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19 Jun 19
NEW 💻 AD: We just launched our largest voter contact ad of the 2020 election cycle to date -- a Spanish-language digital ad exposing Rep. @WillHurd’s failure to stand up for migrant children who were left behind in a Texas detention facility van. #TX23
Our ad reads: “¿Por qué el Congresista Hurd no ha abogado por los niños inmigrantes que han sido abandonados en camionetas?”

Translation: “Why hasn't Congressman Will Hurd spoken up for immigrant children left in vans?”
Earlier this month, a botched effort by the Trump administration left 37 migrant children in a van “under the blistering Texas sun” -- most for at least 23 hours.

Rep. @WillHurd failed to convince his party to take action against these kinds of abuses.
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8 Apr 19
💯 days ago this week, a newly elected class of diverse and energetic Democrats was sworn into the U.S. House, unified by a commitment to getting real results for their constituents back home. #100DaysForThePeople
In this short period of time, House Democrats have been busy making good on their campaign promises to tackle the rising cost of premiums and prescription drugs, and to protect the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Here’s a recap 👇
In #MI08, Rep. @ElissaSlotkin is working hard to make health care more affordable and to protect people with pre-existing conditions.
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28 Jan 19
BREAKING: After flipping FORTY seats from red to blue in 2018, we've officially got our sights set on THIRTY-THREE more -- and we're ready to get to work!

Take a look at our first offensive battlefield of the 2020 cycle:
Our Chair @CheriBustos is keeping her promises and wasting no time by working to expand our Democratic House Majority.
Presidential approval polls in 2020 are shaping up to be a lot like 2008 -- when Democrats continued the blue wave from the midterm. History is on our side, which means Democrats are poised to expand our House Majority even further. fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-2…
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28 Nov 18
Because of you and hard-working candidates, Democrats retook the House with the largest popular vote margin of any party ever, no less!

Here's how we flipped the most Democratic seats since Watergate! (39 and counting)
As the first elected Chair, Ben Ray Luján pounded the pavement the entire cycle, traveling over 52,000 miles through 27 cities and 17 states. He held events or meetings with 93 separate candidates for a total of 151 candidate meetings and events on the road.
We built a battlefield of 111 seats – the largest in over a decade. Our final #RedtoBlue program included:
4️⃣8️⃣ women
2️⃣7️⃣ people under 40
2️⃣1️⃣ diverse candidates
1️⃣9️⃣ veterans and intelligence officers
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15 Oct 18
To win the House and make history on November 6, we knew we needed to mobilize, engage, and activate key African American, Hispanic, and young voters.

So we built an aggressive, state-of-the-art digital program that rose to the occasion.

We interviewed people like Cecilia ⬇️⬇️
Cecilia is a single mom who works two minimum-wage jobs. But her daughter’s pre-school and routine checkups put her in debt. So she is voting for a change in Congress.

We’re sharing her story across a wide range of digital platforms. Take a look at her :15 cut:
Julieta moved to America to make a better life for her kids. Her 27-year-old daughter, Evelyn, has a good job but still can’t afford to live alone. They’re voting for a change.
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3 Oct 18
Special thanks to @mrbenwexler, @hanssahni, and @robhatchmiller for helping produce the 3-part video series! Missed the other two? See them below.

Then, visit volunteer.dccc.org to help #TakeItBack.
BONUS CHECKS! House Republicans voted to take away health care from millions of Americans. Then, they gave out bonus checks to CEOs instead of protecting Social Security and Medicare! #GOPTaxScam

Volunteer >> volunteer.dccc.org
MUST-WATCH: Check out how CEOs and executives feel about the Republican tax bill. Who was the GOP tax scam really for? #GOPTaxScam

Volunteer >> volunteer.dccc.org
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2 Sep 18
Paul Ryan’s super PAC is under fire for weaponizing @SpanbergerVA07’s private personal records from her service in the CIA and law enforcement.

She’s not the only candidate that needs your help facing lies from that same super PAC.

Let’s take a look👀
In Colorado, Paul Ryan’s super PAC came after @JasonCrowCO6.

REALITY CHECK: “Republicans know Jason Crow’s service with and for veterans is an asset, so they’re attacking it. If this is the best they’ve got, shame on them.”
#CO06 #TakeItBack #RedToBlue
In Maine, Paul Ryan’s super PAC came after @golden4congress.

His super PAC’s ad zooms in on Golden’s tattoo to “tie it to his politics” even though his tattoo pays tribute to his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

#ME02 #TakeItBack #RedToBlue
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10 Aug 18

What do an FBI arrest, a special prosecutor, insider trading, tax breaks spent on yachts, and not disclosing shady businesses all have in common?

It all stinks of Republican corruption.

Let's take a look 👀
Now that #NY27 GOP Rep. Chris Collins was arrested and indicted on insider trading, his seat in Congress is in play!

It’s not just Chris Collins. The scandal runs through Texas ...

#TX07 GOP Rep. John Culberson
#TX11 GOP Rep. Mike Conaway
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9 Jul 18
Coming back from the holiday and catching up on the news? Here are some of the biggest stories you may have missed!
Republicans are standing by while Trump sabotages health care markets and raises premiums AGAIN! #ACA #ProtectOurCare nytimes.com/2018/07/07/us/…
GOP candidate says something racist? Say NO to racism by voting for @PaulDavisKS!

"While CNN has rated the race to replace Jenkins as leaning Republican, Democrats have lined up behind former Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis to flip the district."
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