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UPDATE: Bob Hall, former Executive Director of DemocracyNC, has asked the NC Board of Elections to investigate the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans and their "But Muh Hurritage!" PAC

Here's the full letter, with appendix, submitted to the BOE

Anyone could do it. Bob just has a decades-long reputation of fighting for clean elections and other "good government" reforms

Yeah I took it down, just got the actual letter and posted it a couple tweets up

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*BREAKING*: I'm told that today Bob Hall – longtime Executive Director of @democracync – has sent a letter (with appendix!) to the NC Board of Elections requesting an official investigation into the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans and their PAC

That last tweet should've noted that Bob retired in like 2017 πŸ™ˆ I'm just saying that's what he's known for lol
Nah, the Board of Elections has long been equal opportunity in digging into electoral f*ckery

This is bad news for the SCV

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Corruption. Payoffs. Coverups. πŸ’© so crazy I don't even know where to begin y'all...

[Part of the #ConThreaderate Fleet of threads]
I guess let's start at the very beginning, at least from my vantage point
Back on November 27th, the @UNC_System public relations folks issued a press release announcing the creation of a $2,500,000.00 Klan Annuity, to settle a lawsuit filed against it by the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Here was my tweet at the time:

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Gonna be meeting with a *new source* in the SCV later today 😬

Y'all say a prayer I don't get got lol

Disappearing for a bit to have lunch in BFE with SCV

Y'all pray for me lol
This was a bait-and-switch

And it


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Speaking of the Threadnought: for those of you who followed developments in both Vic Mignogna's now-dismissed LOLsuit for libelslander and the variety of mini-threads we've done for #SilentSham, which format do you prefer?
Short answer is no, because it's a sprawling mess with so many branches that me trying to summarize to the @VioletWanderers podcast yesterday couldn't even include anything

Longer answer is I'm working on updating later today

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I'm reliably informed that Chancellor @KevinGuskiewicz knew everything that was happening as it happened, courtesy of his right-hand-man Clayton Somers who helped architect the deal

Meaning K.Gus lied to the UNC Faculty Assembly about his knowledge of #SilentSham
It should make for some interesting Public Records Act requests!

Did Guskiewicz lie to the selection committee too? πŸ€”
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**BREAKING**: the Winter Division Executive Council meeting for the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans – scheduled for next Saturday – has now been abruptly cancelled

Here's how the NC SCV described the purpose of the Winter DEC meeting last year:
Couple that with UNC personnel suddenly getting tight-lipped – just weeks after a statewide editorial defending #SilentSham! – and it sure looks like people are finally comprehending their prior comments make great evidence for a prosecution πŸ€”

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More #SilentSham developments coming soon πŸ™ƒ
Sadly I can't talk about them yet 😩

But there's a Board of Governors meeting tomorrow, so maybe we'll learn something...
Committee meetings today are interspersed throughout the day

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Former UNC system Board of Governors Chairman Harry Smith is *very* sensitive that an ECU alumna (@YopptotheTop) was not a fan of his silly editorial defending #SilentSham πŸ˜‚…
Y'all think Harry Smith is gonna answer my questions or nah? πŸ€”

Dr. Yopp is the best for that sort of thing πŸ˜‚

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@LawyersComm APPEALS

Yesterday, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (@LawyersComm) filed a Notice of Appeal of Judge Baddour's denial of their Motion to Intervene

Write-up here:…
Notably, this means negative news stories about #SilentSham are going to stretch well into election season

Assuming the record on appeal is finalized in mid-February, that puts briefs being due in the March-May timeframe
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I just got a pic via text of @marcorandazza, and I kinda feel bad for laughing but I'm definitely laughing because it's *very* 1980s πŸ˜‚ #SilentSham
Gonna get his permission to share it. May tie it to a fundraising target for the DMCA lawsuit against the Sons of Confederate Veterans later today? 😬
Here's a preview:
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I'm told Judge Baddour has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday, 2/12/20, at 10:00am to determine whether the Sons of Confederate Veterans had standing to sue

I was told the briefing schedule too, but forgot it πŸ‘΄πŸΌπŸ˜«
I'll post the scheduling doc when I get it
The month-long delay means the @dailytarheel has a lot of time to keep digging and reporting on this scam 😈
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So one of the fun/surreal aspects of having so many Twitter followers is that I get a *lot* of DMs with interesting info

For example: y'all remember this editorial last month where 5 members of the UNC System Board of Governors confessed to crimes, in writing, about #SilentSham?
It was authored by the 5 BOG members appointed to a special committee that developed the crooked #SilentSham deal

These are them, including one name in particular
We've talked about Jim Holmes Jr before in regards to #SilentSham

For example, in this piece by @JoekillianPW, we learned that Holmes and fellow BOG member David Powers helped broker the $2.5M UNC Klan Annuity

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Oh dear 😱

Seriously though: big part of why I wanted the media to run with that info last month is because I knew there are a bunch of y'all who are great at working data like this and would unearth new revelations ☺️
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I mentioned this briefly last month, but we've had some developments so I thought I'd share an update! 😬

First: any donations you can offer for legal fees would be appreciated πŸ˜‚

We've been fortunate to have almost four dozen folks chip in at this point, raising well over $2,000+ πŸ˜†
And while I *think* this might have been intended as an insult, I'm weirdly flattered by it? 🀣
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Holy hell! 😱

"For years, the pro-Confederate group ... has been violating federal tax laws, operating a political action committee in violation of its tax-exempt status and facilitating political donations through illegal means"

This is the latest from the @dailytarheel's @bycharliemcgee

Did UNC System General Counsel Tom Shanahan do *any* due diligence before he helped President Bill Roper and Board of Governors Chairman Randy Ramsey ram through this corrupt #SilentSham deal??

Now that we know @UNC_System gave $2,574,999.00 USD in public education money to a white nationalist group committing financial crimes, @AriCohn's tweet seems more accurate than ever

Feel free to click the below message and RT it for the BOG Chairman πŸ˜‰

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Broke: the Sons of Confederate Veterans collaborating with UNC's General Counsel to extort $2,574,999.00 in public money is illegal

Woke: Collaborative extortion is well and good

Bespoke: Suing to undo collaborative extortion should be illegal

Lawsuits generally include their endgame in them, yes

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BREAKING: DTH Media Corporation – the parent nonprofit of the UNCCH @dailytarheel – has filed suit against the UNC System Board of Governors and the 5 members of the special committee responsible for crafting #SilentSham!

I'll upload the Complaint once I've got a certified copy
Non-certified but OCR'd Scan of the doc is available on my Dropbox here:…
Both. One of the potential remedies for an Open Meetings Act violation is voiding all actions taken by the public body that violated it

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There's some new #SilentSham developments coming soon... 😬
Nope, though there are developments there too πŸ™ƒ

The floggings will continue until morale improves

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Today is the 1-month anniversary of the #SilentSham scandal, and the @TTimesNews – covering rural Transylvania County in western NC – is celebrating with πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯…
The editorial board starts off with a fairly anodyne recap of the timeline…
But then they get straight to the point

Sharply so…
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Y'all think we should call this one "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"? πŸ€”

Local media has been covering it pretty thoroughly so far – the challenge is that the more they dig, the more nastiness they discover that requires further digging

Going with "The Talented Mr. Ripley" seemed inapposite 😜

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It was suggested I make this a separate #SilentSham thread, since it really is an amazing admission

"But they fail to understand the Board of Governors did not want to win this case. The Board of Governors wanted finality."
– Ripley Rand, "defending" the UNC Board of Governors
Ripley Rand confessed on camera that everyone on the Board of Governors violated their duty of care and duty of loyalty

Y'all realize taxpayers shelled out $125,000.00 USD for this guy? And now that the judgment is entered we're paying by the hour for his ineptitude? πŸ˜‚

I had to play it back because I thought *for sure* I'd misheard it


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I didn't publicize it broadly at the time because we were smack in the middle of the Foodraiser, but my latest column for @indyweek is out since Wednesday!

And you already know what it's about πŸ˜‰

"#SilentSham: How I Became Part of the Silent Sam Story"…
Please read, then share broadly on Twitter / Facebook / etc ☺️
Hey now, I don't *make* people commit crimes with $2.6M of public education money! πŸ˜‚

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If you know anyone attending, let me know so I can add them to the list

Livetweets here:…
For added irony value: these were the two lawyers who were fired when the BOG gutted the UNC Center for Civil Rights

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