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TW: Another black man was shot and killed by Atlanta PD last night.

Cops say he grabbed their taser so they had no choice but to shoot him.

Here he is, running away from the cops right before they kill him.

Someone is lying, and it ain't this video.
I'm not sharing this as entertainment.

I'm sharing this because the cops are already lying about what happened when there is VIDEO of this man being shot while running away.

You can see them picking up their own shell-casings.

GBI is investigating.

Details are scarce, but here's an article about the video above: Man dead after being shot by Atlanta police, GBI investigating #saturdaymorning #saturdaythoughts #AMJoy via @ABC
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A Thread on How MODI changed himself from CM to PM. Modi then Vs MODI now. Please go through it and decide the Level of HYPOCRISY.

modi - Before 2014; as CM

MODI - After 2014; as PM


On 24th May 2014, Modi took oath.

$1= Rs 58.4


$1 = Rs 75.96

And Modi criticized himself for rupees declining even before 2014.
How Modiji's led NDA is a prime example of failure according to modiji

In May 2014, Modi took oath.

1 L Petrol = Rs 71.41

On 10 Sep, 2018

1L Petrol = Rs 80.73
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Fitness freak ghost 👻?

@jhansipolice got a tip off about an open gym being used by ghosts!Team laid seige & soon found t real ghosts-Some mischievous person made video of moving swing & shared on #socialmedia. Miscreants will b hosted in a ‘haunted’ lockup soon #NoHostForGhost
ज़िन्दगी के...
कमरों में अँधेरे
लगाता है चक्कर
कोई एक लगातार;
आवाज़ पैरों की देती है सुनाई
वह नहीं दीखता... नहीं ही दीखता,
किन्तु वह रहा घूम
तिलस्मी खोह में ग़िरफ्तार कोई एक,
भीत-पार आती हुई पास से,
गहन रहस्यमय अन्धकार ध्वनि-सा
अस्तित्व जनाता (1/9)
अनिवार कोई एक,
और मेरे हृदय की धक्-धक्
पूछती है--वह कौन
सुनाई जो देता, पर नहीं देता दिखाई !
इतने में अकस्मात गिरते हैं भीतर से
फूले हुए पलस्तर,
खिरती है चूने-भरी रेत
खिसकती हैं पपड़ियाँ इस तरह--
कोई बड़ा चेहरा बन जाता है,
स्वयमपि (2/9)
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When you watched NFL players kneel before the flag, you complained that it was an offense to your patriotism.

When you were asked to wear masks, you complained that you couldn't breathe.

When you were told to wear a mask in businesses, you complained it was oppression.

When you were told to stay at home, you complained it was tyranny.

When you saw those stay at home orders enforced, you complained it was fascism.

When you saw people storm a state capitol building w/rifles, you celebrated their freedom to exercise the 1st & 2nd amendments.

When you saw a white man wearing a badge and an American flag kneel on the neck of a black man for seven minutes until he was dead...

You said nothing.

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Detroit resident, Robert Sinclair Tesh was charged with false report of a threat of terrorism (a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison) after making 'credible threats to kill' Gov Whitmer & AG Nessel in Michigan..
2-"A 32-year-old Detroit man is facing a felony charge after allegedly making ‘credible threats to kill’ Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said Friday.
3-"Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Robert Sinclair Tesh with false report of a threat of terrorism, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, according to a press release. He was arraigned on April 22. Tesh allegedly communicated through a social media
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So Richard Burr appears now to have had a LONG history of investing in stocks with Business before his Committees
Habitually..& this time, illegal
If Burr's doing it what're the rest of them doing?
There oughta be a law...
2-"While Burr sat on committees focused on health care, taxes and trade, he and his wife bought and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in an array of health care companies, banks and corporations with business overseas.
3-"At times, Burr owned stock in companies whose specific industries he advanced through legislation. Those trades are entirely legal, as long as he can prove that he didn’t act on private information. But the co-mingling of legislative responsibilities and personal financial
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Part of the Heroes Act that passed (& will stick) yesterday was the ability for the Reps to hold virtual hearings and to remote vote..something that has been a sticking point thru this outbreak & will help us if we shutdown again.. #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"“The new rules immediately allow for any member to vote remotely by giving precise, binding instructions to a proxy who is able to be present on the House floor. They also provide, pending certification, for a process in which lawmakers will eventually be able to cast their
3-"votes from home, either via a secure online portal or a video conferencing system...changes will only be temporary, point to similar moves by legislatures around the world including Parliament, & insist that the alternative is a House that cannot function as intended.”
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My people... i write poems! both fictional and Real life scenario.. here is a poem depicting a heartbroken man titled
"CIRCLES OF LOVE" please enjoy!

In a bid to love i embarked on a Romantic quest without experience and failed woefully, here is the story in POETRY.

Fulfilment turned into fear
Cheers turned jeers
Love turned hate
Boldness turned fears,
The love between us becomes hate!

Happiness gave way to sorrow,
Tranquility was absorbed by chaos
The fear of heartbreak becomes real
Our "garden of eden" turned hell,
No more could we gel.
I once had dreams so blue,
Yet, it seems when it comes to love
Immortal ken have got no clue
Oh God, my glory is long due
many were called yet, You chose few!
And when she left me in ruin
And then I prayed to you
Because I believe only in You.
My hope is built on nothing else
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Steny Hoyer sent a letter last night to House Chief Admin Philip Kiko & Congress' Dr Monahan @ the House reopening concerns..
It's not just the 435 members, but the thousands of staffers... #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"Now, as we look ahead to the coming weeks, I write to ask that you share the guidance you have been developing on how best the House and Capitol complex might reopen as soon as you can. As we look to resume operations, we must do so gradually and carefully.
3-"Members and staff will continue to look to health care officials for the National Capital Region & the Office of the Attending Physician in particular, to help us make an assessment of when this process could begin.
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BREAKING: The Russian connections to Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade just got a lot stronger. This thread will outline what we've just found. (THREAD)
In April 2019 when Tara Reade came forward with her "sexual harassment" claims against Joe Biden, many people pointed to all of her blog posts praising Putin, calling him compassionate, sexy and a good leader. What happened next is where things get even more intriguing. (THREAD)
Immediately Tara Reade and pro-Russian bots began mocking everyone who blamed Russia for her accusations. It's the typical Russian playbook. You mock everyone for calling you out on what you don't want them to call you out on. Meanwhile more was happening (THREAD)
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As it's #WorldPenguinDay I'm looking at Penguin Books from 1966. Why? Because that's the year they ditched the Marber Grid and brought in Alan Aldridge as art director to spice up their fiction covers!

He was a controversial choice, so let's see how he did... #SaturdayThoughts
Sleepwalkers, by David Karp. Penguin Books, 1966. I really like this as a cover.
Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. Penguin Books, 1966. Another favourite of mine.
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1) #SaturdayThoughts @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo @KeithNorris Struck me in morning walk most appropriate fable for us at these times is Three Little Pigs. There always has been, always will be viruses. Every year many die with the extra loading from flus. They huff and they puff.
2) Our bodies are our homes when it comes to viruses. Lifestyle is the building material. The sturdier you’re build the less any environmental insult can burn the house down. We’ve got to live, work, play, interact again. This is an opportunity to rethink and #LifestyleMoonShot
3) Need to keep fighting for science based, not industry based #DietaryGuidelines. Work on global ban of glyphosate/reducing toxin exposure. Start subsidizing Regen Ag ranching+organic farming. Have many more farmers. More vibrant local communities. Healthier systems best defense
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I'm seeing reporting that the RNC & Trump Campaign officials are working behind the scenes to pressure Dem Govs in Swing States to reopen, in part by whipping his pitchfork wielding base into a frenzy.
Is Trump creating a Civil War? #SaturdayThoughts
The fact that these protests are happening in Texas today, despite Gov Greg Abbott announcing that he'll reopen should give us all pause.
First, it was DeVoss ppl who funded in MI, NOW it's the RNC/Trump Campaign & the base aren't stopping when reopening is announced.
Trump's encouraging his people to turn on State Government, completely counter to his own guidelines, & doing it openly.
It isn't just Covid disruption that I'm worried @ now, it's the chaos, the panic, the violence.
Is Trump declaring War on America?…
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#ChiComs #ChineseBioterrorism #RockefellerCabal #GatesFoundationEugenicsDotCom #WalkAway
#3M is ChiCom controlled & Rockefeller has invested heavily in China since the 1930s. Is Gates a Rockefeller? He's not a college grad nor a doctor just honorary
Now 3M says it needs CHICOM permission? to produce N95 masks? Did their generations old lust for slave labor and human suffering cause them to issue this outrageous statement?
The historical empirical evidence would suggest STRONGLY the Rockefeller clan has no interest in the well being of the "deplorable masses" and they really want to tamp down the number of "undesirables" walking around. Bill Gates is front man for "the plan" 💉
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Today in pulp... things they used to sell in vending machines!

Like books...
Things they used to sell in vending machines: coal!
Things they used to sell in vending machines: eggs!
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A Very Sexy Beginner's Guide to BDSM Words. ... Since all that terminology can be intimidating for newcomers, let's start with the basics: “BDSM” stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism
#SaturdayThoughts #Ashawo
1* Hair Pulling

You might have already started this BDSM 1.0 level play: Hair pulling. A lot of people reach for the hair automatically in the throes of the passion.

Miette suggests hair pulling as a good way to start getting into kinky play. #SaturdayThoughts #Ashawo
It’s easy, doesn’t require any toys, and can be as gentle or as rough as you want it to be.

Of course this (like every other type of BDSM play) requires conversation before doing it. Don't just jump in and yank on someone's hair. #SaturdayThoughts #Ashawo #SaturdayMotivation
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I heard this week that Trump was overheard joking with donors at Mar-a-Lago last w/e @ people dying from coronavirus-and now turns out HE has interacted with THREE who actually have it.
Spectacular! #SaturdayThoughts…
2-DON'T tell us that Trump hasn't been tested-traditionally, POTUS has the most closely watched health in the World..he's been tested, kids. He's afraid to admit it b/c 'hoax'! "Three people who visited Mar-a-Lago last weekend have tested positive for the virus.
3-"The first was the Brazilian president’s spokesman. The latest is a Brazilian ambassador who sat at President Trump’s table during a dinner." ~WaPo
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Sonth Poshte!
This is to mark the advent of Spring Season. May you be happy and healthy🙏

#Kashmir #sonthkaal #thaal #KashmiriPandits #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMood #SaturdayThoughts #Hinduism #SanatanDharma #India
For Kashmiri Pandits, sonth has special significance as it marks the arrival of spring in Kashmir
With fresh Morning cool breeze,migratory birds like swallow (katij) and whistling poshinol (harbingers of spring), blooming flowers like yemberzal, tekebaten, ....
phulay of almond trees and mystical Dal Lake all epitomes of love, happiness and peace .... a sketch to the inner beauty of a Kashmiri Pandit.

On sonth a night before; Sonth thali is decorated with the below-mentioned items and the first thing in the morning is to see this thal.
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Between the typewriter and the word processor there was a time - 1961 to 1975 or thereabouts - when one machine dominated the world of print: the IBM Selectric.

Let's take a look at it... #SaturdayThoughts
The Selectric typewriter, launched in 1961, was a radical departure from the traditional typewriter. Out went the individual type bars striking an ink ribbon...
...and in came the revolutionary golf ball typing head! Initially called a 'mushroom head' the golf ball tilted and rotated to match the right character with the right keystroke.
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Hello, Hillary.
Loop Capital Markets pays penalty for "failing to preserve emails transmitted by a snr representative via 'her personal email server'." (Instead of business)
Loop Capital>Google>CrowdStrike>
Pay to Play Slush fund.
Follow the money.
Focus the loudest voices in Washington.
Follow the money.
#QAnon #WWG1GWA #FactsMatter #MAGA #KAG #StayUnited #SaturdayThoughts
Melania's 9/11 dress. LOOP CAPITAL LOGO? Israel connection? HRC connection. SEC violation 17. LOOP CAPITAL. Hillary's private email server. No wonder 'she' destroyed her blackberries&used BleachBit. Her server implicated pay for play everybody WW. #QAnon

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Madonna Falls during her luciferian performance
Oprah Falls On Stage While Talking About Balance
Coincidence? Evil has no place here #GodWins
👉… #SaturdayThoughts #CPAC2020
Pride Comes Before the Fall-Something is happening👀
Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. #WWG1WGA #SundayThoughts
Tom Cruise under quarantine, 'Mission: Impossible' Italy shoot delayed
😎You can't make this stuff up #WWG1WGA… #MondayMotivation
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• Tell the "full truth" and stick to the science.
• The Pew Institute •
Using all available 2018 data concluded that
10.5 to 12 million illegal immigrants live in the #USA

Adding onto the 10.5 children born and given naturalization status = 44.5,000,000
(Southern Boarder)

•2019 there were 977,509 ppl captured entering illegally

•An average of 60,000 a month and 100,000 a month during the 5 month caravan waves

•Without the caravans, there is still an average of 500,000 annually
#COVID19 #SaturdayThoughts #BorderWall #USA
•A new study by
@MIT using all available data •NOT including children given a naturalization status.
•Only illegally entered, undocumented immigrants
22 million.

The problem is NOT immigration it is illegal immigration that costs 200 billion a year

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Today, Region 1 School Dist in Kent, CT sent an email to parents stating that in re coronavirus they're moving from 'containment' mode to 'pandemic planning' mode. #SaturdayThoughts #TrumpVirus file:///C:/Users/Michael/Downloads/Message%20Regarding%20Coronavirus-Influenza.pdf
Link didn't work, so: "We have agreed that we will follow these plans in all of our schools: 1) We are asking that each adult use anti-bacterial products (safe for classroom use) on all high-touch surfaces daily, such as desks and doorknobs. This is very important.
2-"Custodians will do what they can, but we are asking for all teachers/staff to help with this throughout the school day. 2) Computer teachers will be given a disinfectant spray for computer keyboards. 3) School nurses are asked to communicate with students to remind them to
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The United States of #America/The United States is NOT A #COUNTRY, IT IS A FOREIGN CORPORATION to the several states. And it had been so since 1789!
FOOTNOTE: United States Code Title 28 § 3002 (15)(a) § 3002. Definitions (15) "United States" means-(A) a Federal corporation.

Look up this Federal statute at
When you say The United States/USA is your country, it is no different than you say Burger King is your country or any other corporation.

You will not find the United States/USA a country & a Union as a "one nation" in any of the founding documents.
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