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Jun 15, 2020 9 tweets 8 min read

A developer can get started on @prylabs @ethereum 2.0 client in just six (6) commands, taking 1min 40secs to:

- configure the environment
- download "master" source code
- run the beacon-chain process


Tested on @ubuntu 20.04 LTS on @Exoscale 1/6


sudo apt -y install tar git wget g++

It is maybe likely that tar, git and wget are already installed :)
Nov 1, 2019 15 tweets 22 min read
(1/14) #EmpowerTheDAO is excited to announce the completion of Project 1, to integrate @AragonProject with:




The integrations are via Aragon Apps, which can be installed in any Aragon #DAO on @ethereum. (2/14) #EmpowerTheDAO Project 1 was funded by @AragonProject's Nest Grants Programme.

The project proposal was submitted as an issue on aragon/nest github repo: github.com/aragon/nest/is…

The request for funding was made via a pull request on the same repo: github.com/aragon/nest/pu…
Sep 6, 2019 12 tweets 8 min read
0/10 Here is a sneak preview of the @UniswapExchange App deployed in a DAO.

The app empowers any @AragonProject DAO to swap #ETH to #DAI, in order to stabilise its treasury.

@threadreaderapp unroll


Start with 1 #ETH in the @UniswapExchange App installed in the @AragonProject DAO

Click "Swap Eth / Tokens"
Aug 23, 2019 13 tweets 22 min read
0/6 Attending @ETHBerlin?

Below are some projects you might like.

Proposals are published, please feedback in the comments (thank you, @github).

Projects are governed by democratic DAOs (thank you, @AragonProject).

Chat groups are set up (thank you, @Telegram).

#gratitude 1/6 Automatically record when streaming...

@LivepeerOrg does streaming, @ethswarm does storage.

This project integrates Livepeer with Swarm, to record whatever is being streamed.

Proposal: github.com/ethberlinzwei/…

Telegram: t.me/livepeerswarm

DAO: mainnet.aragon.org/#/livepeerswarm
Jun 5, 2019 9 tweets 12 min read
Here is news of a milestone in the project to integrate @LivepeerOrg with @AragonProject.

An Aragon DAO on #Ethereum mainnet delegated Livepeer Tokens to a Transcoder in Livepeer's network.

This will provide the DAO with a share of income to the network.

#EmpowerTheDAO How it worked:

- A vote was proposed, for an @AragonProject DAO to "Approve and Bond" $LPT to a @LivepeerOrg Transcoder

- The DAO voted "Yes"

- $LPT were automatically delegated to the Transcoder

Go to mainnet.aragon.org/#/video to view the DAO in action.

May 20, 2019 11 tweets 9 min read
I'm developing the LPT Futures project, building open-source tools to sell Livepeer Tokens which are bonded to the network.

I started a Telegram channel and am testing a v0.1 contract exchanging $LPT for $DAI.

Join our community: t.me/lptfutures

#lptfutures How: Alice promises X $LPT before block P, in exchange for Y $DAI up-front. Alice puts Z $DAI collateral.

Bob puts Y $DAI.

Alice can now unbond X $LPT & wait the unbonding period, then deliver.

If Alice doesn't deliver by P, Bob claims Y + Z $DAI

Thanks @MakerDAO