/ #Cannsolve summit with Dr. Ian Mitchell, talking on “a tale of two drugs” aka #THC & #gabapentin
2/ #Gabapentin was made by Park Davis who also made #ketamine and #cocaine
3/ #NIDA only studies drug abuse. In the US #cannabis must come from NIDA. Therefore, we can see challenges in researching the #benefits of #cannabis in US
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1. Discurso do Presidente Jair Bolsonaro na abertura da Assembléia Geral da ONU.
"Mr. President of the General Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, Mr. UN Secretary General, António Guterres, Heads of State, Government and Delegation, Ladies and gentlemen,
2. I present to you a new Brazil, which resurfaces after being on the brink of socialism.
A Brazil that is being rebuilt from the yearnings and ideals of its people.
In my government, Brazil has been working to regain confidence in the world, reducing unemployment,
3. ...violence and the risk to business by reducing bureaucracy, deregulation and, in particular, by example.
My country was very close to socialism, which put us in a situation of widespread corruption, severe economic recession, high crime rates and uninterrupted attacks ...
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I see the TL is ready for this thread

I'll do a short medical thread over the weekend
What is #cocaine ?

• potent stimulant made from the leaves of the coca plant which is native to South America - mostly grown in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru

Nicknames: coke, blow, snow, powder
What does #cocaine look like?

• fine, white powder

• snorted, rubbed on gums, dissolved and injected into the body
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1-There is a connection between the super cheap gasoline that's been sold in Venezuela for decades and the cocaine industry that's a major pillar of the economy of Colombia. And it seems that finally the government of Venezuela is at least trying to get a handle on it.>
2-Gasoline is a necessary ingredient in turning the Coca leaf into cocaine. Now this predates the rise of President Chavez. It's been a serious political problem for Venezuela's government both old regime and new. You see gasoline that's cheaper than water it's hard to keep it>
Inside one country. And so an estimated 1/3 of Venezuela's petroleum that's refined into gasoline has been getting smuggled into Colombia. Of course given that the gasoline is almost free in Venezuela it comes into Columbia pretty cheap. This is probably why Columbia can export
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