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19 Apr 20
OK, friends, in this thread I'm going to walk you through how to bake these #yummy lye pretzel rolls. #quarantineProject #recipe #baking #baker #bakingbread #homemade
Here are the ingredients: 2 cups of lukewarm water, a scant 6 cups of bread flour, a packet of yeast, 1 tablespoon of canola oil, 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt, and 3 teaspoons of sugar.
You'll also need food-grade lye. This scares people but it shouldn't. You need to take care when using it, but it's really not a huge deal. I've made dozens of batches over the years and never had any problem. You can order it online. I ordered mine from
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12 Feb 20
Back at the Orange County Courthouse for #SilentSham, round 2. I'll be live-tweeting here.
We're at the lawyers-milling-around-and-yuckin'-it-up stage of the proceedings.
A neither-here-nor-there observation of this courtroom and this case: women are solidly represented in the student ranks of law schools and have been for a long time. But not this courtroom.
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6 Feb 20
Here at @UNC, a campaign is being mounted to convince Jewish students not to go on a free trip to Israel over spring break that is being offered them via UNC Hillel (@unchillel).…
@UNC @unchillel According to the article in our campus newspaper, students on a prior iteration of the trip reported that “75 percent of the trip was spent on the Israeli narrative and only 25 percent on the Palestinian narrative.”
@UNC @unchillel The boycott effort is grounded in the idea that “people really need to be more critical and understand the implications of their actions, how identities are politicized, how we are situated and positioned in larger global structures of oppression and to actively dissociate ...
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20 Nov 19
If you had 55 minutes to tell the 200-yr story of your state’s Supreme Court, would you devote 8% of it to profiling a judge who ruled that the renter of a slave must have the power to shoot her in the back as she runs from a brutal beating?
To be more precise: would you use that time to argue that the judge was “one of the ten most influential common-law judges in American history,” an “important figure” who was “one of the truly great judges of his time, state and federal?”
That’s what @publicmedianc (UNC TV) did in broadcasting “N.C. Supreme Court at 200–Stability and Change–1819-2019” a few days ago. This thread will be long, but it will leave you wondering what on earth they were thinking-why they decided to rehabilitate this judge's reputation.
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