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#Thread on visit to #Muzaffarnagar, UP with @harsh_mander @natashabadhwar @JohnDayal @Sandeep_Saurav_ & many others.
In short: @UPPolice, PAC, RAF are the "rioters" - दंगाई - here, targeting & trashing Muslim homes (see video). Will try & post videos/pics as Internet allows
RAF was also involved in this destruction of Muslim homes singled out for being prosperous. One left his blue cap behind. Police, PAC, RAF doing this said, "Muslims will be thrown out of India, don't damage the floor or walls, after all, all this will one day belong to us"
Look at these images. Not a single plate or cup or shelf has been left whole. Each & every thing has been broken, under pretext of a "flag march" by PAC, RAF, police. In this home, there was only a woman with 3 children at night when the forces stormed in & trashed it.
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Many people say it's ridiculous to compare our current troubles with the Nazis and the Final Solution.



Imagine someone saying the torture of little girls and boys is necessary to nat'l security.

And people being, for the most part, okay with that.


"If parents didn't want their kids locked up without food, water, soap, or bathroom breaks, they shouldn't have brought them here."


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I’m a child of Holocaust survivors.

Everything my family warned me about is happening under Trump.

Hitler didn’t go right to gas chambers. He methodically spread fear and White Nationalist propaganda using dehumanizing language to demonize/scapegoat “the other.”

2/ I’m a child of Holocaust survivors. Horrifying to see that when Trump took office, “anti-Semitic incidents jumped 57% over the previous year. Hate crimes against Jews grew by 37% in the same period, according to a separate FBI analysis.”
3/ “The president has been stoking the fires that have contributed to these violent white nationalist attacks, with his divisive statements and with his immigration policies," said Cecillia Wang of the ACLU after Tree if Life Synagogue massacre.”

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THREAD: Today is the 81st anniversary of #Kristallnacht. Many Americans assume that such events, as well as the broader scope of the Holocaust, was unknown in the United States.

Not so. Here's a sampling of how Kristallnacht was reported in newspapers in #Missouri alone.
#Kristallnacht in the St. Louis Star-Times.
#Kristallnacht in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
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1/18 Im heutigen #NRW wurden während des #Novemberpogrom|s mindestens 131 Menschen ermordet oder in den Selbstmord getrieben, davon in #Düsseldorf mind. 7. [1]

Ungezählte wurden teils schwer verletzt. Buchumschlag
2/18 Der Fotograf Wilhelm Margulies erinnert sich an die #Reichspogromnacht:
"Am Vorabend der "#Kristallnacht" im Jahre 1938 wurde ich auf der Graf-Adolf-Strasse von einem früheren Kollegen Wilhelm Schildbeuer [...] und einem Mann namens Bollig überfallen, wobei mir zwei Zähne Foto, das Wilhelm Margulies aufnahm:
3/18 ausgeschlagen wurden. Nur durch die Flucht konnte ich mich der Lynchjustiz der zusammengerotteten Menge entziehen. Ich kehrte nicht in meine Wohnung Adersstr. 11 zurück, sondern fuhr sofort nach Eschweiler[...]. Am nächsten Morgen ging ich über die grüne Grenze nach Holland,
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9-10 November 1938 | #Kristallnacht – a pogrom against the Jews throughout Nazi Germany. Almost 100 killed, 30,000 men arrested, over 1,000 synagogues burnt, over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged:…
The name Kristallnacht ("Crystal Night") comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues were smashed.
In an article on the evening of 11 November, Joseph Goebbels ascribed the events to the "healthy instincts" of the German people: "The German people are anti-Semitic. It has no desire to have its rights restricted or to be provoked in the future by parasites of the Jewish race."
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I had to read this article twice to try to understand Netanyahu's message here.
Netanyahu is letting his hatred of Palestinians cloud his knowledge of history. The alleged meeting with the Mufti didn't take place until November 1941.
Dachau concentration camp opened in 1933.
By 1935 there were already more than 100k Jews in concentration camps at Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Flossenberg and Ebensee.
This assertion by Netanyahu defies all well-established and documented Holocaust history.
Netanyahu is effectively absolving Hitler---the 2nd worst mass murderer in recorded history after Stalin--of the extermination of 6 million Jews & 10 million other "undesirables" from the disabled to gays. But The Final Solution was established specifcally to EXTERMINATE Jews.
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Charles Bewley was the Irish envoy to Nazi Germany during #Kristallnacht. He was pro-Nazi and an anti-semite. At one point he even approached the SS and offered his services only to be rejected. He published a hagiography of Hermann Göring in 1962.
In 1937 Labour TD William Norton challenged De Valera after Bewley made a pro-Nazi speech which "grossly misrepresented the position of the Irish people...calculated to cause the opinion that a section of them endorsed the policy of religious persecution carried out in Germany."
His correspondence to the Irish government throughout 1938 was indistinguishable from Nazi propaganda. He ranted in one memo (9 December) that Jewish people were "the chief supporters and organisers of Communism" "a demoralising influence on the communities among which they live"
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#kristallnacht80 The first film about the Holocaust was directed by my great-uncle Adolf Minkin. "Professor Mamlock" (1938) ran in the USA where it opened two days before the #Kristallnacht. Its history is remarkable.
Made in Russia, "Professor Mamlock" ran with huge success in the USSR until it was banned for a period between August 1939 and through June 23, 1941 because Stalin signed a pact with Hitler. Molotov--Ribbentrop pact. (Molotov, Ribbentrop, Hitler 👇)
Read about Molotov--Ribbentrop pact, Molotov's grandson serving Putin now, and flipping the narratives of Stalin--Hitler pact by Putin here:…
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My dad’s first memory is hiding under a table 80 years ago tonight, when Nazis took his dad to Dachau on #Kristallnacht.
His parents, my Omi and Opi, always considered themselves more German than Jewish, so they didn’t think they’d get swept up in the madness.
Opi was taken to city hall with other Jews and lined up against a wall. He thought he was going to be shot.
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How did the New York times cover #Kristallnacht?

Here is part 1 of the article from November 10, 1938.
How the New York Times covered #Kristallnacht on November 10, 1938?

Continuation of page 10 Part 1.
How the New York Times covered #Kristallnacht on November 10, 1938?

Continuation of page 10 Part 2.
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#kristallnacht80 #Kristallnacht 80 years ago my father was taken from work and brought to the Frankfurt Messegelaende with thousands of others. He was just 18 years old. Here he is with his grandfather Felix Ganz (my great-grandfather)
He’d been forced to leave school because of his Jewish background. He took an apprenticeship at a leather firm in Frankfurt just 20 miles from his home town in Mainz
His father, my grandfather Hermann Ganz had just been offered a job in England with Morton Sundour a textile company in Carlisle. He was desperate to get out of Germany and bring his family with him
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😡 😡 😡 My latest: thread+article on #SebastianGorka's talk in a former synagogue close to #TreeofLifeSynogogue in Pittsburgh, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of #Kristallnacht.👇👇👇Confirmed ties to white supremacists and…
Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian-American political analyst, is a former Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump and a former editor of the Breitbart News.
2. Four Democratic senators accused Gorka of failing to note on his U.S. citizenship application that he had belonged to a neo-Nazi organization in Hungary. The omission, if proved, would have implications for his US citizenship received in 2012.
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THREAD: My career has been spent studying Christianity and the rise of Nazism, specifically, the massive moral failure of a religion in the face of political nihilism to recognize it and fight back. In early 30's Hitler promised Germany he would take care of the communists /1
and other "degenerates" who threatened Christian civilization. He made the religious appeal knowing Germans would instinctively protect a religion that legitimated and justified anti-Semitism and cultural power, even though he had no real commitment to Christianity. /2
Millions embraced this message, even though it was cloaked in code about who the "enemy" really was. After gaining political power by subverting the law and creating a crisis with the Reichstag fire, Hitler passed legislation to stop dissent and /3
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From the beginning, Zionists advocated a "Jewish State" not just in #Palestine, but also in #Jordan, southern #Lebanon, and the #GolanHeights as well.
As it will be proved from the quotes below:
#ICC4Israel #EthnicCleaning #Occupation #BDS #Gaza…👈
#Palestinians are not indigenous to #Palestine👈This propaganda has no other purpose than 2 further dehumanize Palestinians & justify #Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing & murder
In #BenGurion own words👇😡you'll see how that outrageous claim is far removed from historical reality
“We must expel the Arabs and take their places…”~#DavidBenGurion
Born in 1886 as David Green (Gruen) in Plonsk, #Poland. He is considered one of the three founding figures of Zionism beside #ChaimWeizmann & #Herzl.
#ICC4Israel #BDS #Palestine #Gaza…👈
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