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5 May 20
#Naveen_Pattanaik :Namaste #Modi Ji, my apologies for calling you at 12.15 midnight. I was expecting #Corona testing kits by tomorrow but some logistic issues arised and trucks carrying those kits are stuck in #Mumbai now. We need them urgently.

@narendramodi 👏👏👏
PM - I can understand. Please don't worry, I will personally see to it and ensure it reaches your #state capital sooner.

CM - Thanks. But I need it by today morning, anyhow!

PM - Do you mean within next 6 hours? 😳
CM - Yes, I insist, even before the sun rises today. Please get either #Mumbai, #Pune or #Nashik Airport opened for us, ask #AirForce to get us one flight and we will airlift the kits to #Bhubaneswar. Please don't let me down. Good night.
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