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🔴 J-2 avant les #Municipales2020 !
➡️ Rappel sur les candidats complaisants avec les islamistes
➡️ Aujourd’hui, @Tony_Di_Martino de @bagnolet_ps & @MarcEverbecq de @BagnoletCommun ex @PCFBagnolet à @BagnoletFR
➡️ À savoir avant de voter et à RT !
#Municipales2020 @BagnoletFR
Tout d'abord, un "état des lieux" : Les 8 listes qui se présentent aux élections :…
#Municipales2020 @BagnoletFR
"#Municipales : face au maire socialiste des listes de "#gauche" à foison, dont la liste @PCFBagnolet @FranceInsoumise @RaquelGarridoFr, compagne @alexiscorbiere signataire et participant à la "Marche contre "l'islamophobie".…
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #JPMorgan #slavery #humanrights #drugtrafficking #cocaine #humanslavery #humantrafficking #reparations

Let's talk about JP Morgan (Jeffrey Epstein's bank) for a minute.

In 2005 JP Morgan admitted it owned slaves.
Citizens Bank and Canal Bank in Louisiana, which were ultimately acquired by JP Morgan, accepted approximately 13,000 slaves as collateral and took ownership of approximately 1250 between 1831 and 1865, according to
a memo to employees from CEO and Chairman William Harrison and President James Dimon aka Jamie Dimon.

PLEASE notice that when the press finally publishes information about high profile crimes the first name is usually different than the known name.…
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UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION (I): Bed-space corruption, terrible food, well-fed rats… Many things not right at ‘Yaba Left’ Cc @Fmohnigeria @MBuhari @MentallyAwareNG @victorr_ugo #MakeYabaLeftRight #UndercoverInvestigation
@Fmohnigeria @MBuhari @MentallyAwareNG @victorr_ugo @nighealthwatch @followlasg @jidesanwoolu @WHO @OsagieEhanire @ogundamisi @DrOlufunmilayo @femigbaja @fisayosoyombo @ProfOsinbajo After altering his looks and taking psychiatric lessons every day for one week, investigative journalist ‘@fisayosoyombo went under cover for three weeks in November, including 10 straight days on ward admission... #MakeYabaLeftRight #UndercoverInvestigation
@Fmohnigeria @MBuhari @MentallyAwareNG @victorr_ugo @nighealthwatch @followlasg @jidesanwoolu @WHO @OsagieEhanire @ogundamisi @DrOlufunmilayo @femigbaja @fisayosoyombo @ProfOsinbajo As a patient of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, also known as 'Yaba Left', one of the nation’s most historic mental rehabilitation centres.… #MakeYabaLeftRight #UndercoverInvestigation
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In case you don’t know,

•Marijuana >>Memory loss
•MDMA or ‘Molly’ >>Seizures
•Cocaine >Brain damage
•Rohypnol or ‘Ref’ >>Amnesia
•Codeine or ‘Lean’ >Coma
•Tramadol >>Delusions
•Skunk or ‘S.K’ >Lung damage
•Colorado >Psychosis
•Alcohol>>Throat cancer

Retweet. A 🧵👇🏾
Drug abuse is now the ‘norm’ for youths & proudly flaunted. If you don’t take drugs, you aren’t ready to be ‘accepted’ yet and perceived as the ‘odd one’ out. Perhaps we check out the full-term effects of these so called ‘pleasure’ drugs.
1. #Marijuana a.k.a Mary Jane, Kush, Pot, ‘Eja’, Cannabis, Blaze, Ganja, etc, composed of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Effects include: paranoia, memory loss, inability to focus, hallucinations, panic attacks etc.
Hardened smokers will tell you it’s ‘medicinal’🤡🤡.
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The person you MUST indict to go after #Burisma is #PrinceAlbert of #Monaco. He harbors Burisma's owner; There is a lot of money involved; Clearly Albert knows it's stolen money. It's a 'No-Brainer.' Albert rents-out Monaco to the mafia; & threatens world security. #Greed #Power
The pseudo-country of #Monaco is basically a yacht club & money laundering hub for the criminal mega-rich. There's an argument that #PrinceAlbert, through his extensive #Burisma protection, is a member of a terror group. You arrest him & treat him like any other gang leader.
If someone seriously wanted to prosecute #Burisma, Prince Albert must be brought in as a coconspirator. Burisma's owner - like every other Ukrainian oligarch - uses hide-outs in "safe" countries.

An arrested Prince Albert would rat-out a lot people when faced w/ US prison time
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1/ #Cannsolve summit with Dr. Ian Mitchell, talking on “a tale of two drugs” aka #THC & #gabapentin
2/ #Gabapentin was made by Park Davis who also made #ketamine and #cocaine
3/ #NIDA only studies drug abuse. In the US #cannabis must come from NIDA. Therefore, we can see challenges in researching the #benefits of #cannabis in US
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1. Discurso do Presidente Jair Bolsonaro na abertura da Assembléia Geral da ONU.
"Mr. President of the General Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, Mr. UN Secretary General, António Guterres, Heads of State, Government and Delegation, Ladies and gentlemen,
2. I present to you a new Brazil, which resurfaces after being on the brink of socialism.
A Brazil that is being rebuilt from the yearnings and ideals of its people.
In my government, Brazil has been working to regain confidence in the world, reducing unemployment,
3. ...violence and the risk to business by reducing bureaucracy, deregulation and, in particular, by example.
My country was very close to socialism, which put us in a situation of widespread corruption, severe economic recession, high crime rates and uninterrupted attacks ...
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I see the TL is ready for this thread

I'll do a short medical thread over the weekend
What is #cocaine ?

• potent stimulant made from the leaves of the coca plant which is native to South America - mostly grown in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru

Nicknames: coke, blow, snow, powder
What does #cocaine look like?

• fine, white powder

• snorted, rubbed on gums, dissolved and injected into the body
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1-There is a connection between the super cheap gasoline that's been sold in Venezuela for decades and the cocaine industry that's a major pillar of the economy of Colombia. And it seems that finally the government of Venezuela is at least trying to get a handle on it.>
2-Gasoline is a necessary ingredient in turning the Coca leaf into cocaine. Now this predates the rise of President Chavez. It's been a serious political problem for Venezuela's government both old regime and new. You see gasoline that's cheaper than water it's hard to keep it>
Inside one country. And so an estimated 1/3 of Venezuela's petroleum that's refined into gasoline has been getting smuggled into Colombia. Of course given that the gasoline is almost free in Venezuela it comes into Columbia pretty cheap. This is probably why Columbia can export
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Aug 15-22, 2018
1. Ricky Johnston from Las Vegas admitted to receiving over 600 images of toddlers & children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced to 144 months in federal prison.

#childpornography #childsexabuse #RickyJohnston #projectsafechildhood…
2. Operation Darkness Falls results in arrest one of the most prolific dark net drug dealers in the world.
Matthew & Holly Roberts used the darknet marketplace to distribute #fentanyl #oxycodone #heroin #meth & other drugs.

#darknet #silkroad #alphabay…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings for July 10, 2018
1. University of Colorado Professor Pleads Guilty to Fraud

#OlegVasilyev #LosAlamosNationalLabs #UniversityofColorado…
2. Biopharmaceutical Employees Convicted of Insider Trading

#securitiesfraud #insidertrading #clinicaltrials #JasonChan #SongjiangWang…
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